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1030 movement to 1035 conversion.. anyone know how and who and how much?

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Welcome to the forum!

The cal 1030 and 1035 are pretty good movements...except for one thing:

No Parts!


Parts for the 1030/1035 are getting hard to find and very expen$ive so it might be better to trade your no date movement for a date movement if you can.  I looked on eBay and these movements are priced from $2000 to $3500 or more.  Parts are sky high too. 

Examples:  nos calendar ring $590, nos date jumper $95.  (!!)

If you do not have a parts list (with images) for these movements, get one and write down all the calendar parts you will need before starting a search. 


In the sane word (outside eBay, Chrono 24, watch shows, and looney collectors) I would guess a good 1035 would be worth around $1000 to $1500 today.  You might also find a watch with a rough case/dial and good movement for about this much.  One part that is sometimes needed but nearly impossible to find is the rotor bearing p/n 7004 so be sure any movement you look at has a good rotor bearing (rotor not too loose).

I have one watch with cal 1030 (6634 OP) and two with cal 1035 (6605 DJ) and to be honest, I will not wear one because if I dropped or slammed it into a door frame etc, the watch can go from a $700 watch (the most I ever paid for one) to a $2000 watch in a split second because I do not have any 1030/35 parts.  If lost or stolen, they are $3000 watches now.


I sold off watches and parts over the years until just about all I have left are a few cal 1530 base watches and parts along with a few cal 12xx manual wind models and the 1030/35 examples.


Because of escalating watch prices and No Parts, I needed to slim my 'rolexjunk collection' down to only a few models.

Do I wear a genuine rolex?

Almost never, unless I am trying to sell one.  They are for bragging rights, selling, or trading. 

Replicas, quartz watches, and ETA 28xx powered brands are for wearing. 

All the above is imho of course.  :pimp:


Happy Hunting!




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