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    In the case of my Big Gonzo build, I wanted to build a 6538 Big Crown Sub that would hearken back to the days it was for sale in the showroom. What does that mean? Back then it was a nice durable watch that could go in the water, nothing more. It had no aura of "Bond" or exclusivity, it was a tool. I'd think it would be a lot like a good Seiko diver today, not very expensive and pretty durable. I'd never think twice about taking a Seiko in the ocean, and if I dropped it on the desk at the end of the day I wouldn't notice or care. Nobody in their right mind would do that with a genuine 6538 today. So I used a sturdy aftermarket case and bezel with the right dimensions, got lucky with a gen crystal and found a gen crown and insert for good prices. I finally found the dial I wanted, and into this housing I plunked an ETA movement. Heresy? Nope. Just like a 1030 movement during the 50s and 60s, the contemporary ETA is robust and easy to find parts for. If I flood it and ruin the ETA, it will be no big deal to simply replace it. Not so with a 1030. In the end I have a watch that's impossible to tell from gen without a strong loupe, or by opening the back. I get to use it any way I want, with total disregard for it being "Bond" or exclusive. In a way it's taken me right back to the 50s and 60s, and I get to use it swimming and diving ... like it was meant to be. That usage is what I've replicated. There's a lot of freedom and enjoyment in that. You can replicate the usage of a tool stopwatch with your 6263 the same way.
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    "From my point of view, this gen watch having been repaired and serviced several times with aftermarket parts, is still a gen." This of course is a matter of opinion. Imho a watch needs to have 100% genuine parts to be 'genuine', not 80 or 90%. Some internal parts can not be identified as genuine or aftmkt (mainsprings for example) so they pass as genuine. RWC does not make mainsprings anyway, they are made by General Ressorts. Stems and some internal wheels, screws etc are nearly impossible to tell but almost no one looks at them because they are fixated on cases, dials, hands, bezels, bracelets etc. A watch with a few aftmkt parts may pass as genuine but it is not 100% genuine. I have watches that are 100% genuine and some that would strain to be 90% genuine (aftmkt bracelet links for example). The difference is that I will tell what is what when I pass them on. The problem is when the next guy sells it and does not mention it is not 100% genuine. Trade shows and the internet are full of watches like this. I got a 34mm manual wind no date replica rolex in a trade 12 or 15 years ago that looked more or less genuine so I engraved "This ain't a real rolex Bud" inside the case back to keep someone from getting robbed on it and traded it away with full disclosure. A few years later a watch trader showed up with it bragging that he 'made out like a bandit' on a trade and got a 'rolex' for nearly nothing. I opened it up and showed him the inscription. We had a good laugh. He gave it to his kid.
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    From the outside, it appears complete... And it nearly is. It's a usable piece that can be worn, keeps good time, looks the business... But I still need to replace the JLC movement currently inside with the proper caliber V454... Not a detail that anyone would really see since it's behind a closed caseback, but... I know. And that's why it has to be Thanks for looking!
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    Hi Gents, just some pics from this morning let there be GILT!
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    Just noticed that I joined here 4 years ago today. I know I'm still a newbie compared to some here, but thanks to the knowledge and friendship of the members here I am much more well informed. So just wanted to say thank you all for your input.
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    My first BC Sent from my wooden drums via Tupperware!
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    Some old timers might remember me. I was a rep and gen watch enthusiast for years. I still am, but I haven't purchased anything new in years. The last replica watch I bought was Breitling B01, which I sold later. I have a few gens. Rolex GMT 16710, Breilting Steelfish Superocean, Omega Seamaster Bond, TAG Aquaracer Automatic Chrono, Rolex Submariner 14060 and some cheap shit like Invicta, etc. I still have my favorite reps too. Ebel Panda Discovery, Rolex WM9 v2 Sub (with gen insert) and this old thing. I got this watch from Eddie Lee (as a gift) back in 2005 (if I remember correctly). It was brand spanking new back then and for some weird reason it came with a genuine looking ETA datewheel. All other versions of this watch that I ever saw had the lousy A7550 default date font. I've never opened the watch. Maybe EL sent me a Swiss 7750 version. I have no idea. All I know the watch has been worn every week since 2005. Every damn week... sometimes twice or three days in a row. Guess what... it's still working like a charm. No service, nothing. When my son was born 7 years ago another RWG.cc member sent me genuine insert for it. That pretty much "perfected" it. Back in the day I saw them all. But this might be one of the most accurate and best reps ever. Of course the Bond SMP Chrono is not expensive as a gen in the second hand market anymore but despite loving this model I never even thought about buying the gen. Some gen hour markers get more yellowish after some years of use, I can't really tell them apart visually. The HE valve in chrono version SHOULD be on par with the '10 hour marker (unlike the standard SMP). The only difference is that the gen uses pins in the bracelet (and the rep has screws). I have a pin spare bracelet but never bothered to change. I have the standard Bond (gen) and the overall quality feel isn't much, either. What I'm trying to say is that these can be pretty good watches.
