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Rolex 1016 dial


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I am interested in a 1016 dial that is for sale on fleebay. The asking price for this dial  is $1000, or best offer.

I am guessing this is not a gen dial, but one from Vietnam. What would be a fair price for it?

To me the dial looks really nice for a Franken build with gen 1002 case and gen movement.



s-l1600 (3).jpg


s-l1600 (1).jpg

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Imho a fair price for a first class aftmkt 1016 dial should be between $125 and $250.  'High line' replica dials may go much higher but the quality may or may not be much better.  

The dial in your pic is probably toward the lower end of the price scale as the lume looks like it was applied with a putty knife...imho.  

Below is an average or slightly above average example that sold recently on eBay:

~ Vintage Rolex #1016 EXPLORER I Matte Black Repaired Dial ~

or Best Offer
+$19.80 shipping
from Canada


Genuine examples go from $200 for a scrapper to $2K or more for a 90% condition trit dial.  

I have seen a few very good used later 1016 Luminova dials with the SWISS-T<25 scrip at 6 going for $1000 or less and that is not really a bad price in today's market.  The 'tritiluma' dials I have seen had the rolex coronet stamped on the back side along with rolex spelled out.  I've seen maybe a dozen.  

These dials were made after rolex bought Beyeler Dial Co out.  My guess is a few have been sold as being tritium to unsuspecting buyers at watch shows, on the 'net etc.  Afaik they are still available with 'swiss made' at 6. 


From Bob's Watches com:

In 2000 Rolex purchased the dial producer, Beyeler and now makes all of their dials in-house. While Singer and Rolex may no longer have any business together, their historically important relationship not only paved the way for today’s thriving vintage Daytona market, but it was also responsible for the world’s most expensive wristwatch.


The 1002 case is 34mm and has a smaller dial than a 36mm 1016 case.  I stuck a 1003 (same as 1002) together with a Yuki 'Air King Explorer' dial and it turned out pretty good (details below). 


Updated 1-11-22...

Dial sizes...

AK 5500  27.0mm.

OPD 1500, 15000, 152xx etc  26.9mm.

AK spec dials should work in 1002/3 and OPD cases.  

Rlx 16xx, 160xx, 162xx, 1016 and some other 36mm models have 27.9mm dials.  I measured the dial seat outside diameter in a genuine rlx 16220 case and it is 28.0mm.  I used a case like this in 1997 to stick a '1016' together with a rlx no date 1570, genuine 1016 dial, and used oem 1016 bezel and a GS PA 464-66 crystal (same as rlx T22 with 'sharp top edge'.  I drilled the lug holes to work with 1016 spring bars and there is plenty room to do this in a low mileage 'unpolished' 162xx case.  The L852xxxx case came with lug holes so all I had to do was enlarge them. 


Just for fun, here is what I paid for the parts back then...

'Like New' 16220 case...$150.

Tritium 1016 dial...$67.

Genuine tritium hands...$28.

Used genuine 1016 bezel...$50.

Movement...$650 for a running tutone 1005 OP watch on a strap.  This was the 'trading price' the guy was asking for it.  After trading it was less...I traded another 16200 case ($150) with an ETA 2824 etc on a leather strap, probably around $400 total.  Iirc, I still have the 1005 case and bezel somewhere, they might be in the box of cases under the first pic.


Btw...it is Against The Law! now in Genuine-Rolex-Looney-Land to use the terms 'Unpolished' and 'Like New' but for some obtuse reason 'Laser Welded, Ground Down, and Re-Polished' is Ok.   :pimp:    


Rolex 34mm 1003 case made first quarter 1964 with cal 1560 chronometer movement.  Yuki dial/hands with 'round top edge' GS PA 459-37 crystal (same as older rlx Tropic 11).  ZRC leather strap with .925 Sterling silver buckle, oem spec spring bars and oem case tube/crown.  Finished in May 2014, unworn since then.


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@automatico Thanks for the info.

I was thinking about using a gen case for my 1016 build, and use the movement (gen 1560) from my 5514 build for it. 

If I can't find a suitable gen case I will try to find one from Ruby. For the dial I am still not sure, maybe MQ or Ruby.


Or else I will build a complete gen 5500, depending on the costs for the 1016 build.

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"Don't you wish you would have bought a box of em?"


I bought a few dials back when they were affordable but did not buy enough judging by today's prices.  Same for trit hands etc.  A couple guys at a watch show in Orlando FL were buying 162xx watches and removing the movements/dials and selling the cases and bracelets cheap.  That's where my 162xx cases came from.  Bought 4 iirc, should have bought a dozen.


Btw...where you been?

I'm wearing a JMB '1016' right now.  :pimp:



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I have a 1016 dial from the run Whoopy did a few years back. Also have a vietnam 5500 Explorer dial and gen 5550 complete case set. Been squirreled away for years and I'd be willing to let them go if someone is going to do something with them.

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On 1/20/2022 at 6:27 PM, automatico said:



Btw...where you been?

I'm wearing a JMB '1016' right now.  :pimp:



Yeah, been a while.  Been concentrating on other hobbies (ham radio mostly) which have been neglected over the years and spend the summers at our off-grid cabin in Oklahoma.  I'm still turning out a few 1016 case sets from time-to-time but mostly just taking it easy!

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