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  1. Yeah I pushed too hard and smashed that hours hand down so far it wouldn't turn then I had to get it back off. Tweezers? Nope. Hemostats? Not on your life. Pick it up with an xacto knife? Dream on. Give me the damn channel-locks. It came off. And I broke the weak-ass pansy fricken cheap wussy miniature godforsaken stinking stem inside the crown. Next time I need to take a Seiko apart I'm using a different set of tools. I'm done "persuading" things to come apart.
  2. Welcome aboard! We're all about watches of any kind, and the longer you're here the more you'll be drawn to the aggravating/rewarding hobby of Frankenwatches. What generations are you interested in? 4-digit? 5-digit? Six?
  3. Nice, welcome aboard! We're here to archive and share information, and enjoy watches of all kinds. Lots of folks show up, ask the obligatory "Who has the best Sub?" and buy it and disappear. You did it right ... read, read, read and read some more, make your choice, then show us your new piece in some photos.
  4. Yeah what’s with that? By the time you get old enough to afford nice watches, your eyesight goes and you can’t SEE the things!
  5. Yeah, it depends if you’re squinting looking through your right eye, or your left. Apparently I was using the wrong one!
  6. Yep dagaz/Yobokies it is. I finished an orange one, but the next has the nh36 movement and the hands WOULD NOT go on. Gawd, that’s frustrating.
  7. Welcome back dadog and WM! It’s good to see you. Dog, believe it or not I finally succumbed to the siren song of the Panerai and bought a few. My, they’re .................. large.
  8. I tape it through a springbar to the inside of the bottle and fill bottle 1/2 full. Pump it up to 90psi, wait a bit, then tip Nalgene onto its side submerging the watch as I release the pressure. Single bubble is okay, stream of bubbles is bad.
  9. I made a pressure tester from a Nalgene water bottle. Cut the air valve from an inner tube and glue it into the lid. Mine takes 90psi from my compressor before it deforms and leaks, and it works great. That’s not a lot of “depth”, something like 6 atmospheres and 200 feet.
  10. If you use grease at the base of the crystal be EXCEEDINGLY careful not to let it migrate up the walls of the rehaut. It will sneak into your dial face quicker than a punk at a Sex Pistols concert.
  11. Thanks they’re my hiking companions, they smell bears long before I do.
  12. I can heartily recommend it. You'll never find more satisfaction in life than with a couple faithful companions. PS: welcome back big guy!!
  13. That looks a little better than my 50s Submariner, even so I never get it even remotely near the water anymore. Movement parts are nearly impossible to find now.
  14. Yeah we had a disagreement [emoji41]
  15. You know what I really really really HATE doing with watches? Putting those pansy fricken miniature wussy hands back on. :rant: AAARRGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!
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