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    I've reworked that pretty lady. The pushers are better now, I installed a gen top hat T21 and fine tuned the movement for the pushers to operate better... Now I think I can't do much more on this one....
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    It's turning into a nice evening, considering it snowed here today.
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    Aha !!!! A real galvanic made gilt dial !!! No decal !! No black paint !!!! No tricks !!! And the beauty is... It was made on a ETA plate, with a diameter matching the rep case. So no rubbing inside or anything off when you set the time. The look and feel is just... PERFECT! The galvanic black has that superb brown hue seen under some light. It's very hard to catch, hence the ton of pics trying to share that with you all. The mid case started as a JMB, totally reshaped to the correct flat brushed back and tonneau shape. The midcase rear finish differs from 1016s. I took some pics of it beside a 1016 for you to compare. The back case is from a 90's DJ rep. The only I've seen with 50's looking teeth. Best candidate to create a bubble back. Unfortunately these old reps are really hard to find now. We now have one of the most desirable of the early explorers. Very sexy watch, I'll have a hard time letting it go to its daddy.....
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    I think it comes down to semantics and image. If you are an enthusiast and collector of the genuine pieces, then you will be more inclined to call our watches fakes. If you collect our kind of watches you will be more inclined to call them replicas. On both sides some of this is self justification. Looking at the dictionary meaning of the words: Replica - an exact copy or model of something Fake - not genuine, imitation or counterfeit Well if we are totally honest with ourselves, we all know both terms apply to our watches. Those with an interest in reps will tend to favour calling them replicas, while those who despise them will prefer to call them fakes. Actually I don't much care. I find this a fun hobby and while I accept there are likely some distasteful practices in the business of manufacturing and supplying them, I do not believe it is either unforgivable to buy them, nor that the business is much worse than many totally legitimate businesses. For a long time now if asked out of the blue about my watch by someone I don't know, which is very rare, my stock answer if someone says a "nice watch" is a simple thank you. If they ask anything more I am most likely to say "it's a fake mate" whether it is or not. I don't really care what anyone else thinks about my watch, they are for my pleasure and I certainly don't want mugging and loosing the watch and possibly my arm. Lighten up a little, be confident in yourself and your decisions and enjoy the hobby for what it is. Enjoy your fakes (and gens) brothers
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    Spent the afternoon doing a couple of mods with this result:
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    That HR case is so thick.... It's definitely better after a little diet! The bezel was carved too to reach a closer profile to genuine. A swiss T39 was shaved and repolished to recreate the same side profile as the stock HR sapphire and so be pressed fit WITHOUT GLUE in place. A clean and tidy build, as the bezel insert was shaved thinner for it be be clipped in as well. No glue here ! All clean and dry fitted.
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    I have too much respect for the brand to do anything cheap. So: my build had to be the best possible within a reasonable budget. Not knock off quartz signed PP. Not for me. So, to create that 530 Chrono specially cased in white gold for Garrard of London, I used a genuine 1940's swiss made solid gold chronograph, modified the case to PP looks and installed one of these beautiful cartel dials. It took a year to find the correct donor watch - this case was number 4... - but it was worth the hunt !!!! Enjoy the pics !
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    Cheers guys. Here's my kitchen table where I cobble watches together lol In full swing by S STEEL, on Flickr
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    Indeed, its laughable, and I don't see that I am doing anything wrong whatsoever, I purchased the parts in the photos above, they are now my property.
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    It seems really hilarious to me that folks in a rep forum suddenly get into a discussion about "IP-rights".
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    Gotta disagree.....isn't that what all the rep makers including tc do already? Market demands is how I see it, give people what they want when for whatever reason they can't get it, that's how I see it [emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    By purchasing rare library vinyls...
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    Here is what can be done without a single expensive part: Silx case, HR dial and hands, Athaya crown and Yuki bracelet. The case was totally reshaped, the steel bezel was reshaped, then sandblasted and brass plated. The hands were stripped down to the bear brass and the Yuki bracelet was repolished for a more accurate look. A very honest watch with lots of character !!!!
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    Some things we strive to maintain.Try that/this on other rep boards they have a no flame section for noobs pray tell why, we do not need it............ telling. It's all you need to know on where to hangout even for veterans. I am very proud and honored to be serving here.
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    My fav is back on the wrist today
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    A couple more... Portage glacier Chenega Bay Bear glacier Noorvik Kobuk River Kangirnaq
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    Sunset? Yep when it finally goes down, it's worth the wait.
