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  3. Alas my friend / partner here is gone...................just a deep dark wound that I am still trying to get my head around. I can see him across from me smiling eating big T-bones steaks with me, I do not sit at that table anymore.
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  5. Feel he same way brother. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. I sourced a VR3135 balance complete from eBay and it's working great! It has the same purple spring as the one I removed. $20 solution. The balance staff is the first part I encountered that doesn't fit with a Rolex part.
  7. Wow where have I been… I wasn’t very active on the forums for a couple years and I am just seeing this now. He was a great man. I sold him my old super patina distressed Comex 5514 build many many years ago. I didn’t even want to sell it but after I posted pics of it on the forum, he fell in love with it and wanted it. I couldn’t say no. I am so sorry for your loss. RIP.
  8. Hello Name’s Ray. I’ve been in the watch community since February. My watch brand preference is usually Casio and Timex. This is my current collection so far.
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  10. +1 on VSF. Clean (GMTs) and King’s are not far behind. Forget NOOB these days. (Supposedly closed). NOOB were time bombs with dirty poorly lubed movements and mediocre QC.
  11. Welcome. You’ve come to the right place for extensive vintage Rolex knowledge and Frankens. Pull up a chair and grab a beverage. Lots to learn and see here.
  12. I think the problem is that the reps have gotten so very good. I've seen pawn shops get taken for big bucks, a Rolex Dealer that had my own rep in his hands trying to sell me a new insert and service, and my rep going through the metal detectors without setting them off, just as gens do, at 3 different airports. They've come a long way from the $25 knock-offs, as have the price.
  13. Sorry to hear the sad news. As for sourcing the watch in question, try here or here or here.
  14. I think a lot of the problem with "New" Rolex collectors is that they haven't a clue. Its kind of like the used car buyers now, if anything at all even the slightest blemish the car is [censored] or immensely devalued and they badger you over it lol
  15. Hey guys, is Zigmeister still around?
  16. Hi everyone, i just be scammed by swisswatchluxury (telegram group) about purchasing a falcon eye yachtmaster…. i saw that clean factory produces such model, but do you know which trusted seller is able to get the watch? many thanks for your help cheers!
  17. No. I had 6 made. I could if I would produce 100. My price was the one I told you a while ago. I kept two dials for myself and sold the others. same is happening with case sets. i am selling most of my surplus and duplicated explorers. best M.
  18. Thank you J. Here is my second of four 6530 my point is not price. I like to make at once so I prefer investing time and maximizing money value. Under a production point of view i still think it requires the same amount of effort to do it right or to do it not so right but looking like. Perfect results may not be achieved with 35 dollah a piece but one can for 100… and 100 is what one spends in a dinner. I know its possible Vietnamese cases (made in the North) Drop me a line and I will send you the contact of the casemaker. If you prefer 34mm I have genuine 5500 enclosure sets. Best Marco
  19. How do the Tiger cases compare to JMB cases. Are there any other options that are close to Gen spec?
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