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  2. Coincidentally. Just added my crownartcustoms insert that arrived today to my 5513.
  3. Hell yeah looking forward to that mate! Sent from my Pixel 4a using Tapatalk
  4. If I sell any of my Seamasters you’ll be the first to know.
  5. Yesterday
  6. Drop a message via Instagram: https://instagram.com/crownartcustoms?igshid=jgfpot2ernzt
  7. How do I find this "crownartcustoms" people? Their website seems unfinished and I can't find any other information on them. thanks
  8. Amen to this! on the side note, can I buy back my Omega SMP or its remains? LOL
  9. Always buy the seller before the watch, especially if you can’t view it in person. I’ve bought plenty of watches online. I always ask for extra photos and if the seller isn’t forthcoming I just walk away.
  10. I bought a couple of those many years ago & still have 1 of them around somewhere. I recall that they weigh less than the folded gens, but otherwise appear to be nice bracelets for the price.
  11. If you are looking for the best price on a good watch & it is cheaper online, then buy online. Simple. But if you are looking for the cheapest watch online, then you get what you pay for. Taking your premise to the next level, I believe there are 2 types of watch collectors--those who only buy their grail watches if/when they find them cheap & those who find the best price on the grail watches they buy. The former tend to spend their entire lives looking, the latter owning.
  12. Last week
  13. When I bought my last cheapie online I hedged my bets by picking one that used a well known and easily obtainable Seiko movement. The rest of the watch was built like a tank, so if it arrived broken, I just had to swap in a new $30 movement. Luckily it arrived in perfect shape and it keeps better time than any of my genuine Rolex. And it cost less than the last Rolex crystal I had to replace.
  14. "What do you think about buying cheap watches online?" If 'cheap' means less than $50USD you are usually Ok buying them online if the price is less than you can buy the same watch for locally and the seller/dealer is an established outfit or has a good eBay etc rating. The main chances you take buying online are defective products and loss in transit. Many online discounters and private sellers have basically no customer service other than an exchange or maybe money back for a defective product in a short time period after purchase. If the watch is lost in the mail the dealer mi
  15. Hi everybody, I currently have 6 watches, of which 2 I bought online on the online store and got a discount, but now those 2 are no longer in normal use like when I bought it, completely unused . Out of warranty period but there are signs of damage. What do you think about buying cheap watches online?
  16. Yep! The theme this week is what can we get from Seiko. Looking closely at this, this is basically an early Seiko 7002 (pre-SKX) bracelet.
  17. Yes indeed, those are push pins. I haven't tried pushing one yet but it looks like that would make it possible to add or remove folded links without having to bend the midlinks. Looking closely at the sides of the folded links you can see these are not the typical Rolex fold. But for $14 you get two midlinks to fix the Mary 7836 band. Or leave the thing bloody alone and wear it and see if it isn't a suitable replacement for Mary's piece? I've been going over mine to soften/ease the sharp edges and I scrubbed hell out of it with soap and that brightened it up considerably. Add some WS
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