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By-tor's Guide To Best Omega Replicas

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FIRST: PLEASE DON'T PM ME AND ASK ME TO FIND OR RECOMMEND A WATCH (OR DEALER) FOR YOU. I DID THIS GUIDE SO YOU CAN DO IT YOURSELF! Don't hesitate to reply this thread and ask questions and give suggestions. There are lots of knowledgeable people in the forums who can help. I don't get paid for this, it's just a hobby... and I certainly don't have time to be every newbie's personal watch consult. So please don't take it personally when your PM gets ignored.

Also keep in mind that all these descriptions always refer to one particular replica version. Only the best individual replicas of each model are listed here and it's your job to find out which dealer has the best one. Typical ignorant question sounds like this: "Is Joshuas SMP better than Kings?" There are no such things as "Joshua's SMP", these watches always come from different factories and all dealers (usually) get the exact same ones from the exact same sources. And if you can't find a particular replica model listed here, you can be sure it's not worth purchasing. THANK YOU FOR READING THIS AND UNDERSTANDING!

Also note that you have to be a member (and logged in) at RWG.cc and RepGeeks to be able to read all the member reviews.

This guide was originally posted in Dec, 2005 in the old RWG1, but it has been updated many times since. I'm always trying to keep this guide up-to-date, so please continue giving more feedback, review your Omegas (especially the ones that aren't included here)... and report all outdated information.

I left the legendary 007 model from the "closed factory" off this review, because that watch isn't available any longer (except through member trades of course).

These watches aren't listed in order _only_ because some model is absolutely more accurate than some other, but they're rather my personal recommendations.

Pics are from myself and various member/dealer sources. Thank you all!!! And if you don't like to see your pictures appearing in this guide (for some reason), just let me know and I'll remove them. I'd also like to point out that I don't endorse or put down ANY dealer's product in this review. I have used the best available pictures from different dealers. And just as stated earlier, they're all selling these same models anyway (save a few exceptions).

Omega Planet Ocean 45mm "Ultimate version" aka "UPO" (available in black, orange and black/orange)

Here's the new king of Planet Ocean reps. It puts all previous incarnations of the 45mm into shame. Virtually perfect, only feet of the Omega logo on the dial are different (loupe stuff), and the watch has only one-sided AR coating. But it's totally amazing rep in almost every possible way.

Read my full & detailed review of the "UPO" HERE.
See how the "UPO" compares against the new heavyweight diver replication, the Breitling SuperOcean HERE

Omega Seamaster Chronograph "James Bond" Asian 7750 (new 28.800 bph) movement

It's finally here! Actually this one could go straight on the top of this list as well. The rep is just as good as we hoped for... and more. Excellent dial, pearl, hands and overall construction with the new Asian 28bph movement. Perfect Subdial spacing due to the basic 7750-design on the genuine. Life is good.

The only flaw with this watch is the bracelet construction (it uses screws insted of pins to resize) but I find this a minor annoyance. The bezel is misaligned too... and it's not as easy to fix as it used to be on the other Seamaster reps as the bezel is tightly attached. This watch also comes with two datefonts: With the standard Asian 7750-datefont and the one that mimics the ETA datefont perfectly. As usual I got lucky with my watch (from EL), but looks like all the current versions have the standard Asian 7750 datewheel.

NOTE: There's a new version of the SMP Chrono available. It comes with the red OMEGA lettering on the dial, and hand "tips" have more "pinkish" red color. These changes mimic the new gen version. According to the first reports the new rep isn't as accurate as old (as the OMEGA lettering seems to be inaccurate).

My tribute to SMP Chrono, one of the most accurate reps ever. Read the article.
My comparative review of Seamaster Chronograph vs. TAG Link Chronograph is HERE.

Toadtorrent's awesome article of this rep is HERE.

Omega Speedmaster Date Asian 7750 (Various dial versions)

A new arrival of 2008. Finally a Speedmaster replica with correct subdial spacing!

This watch looks like another "super rep". It has two-sided antireflective coating, just like the gen. There are many different dial versions of this watch, and according to Joshua the "retro" (the one with red subdials) version should be the most accurate of them all. That was the exact gen piece that the factory used as a base of this forgery. Note that the "Retro" version different font on the subdials, which is correct.

Rolexman's pictorial of his version is HERE.

Omega Speedmaster Day-Date Asian 7750

Another new arrival of 2008. The biggest flaw are the hour markers on the dial, which should be thinner. Other than that, this one seems to be an excellent replication. NOTE: It uses the old low beat Asian 7550, because the new one can't be modified to use all the functions it has. This according to reports.

UPDATE: The new version of this watch has different Omega logo (with clown hands) and antireflective coating. It hasn't been verified whether the new gen versions have these features or not.

No reviews of this watch yet.

