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Found 8 results

  1. Shaken not stirred. Aka. Not another Bond Thread!!! (Pic. Heavy) Something i threw together on RWI. I thought I might share it here. What is our fascination with this sociopath, misogynistic, alcoholic, emotionally dysfunctional, sickly charming, ruthless killing machine? He might be all these things but the films and the character exude style, taste and there is a little bit in all of us that wants to escape into the fantasy world in which he resides. One really has to question the effectiveness of a secret agent whose preference for alcohol beverages is known to every bartender in every exotic location throughout the world. Anyway, lets re-visit the much written about Bond Watches. Along with Cars and women this is another area where the character displays great taste and style. However, the only thing he really chooses or seduces is the women, we know that Q (not @QueTip) chooses his cars and watches. So, Q is the man. The great thing for Bond, unlike us, is he gets them all for free. So here we go, some but not all of the 007 watches. Hours of research watching and freeze framing went into this thread lol. Joking of course but now since this watch hobby (addiction) has overcome me I cannot watch a Bond film without my finger hovering over the pause button for those minuscule glimpses of 007 arm candy. Rolex 6538. There has been some debate over the years regarding what Rolex Sean Connery wears and the provenance of it. However due to the advent of DVD and Blue Ray it is now fairly obvious. As @Thrasher is tired telling people the Connery sub is a 6538 big crown, with a silver triangle and a 2 line metres first gilt dial. The strap was generally considered to be an admiralty grey nato. We now know it was a black red and green undersized RAF strap. It was also worn on a Black leather strap in Dr. No. and From Russia with love. The RAF strap appeared in Goldfinger. Again, in Thunderball the 6538 tells the time while the Breitling Top Time tells supplies the Geiger counter. My version is the Helenarou Connery Submariner. It is a work of art in my biased opinion. Rolex 5513 An early appearance of the 5513 is displayed by George Lazenby in “On her Majesty’s secret service”. It was made more prominently worn by Roger Moore in “Live and Let Die” and “Diamonds are forever”. It had the buzzsaw bezel in “Live and Let Die” and a handy magnet for disrobing young ladies. Apart from the quirky bezel it has a feet first 2 line dial. The weird thing is when I was searching for images the photos of my watch and rivet bracelets are all over the internet lol so here it is my @JohnnyLazar built “Live and Let Die”.
  2. I've been gone for a loooong time and I'm just returning. I've been buying a few gens, but now I have my eye on a rep! Please forgive if I foolishly stumble over some newbie forum rules... I'd like to buy the Omega Seamaster Diver 300 M 007 version 3. I just chose the dealers I remember. Do you have anything to say about these 3 dealers? Do any of them reliably pre-service the movements? I am exhausted of reps only lasting a year or two. How 1:1 is this V3 anyway? Are there obvious flaws? I hear the bracelet is the biggest problem because it's not titanium and the weave pattern is obviously off. Although the case is titanium. https://forum.replica-watch.info/forum/omega-replicas/8397354-new-titanium-titanium-seamaster-007-edition/page318 As a result, it is inevitable a V4 will be released with a titanium bracelet to match the titanium case. Does anyone know how long it might take before we can expect a V4? They appear to all be the same V3 of the watch. https://puretimewatch.io/seamster-300-no-time-to-die-limited-edition-vsf-1-1-best-edition-on-ss-mesh-bracelet-a8806-free-nato-v3.html https://trustytime.asia/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=35_83&products_id=21222 http://www.trb88.club/index.php?route=product/product&path=37_128_129&product_id=3509 Thanks for your time!
  3. Hi Gents, When I first got myself in the RepWorld, it was mainly related to early Bond Movies: I was looking for - as many of us - to replicate Connery/Broccoli famous wristwatch. From that time, my taste evolved and I ended with one 6200 and one 6538. But that's not the point here. Here are two detailed screenshots I took from Goldfinger and Thunderball BR-rip, we all know about: From what I can see, this is not - as some of us use to believe - a Gilt Dial & Hand Set but rather a Service Dial (white and printed) and a Silver Hand Set. Is that it, or am I missing something here ? That would be the question I'm asking you, as I never really find a good answer/explanation to that... question
  4. SPECTRE premieres in the UK tomorrow October 26th and November 6th here in the USA, I thought it might be fun to post up which watch you wore to the premiere Omega? Rolex? or other? A sort of "Which watch.." with a twist (shaken, not stirred).
  5. Why? I have been watching the dealers closely for weeks now, hoping for the new Omega 300 SPECTRE Limited Edition. Instead they have produced the Aqua Terra James Bond 15,007 G in multiple colors and I'm trying to figure out, Why? the Omega Edition is a blue face with yellow accents. The dealers (PT, TT, KW) began offering that model months ago... but just this week it has been released in 'all new' white face, grey face, black face on black leather, brown leather, SS or seemingly any mix of the above... even the bumble bee 15,000 G seconds hand has reappeared on some models. I do realize the adage is 'different strokes...' but do people really line up to buy a LE watch that is obviously by color, etc. incorrect? or, maybe it's just me.
  6. Found this on eBay http://www.ebay.com/itm/OMEGA-SEAMASTER-007-BOND-SKYFALL-PLANET-OCEAN-232-30-42-21-0-wbr-1-004-READ-More-/181283910937?&_trksid=p2056016.l4276
  7. Hi everyone, what an informative place this forum is! Looking at some of the work that some have done rebuilding watches there is some skilled members here. Anyways I am a bit of an Omega lover and have several Seamaster PO reps but and a couple of 007 Quantum of Solace Reps What has really taken my fancy is the new Skyfall PO with the glass back. I have seen some really poor reps without the glass back and only one with correct glass back Looking for a decent supplier who can supply this to the UK Any advice peeps? Cheers Tonk! Pics attached of the one i have seen
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