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Review of the Breitling aeromarine Superocean Steelfish.


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Highly Professional ! I learned so much and was also entertained !

Great Post ! :thumbsupsmileyanim:

Fantastic Ben - very informative and made me seriously consider making this my next rep.

Thanks for your efforts..

Another great review, one of the few reviews that I read from start to finish and don't get bored in the slightest, thanks for the effort.

Thanks guys! It was really fun writing it.

@ who: There you go.






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i gotta get that dam watch man :thumbsupsmileyanim:

excellent review !

Thank you very much! I think you wouldn't be disappointed with it.

Great review and pictures. I've been starring at my steelfish and comparing it to the gen pics for weeks and haven't seen the differences you pointed out. Thanks for taking the time to write this up.

-- m

You are welcome. Well it's not as the flaws are jumping right at you. Very hard to spot them without a magnifying glass, imo.

One of the best reviews i have read in my time here, a plesure to read. One of the things that endeard me to the is forum and with posts like this, it just gets better.

Glad to hear that!

Thanks for the pic , that rubber band is so nice and perfectly match the watch.

This kinds of review will make people spend money :thumbsupsmileyanim::p


Excellent review. This has to be linked to the Breitling Guide.

That's quite an honor, sir! Thanks!

Superb review, thanks!

I bought the BCE instead of the Steelfish, but one day I sure will have the Steelfish also. :)

I bought the BCE in first place, too. Another great watch and made my first review attempt.

Awesome review & pics. I
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