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  1. When I bought my last cheapie online I hedged my bets by picking one that used a well known and easily obtainable Seiko movement. The rest of the watch was built like a tank, so if it arrived broken, I just had to swap in a new $30 movement. Luckily it arrived in perfect shape and it keeps better time than any of my genuine Rolex. And it cost less than the last Rolex crystal I had to replace.
  2. Yes indeed, those are push pins. I haven't tried pushing one yet but it looks like that would make it possible to add or remove folded links without having to bend the midlinks. Looking closely at the sides of the folded links you can see these are not the typical Rolex fold. But for $14 you get two midlinks to fix the Mary 7836 band. Or leave the thing bloody alone and wear it and see if it isn't a suitable replacement for Mary's piece? I've been going over mine to soften/ease the sharp edges and I scrubbed hell out of it with soap and that brightened it up considerably. Add some WS
  3. Oh and I forgot to mention the Maranez runs the Seiko NH35 (?) movement that comes in the Turtle so the parts are a direct fit.
  4. I tried an eBay item for the heck of it and I’m pleasantly surprised by how it worked out. Guy is selling 20mm folded oyster bands and they’re actually surprisingly good. The clasp and endlinks are crap but the oyster links and most importantly the last midlink are usable. And they’re $14 apiece. I’m buying half a dozen just to get the last mid links to put on Mary’s 7836 bands. I put WSO 580s on and am replacing the clasp and it’s a piece I can live with. https://www.ebay.com/itm/381546383310
  5. Hi Rpropp, I built them. They’re stupid easy to put together. Find a Turtle for sale used, then get your dial, hands, crystal, insert and beads of rice band from Yobokies. Get the bezel from One Second Closer. Then put ‘er together or have one of the modders here assemble it. It’s an hour’s work. They come up for sale sporadically, almost never in the light blue though. Good luck! Here’s the light blue Maranez, it was cheaper than the parts will be for the Soxa, not including the donor Turtle.
  6. What a great “beater”!
  7. Nice. I'm a big fan of microbrands too. Check out Maranez.
  8. Dunno, but you can find clasps like ARF uses on eBay and DHGate for cheap.
  9. Okay one80, let's talk about this. I started out exactly where you are... I loved the look of a Big Crown, and had to have one. "Only the best will do!" So I started researching. This is most important. Research. Know exactly what you want. Then research more... who makes the parts to build what you want? Armed with that knowledge, start acquiring parts. I recommend you find the dial first. You'll find there are complete crap Big Crowns out there, then there's a middle ground of pretty nice pieces that look perfectly good to 95% of people that see them. Then th
  10. I picked up this Maranez a couple years ago, but no steel bracelets existed at the time. So I found a 20mm Beads of Rice with straight ends, and a guy in the UK selling curved BOR endlinks. It has a massively thick case and an 11mm crown (!!!!!) but it looked like I could marry all the parts together. So a lot of file work and reshaping later, here she is.
  11. I’m pretty sure dBane is done taking in project watches. I have a Phong case for my Snowflake and it’s very very nice.
  12. It would be orders of magnitude easier and far more believable on the wrist. My buddy here is the watchmaker at the Rolex AD and he has never seen a Big Crown being worn. And he has worked on exactly one, that someone found at the bottom of the Russian river, many years after the band broke.
  13. My friend built the most extravagant Big Crown Franken I’ve seen. He painstakingly researched every last detail and in the end decided he had to have a genuine red triangle hash insert. He found one, nearly NOS, authenticated, and paid over $4,500 for it. If I’d done that I would never wear the watch. The inserts aren’t held in THAT well and it would be ruinous to look down at your wrist and see it missing. Heck, when I replaced the gen T39 Superdome on my 1665 I almost stopped wearing it because I didn’t want to crack it on something, and that was a paltry $350 crystal. YMMV
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