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    Of course it is, of the hundreds of concerts back in the day (in my youth) nothing ever blew up it's about time to wake up and take of the gloves. Do you think I mean mean the UK military or mine no , it's up to good Muslims to fight to get their honor back and stop these indiscriminate killings there is no honor, no religion of any kind in this you know this. My boy fights for you will not you have the courage to fight for yourselves I must ask ? Do not be afraid there are so many more good good people among you unite, only you can stop these atrocities from within. All it takes for evil to prevail is for good men to stand by watch it happen and do nothing.
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    He sounds like he is the replacement for Tonnywatches that we need. All information will be greedily received. If we get two or three guys happy with him, maybe I can open a discussion and see if we can get a new supplier for the forum. Worth a try.
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    Almost midnight and it's still light out. This makes the Long Dark worth it.
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    You guys do this? I do it all the time. :-)
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    A trio of classics 1. Ulysses Nardin (Gold) from 1920 2. Omega Labrador from 1896 3. IWC from 1904
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    Shot this at the bay for the price of 7734 movement. I think it is out of the ordinary with its vibrant colors. Unfortunately after setting it a few times the date won't change anymore. Will have to open it up soon and make use of the chronograph course Inrecently started.
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    Newbie here, so let me share a few favorites from my collection.
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    I'll be a 'sinn'-er today
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    Verstuurd vanaf mijn SM-G928F met Tapatalk
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    Great post and as always a very good topic !!!!! We live in what I call the disposable age, where just about everything that we buy or get today is disposable. We have disposable electrical appliances, disposable razor blades, dispsable cars, disposable jobs and sadly even disposable "friends" from the modern social circles which horrifically even extends to disposable families. Not the sort of world I was accustomed to from my upbringing. True but to some degree also very sad. so why would the modern cheaply £1 wrist watch be any different?? Gone are the days where we would call a TV technician. We still see classic cars from the past such as the Ford thunderbird, MG classic, DB5 Aston Martin, 1957 Chevy to mention just a few. How many cars built today will be classics of tomorrow??? It all comes down to practicality and affordability where to some advantages there are least equal and opposite disadvantages. Newton's law generalized A watch in the past was meant to last and in most cases also passed onto the next generation and beyond. ie- An heirloom !!!. I love this idea, but this would only come with the longevity of a traditionally made old school mechanical wrist watch where 95% of it could still be made by hand for generations to come -provided that an artisan will still exist!!!!!. Not so even with the best quartz watch!!!! incluing the oyster quartz which was not only very ordinary, but also very unsightly with its bulky box stye case. Once the circuit dies, do does the watch!!!! Sadly modern mechanical watches are following same trend with the silicone hairspring etc. where they are similar to a quartz watch without the battery I wear a quartz watch for practicality and when It dies, I get one that comes free as a bonus in my corn flakes packet. Definitely not an heirloom!!!! I also do not like a quartz watch purely on the basis that it is disposable very much like any modern electrical appliance. The ch-ch flip on each second also appeared very weird to me when I first saw it back in the 1970's, but that isn't the real reason why I don't like them. They are a different beast altogether!! A wrist watch has always been a man's item where it was also a status symbol and about the only equivalence of a man's jewelry which could be passed onto future generations. On the other note, I recently was approached by a neighbor that asked me to look at their grandfathers 18k solid gold 1930 rectangular Omega that wasn't working. Upon flipping the back off I was shocked to find a quartz Ronda movement. It was certainly authentic but my mind went in a tailspin. He mentioned that at service time, the watchmaker suggested that if it was to be worn frequently that it would be more pratical to replace the mechanism with an inexpensive quartz module that could always be replaced cheaply and still have the old movement stored away for originality. All it needed was a battery. I then thought what a clever idea!!!!.. The past and present technology blended together. When you think about it , nobody ever sees the module as all you see is the case and dial, very much like what most of us do as replica owners. I love both my replica ( which is almost hand made with all the mods) and my mass produced genuine!!!!
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    Second that there is something weird about This and if you dig Around a little there is Big signs of what going on but i Will not spread rumors people may dig their own but something is off
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    Some new pictures.. Gesendet von meinem SM-G930F mit Tapatalk
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    I would recommend the chequebook warrior approach on this and pay the Texan tight wad. JMB will get it done