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  2. Bronzo 382 with canvas green Enviado desde mi VOG-L04 mediante Tapatalk
  3. "I’m in the middle of a 2 year long quest to build a 1655." I started on mine in mid 2011 when I got the Phong case and a rlx 1575 in a trade with a member. The movement had about half of the nos parts with it to make a GMT and it took 5 or 6 years to find the rest of the parts at a reasonable price. By then I had basically lost interest and the project is still in a box. When I got the case and movement in 2011 the rlx 1575 also had the 'shortcut' GMT conversion parts with it and this is where they came from. I had another 1575 and put the shortcut parts in it to make a GMT af
  4. I’m in the middle of a 2 year long quest to build a 1655. I have everything now and the movement now doesn’t fit in my phong case lol the retainer grove needs to be teamed out a fraction of a MM to get it to fit. but I also have one of those cArtel cases and they are very good when massaged a bit. thanks for posting your findings. There is a lack of showing what people have done for builds these days to one cut cost and maintain accuracy.
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  6. I use ST spring bars on my projects and just now measured 10 of them and all the end plugs are 1.18mm in diameter. I tried 1.25 holes on a few projects and some spring bars did not want to go through because of misalignment of the hoods and bracelets. I settled on 1.3mm because with it all being replica parts it was a little easier to put it all together. Sometimes I had to curve the spring bars a little to make them work and the larger hole diameter helped quite a bit. I have worn an MBK '5512' quite a bit lately with WSO hoods/'Mary foldoyster' and with everything having s
  7. Nice your PDf, thank you! May you get prices too?
  8. “Expensive stuff” Brilliant! I’m out... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. I am just looking to expand my business. I am looking for suggestions wheee I can sell them as I have plenty more expensive stuff. Yes you are right you don’t know me and I don’t know you either. I am just looking for suggestions.. thank you
  10. Mobile Accessories UK : Our company Mobile-Accessories.co.uk is a UK-based company that provides the best quality mobile accessories for both iPhone and Android devices. For further information, you can visit our website.


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    site_variable_1605105354 (1).jpg

  11. Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus Charging Cable


    Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus Charging Cable with braided texture aimed to make it stronger and durable. Our special copper cable charges blazing fast. Giving you perfect amperes (2A) and High-Speed Data Transfer.


    Cable Length: From half to 3 Meters of length. Comfort of using your devices while relaxing. No need to sit by the charging socket. Apt sizes of cables customized according to your needs.


    Durable Quality: Made with a special braiding technique that enables it to withstand upto 12,000 bends. No more worries about your cables getting damaged.


    Stability: Inside you will find the high-tech quality chip and premium copper wires. Altogether they provide you perfect amperes, fast charge and fast data transfer.


    Compatibility: Galaxy S10 / S10e / S9 / Note 8/9 / S8 / S8 +, Razer, Google Pixel 2 / Pixel / Nexus 5X / Nexus 6P, LG V30 / V20 / G6 / G5, Sony Xperia XZ, Huawei Honor 9/8, Motorola Moto X4 / Z2, HTC U11 And All USB C Compatible


  12. Caveat emptor, people. Yes this can be a wonderful gesture. Yes this can be a ripoff. We don't know Waka from Adam's off ox here at RWG. I'd like to see some feedback from other sites before I sent any money.
  13. How did you come by such an extensive supply of restricted parts? These cold be advertised on any public site, why choose a forum for replica watches over a forum for genuine watches and parts?
  14. Please have look on PDF file . Rolex Movements Parts List.pdf
  15. I've done it 1,2mm on my watches in the past, and yes use Cobalt drills.Use some Oil or Drillfluid to do it. Gesendet von meinem Mi MIX 2S mit Tapatalk
  16. Do you got 3135 spring and spring bridge?
  17. I have drilled out a lot of lug holes to 1.3mm for different projects and always use HSS 'cobalt' drill bits. Why? Here is some info: https://bestdrillbit.com/cobalt-vs-hss-drill-bit-comparison/ Btw, many drill the holes out to 1.25mm but I go with 1.3mm because it makes it easier to install bracelets/straps as the spring bar tips have a slightly bigger target. It is not much but it makes it little bit easier. I have also drilled quite a few holes in the sides of clasp caps and use a .9 or 1.0 cobalt drill bit. If a six hole DJ cap has enough room for a sevent
  18. Problem solved. One Vostok bezel spring and boom fixed. Also no slop or play up and down.
  19. Thank you . my list is quite long but I will try to post it here. Rolex Movements Parts List.pdf
  20. You might make a list and try them here. Many of us own genuine rlx too.
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