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  1. I know the rep casebacks won't fit a genuine 1680, if that helps.
  2. In search of utter vocal perfection, the Gesualdo Six.
  3. Here's an example of "Just because it lived a hard life it doesn't have to be beat to death". This one spent 20+ years as the primary timer for my friend on thousands of dives to the bottom of the Seven Seas, and it's been to max rated pressure in chambers "more than a few times". When I got it I had to lick the crystal to see the time, so I spent a week rubbing it with a tshirt to get it as clear as this. The lugs still show the factory "bark" finish and there are admittedly some gouges on the HEV side and the 4:00 lug. Other than that, just lots and lots and lots of tiny dings from getting bashed around a dive boat for decades.
  4. “Maranez” Doxa lookalike just arrived today. Thin case, domed sapphire, it just reeks of the early Sixties dive craze and the SUB 300s.
  5. I use the tip of a pocketknife to get it started then a fine screwdriver moving up to bigger screwdrivers.
  6. Paging @ubiquitous ...........
  7. Absolutely right. I just checked, since I posted this every color is sold out except Orange and Black. Smi mens jernet er varmt!
  8. Loosely translated in English as “wowsers!” [emoji1787]
  9. I think the trick is to fool the subconscious. Your brain takes in 1,000 visual details and puts them together and they add up, or your lizard brain throws up red flags because something isn't right. Something doesn't make sense. An obvious example would be the cut in a Submariner's bezel where the insert snaps in. You can smooth the outer edge so the teeth aren't so sharp, but the inner edge sitting right above the insert should be smoothed over from years of wear too, right? Check these pictures, my Red Sub when I got it, and then after some extensive but very mild ageing. Check the before and after on the bezel teeth and the cutout, it's rounded over on the top and you would never have noticed that... but your subconscious would.
  10. Great topic! Okay here’s a quiz... which one has had 63 years of aging and which has had 3?
  11. It uses the Seiko NH35 movement that takes ETA hands, is readily available and can be replaced for $35 and keeps fantastic time. Price? $399 shipped. https://www.maranez.com/product-page/maranez-samui-vintage-orange
  12. NICE!!! We all knew you were good for it. Stick around, newcomer!
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