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    I guess I'm a fake guy because I took a rolex 1570 made out of parts gathered from here and there plus c/o/put it together, stuck it in an MBK case with aftmkt bezel kit, dial, hands, case tube, crystal, one of Mary's folded bracelets...and cranked out a 'fake vintage' watch that will run for a many years. I can't help being a little bit proud of it even if it is a 'fake' because I put it together, know it inside and out, and can fix it if it breaks. So...when some dildo with shiny shoes and a new submarooner starts bragging about how great and expensive his watch is and spouts 'fake watches are for fake people', I have to wonder if characters like that ever learn anything about life or just slide in and out, always being a dildo. "This one was $175 brand new." ...back when an RC and a Moon Pie was less than a quarter.
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    Being one of the oldest folks on this forum, I am going to chime in on my take about "fakes are for fakes". I totally disagree with that premise, unless you are some guy who is overtly showing your "fake" AP,Rolex Hublot, etc. to others with the sole intention of deceiving them into something that you aren't. I would hope that there are none like those people on this forum. Most likely not, because for the most part they are not interested in watches as a marvelous miniature, intricate machine that allows us at a glance to see the time, date, phase of the moon, time in other time zones, etc. They are only interested in a watch as a symbol of their ostentatious lifestyle. I would suspect that the vast, vast majority of people who are here are proud of their watches, marvel at their design, but are as inconspicuous in their watch wearing. These are not fake people, they are not trying to deceive anyone, they wear replicas because they represent an opportunity to wear watches that they for whatever their reasons are not desirable to them in their genuine form. Possible they cannot afford the genuine, maybe it's because they have had genuine watches and are turned off by the incredible costs of repair and parts. Possibly they feel that their money can best be put to better uses than buying a 6-10K watch. Everyone has his reasons, and all are valid. Here is my experience. I have ben collecting (Accumulating) watches for probably 40+ years. I'm old enough that I bought new Rolex 1680's,1665's and Daytonas for less than 1000.00 USD each, in fact all of those were around the 500.00 USD range. Wish I had a couple of those back by the way!! Over the years, I ventured out into other brands, Breitling, IWC, Chronoswiss, Omega,Maurice Lacroix.,Ulysse Nardin are the ones I remember and can recall the exact watches. During that time, I ventured into Replicas, first joining a rep forum way back during the days of the old TRC. One thing that put me off gens at that time was the cost of repair and the lengthy time involved. I remember A Breitling Chronomat that every time I sent it in for repairs (twice) they wanted to change things that didn't need changing and the repair bill was in excess of 300.00 USD. That was a lot in 1988! Another was a Chronoswiss that required a trip back to Germany and was gone for 3 months. All in all I could see that the costs of maintenance on some of these somewhat finicky watches was not where I wanted to go. I eventually sold almost all my genuine watches and replaced them with replicas. Way cheaper and just as accurate and dependable. A few years later, I had a bit of a falling out with reps, primarily because at the time I was mostly dealing with Rolex and after purchasing them, I spent a good bit on making them nice frankens, the usual genuine crystal, insert, crown, reluming, replacing the rep bracelet with gen bracelets/endlinks. I was really happy with the results, however when it came time to sell one, no one wanted to pay much over the price of the original watch, so usually when one sold, I took a beating. this is still the same today, however I feel like folks today are more willing to pay for what was done as well as the original price of the watch. Over the years, I have totally enjoyed my reps. I never try to hide that they are reps, although I find that the vast number of folks are totally disinterested in watches in general. Most cannot tell a Rolex from a Timex!! Maybe that's a good thing as it probably prevents undue watch scrutiny. I still have a good many genuine watches, which alas, get very little wrist time. I have a gen Rolex 16610 that has not been on my wrist for probably 2 years. Why do I keep it? Probably to pass on to my son or grandson who both like watches. A few others get a little wrist time. Probably my Rolex 16750 gets the most, primarily because of it's GMT function. And finally, if you are worried about wearing replicas, then I have two pieces of advice. First, don't