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  2. All td’s have it but general opinion is that it’s an overpriced pile of crap! Bezel colours are awful and it has a poor movement that will not last! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. Those Bulova electric watches are great BUT most of them used the old mercury battery which are no longer available due to the obvious reasons. You can buy a silver oxide substitute battery in an adapter but they are in excess of £15 and only last some 8 months! Good for the anachronistic reason but not so sure if It is the option to replace a mechanical mechanism for the economy argument!
  4. This is my cup of tea. This show was incredible, saw it in Los Angeles.
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  6. I was up late last night and ran across this streaming on some channel. What a treat watching these guys, and the madman David Byrne! Stop Making Sense - the Talking Heads https://youtu.be/6bjnRrvx88Y
  7. Thank you...[emoji3][emoji3].. Sent from my HTC U11 plus using Tapatalk
  8. Don't feel too bad. There's nothing magical about an MBW other than the fact gen parts fit. You can make gen parts fit a Cartel watch too. And that dial is IMHO better than the one that came on the MBW DRSDs. I like its bezel better too. You've got a great starting point. You're surrounded by enthusiastic modders ... what's not to love?
  9. Sorry l,m just so disappointed to look inside now...[emoji1785][emoji1785]. Thanks to all .. Regards mansun Sent from my HTC U11 plus using Tapatalk
  10. Hi mate Didnt realise you had an account with them. Message coming you way! Hi stone Its saying you cant recieve messages mate. Fire me one over if you can Cheers M
  11. Why didn’t you just PM me? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Beautiful peice and on my wish list at some stage. Getting rarer and going up in price
  13. Hi guys Just asking a favour here, I need to order some parts from startime but at the moment they aren't willing to ship outside the US. Has anyone got an account with them, and are you ok with shipping it to me in the UK. Nanuq and I thought we were being really clever and have tried to side line them by using his address 🤪🤪🤪but they're not playing ball. I have an account with Cousins watch supplies here in the UK so happy to reciprocate the favour If theres anything they have and you need in the US. Greatly appreciate any help guys Cheers DH
  14. I had two Bulova Surveyors, they kept more like 10-20 sec per year. And had a beautiful sweep, like super hi-beat [emoji106]
  15. Bulova Accutron II and Precisionist watches have smooth sweep second hands and keep time within 5 or 10 seconds a month. There are also ESA/ETA balance wheel electrics from the 1960s/1970s and you can sometimes find nos examples for around $50 each. http://electric-watches.co.uk/movement-types/transistorised/
  16. http://www.startimesupply.com/merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=CTGY&Store_Code=1&Category_Code=2Move_Manu_Japan_V-4
  17. Thanks - where from? I believe this is the non date mechanism and was looking to see if a date version exists like the 5S42?
  18. Seiko VH31, 4 beats per second, about 15 bucks
  19. Here it is, I just remembered which one it was! The rolex truebeat which is a mechanical movement but mimics a cheap quartz watch! A possible solution to the OP's proposition to have a "Functional replica with all the looks of the real deal minus the expenses and headaches that come with it!" A nice write up on https://gearpatrol.com/2018/08/02/rolex-tru-beat-history/
  20. I am new here,9S 2 C U!
  21. I am not sure about the spring drive but you could be right. I was under the impression that the spring drive was a later release in their Credor line. These super 18k gold models go in the 5-6 digit price tags! I believe citizen has a Miyota chronograph 6S21 which has a sweep second hand. I also have a wall clock that is quartz but the seconds hand moves smoothly like the accutron Bulova tuning fork movement. I don't know why these quartz modules in watches were not more common with a sweep seconds hand as I don't buy the reasoning that they take up more battery power as discussed in other forums many moons ago. I change my clock battery one every 3 years or so. The quartz module spells out the phrase "very cheap" with that cha cha beat! Then again Rolex made a mechanical watch with the seconds hand that has the same cha cha beat ! It is a matter of perspective I guess!
  22. Amazing build, thanks! I am on the fence for one...
  23. Super rare movement, based on the spring drive found in the Grand Seiko's I believe... I think they can be found from the late 80's early 90's in 34-36mm sizes, in varying condition from $500-$700
  24. There has been a lot of talk about making a functional replica with all the looks of the real deal minus the expenses and headaches that come with it! a quartz replica is very practical but also very obvious with the cha- cha- cha seconds hand motion giving away the nature of the step motor quartz and the next best substitute would be the other impractical tuning fork Bulova style mechanism. Upon recently changing a battery in my kitchen quartz clock which has a sweep seconds hand, made me want to look into for a watch equivalent And stumbled on this quartz powered seiko which surprises me why not more of these types of mvts were not so common. It would be practical to build an MBW with this type of movement and mist of my headaches would be gone!! Food for thought https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=h8ZC3vsBPLg
  25. i think helenarou only has 26mm and 29mm eta dials. 26mm will be too small for jmb case. if a 29mm dial fits, could be an option to go for a custom print with helenarou assuming she can work off a blank? yuki still has stock on the better print 1016 dials in white for cal 15X0 movements if you want to go the remove dial feet route.
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