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Rolex Daytona 16520 Case

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Things have changed a lot in the rep game over the past few years. I used to be very familiar with all the Vietnamese case sellers. I haven’t done a building quite some time.


Does anyone know the best source currently for a Daytona Zenith 16520 case? I’m looking to build one. I’ve seen a few of these full builds for sale, but none in CONUS.





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Phong comes to mind
You might check rubyswatch.com- there's a listing for the case but nothing shown.
Minh Quy is another possibility.

Thank you Mac for the info. I haven’t built any Frankens in a while. I’ve only purchase some already built .

It’s been a while since we had our H-Town get togethers. Hope you are well. Mark

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First off, I must say I know very little about Daytona replicas.

My 'Daytona Ignorance' makes me I wonder if any of the cartel replica cases from years past were good enough to use?  I have seen complaints about them being too thick but other than that, just how good were the cases? 

A few problems come to mind:

1...Can thinner case backs be found?

2...Will an oem spec dial fit into the case?

3...Will the stem be centered in the case tube?

4...Do the cases have an inner groove for case clamps?

5...Are the crystals oem spec and how are they mounted?


I have a few replicas with A7750 movements and they look pretty good to me, but what do I know?

Here are mine, 16 posts down...

Rolex Wristies thread - Page 143 - The Rolex Area - RWG


Also have a few 'sec @ 6' models that have frozen sub dial hands/center sweep hand, with running seconds at 6.  They look like the same basic cases as the models pictured in the link.

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Those Houston GTGs seem like ancient history! And RWG.cc has slowed down considerably. RWI seems fairly active but it's a group more focused on the modern Rolexes it seems. I'm even surprised that I've hung in here as long as I have, but I still enjoy watch collecting. I was reading up on the Zenith El Primero 3019 PHC today- it's a watch movement that's over 50 years old- came out in 1969 originally and it had a rebirth of sorts in 1988-9 when Rolex contracted with Zenith to provide the movement for the next generation of Daytonas like the 16520. Rolex reduced the movement from 36000 bph to 28800 and did away with the date feature. 

10 or 12 years ago I got in on a group buy from Phong and got a pretty decent discount on a 6238 case. You might see if if he would cut you a better deal on the 16520 case. Ruby is ok, but I don't know if she has the 16520 case. I have read that MQ can be difficult to deal with and sending money to Vietnam has never excited me.

From time to time people around here have built the 16520, but Ubiquitous, Randy, is the only one I remember. Haven't seen him around in a while but he was very helpful to me in the early days when I was building franken DJs- but that was 15 years ago!

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