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    Hi guys. Been awhile. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I love these watches, great for first time modder's (like myself) and there're tons of aftermarket parts available for them. You can pick up an Invicta 8926 "Submariner look-alike" on Amazon for ~$80 shipped to your door within 2 days and they come with the Seiko NH35a movement (which hacks and hand winds). Good luck finding a similar featured micro-brand watch for anywhere near that price! Ground off the engraved "INVICTA" logo from the side of the watch and re-polished the case. Simply replaced the dial / hands / bezel and bracelet clasp with a custom laser engraved milled clasp. Have less than $200 invested in this one. I was a little more adventurous with this one... Ground off the "INVICTA" logo and removed the Crown Guards. The rest is standard fair, also added a Parnis P210 bracelet with solid endlinks.
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    1019 [emoji599] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Just in: Tudor 7928 SCG mods by Tripdog👌
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    Good morning. I just want to give you a quick comparison of kelo to timegraph. With kelo you can only set the speed. It also seems to have an error of 5-10 seconds + or - per day. If you are using kelo, be sure and move only the lever with the brass top. DO NOT MOVER THE ONE WITH THE SILVER TOP. THAT IS THE BEAT LEVER!!!!! With timegraph you not only can adjust the speed but the beat error and actually change the amplitude. Adjusting a watch on timegrapher is quite complicated and requires a lot of patience. With a timegrapher you can move the lever with the silver top, but be very careful, because it is very very sensitive. The combinations of adjustments on a movement are almost endless. When regulating a movement make ONE, AND ONLY ONE ADJUSTMENT AT A TIME. If you change positions on the timegraph, in other words move from dial down to the side position, give it at least 1-2 minutes to stabilize. The only way to know how to adjust a movement is on the job training. I suggest you start with an old movement to see what changes your input does. It will take a while to learn what happens when you move something. It can take a long time, so be patient, you'll get it.
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    Is that how you manage to post so many wristies? You only wear them for three minutes each
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    I just bought a gen b3 insert for my Franken tc, it's on it's way to me right now. Can't wait! Verstuurd vanaf mijn SM-G960F met Tapatalk
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    Raffle winner... that carzy Comex 🤣 Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
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    Let me be the first to say............. To my good friend @SOGEHA !!!!! Happy days!
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    Going to share my build diary here. This is a build I recommend beginners / newcomers / modders / watchsmith / and everyone else to do because it's so simple and yet the results are amazing Finished the build immediately when the parts arrived today Here are the final specs: - Genuine Tudor dial - Genuine Rolex 603 crown - Genuine ETA 2834-2 (brand new!) - Raffles case set and bracelet (brand new) - Rare aftermarket Tudor hands The case set and everything else that I needed has arrived today: First step is to change the day disc to a better one (as provided as part of the kit). The movement ring is also change to the one that is provided as part of the kit Stock ETA day disc on the left. Better day disc with serif fonts wasinstalled (the better day disc is provided as part of the kit) Next, movement tabs and screws were installed; the gaskets were also greased. You can see the beauty of a brand new ETA 2834-2 Hands were then installed Crystal and smooth bezel were aligned and pressed onto the watch So far, the bracelet quality and case set accuracy/quality is much better than their usual Datejust case and Oyster bracelet. The bracelet feels smooth and gen. FINISHED!! The case shape is amazing! I don't have to reshape the case - it's perfect. Overall, the Tudor Date-Day is a VERY straightforward build and I recommend it to members who just started modding/franken-ing/building watches. The end results are beautiful, and there is no need to fidget with DWO / dial spacer height / dial feet etc (like Rolex builds)
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    Verstuurd vanaf mijn SM-G960F met Tapatalk
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    When u do find a good Rep, try to find a watchsmith that is willing to work on one then u can enjoy it for 10+years. Keep up on the forum and the forumners will always point u in the right direction. Oh and I'm loving my ARF Rolex Sea Dweller. Great ootb Rep
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    I missed seeing this gem… Welcome back mate ! My cheap interpretation… Cheers !
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    Hey guys, I’m genuinely touched by the sentiment, but in the words of the much loved and twice dead Neil “ain’t ma birthday”. I have one coming up next month on WUS, I think. Google saluted me on the 1st April and many other fora and websites have random dates. Because this place is close close to my heart it comes nearest to the truth. Subtract one from each column 😜 Seriously I see the usernames and I do count you guys as friends. I know most of your real names as you know mine, I’ve seen pictures of your children. I am truly blessed to know you and many other great guys and even a couple of girls in this hobby and it remains a joy to be here. Oh and @nanuq I don’t need to get younger, I’m beautiful as I am. However I sometimes wonder about what kind of a World you mere humans are going to leave me and the cockroaches.
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    Saying goodbye soon to this bad ass. Last trip together.
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