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Center second hands tube length --> For gen 1655 movement


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Hi there, I've got a gen 1655 movement and need to get some center seconds hands for it.

A seller told me that tube length is 1.5mm for 1575 GMT, and 1.8mm for 1570 GMT conversions.

Assuming i have a genuine 1655 movement (i believe it is 1575 GMT movement, even though the engraving says 1570)

Any advice?

Or should I just get 1.8mm just in case, and shorten it as needed?

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This may or may not help...

I just now measured a sweep second hand tube from a 1675 GMT and it is 1.5mm from the top of the rivet to the bottom of the tube.  My guess is a 1655 SS hand tube is the same, but this is a guess.  I have a nos set of 1655 hands but did not want to handle them just for measurement because 'accidents can happen'.  Also have a set of aftmkt '1655' hands for a 1570/75 GMT movement and if you need that measurement, I can dig the SS hand out tomorrow and measure it...if  I can find the set.  


If you get a SS hand with a 1.8mm tube, you can shorten the tube by carefully  sticking the hand to a bit of Rodico and lightly touch the tube to a medium or fine rubberized abrasive wheel or diamond wheel mounted in a Dremel etc. tool on low speed, being careful to grind it level.


Three problems come to mind:

1...You can easily grind the tube out of level.

2...You can launch the hand into space, never to be see again. 

3...You can easily bend the hand when sticking it to the Rodico...or when it bounces off the wall.    Ha!  


Numbers 1 and 2 are from actual experience.  

Number 3 happens a lot on projects and is not really out of the ordinary.  One added bonus...you soon learn how to straighten them.

You might practice on a couple low $$ quartz SS hands first.

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