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  1. Okay, yes everyone knows Alaska has bears. Lots of bears. But when they attack it's horrifying the amount of raw damage they can do, and how quickly it happens. It's unbelievable. Grown men are eviscerated with one swipe of the paw. I know this is a family-friendly site, so I hesitate to show these photos. But we need to lay to rest, once and for all, the fact that Alaskan bears are truly the most fearsome bears on the planet. These photos were "obtained" from law enforcement. They were used to document the attack. You've been warned. These are NOT for the faint of heart. These are gruesome, in-color, detailed photos of a live Polar Bear attack on a living man, as it happened. They're not blurred out to protect delicate sensibilities. PROCEED WITH CAUTION!!!!! Weaker men, click away to another thread. Please. The nightmares are not worth it. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! (scroll down)
  2. I hear ya, but this time of year winter's getting a little old. We've had plenty of it, and there's still a couple more months to go.
  3. Good LORD that thing is handsome. Beautiful tropical dial!
  4. A little birdy told me that our friend @astonjenks across the pond is celebrating a birthday today! Congratulations big guy! Here pulling onto a motorway with him in his Aston Martin
  5. There really is nothing like The Real Thing.
  6. Dammit, of course! I have GOT to get a better monitor.
  7. Right down to the Bart dial. Spectacular.
  8. You got that right! Decisions..................
  9. Thanks for posting this, it's remarkable how close they really are! And congrats on picking up the Real Thing. Some watches are icons and they just have to be gens.
  10. Seiko OM with a Dagaz super dome crystal.
  11. My 1680 from 1978 also has the o-ring groove beneath the crystal retaining ring.
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