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Super Avenger - the bigger bang!

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Hi folks,

my latest purchase after a long break in watch collecting is the new Super Avenger rep. I almost pulled the trigger on the real deal but then - after a few cheap looking rep releases - the current SA rep

version appeared in the market. Boom! I didn't trust my eyes when I saw that rep the first time. Almost all of the issues of former versions seemed to be corrected: The hands are longer, the sub dial hands are

silver, the dial has got correct sub dials, silver with concentric rings, the pearl is done nicely with a frame and last but not least the correct date font.


So I didn't pull the trigger on the gen but on the new rep. My order took some time because I went for a dealer who did a QC. But it was worth the time because I received a pretty nice item which seems to be

without technical issues so far.

The new girl is on the block for just three days but I took some pics for you and would like to share some information. This is not a brilliant technical review but perhaps it will help you to decide whether to go

for this watch or not.

The case:

Heavy! It is a solid stainless steel case, diameter is ca. 49mm (case without crown guard) and height is ca. 18mm (in total: case back to crystal). No sharp edges at all! I am positively surprised because I am

owning two swiss 2824 Heritage reps and both have got damn sharp lugs which are killing long sleeves as well as leather straps. The workmanship on the SA case is simply perfect and despite the heavy

weight of the watch it doesn't feel uncomfortable at all.

As I don't have the technical equipment unfortunately I can't judge water proofness.

Crown and pushers:


As you can see the crown and the pushers are well made. No sharp edges (not even the waffle pattern on the pushers) and nothing is wobbling. The crown shoes the "B" very clearly. Crown screws in smoothly and

the stem is tight and doesn't wobble when setting the time or winding the watch.

Only (minor?) issue: By setting the time the minute hand "jumps" a little when pushing in the crown. It needs some "fine motor skills" to deal with. But I have got some gen 7750 watches in my collection

showing the same effect as well.


The crystal is a slightly domed sapphire crystal and ar coated both sides. There is no distortion and therefore together with the very good ar coating you can clearly see the dial and the deep rehaut from

different ankles.


My first impression is that the ar quality is as good as the ar of the first batch of the swiss 2824 SOSF. My SOSF was my daily beater for over a year I spent a rough time down in Africa. It is still part of my

collection and the ar doesn't show just a single scratch! I can't judge whether the ar on the SA is that durable but the anti reflecting effect is great. So no blue tint but "working" ar!

Bezel and pearl:

A few months ago I purchased a new gen SA bezel considering a SA Franken project in the far future. When I received the SA rep I noticed just minimal differences. I tried to remove the rep bezel to swap for

the gen. But the bezel screws are sitting damn tight and one of these is spinning and I can't screw it out. So I decided to leave the rep bezel as it is. As you can see from the pics the difference between gen and

rep isn't obvious for an external viewer. So actually a swap isn't necessary.

Pearl comparision (gen is uninstalled):


Figure engravings:


"B" engraving:


And - very important- the rep bezel sits tight and turns smoothly without sticking or hacking. The triangle/ pearl aligns perfectly with the dial triangle at 12. I counted 120 bezel clicks and it is a pleasure

to play with the bezel and to listen to the clicks :D

The pearl is a big improvement compared to the other so-called ultimate and super reps. Even the SOSF which is one of the best reps ever obviously has got a wrong pearl/ frame. The pearl on my rep is

simply great :wub:

The dial:

You may remember the first SA reps. These haven't got silvery sub dials with concentric rings. Just plain and white. And the figures weren't correct as well. The new SA rep comes with a dial which is a

copy of the current gen version. It means slightly cut 7, 8, 10 and 11 and - remarkable- the bigger wings emblem. The figures are not applied but seem to be punched from the dial's back side. They are looking

great, not ugly rounded just sharp like applied. The basic dial (I went for the black one) is matte black. The ar coating takes away the reflections and it is a pleasure to see the very nice contrast between

the silvery sub dials with concentric rings and the matte black dial which looks like black velvet.


The hands:

Another improvement. The hands of the new SA have got a nice length and wideness. The lume looks like SL C1 (white) but actually it is the standard CN quality. The sub dial hands are silver like the real deal.

The lume:

As said before: CN standard. Just like a dieing torch B) . The rep lume is considerably raised whereas the gen dial has got flat lume dots. But no big deal as I am going for a re-lume together with the next service.

