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  1. Hi Andy I can help you via UK it you want mate. Josh seems to be very quick these days. Cheers M
  2. Interesting one for the GST fans

    Here's one to mull over, I actually owned a gen GST titanium chrono years ago. So just bought this interesting peice when I stumbled over it. A hint of flightmaster as well.
  3. Bits and pieces watches

    Hi micky Yep that was a beauty mate, it always amazes me how many watch brands there's been over the years. If your patient you can fins some amazing inexpensve stuff. Happy Christmas to you and the family Cheers M
  4. Bits and pieces watches

    I've always spent my spare time mulling over bits and pieces on various ebay countries and take great pleasure in seeing if I can make watches out of them. Mainly stuff from the 70s and 80s which is when I think some of the nicest stuff was made. Here's one of my latest, hope you like it. Cwc dial Swiss made case used by brands like squale 37.5mm Breitling hands with missing lume Eta 955.112 2 hand movement Old folded link oyster bracelet Happy Christmas everyone DH
  5. Gen wristies

    One of my put together pieces.
  6. New HR 5513 dial...

    Looks good He's a great source for parts. always found him very easy to deal with
  7. Hello all

    Bloody Hell Andy, nice to see you on here again after a long time. hope your doing alright mate. Cheers M
  8. How to make the rotor silent?

    Hello and welcome, ok so the only advise is perhaps purchase a cheap set of casebAck removers off ebay and once you've removed the caseback then apply a SMALL amount of gasket grease(the stuff you use on the rubber waterproof gaskets) to the small ball bearings on the rotor. Try to remove any access grease with a bit of cloth. Bottom line I'm afraid is that you will never get rid of the clicking sound on this PARTICULAR movement, my suggestion is try and find the model of your dreams with a better movement, if your a Rolex fan then the SH3135 is as quiet as you will get because the rotor is on a jewel rather than bearings as per gen. Hope that helps Cheers DH
  9. Wristies - thread consolidation?

    Snorkelling in cap salou. West coast of Spain and a beautiful 23 degrees
  10. Crossing over from RWI

    Welcome on board, and as stated by my fellow friendly members. We aim to educate and help rather than patronize and put down. Enjoy your new hobbie!
  11. Wristies - thread consolidation?

    NOS ollech & Wajs m1. Always loved the explorer dialed subs
  12. Rolex 1979 Explorer II ref 1655

    With a lovely correctly dated MK 4 stern dial if I'm not mistaken Congrats my friend.
  13. Gen wristies

    Hmmm so there was a green machine before the 16610LV🤔
  14. My new toy

    Here you go http://www.kwecars.com/bbc-top-gear-featured-our-xjs/
  15. My new toy

    Very nice mate, i seem to remember that there's now a company specializing in applying modern upgrades. It was on top gear a few years ago, might still be on youtube