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  1. No wolves, the gate keeps them off the deck. But the bears climb right over.
  2. Oh that's right... wasn't it 5th_group that bought it? Good Lord that was a pretty watch!
  3. Sure she can. Sit! Smile!
  4. Whatever happened to that craaaaazy caseback?
  5. Hey tiger, welcome back! Let's see a photo of Ollie's COMEX!
  6. And we *just* got all the fuzzy bits out from Ken's Left Nut!
  7. It's a pleasure having you aboard, chief! You're a huge asset to our community and we're all better because you're here. Now kindly get out of the champagne fountain. Yes we appreciate your backstroke technique, but it's making the drinks taste funny.
  8. Ah, now I see them, on Tapatalk they don't appear on my phone. What specifically makes a "Type-F" case, and how many Types are there? I see you were trying different "ears". That's one thing that bugs me about my Rolerai 3646, the lugs stick straight out. Can I dremel them to make them fit the holes looser, then solder them in angled downward? Is that the preferred trick?
  9. Very nice! Can you check your photos in your prior post? I'd love to see the before and after shots as you shaped the case.
  10. A couple old favorites today
  11. Hey J, good to see you!