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  1. jackflash

    Building a 5513 personally of original parts

    I guess you’d need to laser weld if you were to do that. Probably not worth the effort. Also, I‘d be wary of re-drilling the lug holes. You‘ll need to make sure your 580 end links line up to the holes.
  2. jackflash

    Building a 5513 personally of original parts

    Well, I hate to say it, but those lugs look a little too sharp and the lug holes too close to the edge for one thing.
  3. jackflash

    The New Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight (58) 79030N

    The dial and hands lume colour mis-match is hopefully something they can fix at least.
  4. jackflash

    Lume Practice

    Fantastic work!
  5. jackflash

    Tudor 94010, a Snowflake for Christmas

    Good catch! Excellent for a Franken build.
  6. jackflash

    Tudor 94010, a Snowflake for Christmas

    Nice! What’s the source? Does it have the correct case back too? You could ask [mention=50989]SSTEEL[/mention] for servicing support, he’s based in Finland I believe.
  7. jackflash

    Tudor 94010, a Snowflake for Christmas

    I reduced the height of the rehaut slightly and re-finished the inner wall (sanded) to reduce reflections. You can't take too much off the inner as it will also expand the dial seat, if you do the dial will fall through. The the addition of a GS PA 462-66 crystal from Ofrei helped too. Some crystals, i.e. the T19 from Clark, have the effect of distorting the rehaut width. I would avoid them. The high-dome T19 crystal (CWPT19) from Michael Young would be another option, it actually reduces the width of the rehaut optically. However, they do tend to fracture easily around the base when fitted and they aren't cheap. Take a look at the fourth post in the link below: No it shouldn't, the rehaut should be 90° to the dial face. But with the a little effort it’s not so noticeable.
  8. jackflash

    Wristies - thread consolidation?

    94010 today
  9. jackflash

    Where have all the franken 6538’s gone?

    That’s visual poetry right there!
  10. jackflash

    Lume Practice

    Thank you!
  11. jackflash

    Lume Practice

    Excellent work! What recipe did you use for the lume-mix?
  12. jackflash

    Tudor 94010, a Snowflake for Christmas

    I think the Tudor brand deserves it’s own section on the forum. It has grown massively in popularity again since the launch of the Black Bay etc. Both Rolex and Tudor belong to the Hans Wilsdorf foundation. However, it’s equally “incorrect” to post Tudor watches in the Rolex brand section from a brand-positioning perspective.