Omega Planet Ocean Chronograph Asian 7750 (tight subdial mod) Available in the same color combinations as the standard PO.

The main reason why replication of PO Chrono wasn't successful was the subdial spacing, which used to be notoriously wrong for all Omega's non-7750 chronographs. Now this has been solved and the new replication with double AR and correct subdial spacing is bound to be much more successful than its predecessor.

Lanikai was the first one to receive this watch. Read his review HERE.

Omega Constellation Mission Hills Chronograph Asian 7750 (tight subdial mod)

Another one with the "tight subdial spacing" modification. Very accurate replica. Besides the typical "sunken" datewheel there aren't any noticeable flaws.

No reviews of this watch yet.

Omega Seamaster Pro Blue "Bond" (also available in 007 "Special Edition" version, and the new 007 version.)

This watch doesn't need much introduction as it's RWG's favourite child. Excellent feel, weight and quality. Very faithful to the real one. The clasp used to be the weakest link but otherwise the watch is very solidly built. There are dozens of reviews made in RWG about this watch as countless members have purchased this watch. Go to the Omega section and read.
Issues: Misaligned bezel (can be fixed quite easily if it bothers you), HEV position, crown guards not "deep" enough, clasp is prone to damage, pearl. NOTE: My watch in the reference picture here has correctly aligned bezel.

UPDATE: The current rep version of this watch uses screws instead of pins on the bracelet (which is inaccurate). There's also a rep with black dial and bezel which is a fantasy model (no such genuine version exists).

UPDATE 2: There's a new black "Bond" SMP replica version available, but it's very bad replication which is NOT worth purchasing (or even reviewing here). Just avoid it. Picture HERE.

My review of the genuine Bond SMP and some general thoughts about current replica pricing is HERE.
My complete "Bond" SMP Mod & Adjustment Guide is HERE.

Omega Planet Ocean 42.5mm (The "4th Generation")

Before "UPO" surfaced this watch was one of the most popular reps in the community. The 4th Generation Planet Ocean will probably remain as the best ever version of the 42mm PO. While it's not quite as accurate as the "Ultimate" 45mm version it's still very good replication. I did a separate "4th gen Omega Guide addition" back in 2006, which is linked below. It includes everything you need to know about this replica (lots of linked member reviews, pictorials, tutorials, etc). Check it out so you don't have to ask any questions.

The only serious shortcomings of this rep are the bracelet and clasp quality. Clasp is a bit loose and the bracelet end link has too big gap where it connects to the SEL.

PS: Pauls "5th Generation" is the exact same watch, just Omega logo raised a bit higher.

My reference guide of the 4th generation PO (contains numerous member review links) is HERE.

Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra (Various dial colors)

This is visually another excellent Omega rep. But beware: Some dealers can claim that their watches have ETA 2892 inside, but it turned out those were all low-quality Chinese movements. Seagulls, to be exact. While the chronograph ST-19 model has excellent reputation, the movements that are found in the AT and "Closed factory" Bond Seamaster have really poor track records.

There is a lot of variation among the trusted dealers on the inscribed words on the clear case back (by the way, the automatic case back should be crystal, not solid). I think I have seen ones in recent pix that have the words "Constel" and "lation" on the back. This obviously is a flaw you want to avoid. Look at the Omega website for detailed pictures of the caseback.
Possible issues: Datewheel color should be black on black versions (which isn't always the case with reps). Older versions had problems with the word "Co-Axial" spelled wrong on the face but these should be all corrected now.

Oldecrow's beautiful Aqua Terra is presented HERE.

Omega Seamaster Pro GMT (Also available in white "blanco" model.)

I'm glad to finally announce a good replica of the black GMT Seamaster. Certain dealers have access to one with correct black datewheel (and most flaws fixed). Check my new detailed review of this watch. The "electric blue" version of the GMT is apparently a fantasy model (i.e no genuine version exists). There's also a nice ETA version which has strong AR coating (genuine doesn't have AR), proper long hands... but very ugly looking crown available.

My detailed review of the new and more accurate black Seamaster GMT can be found HERE.

Omega Speedmaster Black Moon Watch Seagull ST-19 hand wind (also available with white dial and in "reduced" version.)

It would be almost a sin to not buy a rep of this legendary watch at some point. Yes, the subdial spacing is off but otherwise this is scary good replica with the domed plexi crystal, gorgeous glass back and robust quality hand-wind Seagull ST-19 movement. Yes, the genuine used mineral plexi-glass too... and Lemania hand-wind movement. Genuine Lemania is visually different from Seagull ST-19 but still: even the Omega experts have been shocked to see this rep. Solid, high quality feel of the watch is enough to convince everyone except the hardcore Omega experts.
Minor issues: Subdial spacing, 6'o'clock subdial should be a chronograph hour counter and pointing at 12 when the chrono isn't running. In Seagull ST-19 powered watches this subdial works as a 24h extra hand.

