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    I've turned to rep watch because I love history of Rolex and how they started and the quality the stand for.. I cant afford a rel one but can certainly make a rep to the quality of Rolex using different parts
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    You've heard of tropical dials but have you heard of algaefied?
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    Hey there all! New to RWG, but not to watches. Decided to do some rep research and here I am! No reps currently owned (yet) but plenty of watches I've modded as homages. Looking forward to snagging my first one (either a Sub or BB) and officially joining the ranks! As for what I've got around the wrist today, a Vostok Amphibia 710 SE mod. Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
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    Verstuurd vanaf mijn SM-G960F met Tapatalk
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    A 1680 with a domed crystal is pretty darn nice. Forget the crazy top hat!
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    May 4th be with you.
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    Great gesture again @sputim ! These bars are the best.
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    If money was no object, then no, I wouldn’t buy one. I would be tempted to build a pretty good rep though. Until then this will have to do.
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    The watch arrived today. I’m impressed! For the price the build quality is excellent. Here are a few quick shots, the lume looks too white in these though. I’ll post some in daylight over the weekend.
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    A quiet little backwater with more knowledge than the highways. Enjoy your new rabbit hole😂
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    Thanks for the welcome. Here’s a watch to look at.
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    Decal dial has a slate kind of look in certain light
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    In your mind it may still be a 'Rover, but in the mind of a buyer looking for a 'Rover, it's probably a 'Rover with a Ford motor. Did you know, too, that that Buick V8 was also offered to Triumph for use in their Stag, but Triumph chose, instead, to weld two of their crappy four-cylinder lumps together, which produced one of the most unreliable engines in British automotive history.
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    Grate upgrade, Dw from legend, gen cyclope from domi! I had the opportunity to meet domi! He is a grate guy!
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    Being a bit more than average interested in airplanes I have been using the Microsoft Flight Simulator for some years. Functions are pretty much same as on real airplanes. Since boys never grow up I took it a bit further and got myself a cockpit replica of a Boeing 737. Pretty cool to have a beer and a flight actually. Some friends who have been afraid of flying actually feel more confident after playing with it since they know more about how safe it really is Guess I need a Breitling now.
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    Rolerai on Simona Kommando Sent from my SM-N920P using Tapatalk
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    Currently the watch box has a surplus of "Super"-frankens. I wanted to show off a couple of them. Case: Midcase: JF 16610 w/ rehaut engraving // 350€ Caseback: Preik crystal caseback (http://www.customwatchconcepts.com/product_info.php?products_id=2&MODsid=75b2f7f5e03adea50fe2fd679792efe1) // 140€ Crown/Tube: Gen 704-Crown + JF 7030 tube // 100€ Crystal: 116610-model 25-295-C12 (for AR) // 250€ Crystal retainer: JF // "Free" Bezel & Bezel insert: Gen 16610LN + Luminova insert // 700€ Internals: Movement: Gen NOS 3135 // 2500€ incl. service Dial: Gen 16610LN Luminova // 300€ Hands: Gen 16610LN Luminova // 150€ Bracelet: Links: JF 93250 (My TC 93250 with better SELs doesn't fit.. ) // "Free" Clasp: Noob v9 Glidelock clasp (with vertically brushed link sides) // 50€ Total: 4540€ Pictures coming this afternoon...
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    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Loving this new Tudor Base plate that arrived yesterday from a great member in Italy! AJ
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    Guys if you do PM me I'll have an extra couple to spare.
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    Hope I’m not too late... I’m in for 2 pack of 20mm bars.
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    Seems quite dead here? Is everyone gone or am I missing something?
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    #teamhamilton Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hmmm, hate to say it. “Prince Oyster”, shouldn’t it be “Oyster Prince”? The date version being “Prince Oysterdate”.
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    I bought a brand new oris TT for my 40th birthday (8 yrs ago) I had the watch and straight away noticed the markers on the dial looked corroded, so I took the watch back to crouch, where they agreed there was a fault, so they ordered me another one in, this was just as bad if not worse than the first one, so I had a third watch, which was ok, not perfect as had a few specs of dust under dial, so I quite agree about oris watches, I would not by a gen again, I would by a rep though, as they are probably built better than the gens from what I’ve seen.
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    wonderful! Do you have more pics? Inviato dal mio iPad utilizzando Tapatalk
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    It’s 5:30am and I wake to see Shaky dancing with naked guys. Not really what I needed but I guess your secret is now ‘out’.
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    Finally sourced a bracelet for this build... they're getting harder to find in this condition. I looked for a big crown version, but finding one this nice would have been twice the price.
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    Good choice. Be sure to post photos of it when it arrives.
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    it is.... In 1957, Rolex set about replacing their 1000 series of calibers. These were the first family of movements created entirely in-house by the manufacturer. It also introduced the next generation. Rather than launching the 1500 series in a great sweeping confusion across the board, they phased them in gradually over a number of years. These ran concurrently with the previous mechanisms in several models. They introduced Rolex Caliber 1520 and 1530 into this new wave. The Rolex Caliber 1530 was the first of the new wave. It was the base caliber upon which the rest of the range would be founded. The Rolex Caliber 1530 As a movement, the 1530 represented a major reworking on its predecessor. This explained Rolex’s tiptoeing approach towards its introduction. There was a host of new technology that still had to prove its worth out in the real world. Rolex originally launched it as a 17-jewel movement. Additionally, it went through a number of significant upgrades itself during its successful run before retiring in 1965. Joining the first iteration, they also released it in 25 and 26 jewel versions. Its initial butterfly rotor graduated to the familiar half-moon type. Also, they replaced the brass colored gears with the red, Teflon-coated variety we generally see today. While extremely precise and reliable, they considered the Caliber 1530 very much a workhorse caliber. Therefore very few were submitted for chronometer certification. Instead, Rolex fitted the movement into several of their non-chronometer models, such as the Air-King and the earliest versions of the Submariner, watches they initially deemed not to need mechanisms that had passed the rigorous COSC tests. However, ask any watchmaker today what in their opinion is the best movement Rolex ever produced, and many will still say the Cal. 1530. Its lack of certification was down to its relative difficulty in regulating consistently rather than its overall accuracy. Before the innovation of Microstella screws were first introduced in 1959 on the Cal. 1565, the previous screw balance was far trickier to adjust, especially considering the volume of movements Rolex produce. A comparatively low frequency caliber—18,000bph instead of the standard 28,800bph of all modern day Rolexes—the Cal. 1565 produced a five beat per second tick rather than the smoothly sweeping eight. The Rolex Caliber 1520 In 1963, in a curious and extremely un-Rolex-like move, the Cal. 1530 started its own process of being phased out. Rolex replaced it by the less advanced Cal. 1520. As the numbers suggest, it represented something of a backwards step for the usually progressive thinking company. It was centered on the same architecture as the Cal. 1530, and shared an identical base plate. However, it had several key differences, many of which were designed to keep its manufacturing costs to a minimum. Rolex only produced it with a stick regulator, rather than with the Microstella system that had found its way onto the departing 1530 by the end of its run. The Breguet overcoil of the majority of Rolex’s output was substituted for a traditional flat hairspring, and it was originally released as a 17-jewel movement, although 25 and 26-jewel versions joined the range later in the production cycle. An Impressive Performer However, even with all the cost cutting measures, the Rolex Caliber 1520 was still an impressive performer. Rolex never intended to submit it for chronometer certification. With the full weight of the company’s engineering legacy behind it, it provided the brand’s ‘Precision’ models with a beautifully built and highly accurate engine. Its increased frequency, 19,800bph up from the previous 18,000bph, gave it an extra boost in both timekeeping ability and resilience to shocks, and it remains a favorite among watch repairers for its workmanship and ease of maintenance. Along with its date function equipped counterpart, the Cal. 1525, the Rolex Caliber 1520 powered Rolex’s limited selection of non-chronometer watches until 1980. By then, all but the Air-King had gained the certification and the 3000 series of calibers had arrived, becoming the standard issue for Rolex until the present day.
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    Thank you much for the recommendation to join up, the amount if info here is staggering! Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
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    Backstory: I was born in April of 1962 in Queens, New York. My Godfather and Aunt both worked for Bulova at the time. My uncle was a tool and die maker and my aunt was in assembly. When I first left the hospital we lived with them in their small apartment until my immigrant parents could get their own place. Growing up I was always surrounded by Bulova and Caravelle products, and the iconic Spaceview was the watch of choice for all the men in my family. I was able to find a 1962 Spaceview in Amsterdam several years ago and was delighted that I could afford it! Years passed and I ended up giving it to my grown daughter as a memento and she was thrilled with the history and meaning of it. My uncle recently died which made me feel regret for having done that - but I certainly wasn't going to ask for it back. Fast forward to this past Monday and I finally have another spaceview in-hand. All original and unmolested 62' with chapter ring and keeping time beautifully. B
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    Tire change.. Skickat från min iPhone med Tapatalk
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    Guess were going to start an Annex over here.
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    Speaking for myself only I'm very much against anyone who makes a watch with the intent to deceive someone in order to sell that someone something that he is not getting in that sale !
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    Ran across this next store , never saw it posted here. Good stuff! Memeber ALE7575 did this great work, all hail! Posted 07 December 2014 - 07:38 PM KW PAM382 Bronze material – Official Chemical Analysis We all would like to know the chemical composition of PAM 382 reps bronze material. Therefore in order to get the answer I contacted some months ago with KW owner Mehmet and Puretime’s Angus asking them for case samples of KW and ZFac PAM 382 respectively. In parallel I contacted with official Spanish laboratories trying to get a free but reliable chemical analysis of the samples. KW’s Mehmet was immediately willing to send me the sample when the Laboratory was ready. But it was not able to get ZFac sample, because Puretime told me that he had already sent a sample from ZFac to another member (Pete M) in order to make the same official analysis as I wanted. In August 2014 I got, through a friend of mine (an engineer colleague), the possibility of a free chemical analysis from a first class Official Spanish Laboratory. I ask Mehmet for the sample and in some days I received the sample of KW PAM 382 case from Kuvarsit. The sample was an unfinished KW PAM 382 case before machining, taken directly from the current production as I asked to KW. You can see the sample received in below pic. SAMPLE OF KW PAM 382 CASE BEFORE MACHINING At that moment my fried was just starting his summer vacation and I had to wait until the end of September to send him the samples In October my friend got the sample to start the chemical analysis of the bronze. I have the results from about 20 October, but I have not found time to prepare this thread until this moment. TECHNIQUE OF ANALYSIS I wanted to get a chemical analysis by an Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer, because that was the analysis method I was used to using when I worked in metal alloys. But my friend told me he liked to use a more modern system. It was used one of the most modern, reliable and precise techniques available at this moment: Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) See below link for more info: http://serc.carleton...niques/SEM.html http://www.labtestin...g/sem-analysis/ To get an idea about the sophistication of this method, you should know that the cost of the equipment to make this kind of analysis is about 3 million Euros. Of course SEM is a very reliable method of chemical analysis and there is no doubt about the precision of the results. PREPARATION OF THE SAMPLE It was necessary to cut a part of the case to make the analysis. The Laboratory cut a lug of the case to prepare the final sample to be analyzed. This lug was slightly polished to be introduced in the SEM device. You can see in below pics the lug detached and prepared. SAMPLE OF KW PAM 382 CASE WITH THE LUG DETACHED AND PREPARED TO BE INTRODUCED IN THE SEM ELECTRON MICOSCOPE THE RESULTS In the figure below showed you can see the results of the chemical analysis extracted from the SEM Electron Microscope. The square marked in yellow is the chemical composition in Weight%, which is the composition we were looking for. CONCLUSIONS As we can see from above Figure the bronze of the sample KW PAM 382 studied has a chemical composition about as follows: Cu (Copper)- 93% Sn (Tin)- 6% Zn (Zinc)- 1% Therefore, KW bronze is not exactly a CuSn8 like gen, but it is very close to this material. Mainly we can state without doubts that KW bronze is a TRUE BRONZE (it is not at all a Brass, as many people have commented) I have knowledge about this matter because I have worked many years (many time ago) producing Bronzes and Brass and another alloys. KW bronze is actually a CuSn6Zn1 bronze. It is really very similar to CuSn8 and the colour and properties are almost identical to gen bronze. In below Figure you can see the differences between a gen bronze CuSn8 and the CuSn6Zn1 and KW bronze. As you can see differences are a little less content of SN, but a bit more of Zn (less than 1%). Differences between KW bronze and CuSn6Zn1 are almost non existent. Indeed both are the same material. In practice and bearing in mind the application in a watch case, we can say the materials are actually equivalents. In other words: We can expect from KW bronze the same properties and behaviour regarding appearance and patina creation that we will get from Gen bronze PAM 382 Besides, as you can see from the chemical analysis, KW bronze has no impurities. That means that this alloy is made from almost pure metals and using no recycling materials. Therefore KW bronze used in KW PAM 382 is a very good quality alloy. To get a better idea of above statements, you should know that we are using Stainless Steels for super reps much more different from the gen SS than the differences observed between CuSn8 and CuSn6Zn1. To illustrate this matter read my thread about Stainless Steels in watches: SS 316L vs. 316F vs. 904L- The final VERDICT- A technical study http://www.replica-w...ead.php?t=82263 As you can see in above thread the differences between SS 316L and 316F and mainly with SS 904L used by Rolex are way bigger than differences found between CuSn8 and CuSn8Zn1. See below figure where the differences of three SS are showed and compare these differences with the bronzes table differences. Despite above showed differences of composition, we are using SS 316L in some watches made of SS 316F and vice versa. And we are always using either PAM 316L or PAM 316F to make the super reps of Rolex, which the gens are made of a very different SS 904L as you can see in above table. Being the KW sample unfinished and not machined, polished or brushed I was not able to make a reliable comparison between the KW sample and the bronze of my KK PAM 382 V1 from May 2014. But cleaning and brushing a little the surface of the sample, and using my experience in these alloys, I would say that my KW PAM 382 V1 and the sample are made form the same material (it is almost impossible to get a reliable comparison by pics, because some pics seem identical and other different, just a direct visual comparison can show the materials are very close in appearance) Unfortunately we have not the same analysis of ZFac bronze. Some people is saying, and some reviewers and reviews (remember NCcheff reviews http://www.repgeek.com/showthread.php?t=234018 & http://www.replica-watch.info/vb/showthread.php?t=187564 ) that ZFac material is more reddish than KW bronze. From the pics I have seen, I have to agree with these observations. That just means that ZFac material, most likely, has higher content of Copper (Cu) and less Tin (Sn) and other elements, what goes against the quality and properties of the bronze alloy and detaches Zfac bronze from the gen. But that is just a speculation from pics and comments. Anyway, forget the colour on the pics, the false comparisons, the patinas, the speculations… Now we know what we are actually getting when we buy a KW PAM 382: a true bronze CuSn6Zn1 of very high quality, from which we can expect the same colour, properties and behaviour than a gen CuSn8 bronze ************************************************* I would like taking this opportunity to say many thanks to KW’s owner Mehmet for being so kind (and even brave, why not to say it) sending me the sample of the KW case to make the analysis, and congratulations to KW for the good results of this chemical analysis.
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    First of all, a big thanks to Hummerboy (RG) for the smooth transaction. Being in the UK too, I had to buy this from the SC! The Review It

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