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    Why not a couple of shots of an GMT in here also
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    Latest and greatest build so far! 6542 pan am with a gen cal. 1030 gmt beating inside. a dream came true Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Really enjoying this build!! Ref 1019
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    Hi guys..i want to show you my last build...a 1675... It is all cartel, only the small hand come from raffle..Now i have only to change the other hands...in waiting the new one.. The dial is my custom dial..stamped by me and relumed with high quality lume mixed with some sugar and Brown color...the case was totaly reshaped and slimmed..enjoy the pics
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    Haven't posted in the forums for awhile...
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    Que and Sogeha you guys are 100% correct. Our hobby is small enough and last years hit made us smaller. A lot of people never came back. I am worried what will happen now because this was an attack on its members. We need too stick together and continue our friendships and brotherhood.
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    @sputim these dials are beautiful mate, congrats ! @Alan72 Yeah vietnam dials lume plots are extremely fragile. I experienced it on two dials. 5512 on leather today.
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    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Here are my thoughts and some of the current crop of 126600 seadwellers. I’m by no means an expert, so these are my basic observations. I currently have 3 different 126600s. I bought the first cheaper version from BP when that was released. Obviously there were a number of issues with that version such as the wrong bracelet width, small font on the insert and the wrong pearl size, shape and height. I haven’t been fortunate enough to see a gen 126600 in the flesh, so my observations are based on comparisons with photos and videos of the gen which obviously doesn’t compare to seeing the real thing. I then bought the BP ‘best’ version when it was released. This addressed the biggest issues, particularly the bracelet width and bezel insert. The pearl on the bezel is lower like the gen but the profile doesn’t look exactly the same as the gen pearl to me. It looks more like a lowered version of a deepsea pearl. The font size and colour seems pretty good and the bezel action is smooth but not too slack, which is good. Recently I also bought the ARF version. For me this is the best version so far. The bezel insert looks particularly stunning. The font colour is lighter and looks much better in low light than the BP best version. The BP colour is lighter than noob v7 but the ARF is lighter than the BP. Also, the font is slightly larger on the ARF bezel but this seems correct when I’ve compared it to gen photos. The BP font is slightly larger than the font on the deepsea v7 but not as large as ARF. The Cyclops on the ARF is also slightly smaller than that on the BP and the magnification seems slightly less. It is true that the bezel teeth are sharper on the ARF compared to the BP and you can feel it when you turn it. On my particular ARF, the bezel action is the most disappointing part compared with the BP. The ARF has more of a rocking action when you press down on it and the action when turned is quite loose and sloppy. I’ve noticed it moving during general daily wear. The action on the BP is much firmer and it does not rock in the same way. This, however, may be just the watch I have. Other ARFs might not have this issue. Both bracelets feel and look good. I’m still in two minds about the 904L thing. At first glance there doesn’t seem to be a difference at all when you compare the 904L and the 316L. However, in certain lights, to me especially in low light, the 904L does seem to reflect the light with more ‘lustre’. I’m not sure if this is an actual difference or wishful thinking. Both the BP best and ARF looked good on the QC pics but on closer inspection once arrived, the cyclops is a tiny bit off being straight and the pearl is not absolutely dead centre on the BP. Everything is spot on on the ARF. There is a difference in the weight of the watches. All the weights are taken with 2 links removed from the bracelets. The original ‘cheap’ BP is 163g, BP ‘best’ is 175g and the ARF is 181g. I have to say that I’ve messed about with the BP cheap version. I swapped out the pearl for an old style one I had hanging around and I swapped the original insert for an old noob deepsea one I had. The insert fit perfectly but it is about half the thickness of the 126600 insert, so it now sits lower down in the bezel a fraction. In all the photos the original cheap BP version is BP1 and it has the white deepsea insert, not its original. Both the BP best and the ARF are great watches but the bezel insert on the ARF is the thing that clinches it for me.
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    Time for some vitamin D for the old timer
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    We have similar taste!
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    Almost two years in the making !!!!! The dial here is a pure beauty with every detail right. Enjoy the pics !!!!
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    Oh wow. I have a humble little gen collection myself and here are some of them. The irony of it is that they get mistaken for reps at times on the boards. So I guess it’s all about seeing and believing what we want to. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Thanks @Bart Cordell for sharing you're awesome ! Last production 6538 29mm dial
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    Thanks ! it was… How it looks now :
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    Pulled this one together, a Seamaster 300/PO homage.
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    Indeed guys, you are all very welcome here. Our hobby is small enough, we don’t benefit by constantly sparing with each other. All the fora are different which is good for the hobby as a whole, many of us are members on more than one and most of us have a clear home forum. Regardless of that we are all part of the Brotherhood and family sticks together in adversity. Welcome guys, And if you are a Mod on RWI, post that you are in this thread, No need to keep your status hidden here.
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    Valjoux 72 powered This one needs to be finished next: Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Rolli “Fantasy build” in 3646 case on Betmen strap Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    I've always loved the 16610LV and after waiting for a TC LV to pop on m2m (which never did or I always missed out), I jumped on a JF 16610LV. This base actually works better for me as the SH3135 takes gen parts vs. the TC which uses an A2824 variant. Mods so far: -TC LV insert -Gen crystal no LEC & no AR cyclops -Gen date wheel -Gen date intermediate wheel -Star Supply gen spec tube -Rehaut sanded Waiting for: -Gen LV dial -Gen LV hands -Gen reversers -Gen ratchet wheel -Gen automatic driving wheel -Gen crown -Gen tube I think the dial and hands will really set this thing off and will service the movement once the dial and hands come in. The automatic system isn't fully winding to max PR and I think once the reversers and driving wheel come in - it will be a lot smoother and more efficient. I also have a gen blue insert I could always pop on and make it a shark/smurf if I ever get bored of the green. Thanks for looking and I'll update as more of the parts come in.
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    Ok guys. Just arrived from puretime. Initial impressions are very good. Packaged well in the Rolex coffin. Bezel insert is the star. Very well done. I’ve taken some comparison pics with my gen SD4K in different lighting to give your an idea of how close it is
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    Sun is rare in Brittany, let's seize the opportunity…
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    So any of you guys want to wear our PINK watch!
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    Bart, your watches are the best. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    this makes Jason happy. Very generous of you guys. now if you need someone to drop the nuke and ban hammer I know a guy that is having withdrawals
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    The movements have gotten better for the hobby but let’s not forget they are cheap and not reliable. The sa3135 is probably the one that comes too mind. All the noobs I got, they ran great for a little while then issues. Low amp bad reversing gears. Massive tension on the stem. Stem breaking. But man, when it ran well it was great. Now good luck getting parts for it. The A2824 seems too be the way too go if Rolex changes the movement on subs to their new movement. It will just need a nice cleaning and service. Realistically a real new 2824 or a SW200 will probably be a better deal. They both can be had for under $150 and last forever. When it comes too a 3186. Converting a Sh3135 is the best way too go or real Rolex movement. Both of those options are expensive but only reliable CHS option. The China CHS are non reliable. One thing I heard is if you leave the GMT hand alone that it will work and people have had theirs for awhile. What we need is noob or JF to make a case that can take a 3186. That would be amazing jump for this hobby.
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    Never a truer word said. I think you nailed it A
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    hopefully a hulk is ok, too... merry x - mas to everyone!
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    New insert as Christmas gift for my lovely 5512.
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    Milgauss 1019[emoji832]. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    LMAO I like to call it my Drugtona. I can go way back I will convert you to 4 digits someday lol. But if we are getting all modern and TC well.
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