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    My first entry to this thread. [emoji56]
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    從我的iPhone使用Tapatalk 發送
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    Specs: Silix case 6538 $61.00 Athaya Brevet crown and tube $35.00 Swiss 2836 movement $179.00 Tiger concept second hand $20.00 Clarks vintage Tudor hands set $15.00 Helenarou 6538 dial $100.00 Sternkreuz ST19 $10.00 Rivet bracelet $50.00 Nato RAF $ 20.00 Fat Springbars $10.00 Done thus far: case tapped to accept Athaya crown and tube, lug holes drilled to accept fat spring bars, lugs hand chamfered, plexy trimmed. pending to do: Relume 3 hands and dial to match, modify bezel shape to slim and change profile, age the insert install Athayas pearl with matching lume, remove engravings and engrave with better fonts, make a true gilt 4 liner solid gold dial. I wanna say thanx to many members that helped me out with tips and sharing knowledge and with their posts, hope its doesn't bother since it's an often seen build thread, prices are by memory to encourage other members to try their builds. so the pics: Silix disassembly Drilling and tapping the case and lug holes Athayas crown and tube ready to install crown replaced Chamfering the lugs some polishing and not chamfering the lug holes Lug holes not chamfered To be continued....
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    Still ticking after I broke the movement tabs splitting firewood this weekend. Amazing. @interaktiv that's a beautiful build. The uneducated eye would see our watches as the same, but I'd have to go another $600 minimum to get your look. Very nice.
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    This poor baby came into my arms for a salvage mission... The cartel mid case was butchered to host a DW bezel - unsuccessfully as it was holding on with glue... - the original pushers were replaced by after market gen style pushers - so since the L shape extension was gone the chrono could not reset - the dial was/is quite overly done. Say ripe. But most of all it was dirty. Let's not confuse dirt and patina. Hands lume was gone, crystal was cracked... ST19 was not modified so the totalizer hand was not in line with the dial. Dial was glued on, like... Damn. Lots of glue! So much it dripped into the movement. Only good points were the original coronet - poorly installed as the rear was not resurfaced so it was not sitting well and the glue was visible on the sides - and the genuine crown and tube. Such projects are thrilling !!!! Really. To take over a failed project and make it into someting nice is such a pleasure ! Case was reshaped. Sides and lugs. Bezel seat on the mid case was machine turned to get rid of all the scuff marks of the previous job and create a clean step. Bezel rear part was modified as well so the fit is now perfect and no glue is needed for it to fit tight. The challenge was on the pushers. The L shaped extention designed by the Cartel fits on a C clip design pusher only. So I had to modify one of the two gen style pushers into a C clip fit. Cut it, create a groove, and more importantly create the L in question using a piece of solid brass. Dial was stripped clean and coated with a matte finish. Relumed as well as the hands. Genuine coronet and index were cleaned. Coronet was resurfaced for a clean fit glued FROM THE BACK of the plate using the dial holes, not from the front : piggy style... Now it's a sweet little watch about to return to its daddy !!!! Thanks for looking !!!
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    Natas on Natas [emoji111]️ Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk "Wicked Instrument" Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
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    Nice watch Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    IMO gen crystals are only worth it if: 1) the crystal is plexi (the non-OEM crystal profiles never match OEM perfectly) 2. the crystal has a LEC or AR coating
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    Egi on Corrigia stap with Piotr buckle Sent from my SM-N920P using Tapatalk
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    First batch R series 16613 dial, rare and thus expensive as hell, bought the set of hands, dial and insert of a guy that converted his gen to the black one. So it’s all original and from the same watch. [emoji85]
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    . Sent from my wooden drums via Tupperware!
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    It looks like we might have a new ingod type reseller here... I dealt with her before on eBay and all deals went smooth.... It looks like the dials are rejects thought... As they all have a defect, but it's definitely excellent value for the money!!!!! That will allow us to build daytonas for less!!!! http://Rubyswatch.com
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    Rolerai on Simona master diver Sent from my SM-N920P using Tapatalk
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    Definitely stick around this time, the old timers that pop in are the heart and soul of "who" we are here. It's that culture of brotherhood and sharp elbows that keeps us honest.
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    By-Tor, I had to do a double-take when I saw your name as a thread poster. It's great to see you back amongst the dusty pages of the forum.
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    You're so right imo. Had the same car as my first car ever, I've used and abused it over and over, even sank it but it never let me down and I've always been able to fix it... now my G63 has over 19 computers onboard and is in my mind a pos compared to my p60 built for the army as a tool. You can buy all gen and go to an AD for every little trouble or learn your way out and do it yourself. It's like building a new company, you don't do it for the money but for the journey (I've built 8 so far).
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    The only 1:1 watches are the genuine ones. In fact, I do not approve of this misleading term used by the rep dealers to market their products, especially to buyers of little or no experience. There are very excellent reps by the forum standards, yes. There are good reps which are passable by the same standards. Of course, a lot of reps are just plain crap and to be avoided by any self-respecting rep afficionado. By the way, I am from Singapore too. Welcome my fellow enthusiasts to a very nice forum for watches!