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  1. Nanuq

    Word Association Thread

    fantastic lover
  2. Nanuq

    what you drive?

    You got that right!
  3. Did you say Christopher Walken? Well then we need this... More Cowbell!!
  4. That's a great result. Thanks for sharing! And we have enough people here with mad machining skillz it ought to be easy to do.
  5. Nanuq

    Rep Waterproofing

    I made a tester out of a Nalgene bottle and it will go to 90psi before the lid leaks. That's about 200' depth.
  6. Wasn't that a service offered by RedBigJoe??
  7. But it's not just the aged Swiss nano oil, let's not forget the dropper carved from the Norwegian unicorn tusk that he uses to microscopically place each droplet.
  8. Nanuq

    Cars & watches

    How about planes and watches? Turbine Otter and gen 6536/1 above the Ruth glacier. That rock face is 6,000 feet high for perspective.
  9. Nanuq

    Ivan Dials

    That's right. He uses only gen dial plates, my understanding is it's a way to prevent proliferation of dials made using the genuine factory process. Or I can be misremembering conversations I had more than a few years ago... don't take that to the bank but it feels like an accurate memory.
  10. Nanuq

    Custom size jubilee endlinks

    I'll get some photos today. It's deceiving in scale, those rock walls are 4,000 - 5,000 feet high.
  11. Nanuq

    Love Modding these $80 Invicta's

    Ok thanks that does help. I'm looking for some of those "last" mid links that are folded steel. Back to the drawing board
  12. Nanuq

    Ivan Dials

    Hello? Rirash? It's been 7 weeks. But who's counting? In my case it was two years and I figured I was lucky. And again the Dark Lord slips into the realm of the inexplicable.