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  1. Do I smell a 100 watch photo spread coming up?
  2. See the size difference in the hours hands? If you can, broach half the difference in the hand, and remove the other half difference from the hours wheel hand seat.
  3. All thanks to YOU!
  4. Out my front door, we'll have alpenglow in half an hour
  5. Hey we're talking boobies in here!
  6. Darn tootin! If a watch can get eaten by a bear and pooped out and still keep running, it "passes"
  7. Hey don't knock the Subpaaariner, it was the basis for my "How tough is a rep Submariner?" test, lo those many moons ago.
  8. Don't believe everything you read... that 6541 Milgauss is faker than a fake thing. But what great news about potential tropic 38 crystals!
  9. Great to see you M! Get that PM box cleaned out and dust off your dancing shoes... there's a lot going on!
  10. A good machinist would be able to increase the diameter of the dial seat beneath the rehaut, so you have to remove less from the dial. And years ago member Donerix did a tutorial on modifying a dial opening to enlarge it, by sanding back the rehaut. Those together plus some judicious sanding, ought to get that dial to fit. But if you mount the dial to an ETA movement with dots (after cutting off the feet) you might need to machine the dial seat anyway to reduce the stem height. You can do both at the same time. Compare the post sizes for 1570/1520/1530/1560 movements vs. ETA and you might find a little broaching or staking will make them work. I did that for my Big Gonzo, the only real problem was the amount that had to come off the hours hand. Machining down the hands seat on the hours wheel helped. There's more than one road to Rome..............
  11. *GROOOOAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN* Ba-da-bum! Psssshhhhhhhh (rimshot!)
  12. Dare I say it...................... USE THE SEARCH FUNCTION! Hah, welcome back old timer! Glad to see you darkening our door again.
  13. Thanks for the update, I was talking to the boss about this yesterday.
  14. Hey Euno... good to see you! Member number 343 !! Who can beat that?