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    I stopped buying reps this year after 6 years in this game ! Then i decided to go gen...like this one below 😉
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    Medphreak! As I live and breathe.... man there are a lot of the old names here. Madas, By-Tor, Neil... all we need is Bricky and Demsey to come out swinging again.
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    Who remembers Paul's "CARZY SALE" (sic)? They were all $100. Then there was Kingwatch, Eddie Lee and River (who got the "better" TW stuff). And of course Neil (RIP).
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    "The OOB vintage reps are horrible..." Agree. Wearing one now, cartel '5513' with a Seagull ST16. Put a Clark crystal and DW bez kit on it and drilled the lugs. It looks a little better. Not much. It might fool a kid who had never seen one. Got tired of it running down overnight so I removed the winding rotor/plate, 'pullybone' etc and hand wind it. Now I wonder what will wear out first...winding guts or crown/tube? "...and I have seen some people trying to part with high end franken’s on here lately with no success." I have noticed they are not selling in a hurry and it does worry me a little because I have a few. May have to part them out later on. Otoh a guy looking at an average (or below average) 5512 for $12k might pay $2500 for one in an MBK case with 1570 etc and wear it for years with little ri$k. Look who's talking...I'm wearing the cartel '5513' to keep from banging up the '5512' Franko... Insanity.
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    Who would pay that kind of prices for reps? $658 is a laughable price for a Chinese knockoff. You can get a nice used vintage Omega for that kind of money. Personally, I just stopped buying them. They are fun watches for $200 or $300 but that's where the limit is (for me). Reps are fun but they have no real value and even finding someone who services rep Rolexes can be tough. And while some of the reps are very accurate they will never have the details of a gen.
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    @By-Tor...good to see you're back m8, I loved those legendary reviews from the old days...
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    You should mod the crown guards.. It changes the whole case..
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    "Ah well that explains it. In my world, no real Rolex exists after 1974.'' +1 What he said. Sapphire, sel, crockery bez inserts, and Fi-Shock wire stretcher clasps killed them for me. If it ain't rattly, it ain't a rolley. "Pardon me sir, is that a rolex?" "No, but good guess." "What is it if I may ask?" "It's a genuine Invictex!" Prototype oys lock clasp...
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    Jovi75, you attracted the interest of some of the strongest builders here, or anywhere. These guys have forgotten more than most guys will ever learn about vintage Rolex. So pay close attention to everything they tell you. You have some okay parts but you're going to hate your case before this is over. If it's not sized to accept gen parts, you're going to waste more on crap parts that don't fit, than you would spend to just get a good case. Then look at your dial. No 5513 dial has metal surrounds on the indexes. You want a good bezel and insert... that won't fit what you have now. Like the man said, stop spending money and READ. We have solved all these problems here and the information is at your fingers. When you have read everything and understand it, then we will take the next steps to help you complete a perfect project.
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    CrazySaleMan (is he Paul??) does pop in from time to time. I remember a few years ago I forgot my watch at home and in my moment of panic he showed up and offered to save the day with his New Wrist Wrap Watches. https://rwg.cc/topic/57992-crisis-panic-emergency/
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    We used to have an "unwritten rule" that you always have to sell the rep cheaper than you invested. Or maximum get your own money back. In the old days I bought this franken-Explorer for 350 Euros from a fellow member. This had a GEN DIAL, correct hand stack and brilliant Noob case. He just wanted to sell it to me because I probably helped him in some other issue. Can't remember. But it was all about friendships and moving cheap knockoffs for cheap prices... and HAVING FUN. At some point it changed and standard out of the box reps didn't get much attention anymore. It had to be "perfect" franken and a lots of money invested. And the dealers increased their prices significantly. That's when I started to lose interest. Why buy a $1K franken when you can buy very nice gens for $2K? I bought my gen Bond Seamaster for 1000 Euros. People invest more money on franken-build vintage Rolexes that still don't fool the experts. What's the point? Trusty Time is asking $368 plus shipping for THIS. I mean really, I can understand paying that much money for a WM9 but this is a JOKE. And very bad one at that. I wouldn't pay $5 for this piece of shit. Let me see... they have installed spiky Submariner crown guards to a GMT and thick GMT-like crown guards on a Sub. That's just pure genius. Blind people could tell this is a fake... from another planet. This is just laughable. And $386 plus shipping. You gotta be kidding me!
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