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  1. Case closed. Now reopened...

    Interesting... what are the ligne and stem height of a Felso 4007?
  2. Word Association Thread

    Sammy Davis Jr.
  3. Ploprof on Stingray

    I picked up another strap for Da Beast. Black polished stingray and tribal stitching... it's a great combination! ps: yes that's a Panerai buckle
  4. Ploprof strap alternative

    Bwahahahaaaaa! Remember this is a family friendly site, mate! Come to think of it maybe that explains Stu's pic.....
  5. Ploprof strap alternative

    Very nice Andy! But we all know that's not your girly little wrist... was Stu down visiting?
  6. Ploprof strap alternative

    I've got one on my Orange Monster too and it's a heck of a piece. Strong and well built. I really like the BIG look it gives the Ploprof, so it's more "balanced" top and bottom.
  7. Ploprof strap alternative

    Here's where I got mine. You can get different custom lengths too, I did 190mm for a couple bucks more. https://www.ebay.com/itm/322642828752
  8. Wristies - thread consolidation?

    A little birdy told me he found a few more of those same dusty old Pateks in a box in back of a shop in the MBK mall...
  9. I picked up a very handsome Ploppy from a gentleman in jolly olde London and it's a joy to behold, but darn if I never wore it. Something about it was just...... off. Unbalanced somehow. So I was wearing a Pam 6154 with a lovely thick wide strap and realized part of its persona is that wide strap. I looked the Omega over and realized there was a big massive head and a comparatively puny shark mesh band. Plus the original clasp was a disaster to keep adjusted. The light came on. I went fishing in the eBay pond and came up with a 24mm by 190mm shark mesh band that's built like a tank and the clasp has a nice low profile. I fitted it up tonight and it makes all the difference in the world. Now I've got a massive band to counterbalance the massive head. It looks amazingly better and the clasp is a dream in comparison.
  10. I made a strap!

    Very nice! Have you ever tried an Eskimo ulu for cutting leather? They're amazing.
  11. Word Association Thread

  12. Top-10 most embarrassing Rolexes ever

    You mean this nasty old beat up 1675? No way... I can't take advantage of an old friend like that. The Yacht-Tona is irreplaceable and almost infinitely valuable. My 1675? Not so much.
  13. Advise on 5508

    That's not a bad looking case at all, and alligoat is right, it shouldn't be that pristine. That's easy to fix. The key is long thin lugs and a THIN case profile. Everything else is "close enough is good enough".