try to pull off something that is a well known expensive piece. Even though there have been lots of threads here about folks who don't look the part actually being able to afford a expensive genuine watch, in real life there are not that many young guys who are going to be able to afford a 100K watch at age 20. Certainly there are some, but by and large their numbers are pretty small. So if you are going to college and delivering Pizzas part time, unless your family owns the Pizza chain, don't try to pull off the unpulloffable. Second if you truly want to fly under the radar, wear "unknown" brands, or at least models of brands that look like a lot of other watches. My AP FC diver looks like about a thousand other "Black" watches that you see everywhere from drug store watch displays, mall stores to chain jewelry stores. Also, watches from those "unknown" brands. There are so many genuine boutique brands and even larger more recognized brands that are to the general population, unknowns. If you want to see how popular and widespread a brand is, go to the genuine website and click on dealers. Some of the genuine brands have almost no dealers in the USA. Watches like Linde Werdelin for instance have a grand total of five dealers in the USA!! and of these five two are in the Phoenix area and one in Florida. What do you think your chances are of seeing someone with a genuine LW are? Pretty slim. Same with others that some of us would consider pretty popular. A good example is Blancpain. And old brand with a pretty established history especially with their vintage dive watches from the 60's and 70's. Blancpain has about 36 retail establishments over the entire USA, about half of those a Tourneau, which to me is sort of a watch supermarket. So again, pretty slim chance that you are going to see your Fifty Fathoms walking down the street or in a restaurant/bar. So, finally to all you fine forum members out there, wear your replicas in good health, and for whatever your reasons, I feel certain that you are as comfortable wearing them as I am.
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    Except for caseback, everything is gen. Gen AP 3126/2184 movement as well as a gen midcase, bezel and bezel screws. I tread softly along the fine line separating raving insanity and lucid moments of ingenuity. The issue is I've no idea which is which mostly.
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    Hey guys. Thought I'd drop in to say hello. Also wanted to share some analysis of 20mm spring bars I've "discovered". For the past couple of years, I've sworn by ST (Startime) spring bars. Unlike most rep and aftermarket bars, the springs don't crumple, the ends are nicely rounded, and they are made in Switzerland. They really are terrific. But I have an account at a part supply company called Beco-technic in Germany. I've ordered stuff from them a few times, but never thought of trying their spring bars until my most recent order. To my surprise, they are superior to ST bars and I suspect genuine Rolex bars are made by the same factory. Side by side, the ST bars are nearly identical to the Beco-Technic (BT) bars. The ST bar ends are rounded, and the BT bar ends are conically tapered: Now here is a comparison of the BT bars (on the left) and gen bars (on the right). Both ends are conical: Keep in mind, that these observations are based on a random and very small sample size and no two spring bars are identical . Now here is a shot of all three together (ST on left, BT in middle, Gen on right: Conical or rounded, I don't think anyone will care. But a more important contrast is the strength of the internal springs. I've always found the ST springs are "noisy" when compressed. The BT and gen are much quieter. Further here is some VERY unscientific measurements of the force required for full compression (using a kitchen scale). The gen bars, are not new, but measured 506 grams on the scale; equivalent to 4.96 Newtons (if my math is correct. I have a Physics degree but I don't remember jack [censored]): The brand new BT bars measured a whopping 580 grams (5.68 N): And finally, brand new ST bars averaged 380 g (3.72 N): Had the gen bars been brand new, I imagine the springs would be slightly stronger. At any rate, I think my go-to bars from now on will definitely be the Beco bars. If you try to order from them, keep in mind you will need to be approved. Also, I had a lot of trouble accessing their website recently (www.beco-technic.com). I'm in Canada and could not load the page for unknown reasons. So I changed my IP address to Germany and it worked fine. Odd. Frankly, I think 20mm ST bars (or equivalent) are just superb for any watch that accepts them. But the BT's are as close as I have ever seen to what you would get from RSC.
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    Time to update it a bit... Thx for the magic @rolojack!
