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  1. A better 6538 project

    It's really easy to lower that dome, Bart. Got a vibrating sander like for carpentry? It works great. Hold the crystal in your bare fingertips and gently press against the vibrating sandpaper, keeping it flat so it cuts the sides down the same all around. I did that to a gen T39 Superdome (rare as heck) and it came out perfect. Summon your courage and go for it! Maybe 1mm is all it will take. The thing to watch for is clearance under the inner surface of the dome, so the hands don't touch.
  2. A better 6538 project

    Let's see a profile shot! That dome is absolutely critical for the completed look of a 50s or 60s dive piece.
  3. Wristies - thread consolidation?

    An old friend today
  4. Rolex Wristies thread

    BOOM!! Each one a work of art.
  5. Rolex Wristies thread

    Very nice Freddy, we haven't seen that Small Crown in quite awhile. Encore!
  6. Something from our newest dealer

    Taaaaaaaaaaaaasty! how much? That's gotta have some advanced lovin' to look the bidniz. Want to send it to me for a couple months?
  7. The RWG official watch has arrived!

    I wonder if I could hit that thing at 40 yards with a 12 gauge slug?
  8. Word Association Thread

  9. Word Association Thread

    Maxwell Smart
  10. Any barefoot walker around here?

    I'm barefoot as much as possible... I even shovel snow barefoot, but it takes awhile to get your feet used to it!
  11. Word Association Thread

    Melting pot