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  3. Hello, new member here. Just pulled the trigger on a JF 16610 from TT. Can't wait to post pics.
  4. You will like the DAP. Get some good headphones if used like a Walkman (Campfire Audio makes some great ones - Lyra are the ones I like the most). HDtracks.com will provide some good options for hi-res FLAC (from a complete album standpoint) and 7digital.com is my favorite (some complete album and some individual tracks available).
  5. Looking for one with date/cyclops, aluminum insert, and a plain rehaut
  6. Hello brother, what model Submariner are you after? I’m also into lounging lizards😉🤫⚓️🦎
  7. Hello, new guy here. Will be looking for a good submariner rep and likely asking a bunch of questions so thanks in advance for any help! Cheers! Badger6
  8. Welcome to our community, there are a couple of guys in Singapore who undertake some repair work. Perhaps if you share details of the watch and the problem, they may make themselves known to you
  9. Hi guys… greetings from Singapore. I'm looking for someone that will be able to repair a rep AP. Any recommendations? Sent from my LYA-L29 using Tapatalk
  10. Almost returning home is my gen super beater Sinn U1... It's an original 2005 ETA model, and there were some scratches on the AR as well as the bezel action not being so smooth any longer. I've been able to source a U2 crystal, which is domed as opposed to original U1 flat xtal, and it has no AR on the outside... That's getting installed now, along with a new bezel mechanism 🙂 A new Sinn silicone strap is on it's way as well, which I will size a little looser to make up for all the awesome food I ate throughout the winter! 😄 So, I'll be really happy when it all arrives back... it will be like a getting a whole new watch! This FiiO X1 II DAP is coming in December from MassDrop for pretty cheap, I hope it's as great as I hope it is! I've never had a DAP before, and my music collection is all over the shop at the moment.
  11. Arrived this friday... perfect. Winds as smooth as a hot knife through butter... Skickat från min iPhone med Tapatalk
  12. Rivet 3646 on Kallen Strap Sent from my SM-N920P using Tapatalk
  13. By popular demand... https://www.g-central.com/pure-gold-g-shock-for-sale-in-2019/
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  15. Ok with Christmas fast approaching it's time for a few little gifts from me. CHRISTMAS BONUS SHOPPING Every order over $250 will receive a free gift, you specify man or woman and a gift will be added. If the order is between $599 and $899 you will receive a free woman's purse. Between $900 and $1099 you will receive either a pair of ladies fashion shoes or a man's suit. Between $1100 and $1299 you will receive a ladies LV canvas bag...Damier or Monogram. Above $1300 and you will receive either 2 ladies bags or one ladies and one man's (of like value) bag free. Cheers Ken
  16. I do some service on eta 28xx 2671. I do have a friend in Dallas not far from that does the 7750. It does take a while. But, he knows what he’s doing.
  17. Shouldn’t this be in the “Watches and Horrific Injuries “ thread?
  18. Thanks I reached out to Andrew and he sent me a link to Jaystraps. Appreciate the suggestion.
  19. Wearing an "Aeronautique" militare homage to the classic PAM, this morning
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