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  1. ... another option Rubyswatch.com (you’ll need to email for password access)
  2. MQ is a PIA to deal with IMHO. I won’t be dealing with him again. HR is a great budget solution for an ETA movement. They will even custom lume a dial to your spec for $20 extra. Just send them a shot of a dial for reference. However, you do need to matt varnish the dial on arrival, as the application is delicate to say the least (water colour based). Here’s an example.
  3. Congrats buddy! Looks great and best of all it’s fit for purpose! Wear it in good health!
  4. They have them at CousinsUK, white or silver. 0.26mm White, Stlyle C, H46103, https://www.cousinsuk.com/product/subsidiary-dial-by-size?code=H46103 You could actually go for white, dip the hand hub briefly in acetone, then gently scrape the paint off with a scalpel. That’s what I did for a 6238 build a while ago. Here’s a shot with the CousinsUK hands in place, compared the those the watch came with. Build link here: https://rwg.cc/topic/187942-6238-cartel-modded/?tab=comments#comment-1498796&searchlight=1
  5. Agree. Park the project for a few months, forget about it. Come back to it later with fresh eyes.
  6. @Sputim, thanks buddy spring-bars arrived safe and sound [emoji106]
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