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    Better sit down, Rick. This one was $175 brand new. There's an old saying... "Rolex makes the world's most expensive $500 watch".
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    I dunno, I prefer this one...
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    As we have many new members on the forums now I thought it might be a good idea to touch on how these sites came to be. The first true replica watch forum was TRC (the Replica Collector) there was in fact a group before this but it was more a notice board than a forum. TRC was not only the first but for quite a few years even after the formation of others it was regarded as the aficionado, the board where all the serious collectors were. The one real draw back for TRC was its sedate pace, which did not prove attractive to those who liked a more up tempo style. To this end a young member of TRC decided to form a new forum called Replica Watch Guide (RWG), this forum took off like a rocket, in fact a visiting TRC Moderator at the time described the RWG experience as akin to stepping off the sidewalk into heavy traffic. For a long time the Replica world existed off the flat out RWG and the more sedate but far more serious collector forum of TRC. Unfortunately things do not always pan out like we want them and such was the sorry saga of the RWG Collaboration 1 watch which was the start of the collapse of RWG. The watch itself was an attempt to 1. Knit the community together more and 2. A special memento/reward for the loyal members, I should point out that by this stage RWG had a VIP room in which the senior members could chat in private with the admin team, so while the watch was being planned on the open forum there was also a behind the scenes discussions that the general members were not aware of. Early in the planning of the watch our Admin (Blade) took over the communication between the members requirements and the dealers. After much discussion on the forum we came up with the design we wanted, the end product which many have seen is exactly what was planned, a redialled Omega Railmaster but to get there was a very, very rocky path. The major problem was that we wanted a clean watch with no brand name markings, a watch that could proudly be shown as the genuine RWG watch with nothing to show its replica heritage and this was a stumbling point with certain dealers (no I will not name them) as profit being profit there was a constant insistence to recycle branded replica parts. What followed turned into a clash of wills with the dealers trying to force what they wanted on us and the members refusing to accept anything but what we asked, and Blade? Well I still feel today that he was caught between a rock and a hard place as by now he had paid a lot of our money to these people to make what we wanted. From there on it was a case of missed deadline after miss deadline until the unthinkable happened, Blade disappeared! From that moment on the RWG admin team and the VIP’s became somewhat a crisis team going around putting out spot fires on the forum, keeping a cap on the gradual creeping discontent within the group that had paid their money for this watch as well as all those who stepped up claiming the forum was basically an elaborate scam site and we also needed to find our way around many hurdles simply because when Blade disappeared he took the keys with him, we therefore also mounted an intensive search to try and track Blade down. A side product to having your admin go missing around Christmas time was that RWG for the best part of the year was decorated with a perpetual Winter theme. The one date that we had glowing like a beacon before us was the renewal of the domain, the admin team and VIP’s knew that if we could not find Blade before this we had no way of paying the fee so RWG would simply cease to exist. Despite our best efforts with less than a couple of months to renewal date we had still made no progress in trying to find Blade and knew it was time to bite the bullet and look to preserving our forum elsewhere. We debated long and hard what our options were within the VIP room, a new forum was obvious but under who’s administration? To this end I turned to the admin of our respected sister board of TRC, once he had decided to take the second board on I worked as the go between with him and my own VIP’s, as without the keys we could not let him into the group. The formation of the new RWG consisted of a 3 point approach, first of course was alerting all our members to what we were doing, second was to move as much knowledge base as possible from the old to the new board and third was to build a forum that our members would not only feel ‘at home’ with but basically a better model than what we were leaving. Unknown to us at the time we had a member (with the help of one of our seniors) going through the PM list recruiting for his own new forum, it was underhanded and it was a banning offence but we lacked the tools to stop him. He went on to form the first ‘For profit’ board RWI, he was also the first forum Admin to openly scam his members out of a lot of money before disappearing. From this bad blood a new forum was then formed ‘Rep Geek’ this was the 2nd ‘for profit’ forum and also the 2nd time a forum Admin went on to scam his members for much money then vanish. Back on the new RWG we didn’t really concern ourselves