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    My old buddy the Little Gonzo. He turns 60 this year.
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    This came in yesterday
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    Verstuurd vanaf mijn SM-G960F met Tapatalk
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    Thanks to @sputim absolutely love my 6239.
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    Hi Pete, you're touching on a very common topic with this... what do we do when the supply of NOS genuine parts runs out? I've got a 6536/1 Submariner from 1958 and spent many years sourcing the pieces to put it back to as-new condition (plus a lot of accumulated wear). My original bezel was so worn, there was NO lip remaining to hold an insert. I started the search and finally found a genuine NOS bezel, and paid dearly for it... and discovered the hard way that it fit the 6538, with a different diameter. I sold it on (someone got a screaming deal) and kept looking for a genuine 6536/1 part. I have yet to find one. But I did find several aftermarket bezels that ranged from terrible to pretty darn good. So I kept the best one, an extremely generous friend sent me a vintage fat fonts insert, and voila' the Sub was reborn. To my eye it looks exactly like the genuine piece, so I'm happy. Now the question: what will the boys on TRF and VRF say when their vintage bezels pop off (they are soft metal and they do get loose) and they're unable to find a replacement? Now, they look down their long nose and sniff at "replica" watches that have one aftermarket part. What will their song be when their favorite vintage piece loses its bezel? Will it become an unwearable paperweight, or will they follow the path I did? At what price are we willing to accept that good aftermarket parts are just as good as genuine? And so here we are at good old RWG. We're willing to accept gens, frankens and nasty cheap $100 replicas. In the end these are just wrist watches. It's the meaning our hearts give them, that make them valuable. Do some searching for threads by freddy333 and cc33 about bezels. They've posted some high def photos showing the pieces available from different suppliers. Suppliers and factories do change though, so you may be starting from scratch. You also might try contacting Mary, she has her own parts subforum here. She is amazing... tell her exactly what you want and chances are she can find one for you. Be kind and gentle with her, she's a treasure. Good luck!
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    I wish this was mine, but I know the owner doesn't mind me sharing it. And here's a few more with my 1963 Titus Calypsomatic big crown. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    6542 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    My opinion, nowadays, is that I wouldn’t buy a 5 digit sub without a SH3135 movement in it, something which TC’s do not have. You can pick up a JF for $400, throw in a gen insert and date wheel for an extra $250 and you have an excellent sub for $650. In my opinion, better than a TC. Just my humble opinion though, others will disagree I’m sure.
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    Here’s my take on a Seamaster Pro/PO hybrid. Ill have to admit that I didn’t build it though. That was done by @SSTEEL
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    wear it nearly daily Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
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    My watch has been modded this week by Tripdog. Maybe he can help you out. The two pictures with the watch on the leather strap are before modding, the other pictures I received yesterday from Tripdog. Verstuurd vanaf mijn SM-G960F met Tapatalk
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    6542 GMT I swapped in an aluminum insert for that RSC look. lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I receive several PMs daily from various members, mostly newbies. Most of them wants to know various basic stuff: who the trusted dealers are, which model is the best, do I have this and that model for sale etc. Questions which are harmless in themselves. My gripe is with the feeling that the senders of the questions usually do not display good manners and most don’t bother to say please, thank you or do a basic introduction of themselves. Yes we are a close knit community and we should help one another whenever we can. Yet I cannot help feeling that such exchanges can be much better greased with basic manners and pleasantries, especially when the asker is new and feeling his way around. I used to be a lot more patient with such PMs and will spend time and effort to answer the questions posed, only for most of the guys asking to just vanish without even a simple thank you, after getting the information they seek. Do you guys get the same kind of PMs sometimes, and how do you feel about them or deal with them? I am selective about who I choose to help or respond to these days. It is ok if you’re new and want to get shortcuts to the info you seek. I did that as well when I was new. But it is not ok, in my opinion, not to bring good manners along when you’re expecting someone else to spend time to help you out. Yes this forum exists as a platform for all of us to enjoy the hobby better. So even when you’re new and know nothing, you can still make the exchanges better by being polite and appreciative. It’s like asking for directions and then spending 2 seconds to say thank you rather than just walk away without saying anything at all after getting the help you need. To the newbies, manners maketh man. If you bother to take the time to send a PM and expect a meaningful reply, then please, display less self-entitlement and better manners. Nobody owes you anything and good manners is the grease that keeps the cogs of interaction turning smoothly. Will you take the time to answer the PMs that you send, even if you know the answers? It is ok to ask questions, but not ok to feel that you are entitled to answers automatically just because you’re asking them. I’ve ignored about 50% of the PMs sent to me in the past 3 months due to the self-entitled sounding questions. Come on newbies, if you expect me to respond to you meaningfully, then be better mannered please. Else just post your questions in the forum and let whoever is willing answer them. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Kermit Verstuurd vanaf mijn SM-G928F met Tapatalk
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    Thanks for the tip on the case. Yes, Rollie's/FGD dials are addictive
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    Also another member mentioned
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    Some more daylight pics of the new v2 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    My newish BMW M4 ride. These are a superb car for sure! AJ
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    I think that one showed up here about 1968. It's got a few miles on the clock!
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