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  1. Yeah that one took a couple years off my life. But the result... wow. All the little details are there, from the ever so slightly rounded tops of the bezel teeth to the subtle inset of the insert, tapered seconds hand, understated droop to the crown guards ... it all adds up. Now I'm biting my lip until I get the silver flat-three overlay put on, it will be exactly centered in the date aperture and exactly centered beneath the cyclops. It's all planned out. I also have a gen 702 crown sitting here smiling at me. I'm holding onto it for the 1665 SD if that one ever fails, but it's sure t
  2. I’ve been after this project since forever. I always missed having a Red Sub in the lineup. I dabbled here and there and each time the results were horrible. Finally I found an old school MBW and the game was on. I watched from the sidelines until the “right” dial showed up, then I found the right bezel and started aging it. I went with a very early pointy-four insert and amber pip. Then an original Polex Pete silver flat-three overlay washed up on these blissful shores. I tried 1,000 different T127 crystal and ring and bezel combinations until settling on the Sternkreuz. Then I f
  3. Thanks mate. We were talking last week about vintage builds that have that certain intangible “something” that puts them over the top. I think this one is right there. Big props to Neckyzips for his artistic eye.
  4. I really don’t know. It came with the handmade case and the texture, fonts and plots are perfect. Even the chipped chapter ring looks right. The A in SUBMARINER is ever so slightly too pointy but I can live with that.
  5. You’re right Buddha, it’s much more like a 6202 Turnograph case. Good eye. I thought about grinding it flat and decided to leave it as is.
  6. After about three years' time, I can call this one "done". The case looks to be hand made, from maybe the 70s, likely from Vietnam. It's nearly perfect, though a little too rounded on the sides. Inside the case back is the curly Rolex logo from the era, stamped deeply. The serial numbers are age appropriate and it has BREVET+ between the 12:00 lugs. I put a Brevet+ crown on it, and the dial is correctly dished, but chipped around the edges because the case maker didn't provide a good way to anchor the movement inside. The hands it came with were horrible, made from bits of different han
  7. All the dealers will claim theirs is the best, it's always that way. Over time people will buy and evaluate them, and it will get pretty clear, pretty fast, which are good and which aren't. It's always been this way. So be patient, take your time, and enjoy the benefits of everyone else here testing the waters for you. Or be brash, leap in and buy one, reject it, buy another, reject it too, buy a third, do a comparison between the three, and show us which is best. That too has always been the way. But one way costs much less money.
  8. I thought I’d try the Big Gonzo on a leather strap.
  9. I used to have confidence that eBay weeded out the junk, but no more. I collect Eskimo art, specifically Fred Machetanz. There are two more pieces I want, each going for around $2,000. Around Christmastime I found one over there for a killer price, but it didn't look quite right. I did a lot of zooming and comparing with known good examples, and discovered it's a reproduction on canvas. I alerted eBay and gave them my proof, and they did nothing. It stayed up until someone paid four figures for it. Now eBay is flooded with fake prints and I'll never buy another one.
  10. Call me old school, but I think four digit Rolex should have hollow link bracelets. All of mine do. That tinny jangly cheap rattly sound as you wear them is just part of the scene you occupy as you take yourself back 40 years and strap them on. There's just one flaw with Mary's band, and it's easily fixed. Et voila' voici un très bon sosie de 9315.
  11. Another tactic is one of Mary's hollow link 7836 bands. Put a 9315 clasp on it, and you're pretty much done. Except for those lousy "figure eight" end middle links.
  12. Hi Pezzie, I just set your account to VIP. The forum software usually handles that automatically but I get the sense you're pretty keen for a 1675. You're set to post a WTB ad now. Good luck!
  13. What he said. Our brains are remarkably good at making sense out of coherent information and being happy, and when things don't add up somehow, in the slightest way, they immediately alert us something is wrong. That mark in the dirt on the trail, there's a bear nearby. Those slightly turned front wheels of the car in the intersection, he's about to hit you in the crosswalk. It's the lizard brain and millennia of remembered lessons. So "The Look" is remarkably hard to achieve. The pieces all "go together" and they all tell the same story. In my eye it's nearly perfect. To pu
  14. Yes the triangular ring compresses the crystal onto the rehaut neck. Then you can see in pic #4 how I changed the flats on the wire retaining ring they are more like points, and give more friction against the ring. Then the bezel is held more tightly against the retaining ring.
  15. Hi Ronin, let's see if these pics help. AFAIK the newer 5513 et al are held on by friction between the bezel and ring. The bezel literally snaps over the ring with an interference fit, and the dished spring exerts upward pressure onto the bezel, creating friction between the top of the bezel and underside of the ring. Press down to turn. For the older models, the bezel snaps over the ring, again with an interference fit. The retaining ring is triangular in cross section, and the wire spring sits beneath it, making friction against the underside of the triangle. I've found I
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