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    Base watch used here is the JF version. Case was deeply modified: shaved to a slim profile, and considerably trimmed on the sides as the original lugs size is as wide as a sub-C !!! Dial is a real gilt made in Vietnam. See the brown hue of a true gilt when exposed under the sun! No black paint gilt wannabe can do that ! Athaya crown, JF bezel and insert all modified. Insert was shaved to paper thin to have the correct visible step around. Swiss 2846, Clarcks hands and SK crystal. One of the most attractive Tudors !!!
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    @freddy333 fantastic collection. Special mention to the Turn-O-Graff !
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    A few troublemakers in Utqiagvik
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    Now, one can always find something to say... But we're getting close here !!!
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    Pam Day! Enviado de meu SM-G955U1 usando Tapatalk
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    DW rolex 62xx Daytona complete with Mystery Mov't, tropic strap, OEM crown and crystal.
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    These types of articles, written by pompous assholes with a at best a superficial knowledge of the subject matter they are writing about comes up periodically. As usual these articles are filled with misinformation. The only thing I agree with in the whole article is the part about the folks who buy "Bling" watches. They of all the buyers of replica watches are the ones who overwhelmingly buy replicas in order to deceive others. Outside of this, the rest is pretty much B.S. I really love the heart rendering statements about the watch manufacturers losing billions of dollars because of all the Reps that folks are buying instead of their grossly overpriced products. News flash to watch manufacturers. The rep buyers aren't going to bankrupt you, the lack of interest in watches by millions of young people from teens to their 30's and Electronic manufacturers like Apple! Samsung, etc. should be who you are worried about! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Now the parts list of the three watches for those who haven't guessed: Cartel ST 19 case and movement. Vietnam bezel insert and custom dial, Athaya crown, genuine T21 and Alpha thin hands. Full case reshape and engravings, hands relume and relacker for the subsidiary...
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    Elephant [emoji208] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Just in and on... Been 12 years since I had a gen U1 and really nice to have acquired this one!
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    This poor baby came into my arms for a salvage mission... The cartel mid case was butchered to host a DW bezel - unsuccessfully as it was holding on with glue... - the original pushers were replaced by after market gen style pushers - so since the L shape extension was gone the chrono could not reset - the dial was/is quite overly done. Say ripe. But most of all it was dirty. Let's not confuse dirt and patina. Hands lume was gone, crystal was cracked... ST19 was not modified so the totalizer hand was not in line with the dial. Dial was glued on, like... Damn. Lots of glue! So much it dripped into the movement. Only good points were the original coronet - poorly installed as the rear was not resurfaced so it was not sitting well and the glue was visible on the sides - and the genuine crown and tube. Such projects are thrilling !!!! Really. To take over a failed project and make it into someting nice is such a pleasure ! Case was reshaped. Sides and lugs. Bezel seat on the mid case was machine turned to get rid of all the scuff marks of the previous job and create a clean step. Bezel rear part was modified as well so the fit is now perfect and no glue is needed for it to fit tight. The challenge was on the pushers. The L shaped extention designed by the Cartel fits on a C clip design pusher only. So I had to modify one of the two gen style pushers into a C clip fit. Cut it, create a groove, and more importantly create the L in question using a piece of solid brass. Dial was stripped clean and coated with a matte finish. Relumed as well as the hands. Genuine coronet and index were cleaned. Coronet was resurfaced for a clean fit glued FROM THE BACK of the plate using the dial holes, not from the front : piggy style... Now it's a sweet little watch about to return to its daddy !!!! Thanks for looking !!!
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    There is some very heavy metal in this thread, gents! Encore -
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    That's one of the characteristics of the small Ladies DJ.
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    Depth gauge Sent from my SM-N920P using Tapatalk
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    PAM 360 on Simona Mosaic Gold Sent from my SM-N920P using Tapatalk
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    Just keep in mind that the 6238 had a symmetric case, so the side where the crown sits is less thick than on a 6263. If you use a 6263 case with a smooth bezel, it wont look right. Rolex made the crown-side fatter than the other side when they started using 7mm crowns and screw-down pushers (although 6239s exist in both variations). Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Tropical Red Sub (Vietnam dial)
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    I keep going back to my vsf pam 312 on custom strap Sent from my HTC 10. Images hosted by www.PixelsBin.com
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    Britain, Switzerland and Italy all in harmony. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    Wearing my dad's issued Benrus milspec from Vietnam today. This thing has a ton of stories to tell. Luckily my old man told me a few before he passed [emoji119][emoji482]
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    They have no clue and we ain't telling them!
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    My heart bleeds when the Swiss watch industry moan about intellectual and property rights, trademarks and copyrights. Like we all forgot how the Swiss industry started. They produced fakes of English horology, which got it's start by faking Italian, which ripped of ottoman, which copied? Oh yes the Chinese, who have the best claim of having invented mechanical time pieces in the first place. when it comes to serious bling, I find it hard to decide which is more brain dead, the group who buy reps to look like they have spent millions on a tacky watch or those who really did spend millions on a tacky watch. As for being called out, we all know it is so rare as to say it doesn't happen. Anyway I don't give a damn what anyone else thinks about my watch, least of all some random stranger who has self appointed as morality police
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    Real. Look at the date, most reps are not that good on a lady's Rollie. Everything else point to gen
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    Up close and personal with a space cadet [emoji41]
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    Tourby type day Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G920A using Tapatalk
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    My first entry to this thread. [emoji56]