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  1. Never happens to me, I just see the odd banner ad here and there. We on the team should all be in the same group as far as the forum software is concerned so we should see the same behavior. Are the pop ups on a desktop or a phone? I use Ad-Aware ad blocking software on my desktop, maybe it’s blocking them?
  2. Dammit, how did I miss this one?! Let's hear it for our good friend @deltatahoe !! The man has been around since dirt was invented and legend has it, he starred in Miami Vice. Don't believe me? Just ask him. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIG GUY!
  3. Yes indeed, RWG is about far more than simple replica watches. You'd be astounded to see the genuine pieces owned by our members. It seems a certain piece catches our eye and before you know it, we just have to have the genuine original. I know of a certain model made by Doxa, the Black Lung from the mid sixties. They made, from what Vargas's records show, maybe 13 of them. Probably 15. Of that worldwide total, FIVE of them live here at good old RWG. I found my Tropic 16 in the parts collection of a friend of a friend of a friend ... the original was so beat up I had to lick it to read the time. But that guy was good enough to sell it to me for crazy money, and now my Little Gonzo is restored to about what she looked like new.
  4. Well done Alan, everyone knows God intended for real dive watches to use big sexy domed acrylic crystals.
  5. I've found out the hard way it's best to go ahead and get what you REALLY want, instead of something "good enough". We all do that, and buy something that's pretty good, but then we buy the next best one, then the next, until we finally buy that one piece that we really wanted at the beginning. We wind up spending a lot more than if we'd just gotten The One right at the beginning. Problem is, what is "The One"? GMTs are notorious for bad crown guards, bad hand stacks, cobbled together movements that really aren't supposed to have a 24h function, and on and on. That's the reason RWG is here... to share information about watches. So my advice is to read, read again and read some more. Look at posts by our inimitable @By-Tor ... the man has forgotten more about GMTs than the rest of us have ever learned. Over the last 10+ years he's gone into excruciating detail over what's good and what isn't on the GMT offerings. See what he has to say and learn what to look for. Armed with that knowledge (no more guessing now) look at what the TDs offer and pick the best one you can find. Seriously, stretch yourself and go for the BEST. Don't wuss out. Then when it arrives it will be more than you hoped for, not less. If it needs a service (likely) send it to MyManMatt or Misiekped and be gracious. They are artists and deserve our patience and respect. Then when you get it back wear it for a month, take lots of pictures, then start a pictorial topic and show us your pride and joy. Tell us the story and we'll celebrate with you. Welcome aboard!
  6. Dizzy! Man it's been a long time. It's great to see you again!
  7. Rest In Peace, old friend (like THAT'S gonna happen)
  8. I love listening to guys from this era. Blind Lemon, Hubert Sumlin, Mississippi John Hurt... good stuff.
  9. Dang, Ubi you need to post up a warning before you show this. Hearts all over the world skipped a beat when they hit refresh on this page. Magnificent
  10. Not this one (before switching out the white seconds hand)
  11. Exactly. The one with the gen movement is NOT the one that goes swimming with me.
  12. Well said. Which one has the genuine movement?
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