too much with other forums, our aim was only to build the best we could for our members, which we know is what we achieved. The day for the launch of our new forum was set about one week before the deadline with the old forum, on opening day we had more traffic than any other board has ever seen, the admin team (although a global group) was basically all present, I know I was online at 4am from Melbourne, we spent the entire day welcoming and interacting with all the old, and new, members. Then one week later Blade came back and paid the fees for the domain renewal of old RWG….. Blade did come over to our new RWG, he sent me a PM saying that he was happy with the work we did to preserve the forum, but the reply I sent to him was never answered. At this point we had 2 RWGs, our new thriving forum and a ghost town, we did speculate crashing the other forum as we had the people with know how to do so but in the end senior members who held our respect (Dempsy, Omni, Highflyingclive etc) started using it as a playground so we left it for them and with time others stumbled across it and it slowly became the wild west of replica forums, this was not by design but necessity as they had no way to give moderator powers to anyone to keep the place in check. Obviously many things are glossed over in this brief history but to fast forward a little, it's one year later and the renewal is due for the old RWG again, only this time Blade did not come back. Being the civil types we are here on RWG (the real RWG) when the old board died we set up a sub forum for the members of the old site on our board so they could stay together until they could launch a new forum of their own. This is an important point to understand, if we did not give them a way to keep their people together they would have scattered far and wide and there would have been no point for a new forum. So now we come to the current situation, we have this board that imported all the original members and knowledge base from our home in an attempt to save it and we have the jr RWG started up with no member more than a year old or with anything even resembling what the original forum stood for. Still all water off a duck's back as far as we are concerned, on day one of our forum we discussed the path we wanted to take within the admin area and we have always stayed true to that path and we are very happy with what we have built. We could get upset with petty things like ‘the knitting club’ comment but we always set out with a ‘less is more’ approach and we find that has attracted the more serious and mature collector so if you enjoy the joke, knock yourself out…then of course we could point out that the member who created the comment was banned from every forum under a previous incarnation and for reasons that every rep collector despises and who has been a sworn enemy of our forum long before the RWG jr came to be. Yes there are forums I have not covered Watch Trader is one, they formed to give us a place to sell watches when we suspended sales on the original RWG due to brand name lawyer attacks, however WT closed doors when we started the new RWG, their Admin told me he was just doing a service which was not needed once we started afresh. There was also a forum that spun off Rep Geek after the Admin Julio did a runner with members' money, the forum name evades me at this time. Just a quick wrap; the majority of members travel to all boards and that is the way it should be, one of the founders of the other RWG (trailboss) who is now the admin of RWI is an Aussie who I have shared beers with and would do so again, these forums are in fact hobby boards and as we are provide the same thing we should all be able to co-exist. Yes there will always be a clash with the names, the name is ours we used it for years on the old forum and we used it for around a year and a half once we started the new forum, others can tell themselves anything they want to believe. Ken
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    5512 Gilt PCG w/ chapter ring dial - on my wrist today, but built for a friend. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Thank you all for the kind words and support and for anyone who can't figure out why such a newcomer was chosen, well neither can I. When this idea was first put to me I was truly stunned. Aside from the great comradery, the champagne fountain, dancing girls and so forth, I see this not as being raised to the aristocracy, but as having become the servant of all.
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    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    All of these fake watches and fake people have created and University for me. I would not know have the things I know now if it wasn't for all these fake watches no thanks to all the fake people that have shares all there journeys I have found a fake world full of greats. So sorry but there is no turning back. From one fake person to a real one. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Does an MKII qualify as gen?
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    My latest rebuild with new case. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    For something a little more unusual... I've never seen another one like this, it's a Wakmann/Gigandet AOPA triple date. Not quite a Breitling Top Time, but it fills a gap in the Wakmann / AOPA / Breitling / Top Time / Navitimer sequence.