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    Here you can find more information, it should be a very rare version! https://www.rolexforums.com/showthread.php?t=367344 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hi Mate, Long time no see. Happy to see you back Nice watch by the way One of my favorites Regards Richard
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    This is probably one of the hardest dials to get right... Very subtle. And the silver sunburst is absolutely unforgiving as every small printing detail shows. If there's a flaw, you'll see it like an apple tree in the desert ! Usual specs here. ST19 case, Athaya crown, Vietnam dial and insert, gen coronet and T21... A great late 70's classic !!! A statement really.
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    Hi Friends ! I'm very happy to present my new baby. This project started by chance, I was fortunate to be able to buy a 700 gen crown and a 5512 PCG Phong case. Initially the crown was destined for my cartel 5513 but the day after its purchase I could not resist the opportunity to get a nice PCG case with correct crown eight. This was a quick decision to take as this case has the particularity of having a wider dial opening than the usual size for the 5512. It seems that for the first 5512, Rolex have used 5510 dials that measure 27mm. Then with the appearance of the 26mm dials a slight gap was visible between the dial and the rehaut. The 26mm dial not resting on the dial seat, the assembly was held in the case thanks to the fixings of the movement. With an ETA movement, which is smaller than the 1530 Rolex, this is not possible, the 26mm dial + movement set passes through the dial opening. So I had to be able to make a larger dial that can fit on the seat of the case. On this case, the diameter of the dial seat is 27.8mm. So I simply resized a 29mm dial in 27.6mm. The regulars know the following, removing paint from the dial, sanding with 200, 400, 600, 800, 1000, 1200, 1500, and 2000 sandpaper, polishing, gold plating, decal then lume. Specs are : Vintagewatchmaker case set Gen Service T19 Gen 700 crown Athaya 7000 tube Athaya pearl ETA 2824-2 JKHorological Hands Beco 2mm gen spec bars Gen 93150 bracelet Yuran Rally strap Decal dial Thanks for reading ! With her sister
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    Finally fitted an ultra rare sealed gen T20 plexi from back in the days Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Parts arrived. The dial and hands fit nicely into the case. The aged lume looks the part. Very happy Just waiting on the movement and broach tool to arrive Now I am looking for a Milgauss faraday cage that someone might have in their parts bin?
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    That's an other special one made for a tue afficionado of unique pieces... Case started as a cartel 5513. From an old batch: lots of oddities in the details but after considering what could be done out of it the 6541 appeared to be a smart choice. The case was slimmed down, and more difficult: it was modified on the inside to accept the gen specs milgauss dial much larger than a sub dial. Bezel was crafted from a cartel 1655, and case back too. It was was shaved low done, almost flat. What can't be seen here is the movement retaining ring. The 2824 it held into a custom made pill box style brass ring clipped onto the movement. pretty much like the genuine. So the mount is very tidy, and the movement well protected inside. I will post some pics of the making afterwards...
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    Swiss ETA is good, Chinese watch with Swiss ETA for premium price over Chinese ETA clone, generally bad. Because of supply issues, these are usually old, dirty movements, repaired with any mix of secondhand and Chinese parts and not worth the price. Unless there is no option for the watch you are interested in, always buy the Chinese version. If you wish, fitting a Swiss movement at a later date is a straight swap and if you source your own movement at least you know it is new or a used unit in good condition.
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    1675 PCG OCC dial Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I grew up in the cinema. I watched everything. I was lucky to be just the right age to witness the last great era of Hollywood. Barry Norman was my go to guy for film criticism. I didn't always agree with him but that's the way it should be. He was, however, a true lover of film and when he analysed a film it was with a keen eye and a lack of ego, something that is sorely lacking in many other critics. I do not like the role of a critic as it is by definition to criticise and that I find distasteful. Barry Norman was not to my mind a critic, he was an appraiser and I think film makers of the time would have been well advised to listen to his wise words. He had no axe to grind and no point to prove he just said it how he saw it. He gave me many hours of enjoyment and nurtured in me a love of film. I thank him. RIP. Top bloke.
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    Mare nostrum Sent from my SM-N910P using Tapatalk
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