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  1. Online source for 3.0mm X .35mm tap?

    I've got an account with Cousins here in the UK if you need anything parts wise. www.cousinsuk.com Let me know mate
  2. Nice AM 1675 dial required

    Thanks mate, I've sent her a whatsapp message so fingers crossed Cheers DH
  3. Nice AM 1675 dial required

    No response from the email address? Just bounced back not recognised?
  4. Nice AM 1675 dial required

    Thanks guys I'll sent her an email Cheers DH
  5. Nice AM 1675 dial required

    Good morning guys, can anyone help me please? It appears that the glut of quite nice aftermarket dials seem to have disappeared from Ebay??? Can anyone hook me up with tony or another source for a nice 1675 dial. greatly appreciated DH
  6. One of these! I was Bored so fancied messing about with my 16610. Always preferred the look of the GMT models so thought I'd give it a go. I no not one for the purists but hey ho
  7. Planing Steve McQueen 1655 Project

    Yep its a great base for one of these builds. You just need to make sure that you buy a 2mm pinion size 24hr hand for the GMT parts NOT the 1.8mm hand Just to mention that the cartel dial in the rep you've bought actually has a very good version of the mk6 Beyeler dial, the dial you've bought is a mk3 rail dial, which should have T SWISS T at the bottom of the dial so not quite right. Might be worth sticking with the cartel one.
  8. Planing Steve McQueen 1655 Project

    The cartel case needs some serious metal removal to get it close to the gen. If you touch base with Ado who has his own section on the forum here he may be able to help you out. He has a precision engineering company and did a fantastic job on one of my previous 1655 builds. Actually you might also want to consider going the 2846 slow beat route and see if helenarou can still supply the GMT parts. You will need to remove the adjustable gmt hand function to make it as close to the gen 1575 movement. Good luck with the bu
  9. Welcome onboard
  10. Hi Andy I can help you via UK it you want mate. Josh seems to be very quick these days. Cheers M
  11. Interesting one for the GST fans

    Here's one to mull over, I actually owned a gen GST titanium chrono years ago. So just bought this interesting peice when I stumbled over it. A hint of flightmaster as well.
  12. Bits and pieces watches

    Hi micky Yep that was a beauty mate, it always amazes me how many watch brands there's been over the years. If your patient you can fins some amazing inexpensve stuff. Happy Christmas to you and the family Cheers M
  13. Bits and pieces watches

    I've always spent my spare time mulling over bits and pieces on various ebay countries and take great pleasure in seeing if I can make watches out of them. Mainly stuff from the 70s and 80s which is when I think some of the nicest stuff was made. Here's one of my latest, hope you like it. Cwc dial Swiss made case used by brands like squale 37.5mm Breitling hands with missing lume Eta 955.112 2 hand movement Old folded link oyster bracelet Happy Christmas everyone DH
  14. Gen wristies

    One of my put together pieces.
  15. New HR 5513 dial...

    Looks good He's a great source for parts. always found him very easy to deal with