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All about ETA and the history of the Swiss Watch

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Many of us instinctively choose the "Swiss ETA" movement when purchasing reps. How/why has ETA come to be known for its history and quality? Take a look at this essay from : http://watchescorner.blogspot.com/2007/08/...5-years-of.html

"Sunday, August 12, 2007

From Ebauches SA to ETA SA: 75 years of Swiss movements

ETA, which is nowadays part of Swatch Group, is the largest Swiss manufacturer of movements, including the expensive mechanical movements appreciated by the amateurs of high horology. Behind these three rough letters, more romantic denominations like Valjoux, Unitas, and Peseux denote some hidden treasures, one would like to discover.

ETA was not established in one day. The birth of such an industrial concentration actually even required the energetic intervention of the Swiss Confederation itself. Curiously this enthralling history is difficult to reconstitute. Only many partial documents exist (see bibliography), but there is not a single comprehensive account relating its history since the creation of Ebauches S.A. in 1926 until today

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