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  2. Think it's a Patek day today...
  3. That is exactly what I think, is all about showing what you have. I was hoping to find a cheap Rolex. Pawn shop probably do well here. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G925A using Tapatalk
  4. Today
  5. Ask Ryan from inTime...he's great in sourcing parts
  6. Don't ask me how but this afternoon I glanced at the time and freaked out when I realized the crown from my ap royal oak is gone??? It was there this morning when I set the time but now it's gone? Crown and tube!!! What do I do? Where can I buy a spare? Can any one help? Sent from my SM-G930W8 using Tapatalk
  7. I don't think they are 😂 Florida is home to a LOT of wealth. Our zero state income tax and beautiful weather is very attractive. If you are a millionaire on the east coast of the United States you likely own a vacation home in Florida and fly your other millionaire friends down here to show off your millionaire lifestyle. It is a naturally "showy" culture down here! Fishing on yachts and golfing looks look better with a Rolex on!
  8. I had a similar issue, the payment was rejected 3 times with one TD, a different TD it went straight through.
  9. Hello and welcome to the community.
  10. Just a thought that might or might not be relevant. When I was an apprentice one of the things we had to do was make our own hacksaw. We made every part except the blade and it took weeks of Wednesday afternoons. I think we all did a pretty good job and the hacksaws were nicely finished. Thing is a hacksaw of very similar design was about a fiver to buy. We didn't make them to save money, even at apprentice labour rates those were expensive hacksaws, we made them to develop skills and understanding. My current #1 hacksaw is a Swedish ergonomic model that is about the most expensive on the market. It's a tool, I look after it and don't deliberately abuse it, but it is just a tool. That old one I made hangs in my workshop and is never used, but it means much more to me. I think there is a great misunderstanding that we are all just frauds who like to look richer than we are. I think that may be true for a lot of rep sales, but I think those who are active on the forums, for the most part, just have a gearhead mentality and get a kick out of understanding, overcoming problems and knowing they built a watch themselves. They may spend the kind of money that would buy them a nice genuine watch, but however nice it was, they just wouldn't have the same satisfaction from it or be personally investied in it, it would just be a watch, a tool, a lump of expensive metal
  11. India Sent from my wooden drums via Tupperware!
  12. I have seen this analogy with the solid gold cases they used to sell on star supply that are advertised for a day/ date to cater for both 3055/3155. iNow that is what I call taking a risk!!! Better gambling odds at las vagas I wished!!!! Which is what I am hoping for, because most of the cases for 2824 are fairly useless in the rep builds unless they are for non date builds!!! LOL!!! Thanks!!! This would be the ideal way to know. I should have clarified in my OP that I don't have neither of the two movements to check against as I need to buy the right one. This is why I posted to ask if there was any other way to tell by measuring the internal position of the case and stem hole position. In hind site I now realise that i have posted a silly question.
  13. RIP Chester. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Tomhorn, I am absolutely with you. My question was more why people spend thousands of $ for gen parts to improve their reps if good and much cheaper rep parts do the job too and are undistinguishable for 99.9% of all people.
  15. Thanks Akilles! I went with the same movement Really looking forward to seeing it in person for myself.
  16. Thanks!
  17. Thanks man! Got it through vnhandcraft on Etsy Vnhandcraft this one is a tad darker than mine
  18. anybody can help me with river email contact cause for some reason i cant login to HomageForum cause i havent receive the confirmation email no matter what, and yes ive tried to resent and used 3 different email still no comfirmation given
  19. I would bet a good portion of Automatico's stash that it's for a 2836 if it came from fleabay...
  20. Almost midnight
  21. PAM 6152/1 on Micah Bandoiler Sent from my SM-N920P using Tapatalk
  22. Welcome aboard! Pull up a chair and tell us how you found us and what kinda watches you've got. Oh, and I apologize in advance for what this hobby will do to your wallet!
  23. I have been reading a while now and am excited to officially be a part of the community. Can't wait to learn more from all of you and to build my rep collection!
  24. Yesterday
  25. My Franken Rolex 6263 Daytona Paul Newman Mk. 1 Tiffany & Co. Specs are: Custom Case Gen crystal Gen Mk2 pushers Gen hour/min/chrono seconds hands Gen Crown Gen Insert Custom Paul Newman Mk1 Tiffany & Co. dial Fully Converted Valjoux 727 conversion Gen 78350 bracelet
  26. That's a killer strap, where did you get that one?
  27. Beach beater
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