My review of the "reduced" black Speedmaster can be found HERE.
Baltic compares the Seagull-powered rep Moonie to his genuine article HERE.

Omega Speedmaster "Broad Arrow" Seagull ST-19 hand wind (Also available with Black dial.)

This isn't actually a replica of the Broad Arrow with date, but the original Omega Broad Arrow, that came without date. ONLY THE NEWEST INCARNATION OF BA should have date at '6.

This watch also has mineral plexiglass and display caseback (ala Moon Watch) and NO datewheel which further separates it from the modern BA. This subject has been beaten to death at RWG so go to the archives if you want more information. TTK and Eddie Lee (among many others) consider this one of the most convincing replica watches ever made (in its own merits). Seagull ST-19 movement is robust and reliable and the domed mineral crystal is gorgeous. I own this watch and wholeheartedly love it. This rep is no longer in production but it's still possible to buy through occasional member trades.
Minor issues: None, if you accept this as a "half-fantasy" watch. Personally, I wouldn't worry too much about the accuracy as there are gazillion different variations produced in the Speedy line over the years. The text AUTOMATIC on the dial is a bit silly, but somehow member "vric" managed to find one without it. Check the member reviews below.

UPDATE: There's a new replica version of this watch available. It's quite different visually, as it comes without domed acrylic crystal, with different hands and subdials. Read my full review of this watch to learn more. There's also a new, rather amusing "Skeleton" Seagull ST-19 version available, which of course is a complete fantasy watch.

My full & detailed review of this watch is HERE.

Omega Seamaster Chronograph Black Asian 7750 Also available in "Olympic Edition" version.

This is excellent replication. All details are in the same level as on the "Bond" Seamaster chronograph. However, once again it's impossible to replicate the exact, tight subdial spacing of the genuine Omega movement. 7750 always has its limitations. But complaining about this is pretty much a waste of time. Get this impressive watch if you like it, it's very well done (it has good pearl, dial and datefont).

chubbchubb wrote a review of this beautiful replica HERE.

Omega Seamaster Pro Black

Another nice replica. The black version uses "Speedy" bracelet and it's very good alternative to "Bond" Seamaster. Visually they're much alike (both have waves on the dial) but the black version probably isn't as recognizable to general public as the famous Bond watch. That's probably one of the reasons why it's often overlooked by the RWG members. There's a lot of variation in the quality because there are many different incarnations of this rep. Study the watch and flaws properly before you buy.
Issues: Pearl, HEV position, misaligned bezel in most models, too short seconds hand, 3'o'clock hour marker too short. Most reps also come with too short minute hand! The same problem is in almost all new SMP's. Try to source it with correct hand length (if possible).

No reviews of this watch yet.

Omega Seamaster Electric Blue

How I wish the "closed factory" white (blanco) GMT and Electric Blue were still available! They were absolutely amazing, as the attached picture from Richard Lawton's collections clearly demonstrates. The new rep version ain't too shabby, either. Too bad it suffers from the same problems as the other new SMP's: too short hands and misaligned bezel. Still, I can highly recommend this watch as it's a great looker. This is yet another rep on my endless "must have" list.

Hyster reviews his rare "closed factory" Electric Blue HERE.

Omega Railmaster (various sizes)

Thanks to members we finally have a few good reviews of the Railmaster. Best replicas seem to be very close to the genuine article. The new versions of this replica have surfaced, which, according to members are extremely accurate. The only noticeable differences are in the movement (which is visible due to transparent glass caseback). I'm not too familiar with the Railmaster so I'd be appreciated if someone wrote a small overall summary of the rep here.

Stephane reviews his Railmaster HERE.
Pix constructed another great pictorial of his gold Railmaster HERE.

Omega DeVille Hour Vision ETA/Asian

This rep is a strange ride. There are several different versions from several different dealers. The price of this replica has raised a few eyebrows, and for good reason. What makes it special is that it has a transparent crystal sides on the lugs (as per genuine), which show the decorated movement. This, apparently, has been the reason why dealers thought they can charge anything between $400 and utterly ridiculous $600 for a standard ETA replica.

Genuine Hour Vision is a work of art, and there's no way you can make a mildly decorated ETA 2836-2 look anything like the genuine inhouse Co-Axial 8500. While we have to appreciate the noble effort of the rep factories, we can't understand the price, no matter how you look at it. Just like Pete Townshend said "We're not gonna take it".

UPDATE: There is another, much more reasonably priced rep version out. This new one has more accurate looking movement. It only comes with Asian movement.

ToadTorrent wrote a milestone review of this watch, which doesn't only cover the rep, it introduces members to the gen as well. Read this fine article HERE.

