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  1. It’s always tricky matching rep parts from different sources. There’s no guarantee Yuki’s case back will fit your mid case. Best to check with Yuki directly before buying, ensure you can send it back if it doesn’t. Yuki’s case back: Gen (with Marine Nationale engraving): As with any rep part don’t expect perfection. Yuki’s case back is no exception.
  2. Nothing to elaborate on really. Go back to the previous 2 images of the rep and gen earlier in the post. Take a look at the center hub of the second hand. Do you see the difference? I believe all case backs were engraved with 9411 on the inside. For both the 9411/0 (date) and 9401/0 (no date). If that's the case (excuse the pun) your case engraving is incorrect. Check out this site for gen-reference: https://www.hqmilton.com/timepieces/q05x4p32/1978-tudor-submariner-94010-snowflake-with-papers-7385
  3. Can't see your attachment. However, if it's a gen spec mid-case, and you're after a case back. You'd get a better deal and service from Yuki rather than MQ. Here's Yuki's offer: https://yukiwatch.ecwid.com/Tudor-Submariner-9411-94010-caseback-p58568523?ownerid=2680233&noProxyRedirect=true
  4. The reason why I choose an MQ case was primarily due to the gen spec case back. I haven’t seen a budget 94010 rep with a correct one. The 94010 case back treading/diameter isn’t the same as the 5513.
  5. I wish you luck with MQ! Those engravings are similar to mine, they hardly scratch the surface.
  6. Nice! After you get the Gen insert, you may want to take a look for a Gen hand set. Or perhaps just the second hand. The center hub on the rep ones is a bit of a tell. Maybe a 702 crown too. Although MQ does have great looking dials. Personally, I wouldn’t deal with him again. I bought my 94010 case set from him with custom engravings. The whole experience and communication was a pain. Not only that, on arrival, the quality and accuracy of the case set was pretty poor for the price. Especially the case rehaut, which was wokky. The crown and tube proportions were off as well as being poor quality. Not to mention the bezel, with a flimsy-foil buckled tension spring and insert fit for the trash. Thankfully, your case looks good. Do you know the source? Here’s my MQ after some modding. Including case and rehaut re-shaping. Dial from ebay (could be better). Yuki handset if I remember rightly. Insert from Phong. Pearl, crown and tube from Athaya. Movement ETA 2770. Crystal PA 462-66 from Ofrei.
  7. Gen movement. Worth investing in gen hands too. Saving to do so if needs be.
  8. These: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Hands-ETA-2824-2824-2-shiny-silver-color-For-Rolex-Tudor-Submariner-/233264015398?nav=SEARCH
  9. I just aged the lume with a few drops of coffee applied with a cocktail stick. Bracelet was from Yuki too if I remember rightly, it was a while ago though.
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