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  2. Everyone probably figures I was fibbing when I said "I had so and so..." or "I have one of them..." because I never post any pictures so I made a trip to the storage shed. Well...it turns out I did or still do. Ha! Here are a few pics and everything is 100% genuine... Three left with base cal 1030: 1956 tutone 6605 with tt swiss bracelet dated 56 1959 6605...this watch is in 90% plus condition with no case corrosion at all. A rare find today. Early 1960s gold top 6634. Also in 90% plus condition and it also looks brand new inside. 14K Bombe from early 1960s. It still looks like new and I have owned it for about 30 years. 100% original 1675 from 1979 One owner before I got it, no case corrosion at all, and it still has the original bezel insert and crystal. I know the guy who bought it new and the AD guy who cleaned it once or twice. It was running fine when I got it but it has been stored so long it will no longer run. The 24H hand is hiding under the SS hand. Three like new AK...two 14010M and one 14000M. Had fifteen (15), now down to three. They are the latest model rlx I have left. Top top left dial is black and the one on the bottom is blue. The sticker is still on the 14000M. Parts...cases, bracelets, etc. The square plastic boxes on the top side are steel bezels. I've been looking for that Omega buckle, it is in the wrong box. Shipwreck...no watches.
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  4. Hello Guys, I am planning to buy a watch case set with Dial and Hands. All I can filter on two top suppliers -> Raffle Dials and Bosshua 007 Please share your experience with either of these dealers? how precise they are with the quality
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  6. Been a while! Hope the place is still the best there is 👋🙂 Having dropped my last remaining rep [well sort of] and smashed the glass I'm after some PAM GMT assistance - posted in the pam section. Anyway good to see the place is still humming along.
  7. Hi all... anybody know where I might be able to purchase a 44mm GMT PAM case... like the PAM029? Are these reps still out there? Need one for a repair/transplant.
  8. I'm still smarting from picking up the roamer for cheap. An 18KYG Patek for that price is a robbery. Good on you 🙂 Talking about finding gems I read this article today. Dude finds an original 3646 at a bazaar. Rolex-Panerai 3646 ‘Error Proof’ From A Bosnian Bazaar – Vintage Panerai and other iconic timepieces under the loupe at Perezcope That ST stingray is sublime. 70s style, the use of color is really something. I think my collection needs more of these gems.
  9. So this has happened [emoji17] My watchmaker says a new crown needs sourcing Can anyone point me in the right direction? Sent from my SM-G973F using Tapatalk
  10. "I do not know how long you have had the parts in that case, but gen Rolex parts have been going pretty steadily up since I began collecting." "Are those holding 1030 movements? If so I get the first two." I hate to be the bearer of bad news but they are all reeplikkas. I have a similar box of tutones and another box of SS models...all DJ. I need to dig them out and take pics so you all will not think I'm kidding. Also a box or two of swiss ETA stuff, and a few boxes of assorted this and that. Almost all of it was taken in on payments on debts and it has been stacked up for years. I still have three watches with cal 1030 left...a 1956 tutone 6605 with swiss '56 marked tt bracelet, a 1959 steel 6605 with a like new swiss jubilee (probably 1970s), and an early 1960s gold top 6634 on a strap. The tutone has a refinished dial and pretty good case and bracelet, the steel 6605 and gold top 6605 both are in very good condition. I sent the tutone bracelet to Michael Young about 10 years back and he tightened it up a little. I never wear any of them (afraid one might throw a rod) and I'll try to dig them out someday and post a picture or two. My Empire of Dirt. Johnny Cash - Hurt (Official Music Video) - Bing video 10-27-21 Some more pics... There are six rows in each box, I thought there was five. Notice the silver dial model is low in carbohydrates. Tutones. The bracelets supposedly have solid low carat center links but I suspect they are heavy plated brass. Never had one wear through the plating though. They also have a small tab soldered on the end links (hoods) like oem...not a goldtone plated section like on most replica tutone watches. These watches have first class dials and were originally made with two sets of dial feet...one set for 2836 ETA and one set for Seagull ST6D or Miyota clones depending on the movement that came in the watch. The cases, bracelets, and dials are the same quality as what came in higher $$ swiss ETA replicas except most of them do not have the groove machined inside the case for case clamps. The stainless watches above the tutones are also the same high quality level. I'll post pics of others later...they are buried in storage and not easy to dig out.
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  12. Are those holding 1030 movements? If so I get the first two.
  13. I do not know how long you have had the parts in that case, but gen Rolex parts have been going pretty steadily up since I began collecting. If you have not already done so, it might be time to check current values.
  14. hi Ken, We still have all our items, they are loved. best wishes going forward.
  15. "Today's outrageous asking price for a Rolex <fill-in-the-blank> will seem like a bargain a year from now." I'll be ready if these ever go up in value...and the box is five rows across, Ha! ...and if they quit runnin' I'll 'patch 'em up (the 16oz hammer is out of sight). Can't remember what that is on the 'butcher block'.
  16. I purchased a 5513 PCG case a few years ago from Ruby and the case still sits in my drawer because I was unhappy with the crown height being low. I had a nagging feeling it was actually and overpriced MBW case I was sold. Here’s a pic of my case with reference PCG cases for comparison. I recently saw a sales post at RWI for a Ruby 1665 case. The crown height position made me cringe. Ruby 1665 - recent sales post over at RWI. The crown position is scandalously low. Phong 1665 - Photo from an old Tripdog post at RWI. Correct crown height. I’m curious if anyone else had noticed the low crown height positioning with Ruby cases? It seems hit and miss.
  17. Hello geeks, I haven't read this forum for a while, so I'm not up to the current stuff offered by the TDs. Are the current rep asso straps good/close to the gen assos? I'm looking for a 26mm asso for my PAM. Thanks.
  18. Welcome aboard! It makes me wonder, what sort of diesel automobile do you drive? Truck? Sedan? Mercedes? Land Rover?
  19. I'm glad to have this forum close to me Sent from my SCV38 using Tapatalk
  20. Guys, I've totally screwed up this plastic lens like 4 years ago and I want to get it fixed finally. I'd like to replace it with sapphire, but if only plastic is available that's fine. Can someone please help me find what I need?
  21. Paraphrasing myself circa 2005-ish - Today's outrageous asking price for a Rolex <fill-in-the-blank> will seem like a bargain a year from now. 1 of the few constants in life.
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