Omega Speedmaster Broad Arrow Date Asian 7750 (Also available with Black and Silver dials)

This is technically the only Broad Arrow replica available (if you consider the Seagull ST-19 version as hybrid). Like the genuine BA, this watch has date window placed at 6'o'clock. But then again the subdial spacing is way off.

Based on the pictures the white rep model has inferior quality look on the hands & hour markers (compared to the Seagull ST-19 version). The dial on genuine Broad Arrow is "creamy" and not pure white as on the rep. Also the hour markers on the gen aren't in electric blue color, but darker (like on the Seagull ST-19 version). Get the black version of this watch if you want better visual accuracy.

Minor issues: Check the 2 lume dots around the 12'o'clock hour marker. They're ridiculously unsymmetric on some 7750-based reps as THIS picture clearly demonstrates. Strangely this problem only appears on white dial versions. Also: Datewheel is often not centered in the date window correctly (another typical minor annoyance in 7750-powered watches).

Elprimerozen reviews his black BA HERE.

Omega Seamaster Pro GMT "Bond"

This rep had a lot of potential to be awesome but unfortunately it has some issues: It has the standard SeaMonster caseback while the genuine has transparent glass back. Bracelet uses screws instead of pins (which seems to be the issue with all new models of "Bond" Seamaster) and the case thickness is (supposedly) wrong. Pearl is also WAY off and the bezel is misaligned as usual. Some members have reported that the nasty old "SEANASTER" printing/engraving made a big comeback on the clasp of this watch. Personally, I couldn't be bothered.

Update: New ETA versions come with the transparent glass back, but they use the standard gold "bulk" ETA movement which obviously looks wrong. The silver, decorated ETA would be the ideal solution for this watch. There's also a new Asian version, which, at $108 is one of the best buys you can find right now. Excellent quality/price ratio.

BEWARE: The black dial & bezel version of the "Bond" GMT is a pure fantasy watch. No genuine version exists.

Pugwash's nice Bond GMT with Asian movement is presented HERE.

Omega DeVille Chronograph Asian 7750

Visually nice looking dress watch, but not a great rep (accuracy wise). Once again, the tighter subdial spacing is impossible to mimic properly for this Omega model. Tricompax 7750 subregisters are always much further apart from eachother. Also, the subdial hands and date font aren't exactly accurate. The case for the gold version should be all gold... through the lugs and sides. The gold rep version is only made in two-tone (and the lugs, case sides aren't plated). But like I said, it's a good looking dress watch... and personally, I wouldn't mind the flaws. There's of course a stainless steel rep version available as well.

Pix reviews this beautiful dress watch HERE.

(will be updated frequently)

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FIRST: PLEASE DON'T PM ME AND ASK ME TO FIND OR RECOMMEND A WATCH (OR DEALER) FOR YOU. I DID THIS GUIDE SO YOU CAN DO IT YOURSELF! Don't hesitate to reply this thread and ask questions and give sugges

Check out our trusted sellers

BT you know what I think of you and posts like this thread (never mind the up date) prove my judgement correct. Well done my friend. Ken

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  • 1 month later...

Excellent guide By-Tor! Us Omega nuts appreciate you valuable contribution!

Now, could any one tell me where in the heck am I gonna get the money to get all these gorgeous reps? :Jumpy:

LOL! :p

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Updated with some new information. Also added some new reviews and pictures. All feedback & suggestions still welcome.

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Looks like I will be adding a Planet ocean to my lineup. Does any one happen to know how long the planet ocean orange bezel has been carried by Omega?


I may be totally wrong.

But I think it's since last year.

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I did quite big update for this guide today (as many new models have surfaced recently). New pics, new reviews added. Hope you find it useful (again).


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4. Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra (Various dial colors)

Look at the Omega website for detailed pictures of the case back.

I can't seem to find pictures of the case backs on the Omega site, I've looked long and hard and maybe I'm just blind :blink: , can someone point it out please? Thanks!

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I can't seem to find pictures of the case backs on the Omega site, I've looked long and hard and maybe I'm just blind :blink: , can someone point it out please? Thanks!


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Thank you soooo much for this review.

I'm definitely in love with the Omega GMT Seamaster SS Blue. Too bad the display back is showing the wrong "gold" movement.

Or........ swap out the back with the solid caseback from a regular SMP. it fits, and when asks to see the watch, they won't notice a thing. Less giveaway than seeing that bare movement through the clear caseback.

Only an OM fan will know that the blue GMT should have a clear caseback.


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I did quite big update for this guide today (as many new models have surfaced recently). New pics, new reviews added. Hope you find it useful (again).


Thank you By Tor!

Another 'pinnable classic'...valuable and top notch info. :thumbsupsmileyanim:

Cheers! :victory:


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