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    Welcome back - New look and new toys! Hiiiiii Soooo glad to see you again. It's been so lonely in here while working on all the new exiting stuff that is now ready for you. REALLY hope you like all of this First of all, I hope you like the new design. Not going to say to much about it, other than give it a day or two before you start complaining. And if you decide to come back here to complain in a day or two; don't bother. We are keeping it Now, let's get started on some of the stuff that has changed and let me introduce to you one of the biggest news; RWG Classifieds. Hurry, go there now and post an ad or just take a look; https://rwg.cc/classifieds/ The trade forums are some of the most popular forums on RWG and we will now move all of this into our very own classifieds section. Please let me know what you think about this!! For the first week, all users will be able to post as many ads as they want for FREE. This way, you can all get your ads up and running in no time. And because the sales forums are gone, you will have to post all of your items for sale again. Sorry about this, but there is no other good way of doing this. Now, since this is free for one week, I'm sure you understand that when one week has passed, you will all have to start paying to post ads here. And when I say all, I mean all members. VIPs, Platinums, etc. The free sales ads are no longer included in any of the upgrade memberships, The reason for this is simple; I have done a major cleanup in the VIP/Platinum members and removed all members that were non paying members. The sad fact is that we now only have 94 VIP members. The system has deleted almost 200 members that still were VIP members, but were no longer paying. There could be many reason why these members were still VIPS, but not paying, as we have changed the upgrade systems so many times and some members have gotten their accounts upgraded for one or another reason, but 94 paying members out of almost 70.000 members is NOT good enough. I'm still paying server bills out of my own pocket and by paying for ads posted, we are getting a little bit more funds in to cover our costs. The ads won't be expensive and it should be easy for sellers to add the cost of the ad on top of the watch or spilt it with a potential buyer. So I sincerely hope that if you are enjoying your stay here, you use our store to upgrade your membership; https://rwg.cc/store. For a limited time, we are now offering a 50% discount on all memberships. Just use the coupon code 615F5 during checkout! And speaking of checkout. We are once again able to offer payments via Paypal. Stripe.com is the preferred payment gateway, but Paypal available as a second option. We have a bad track record using PP, so hopefully it will stay available And remember; NEVEr open PP disputes without having been in touch with me first when it comes to upgrades you have bought or ads you have paid for! Ok, what else; You are now able to log in using several options, including Google, Facebook, Microsoft, etc. You can link accounts in your account settings; https://rwg.cc/settings/ We are now offering two factor authentication. This is to bump up the security on all accounts here even further. This is optional, but if you decide to use it you can use both Google Authenticator or security questions. You can set it up here: https://rwg.cc/settings/account-security/ On top of this, all traffic to and from RWG is encrypted and running on https:// Links directory is also back, so feel free to start and populate this with links and let me know if we need more/other categories; https://rwg.cc/links/ You will also notice that we have slimmed down the forums a bit. Some forums are gone, others are merged. I think the forum was too long, so this is the reason for this. Another thing you will notice is that some dealers are missing. This is most likely only temporarily, as all sellers on RWG are required to pay a fee. I will be reaching out to all sellers on RWG shortly to get all sections up and running again and have a chat with all the members who have their own sections here at RWG how they can contribute and support our community. Also, we are now accepting new dealers, so feel free to let your favourite dealer know that we have spots available if they are interested in joining one of the biggest forums online. Hmm...I'm sure I have forgotten something, but I'm going to put the forum back online now and get back to any other news I might have forgotten later on Enjoy and as always; I appreciate all feedback, both good and bad. Especially the bad, as I have a brand new BAN-button PS: Crew members - The re-opening party with the supermodel striptease in the "Champagne and caviar room" is slightly delayed. We have to find KB's left nut before we can start
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    Here's dipping my toe in this pool for the first time.
