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  1. When the time comes? What time? You mean I'm not going to live forever?! This brings up a good question. Many years ago Land Rover bought the rights to the Buick Fireball V8 engine. My 1963 Land Rover still has the original cast iron engine, but what if I transplanted the "Buick" V8 into the old Rover? Is it still a Rover, even though I've replaced its heart? What if I dropped a small block Ford V8 in there? In my mind, it's still a Rover. I could take the V8 back out and nobody would ever know I'd done it. I guess it all comes down to being honest about our creations?
  2. Keeper, you'll stay within the rules because they're the damn rules. Not because you happen to think the admin is a gentleman. He is, but that doesn't mean he's to be taken lightly.
  3. Time to go back in the safe.
  4. Mon dieu quelle tragédie. C'est déchirant.
  5. I've been playing the heck out of Guitar Freakout this week. Great stuff!
  6. I messaged the Boss, we'll look into it. Thanks for the alert!
  7. That, sir, is the rarest of all Rolex, a chimera of sorts. Let's see who's first to figure out what it is!
  8. If I was to do that I'd get a good Phong case and have Dbane work it over. Then a Dark Lord dial and ETA movement, maybe a 2783. Gen hands and gen everything else. That would be a good looking workhorse I could wear every day for the rest of my life.
  9. Exactly right. I used to wear my 6536 every day, it went everywhere and did everything for decades. Then on its last service with Ziggy he sent me traces from his timing machine and some scary photos. Then he said he was able to clean up the autowind gears and they work fine, but they're nearly used up. And there are no more available. That settled it, and I put it away. I still wear it on special occasions, and I miss it. So now the Big Gonzo wears the mantle.
  10. It's funny, I just had this conversation yesterday with someone else. I've got several gens with 1030 movements and I never wear them anymore. Parts are too hard to find. But that look is inescapable. So I built the Big Gonzo 6538 to replace the 6536 that rests now in the safe. I wanted something with the same strong vintage vibe, perhaps slightly different than the Small Crown, and something I can go swimming with. These are, after all, tool watches. So I went nuts on expensive parts, and put a low-beat ETA movement inside. It's robust, parts are readily available, and if I flood it in the briny deep, who cares? The Big Gonzo is a tool watch too.
  11. I got lucky, my favorite vintage was "born" the same month and year as me. Then 56 years old, then 51 years, then 47 years. Oops there's also one 98 years old, and the one sitting in a box in Seattle, 68 years old. Sure wish I could get my hands on that one again. Dragging this topic back on topic, I'd have to say the ARF SD43 Anniversary Sea Dweller is the nicest out-of-the-box rep I've seen in a loooooong time. If it wasn't against forum rules, I wouldn't hesitate to wear mine into a Rolex dealer. It's that good.
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