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    Classic DW fully refinished with nice pushers installed and a genuine coronet.
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    Hello from the land of the midnight sun!
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    River 3646 case with Cali dial on Gunny strap.
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    I'm having fun here.... Over two years in the making for the large one !!!! Dial and hands are custom. Super high grade vintage swiss movements... Pretty exciting watches to my taste... Enjoy he pictures !
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    A great watch here, I'll let you guys guess the specs... 🙂
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    Good looking watch. It's no wonder many watch buyers are afraid to buy a 'genuine' tudor today except from an AD or reliable, established dealer. Otoh the Average Joe is not nearly as suspicious about a tudor as a rolex when they see someone wearing one. I doubt you hear "Is that a 'real' tudor?" very often. Maybe because they are not familiar with tudor and figure there are no replicas. Saw this on a forum a day or two ago but do not know if they were referring to new models, vintage models, or tudor in general. From memory: Spent time with a rolex employee over the last couple days. They are receiving (replicas) for service that are so close the only difference is case and movement finish. I have owned three genuine tudor dive watches in the past...a used 'snowflake' model 94010 in 1998 (paid $225), used tudor acrylic crystal no date in 2001 (ref unknown, paid $300) both all original with rolex signed bracelets (folded? can not remember), and a tudor date lnib for $425 also in 2001 (reference number unknown). Traded away as usual...except the acrylic no date, I gave it away. Free!!
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    Did he panick? Hahahaha "There are more than 1 road to Rome...."
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    You know bro, the reps these days are getting really close. Just two days ago at Far East plaza, I saw a guy wearing a modded 44mm FC that I thought was gen until many good looks later made me discover that it was rep. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    This one for a few days, she deserves some exercise. Sporting a nice addition from none other than Ubiquitous. What a great guy.
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    My newest purchase from Kilowattore.
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    Enviado desde mi iPhone utilizando Tapatalk
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    I think that there is nothing wrong with liking RMs. As a brand, of course they have their own following, and I shall not comment on the brand culture or the profile of people who wear them as that wasn't really your question. The reps are actually decent, the main tell is that the case is about 2mm too thick to accommodate the A7750 movement. Having a skeletonized dial actually helps to obfuscate the dial details, and makes the rep look decent as scrutinizing the dial details and comparing them to gen become kind of difficult in real life for certain models. The case thickness can be addressed by careful machining in theory, though I have not really done yet. Pick a model you like and wear it like a swatch. Ultimately, you need to please yourself and the rest doesn't really matter right?
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    This is the only picture I have of the complete watch, customer sent me a wrist shot when it was done. Very small and little detail but it looks bitchin' to say the least.
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    Thank you bro, I like it too though I’m thinking what mods can be done to it haha Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Just got my JF16610LN back from misiekped who performed a movement service and a gen DW installation for me. For my personal use, that's all I think it needs. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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    I just put this together. "Rolerio" with Rollie dial and new bronze/SS 6154 case from Athaya Vintage. Molina/ Rolex movement. Now to find the right strap...? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro