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    I posted a picture of my gen 1665 over on VRF and got a reply "bad dial and hands". I don't go there much anymore, there's nothing to learn.
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    I look at genuine rlx forums every few days for two reasons: 1...To learn something. 2...To have a laugh. My favorite forum is VRF aka VIRDBIF (Village Idiot Rolex Dial/Bezel Insert Forum) They obsess 24/7 about dials and bez inserts while a rotted out case does not seem to bother them at all. Here is what makes me laugh: Someone will post a picture of a watch or dial and ask "Is this dial Ok?" The comments will be... "It's Ok." "Maybe it is a service dial." "Looks like it's been touched up." "It might be refinished or fake." "It is an outright fake!" "It is a horrible fake, anyone can tell that!" (after it fooled them all for a week) "It is garbage!" "They oughta hang the guy who made it!" Sometimes followed by: "Wonder where came from?" "eBay." "No, it's better than that.,.but it is still atrocious." "Yukiwatch maybe?" "Nah, I doubt it." "Looks like a Vietnam dial to me." Maybe they want to know where it came from so they can buy one... There are a few guys on there who know what they are talking about and I respect them but it seems the newbies are getting goofier as time goes by. I'll admit many (most?) of the better replica dials will fool me but it does not matter that much because I am not into paying $25k for $2000 watches in the first place.
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    Verstuurd vanaf mijn SM-G960F met Tapatalk
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    Hats off to Yodog for this wonderful build... - Vietnam 1675 case - Gen 25-116 Plexi - Yodog's custom deep scalloped bezel assembly (gen insert snapped right in, no need for shaving or glue) - Gen FF blue-back Pepsi insert - Vietnam MK5 variant Matte Dial - Startime hour, minute hands, RT seconds and large GMT hand - Swiss 2636 w/Asian GMT module movement - Cartel sub DWO with flat 3 and open 6 and 9 - Helenarou movement spacer - Gen Rolex 503 GMT crown - Gen Rolex Jubilee Bracelet, 21 links, Gen Rolex springbars
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    Envoyé de mon iPhone en utilisant Tapatalk
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    If you have a personal problem with @SSTEEL then go and try to fix it via PM. If you already did and failed and you have evidence that @SSTEEL did you wrong ask a mod like @Sogeha or @Mike on a bike for help. But stop your childish attempts to discredit SSTEELs credibility!
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    The SD43 uses a standard 704 crown like Subs etc. Looks good my friend!! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Gen Crown installed now.
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    choices Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I've had a little go at scribing the athaya crown, can't really get a decent in focus picture but I think with a bit more practice I can get a better result
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    Now that is "un grand opera d'arte"! That combines both features which I saw in two separate genuine submariner s that sold for phenomenal prices! Imagine finding a genuine like this??!! On the other hand who cares about the genuine when something like this is close to unique and perhaps has had more work and attention than the genuine for one tenth of the price. It is the same tiramisu made from the same ingredients but by different chefs from the same cooking school! Thank you for sharing this photo! Enjoy in buona salute!!
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    Still rockin Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I think you should stop posting the same thing three times
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    Hello everyone. It's been a long time and now that I'm finally going to finish my project the way I really always wanted it....I wanted to give back and offer some information on how I fixed the green/modern color lume of the Helenarou 5513 dial. I received so much help and support here so it's time I help someone else. The Helenarou 5513 dial is a great dial but it comes with greenish, modern lume color. Someone on another thread said water color marker might be a good way to add vintage color to lume. I gave it a shot and purchased Artist's Loft branded water color markers. The color is "Golden Ochre" and you need a "Colorless Blender" which helps you lighten the color if it goes too dark. You simply start with the golden ochre, and if it's too dark, use the colorless blender. When you are happy and all of the indicators look good, you use a light coating of matte lacquer spray. Best yet, the lume still glows brightly which I guess it shouldn't if it's supposed to be very old lume but who cares. Artist Loft water color markers are found in Michael's Art stores in the U.S. The yellow color don't work, only the golden ochre works correctly for this. If you want less brown and more yellow, just use the colorless blender more and it will look more yellow.
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    I remember that day, I must have sent 200 "welcome" PMs. Wowzers!
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    Maybe the huge steaming pile of bear scat detracted from the ambiance?
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    My Franken-OSD... Gesendet von meinem SM-N7505 mit Tapatalk
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    Yup I go on there for the laughs as well. My favorite is when someone buys a watch and then asks " what does everyone think?" its too late now dude you bought it and if it was a total franken junker hes gone and you never gonna see him again.. ask BEFORE you buy The vintage rolex marketplace is a minefield and those that dont know will get fleeced! I found that being interested and building reps , you learn soo much more about the details of the watch and what to look for because we OBSESS over the details. I developed OCD because of this damn hobby lol
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    Hi everybody. as a newbie on the site thought I’d better share my first purchase. I got the new noob v9 submariner today with the Swiss eta movement.
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    It's still a perfectly fine rep, with a nice box. Enjoy it and I admire your attitude about learning. Believe me we've all made some costly mistakes I'm sure - I know I have Welcome to the community!
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    Yea it didn’t take long lol I’m anal about waiting so I got her to express it to me lol It’s quite a lot better than the Phong, the numbers are the correct size and the 5 min markers aren’t as fat and a bit longer reaching to the edges as it’s supoosed to. Here are some photos, in my watch is a ruby insert but it’s not been massaged yet so a little too crisp for the watch. The photo of the insert alone is a phong with my own pip and aged to take away some of the black above and below the numbers to make it look better vs. The stock ruby insert.
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    Below another my project 1680 with phong insert..
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    I do not know how to say it, but....... . I like it!!! somehow that touch of blue just highlights it? That is just my opinion and I may be in the minority here. If it were a little more faded being more Cielo celeste, then it is very attractive!! On two occasions I have seen two vintage submariners where one had a tropical dial which had turned blue and it was awesome!! another time I saw one with a faded insert almost bright celeste and it was real eye candy!

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