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    Been too busy to with work lately but thought I'd do a quick share. Gen dial Gen insert Gen 3135 movement Gen bracelet Gen hands Gen crown and tube Gen crystal Sent from my SM-G930T using Tapatalk One note, this build ended up costing more than a gen 116610ln Sent from my SM-G930T using Tapatalk
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    I would expect that this primarily relates to new members. When you do a search in the sales threads, sometimes your search will bring up a very, very old thread, one that has been dead for years. I got a PM to approve a post a little while ago. A new member was asking about photos of a strap for sale. When I went to the thread, I saw that it was started in 2009!! Now what are the chances that a 7 year old strap thread is going to get you a strap? So guys please look at the date the thread was posted before you start asking questions about the items for sale. This does not apply to any of our "Knowledge" threads, brand threads, general discussion, etc. often it's sort of neat to bring and old thread back from the dead. Newer members read it, folks add new comments and everyone gains. Sales threads, however, are like a smelly corpse. Better to let them rest undisturbed, far away!!
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    Gentlemen, it gives me great pleasure to announce the newest member of the RWG Moderating staff! We spent many an hour around the fireplace sipping fine single malt, bandying about the possibility that the new guy would keep the liquor cabinet and cigar humidor locations secret. In the end the vote was enthusiastic and unanimous, so without further ado.... may I announce: SOGEHA as the newest member of our staff. It's a lot of work, and we're sure he's equal to the task. So please join us in welcoming him "aboard".
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    I've had this for many many years, and surprisingly it keeps excellent time. Nicely sized, too, at 43mm diameter. Semi-pocketwatch case is interesting, the back pops off and reveals a hinged caseback covering up a lovely 15j mov't! If only watches could talk... This one has many stories I bet.
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    "I'm still amazed that the outdated or patent ended old Rolex or Tudor cases are not officially made by third parties. It sure would simplify things." They are being made...Yuki, Phong, MBK, cartel etc. They are illegal only because they have trademarks. Remove the trademarks and they are 100% legal. Otoh...if you send a 100% genuine 5513/1680 etc to RSC and it needs a mid case, they will sell you one for $2500+/-. What is the real world difference between this $2500 mid case and a Phong mid case for $900, both with genuine case backs? Nothing. If you had the original serial number engraved on the Phong case, the watch would be worth quite a bit more 'out in the wilds' than the same watch with a genuine RSC '444' case...until you tell the truth about it. A '444' case will probably never be worth as much as an original case...or a Phong etc case after the second or third owner. It's a fact of life. No telling how many aftmkt cased watches are out there being 'innocently' sold as genuine every day. Back 25 years ago when a 5513 or 1680 went for $1500 or so, I used to see 'dealers' buying them at watch shows by the dozen. They would take them home and make 'premium' watches using the 'best of the best' cases/dials/movements/bracelets, have them professionally detailed, and sell them as 'mint' or 'near mint' for a LOT of $$ to 'serious' collectors. Then they would put what was left together in ascending order and sell the best examples on mail order lists sent out to regular collectors. The worst examples usually ended up for sale back at watch shows or parted out. If you have a 'vintage' rolex and you did not buy it new...you might have a Frankenstein. If Ya can't get married to yer sweetheart cause there is a law against it...you might be a redneck.
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    Flyback Tuesdays with Valjoux Cal. 230 flyback mov't
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    Ok, I admit I've been holding back. But it's worth the effort to make the trek to the watch fortress high in the cliffs above the house to retrieve my crown jewel for this thread. She rarely sees the light of day, but.... some things are worth it. This was a long time coming, and it was pure luck that landed this all-gen beauty on the shores of Chez Nanuq. So without further ado, I give you... .....the Miguel
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    "Seems to me we have some seriously nice gentlemen here too" In the words of that other place, I fixed that for you. I came for the watches, but I'm logged in every day for the people.
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    Just finished restoring this sweet little Bulova 3818. My tiny wrist suddenly looks medium sized. Ha! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Love the hands on that beauty! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Funny isn't it I was just reading the fake watches are for fake people thread again....... seems to me that we all have some seriously nice Gens here too [emoji12] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    YODA on Micah Canvas with dealstraps buckle
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    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    New case, new movement, new hands! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Went with this today... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    The deepsea blue I tread softly along the fine line separating raving insanity and lucid moments of ingenuity. The issue is I've no idea which is which mostly.
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    I'll see your "real men" Sea Dweller and raise you.