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What is the Knowledge Base?

The Knowledge Base is a central repository for informative articles which members have written.

Why is there a Knowledge Base?

There are many great posts that members create which get lost over time and are hard to find. Instead of these posts getting buried in their respective forums, they can get moved to the Knowledge Base so that they are not lost and are easier to reference in the future. This makes a great place for new members to browse as well as veteran members to go back and reference informative posts.

Who can write to the Knowledge Base?

Any articles posted in any of the general forums are candidates for the Knowledge Base. Although you cannot directly post in the Knowledge Base, you can post an article somewhere else (e.g., General Discussion). If it is a good reference post, it can be moved to the Knowledge Base by any of the moderators. If you want to request your (or any other) articles to be moved to the Knowledge Base, just let one of the moderators know.

Why can't I write or reply in the Knowledge Base?

This is because the Knowledge Base is intended to be an article repository, not a discussion forum. Once a post is moved to the Knowledge Base, it can no longer be replied to.

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