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Gen vs Rep comparison, Speedmaster "reduced"

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I had the opportunity today to compare my genuine Speedmaster Automatic 3510.50.00 to one of the Speedmaster replicas. Sorry for the quality of the pictures, it was not time to use a proper setup.

As we know, there are no accurate replica of the Moonwatch, the classic manual wind Speedie. The subdial spacing on the ST-19 is too far to mimic the Lemaina movement.

But there is a smaller 38mm version of the Speedmaster, using the ETA2892 with a separate Dubois-Depraz chronograph module on top. The ST-19 subdial spacing is very close to the one on the "Speedmaster reduced".

The Speedmaster reduced is a well-built and handsome watch, but actually the replica feels even better. The replica is bigger ( I did not measure it) and the size feels better. Replica uses the "Speedmaster Professional" bracelet with two-button release and divers extension. It is heavier than the single-fliplock on the gen reduced.

The replica has glass front and caseback, while the original has acrylic front glass, a homage to the classic Speedie. All in all, this replica is a curious mix of the big Speedmaster and the smaller reduced model. :) There are versions of the Speedmaster replica both with and without the numbers on the minute track.

By-Tor made an extensive review of this replica HERE!


Front view. The difference in size is obvious. Subdial spacing is very close. Replica has "Professional", while gen has "Automatic". Crisp print and correct matte black dial finish on both. Numbers on the minute track is the tell sign of the reduced model. The hand on the hour-register of the replica follows the main hour hand, as the ST-19 does not have chrono-hours counter. Position of the running seconds subdial is also different.


Case profile. The chronograph-buttons on the genuine are offset to the crown, due to the separate chronograph-module added on top of the movement.


Well made display caseback on the replica. To look like the Sapphire sandwich Speedmaster (bottom).


Solid caseback on the genuine. No "First watch worn on the moon" engraving on this model.

I don't know if this version of the Speedmaster replica is still available... but now I have for sure added one more watch to my wish-list. :lol:

Just to sum it up; Two links to reviews of the original Speedmaster reduced:

Chuck Maddox' thoughts on the Speedy reduced

Speedmaster Reduced review

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Nice review chrgod. That Speedmaster rep looks nice. Like the vintage Daytonas with the ST-19, immobilizing the six o'clock subdial hand would be a cool mod. One tell on the Dubois-Depraz is that the sixty second counter is always at the three o'clock position- at least all of the ones that I've seen.

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Nice Review, thanks for putting this up. I've got to say these speedmasters are really growing one me. Intially I thought they were a little boring; I'm starting to appreciate their simple elegance. I can definitely see myself picking one of these up!

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