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  1. Ivan Dials

    When I had him make my dial I waited 2 years for him to find a genuine plate. It's not like people are throwing away vintage Rolexes just to recover their dials for reuse.
  2. This is why this place is so great!
  3. Yeah..... unfortunately you're fighting the case geometry. Looking down through the crystal, it's already far too easy to be left with a big steel lip around the dial opening (the rehaut) depending on which crystal you use. Having the rehaut be noticeably smaller than the crystal it's just gonna look weird. CWP does make awesome crystals, but they're not the only ones. I've had good results with Sternkreuz and GS, and they offer a few size variants. I gotta be honest with you and admit the search feature here sucks. I found my links on Google thusly: crystal t19 3 sizes site:rwg.cc *cough*
  4. Some articles about this: https://rwg.cc/topic/188228-my-pcg-5513-or-5512-build-help-me-decide-on-parts/ https://rwg.cc/topic/187736-finally-decided-to-do-things-myself/ https://rwg.cc/topic/139330-clarks-t19-fitment/ https://rwg.cc/topic/186326-rolex-5513-nearly-off-the-bench/
  5. Stablemate for this one??
  6. My ears are still recovering from that nasty H2 you brought to the IOM TT! IMG_1791.MOV
  7. Very tight/stuck screws in a bracelet

    Score! Well done, I'm glad that worked so well.
  8. Rolex Wristies thread

    Yeah the real small arrow is an equilateral triangle. The Raffles is a little long and the base isn't straight across. Tonny's piece is soooooo close, but the "walls" making the outline of the arrowhead are a little too thick. Otherwise it's spot on. Your 6542 is so nice it deserves a really good small arrow hand. Good luck finding one.
  9. Rolex Wristies thread

    I grabbed a Tonny small arrow hand when they were available, now he's out of the business. They ARE out there... you just have to find one. Here's how it looks:
  10. The Noob and His Rolex Build.

    You might go a tiny bit higher but not much. A low dome is definitely the right look too.
  11. Hmmmmmm how about a manual wind with the rotor removed? Whatever it takes to mash an ETA in there!
  12. The Noob and His Rolex Build.

    Not tall enough? I think it's just right. Remember this isn't a dive watch so it doesn't need a massive pressure resistant crystal.
  13. The Noob and His Rolex Build.

    Oh yes, very nice. I didn't want to rain on your parade but it seriously needed a different crystal. This is a huge step in the right direction. Well done!