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  1. Winter 7922 / Reflections

    Beautiful watch and a great write-up. Thank you [emoji106]
  2. Testing Google photo

    Failed on Tapatalk
  3. Test from tapatalk

    Passed [emoji106]
  4. Rolex Wristies thread

  5. A better 6538 project

    à votre santé!
  6. A better 6538 project

    Very nice! Enjoy the vitamin D while it lasts [emoji106]
  7. Perfect Clones Does it again

    Nice one. Thanks for the shots! How well does the lume on the hands match the dial markers? On the QC shots from Josh‘s site, the hands look a little darker.
  8. 1962 gilt 5512 PCG

    Nice one! Happy Christmas to you both!
  9. Homage

    Thanks! Just plug-in-and-play really. Dial and matching hands from rafflestime, dial sprayed with a light coating of matt varnish. PO-like case off the bay. ETA 2834-2 movement. That’s it! Here are the links: Case: https://m.ebay.com/itm/Planet-ocean-watch-case-homage-stainless-steel-ETA-2824-black-bezel-cases-parts-/282157495786?txnId=1756442767018 Dial: http://rafflestime.com/plain-seamaster-300-dial-for-eta-2824-2836-movement-triangle-12-yellow-lume/ Hands: http://rafflestime.com/seamaster-milsub-sword-watch-hands-for-eta-2824-2836-sm-sword-yellow/ Happy Christmas folks! Have a fun one!
  10. Homage

    Thanks! Needs to be pressure tested, however I‘ve greased the the seals.