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  2. Hows the demarcation line between the Red/Blue? Great watch. I have a Noob Batman, that was great except for the "Dirt" in the A3135 clone movement.
  3. Fantastic! One of my grail watches is a vintage BP. Especially a "No Rads" dial.
  4. I'm with you. I love my Franken & Genenstein's (Swap Job's). I have also reached the station in life where I don't give a $hit about being nit-picked/called out. Especially because I tend to use Gen Service Dial's. I have been away from RWG for a bit, but after going mostly legit, I no longer see the value, and am back here to build and roost.
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  6. Good point, Kernow. That’s what I’ll do. Thanks for the reply.
  7. Getting there on the hands. I think these will do. I swapped out the glass too, but will have to go back to the old crystal as the tension ring does not quite make the dial. Cheers.
  8. I assume the bezel is just the retention ring? I also find it interesting that everyone accepts this is how MB wore his watch. I assume he pulled the bezel off for the film. Makes you wonder if it was pulled off again for the sale.
  9. As with all reps (especially ones that are keepers) factor in a service. This should sort out the problem.
  10. "This guy is the Sherlock Holmes for Vintage Rolex and Panerai." If someone can make up a Daytona this close to genuine, imagine how easy it is to make passable 55xx, 1680, 1016 etc watches with so many rlx 15xx movements around. I have said for years that there are probably lots of Frankenstein 55xx etc being passed around as genuine. Genuine dials have been a problem but now some reproductions are close enough for the average common sense aficionado. I will always wonder about rolex freaks who fully accept service dials then starts shaking and peeing down their leg when they see a first class reproduction dial...assuming they can tell the difference. None of my replica 'vintage' watches would fool anyone except maybe a greenhorn yard sale buyer and this is on purpose so the watches do not end up being sold as genuine. I stick them together to wear now and then because I like the 1960/1970 style rlx watches. Q...Why replicas? A1...Because I would feel like a fool paying today's prices for a 'genuine' example that might not even be 80% genuine. A2...Can't afford much more than a 4 digit DJ or AK anyway. A3...No parts/high part prices. "I believe he was the guy that helped expose "Orchi" of TRF fame." I remember 'Orchi'. He sure had a lot to say about his watches. Now I know why.
  11. Or just do what Bond did for decades, have Bond show up in the next movie with a new actor and don't mention a thing.
  12. Ian Flemming is rolling over in his grave. The Bond books were practically "Pulp Fiction" not material meant for PC Culture. Even though 00's have been reassigned: https://jamesbond.fandom.com/wiki/00_agents Give her another number. 007 is synonymous with Bond. Why not develop an awesome female spy character like "Atomic Blonde" and just end Bond/007 in this 25th installment. A Series Finale. We have John Wick now, and the last 2 Mission Impossible movies have been superior anyway.
  13. This guy is the Sherlock Holmes for Vintage Rolex and Panerai. I believe he was the guy that helped expose "Orchi" of TRF fame. https://steemit.com/orchipalar/@exorchist/orchi-palar-aka-ngu-wei-sin-s-made-up-rolex-daytona-6264-with-serial-2425736-discovered-by-perezcope-aka-jose-pereztroika
  14. "Wow! and the auction house still sold it, unbelievable!" For 78,000 Euros!! Shazam!! Gone in a Flash!! Wonder how much the next guy pays for it? "I wonder what forum the watch was originally born on" Me too. Someone probably made a lot of $$ on it. The V72A, V72B, V72BC, 722, 722-1 Daytonas all have Breguet hairspring balance assemblies (p/n 722). Seems like that would be very hard to find today. Here is a complete V72 on eBay at $3000 with three days to go: eBay item number 333269329354 I do not know if it is Live or Memorex, I'm not boned up on them. Here is another one with the (722) balance assembly and the other high $$ parts missing for 'only' $6500. Could be a Plain Jane V72. eBay item number 223468877851 What is sad is that I missed one for $1600 in 1995. A friend who worked in a rolex AD sold it to a traveling circus... "Sell us your old rolll-ex! your ole paaa-tek philll-ippe! etc." They staked out in a motel room and advertised on the radio for a few days, then moved on to another town. I used to talk to Burley Bullock at watch shows, he was one of the first guys advertising to buy watches on the radio. He went on to form the IWJG. (BLB RIP May 2008)
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  16. The last adition to my collection. Love the watch.
  17. Hi guys, I've got the project to make the GMT 1675 of Marlon Brando in Apocalypse now. Small budget so i'll start with a Chronotac GMT but i need to find the metallic bezel and a dial to look like the same. Or if someone have an other idea ??? Thanks for the help
  18. Wow! and the auction house still sold it, unbelievable! I wonder what forum the watch was originally born on 😉
  19. He's back for one reason......... $$$$$$$$$$ He's a great actor but the role of Bond will get him a much bigger paycheck than any other movie he may be offered to star in. In then end, that's what its all about.
  20. Thanks for posting R. Great breakdown of what's fake on the movement.
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