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  1. Caveat emptor, people. Yes this can be a wonderful gesture. Yes this can be a ripoff. We don't know Waka from Adam's off ox here at RWG. I'd like to see some feedback from other sites before I sent any money.
  2. There's also the makings of a VERY good 5508 project here somewhere, it's been for sale for ages. It will be spendy but it's top notch parts.
  3. Exactly right. As more and more watch snobs put their prized pieces in safes because the part they need to repair it is simply not available anywhere ... will they finally crack and accept "perfect" aftermarket parts that can keep their babies in circulation? Will greed or snobbery win out? Fortunately, we're on the winning side of the equation. Consider Slay's recent foray into "perfect" replacement hands. And his Fat Font inserts. Consider HH's perfect 5514 cases. Consider the Phong Big Crown 6200 case that Daniel2000 has for sale. Consider Adrian's 6204 case set project.
  4. Hi JDS, I think we came to the conclusion that sunlight bleaches the dial so the indices and hands get whiter. Sometimes the dial will change color too, losing pigment so it goes from black to brown. But the hour plots should get whiter with more sun.
  5. Thanks, I know they're not the greatest but I tried to get perpendicular to the side of each case in both pairs of photos so you can see where they differ.
  6. Gen 6536/1 case+back is approx 7.81mm thick. Gen spec 6538 is approx 8.76mm thick
  7. Parts availability will be the death of our watches, not unlike the dying of vintage cars. Anyone have a layshaft for a Suffix "A" gearbox for my '63 Land Rover? No? Didn't think so. I once sent my ultra-rare Gigandet chrono to a well known watchmaker in Canada that used to haunt these halls. Someone had dropped it and broken a shaft. He hunted for a couple years for a watch with that movement that could be sacrificed, and finally gave up. In the end he made one with a lathe and sent it back working perfectly. Watching Adrian here offering 800 and 702 crowns and n
  8. Nanuq


    The man... The legend... The human art form... JeffG!!! As I live and breathe, welcome back!
  9. Very nice. The 3 tick marks beside the date window finish it off nicely.
  10. Here is what my Black Lung looks like. If you look carefully you can see the shadow and reflection of the underside of the seconds hand reflected in the glossy dial. Where it reflects off the orange surface is not as pronounced, and where it reflects from the black logo it is much more visible. The difference in reflection from those two colored surfaces shows you how glossy it is.
  11. Very unusual they’d show the full 3 digit number on the case back. Anyone have an HH case and dial they want to sell? 741 here I come!
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