Raised lume dots:


Date font:

Finally! What an improvement. Remembering and of course more than appreciating the work of our members here printing correct date wheels for us I simply must say that no modd is necessary on the SA. The date font is one of the best I have ever seen on a rep out of the box. And the date is perfectly aligned as well. I wish that quality could be seen on other reps (non-Brtlgs.) as well.


The movement:

The movement is an asian 7750 with 28'800 bph. Chrono function and reset are working flawlessly so far. The watch winds up smoothly. It is running fast 5 secs. per day which is not C.O.S.C. but tolerable ( I am

a purist and like watches within the 1 or 2 secs. range more but 5 secs. is not bad for out of the box). Please note that I am wearing this baby for just three days, now. We will see how the mvt. is running in a long term test.

The rotor doesn't make a remarkable noise. To be honest I like the loud "sssrrrrrrr" when I am shaking or turning my 7750 watches. It doesn't bother me at all I simply love it :wub: ! My new SA rep is the

only watch in my collection with an asian 7750. All other watches do have gen 7750s. Amusingly this SA rep is the most noiseless!

The bracelet:

Not comparable to the gen bracelet which has got a remarkable strength. The rep bracelet seems to be lighter than the BCE or the SOSF bracelet. I am owning both of them and after comparing weight and size I

unfortunately must say that the SA rep bracelet doesn't impress.



As you can see I went for one of my BOB 24mm straps. It is a very strong and rough looking buffalo strap with black edges. A perfect combo but I will try different straps in the next future. I think this rep is

worth to get a gen leather strap sooner or later.

Finally a wrist shot (my wrists are rather slim): Kind of bold isn't it?


And ready for some leisure spent together with my dog out in the woods:


My conclusion: This rep is one of the nicest out of the box reps I have seen (go for a seller who is offering and actually doing a QC!). It plays in the same league like eg the SOSF or the "ultimate" BCE. I

am a watch purist but actually the only modd which seems to be necessary is re-luming the dial and hands. In general a mvt. service is recommended unless the QC is done and the mvt. is lubricated and well


I hope you enjoyed my little review and I could share some impressions and information :thumbsupsmileyanim:

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Excellent review and pics. I have just bought a gen chrono Avenger and this would be a worthy stable mate. Need to sell my !st generation Chrono Avenger rep first though to free up funds, but I think I know what's next on the list. Thanks for the inspiration.

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Wow... what a fantastic review!

Thanks a lot. I will definitely add this to the Breitling Guide...when the next update comes out! :tu:

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great review and fantastic choice for a rep. i agree, this is one of the best out of the box reps i have ever seen. put

a genuine bracelet on that badboy...significant upgrade to the rep bracelet. ;)

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joshua delivered my white face SA today. I have yet to take pics, and there are some really small mods i am going to do... gen rubber strap, gen bezel... but I am decidining if i should take pics of it as is first. its a beast

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Dial colors are not the same as the gen,aside from the black maybe.... ;)

Gen strap and dial is a must for a real 'gen' appearance to the SA rep,and not overly expensive....

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Thx a lot for your kind comments :thumbsupsmileyanim: It was a pleasure to write this down after that long time of absence!

As I am a watchmaniac I couldn't sit still and went for an alligator strap. Took some quick pics in the office this morning. Looks not bad, what do you think? Matches a suit as well as jeans and T-shirt:


And some wrist shots:



BTW: I went to my AD this afternoon and actually the only dial "issue" is the raised markers. The silvery sub dials with concentric rings are pretty much close in colour and "performance" ^_^

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Great review and excellent pics.

I have had the white version for three weeks now and it seems to hold excellent time. Excellent power reserve also.

Great value for money.

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Very nice review. Thanks for it! I can't get enough of this watch. I just called my watch smith and my dial swap won't be ready til tomorrow! Damn... And where the hell is my gen bracelet? Anybody know?

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I have to use my first post to say WOW.

Great looking watch, I know what my first purchase is going to be.

Like many noobs before me, I came looking for the rollies and stayed for the breitlings

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I have to use my first post to say WOW.

Great looking watch, I know what my first purchase is going to be.

Like many noobs before me, I came looking for the rollies and stayed for the breitlings

To add to my previous post, I couldn't contain myself and pulled the trigger in my own SA today. :D

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I seem to be missing something.....are we saying that SA dial colors are not the same as the gen?....and only the black is the way it is supposed to be?

I was going to order a white one.....but think might go with the black now.


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Beautiful looking watch and the brown croc looks aweseome. I wish I had wrists that could wear this watch as I think the dial design is one of the best Breitling has to offer.

Great review. Thanks!

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