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  2. Looking good buddy, wish I was with you to shoot off some rounds!
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  4. Yeah I pushed too hard and smashed that hours hand down so far it wouldn't turn then I had to get it back off. Tweezers? Nope. Hemostats? Not on your life. Pick it up with an xacto knife? Dream on. Give me the damn channel-locks. It came off. And I broke the weak-ass pansy fricken cheap wussy miniature godforsaken stinking stem inside the crown. Next time I need to take a Seiko apart I'm using a different set of tools. I'm done "persuading" things to come apart.
  5. This is a Chicken Little answer but I simply stopped taking them apart. I still have a few radium lume watches and I doubt many of of them are worth very much now. There are exceptions of course but since I do not wear them I figure they are just fine stored out in the garage and if someone wants one as/is they can have it for a 'hot' price. I bought a cheap 'GMC 320 Plus' Geiger counter a while back and it took off ticking a lot more than normal around the work area where I keep a lot of watchjunk so I started zeroing in on the source. It was an old Tip Top Jr. pin lever wristwatch from the late 1920s/early 1930s and it was still Hot! It had been about 3 feet from where I work for 20+ years in a shadowbox with some old character watches. Now it is on another wall in the same room and the counter is showing a normal reading where I work but if I move the counter close to the Tip Top it still goes off. If I was cleaning a movement from a watch with radium hands that had been shedding lume material I would throw the cleaner and rinse away when it was done. The question is how do you dispose the cleaner/rinse from the movement and the dust from a radium dial and where do you take it? I do not know. Tritium is bad enough but radium would (legally) be a problem to dispose of. Radium is serious stuff. Nuff said. Otoh here's what really keeps me up at night: You can bet there are Forty Four Fat Feds in extra, extra large shielded hazmat suits riding around eating donuts (and coffee) in lead lined black SUVs just waiting to quarantine your property, beat you down, lock you up, and fine you $214 million if they can find just one loose nanoparticle of radium. But it's your lucky day! Here is what they found instead: Non radioactive! Gluten free! Meanwhile Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in Bezerkley CA and the Nuke Weapons Design Lab at Los Alamos NM glow happily in the dark and none of the 44 Fat Feds noticed 'cause their pointy heads are always buried in Dunkin' donut boxes. It's a strange world out there, I'll give you that, but you will be Ok if you just follow the Official US Gummit Rules. (They changed it from US Government to US Gummit because everything is always Gummed Up in Red Tape...GURT for short.) Official Rule # 1...Always Heed Words Of Caution. Of course some Fed Fool pressed it anyway. Now there ain't no need for Official Rule # 2. So...we made up some new rules: 1...Remember the Alamos. (in NM, not the one in TX, it's still there) 2...Vote for Super Luminova in 2020. No Radical Radium. 3...You can no longer believe it all but you can believe: A...One half of what you see with your own two eyeballs. B...One third of what you hear with your own two ears. C...One fourth of what you feel with your own two hands (depending on lights ON or lights OFF). Disclaimer for A and B: If it is on CNN, it drops to 10%. Over and Out. Pin lever Pocket Bens and Tip Tops were 'poor boy' watches. Here is what a Tip Top Jr. looks like: Gluten free! Radium dial Tip Top Jr. from Etsy. No Calories! Radium dial Westclox Pocket Ben from Etsy.
  6. Nice.....ahem......HANDy work.......Mittens
  7. Hi and thanks for the welcome. i am looking into the Models 116622 and 116500. i do have a Gen Breitling Super Avenger and a Gen Panerai Luminor Marina and a Gen Rolex Submariner. Now looking to Build my own Almost Gen Yachtmaster and Daytona if possible.
  8. Welcome aboard! We're all about watches of any kind, and the longer you're here the more you'll be drawn to the aggravating/rewarding hobby of Frankenwatches. What generations are you interested in? 4-digit? 5-digit? Six?
  9. I received qc pics everything looks good but I didn't see the etched rolex symbol at six on the sapphire. I'm asking if that can be rectified. I hope it's not too much to ask. Everything else looked good on the qc shots. Sent from my SM-G988U using Tapatalk
  10. Nice, welcome aboard! We're here to archive and share information, and enjoy watches of all kinds. Lots of folks show up, ask the obligatory "Who has the best Sub?" and buy it and disappear. You did it right ... read, read, read and read some more, make your choice, then show us your new piece in some photos.
  11. My next watch I'll be waiting for is Submariner 116610 LN Black Ceramic VRF Max 904L 1:1 Best Edition on SS Bracelet VR3135 from Ryan at Intime. Sent from my SM-G988U using Tapatalk
  12. Thank you very much. Sent from my SM-G988U using Tapatalk
  13. Stickers look like noob Sent from my SM-N976B using Tapatalk
  14. Hello, I'm new here and have been lurking and reading for the past month. I purchased a watch from a dealer not on here, which isn't the main topic. I'm just curious about what brand replica it is. It looks beautiful and so far keeps great time. In addition, I am waiting for QC pics from Ryan (in time) on my next watch. Attached are my photos. I look forward to hearing from you. Sent from my SM-G988U using Tapatalk
  15. For most TD's I have to use triangular shipping which usually costs about $50 to $60. But at least I know it will arrive, and I have no issues with customs.
  16. Welcome to the community, Rolex parts prices have gone up a lot, but it is certainly possible and these are the guys that know
  17. Hi, just a Short hello from a newbie. i am from Hamburg/Germany and mainly interested in Information around Rolex / Franken watches. wish all members all the best and looking forward to nice discussions around those nice Little things around our wrists... Arne
  18. That is a damn good question which I notice is very overlooked amongst this trade and hobby!!!!! I am glad someone has asked this because my best and most honest watchmaker died from Lung cancer at the age of 51 and his widow always blamed it on radium because when he was an apprentice, his mission was to scrape off radium off dials back in the late 1970s early 1980-s. He did it daily and when he worked for the same local watch service house, he was given the task for doing this amongst other watchmakers. Other watchmakers always got him to open old pocket watches and pre war watches that were full of radium. He was always exposed to radium dust for some 15 years. He also worked on those old German bedside clocks which were cased in a fancy glass and were wound from the back. Horrible things in my opinion!!!!. Yes I agree that they can be safe as long as they are sealed, but these things are never really 100 % sealed just like most watches are never 100% water proof . Good point you make about when pulling out the stem. That cannot be a 100 % seal !!!!! Interestingly, a very overlooked hazard for professional watchmakers. Sorry I couldn't answer your question, but I had to put in my two cents worth considering this is such an overlooked subject
  19. Yeah what’s with that? By the time you get old enough to afford nice watches, your eyesight goes and you can’t SEE the things!
  20. Guys w/ hands as large as ours should not be working on watches! LOL PS you mean you need to be able to see small things I'm out , tried w/ two pairs of glasses still fuc*ed it up! I even have the jeweler head gear w/ round magnifier that comes down and a light, again no joy......................
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  22. Hello mate... Do you plan to sell it?
  23. Yeah, it depends if you’re squinting looking through your right eye, or your left. Apparently I was using the wrong one!
  24. Franken 202 on Simona Gladiator Sent from my SM-N970U using Tapatalk
  25. Production year was1968. Fifty two years old and running perfect.
  26. Great information on venerable reps from the past. I tend to prefer these versions over the more contemporary. Here is pìc of my gen, which I hope will never have to sell.
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