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  1. Nanuq

    Rolex 1680 - Gen vs. Rep Comparison

    A few photos of my old buddy with the caved in 702. Don't ask.
  2. Holy frijoles! What a score. Beautiful piece! Let's see some more angles.
  3. Nanuq

    Rolex 1680 - Gen vs. Rep Comparison

    Verrrrrrrrrry nice. I know it's taking a step "the wrong direction" but I really love the look of a 702 crown on a 1680.
  4. Nanuq

    A Little 5514 Abay Fettling...

    Very nice result! You have the bones there to drape some really nice skin over. If it was me, I'd clean up the CGs and then find a logo-less dial and engraved caseback to go "stealth" pre-COMEX. That's the one gaping hole in my collection and you're most of the way there.
  5. Nanuq

    Reccomend watch smith in the Bay Area, CA

    Well naturally, if you're fitting a loose and sloppy rep crystal. Tsk! As we all know a genuine crystal is a much tighter fit and requires a genuinely capable press to get it well seated.
  6. Nanuq

    Reccomend watch smith in the Bay Area, CA

    Well heck, I do crystal replacements! It just takes a little direct pressure.
  7. Nanuq

    Reccomend watch smith in the Bay Area, CA

    Roger that Sogeha. We have a multitude of people here on the board that are intimately familiar with reps in all their iterations. USPS shipping is cheap; contact a few people and see how their backlog is... you won't be disappointed.
  8. Nanuq

    Only in Alaska

    Ahhhhh, nothing a few rolls of duct tape won't fix!
  9. Nanuq

    Only in Alaska

    I guess it could have been worse, he could have left food in the plane!
  10. Nanuq

    Only in Alaska

    What I can't believe is he parked a "near 7 figures" car out in front of the hotel overnight! Too bad I'm out of state, I would drive clear down to Girdwood just to see those beauties.
  11. Nanuq

    Selling a couple of watches..

    I think that's pretty fair Sogeha. Don't be in a hurry to sell and wait for the right buyer to come along. Someone honest won't blink at paying Friends and Family as long as you're upfront and show good clear pics and all known history of your pieces. Sell as if you're a buyer not wanting to get screwed and that will smooth things over immeasurably.
  12. Nanuq

    Only in Alaska

    Yeah I thought it was a kit car!
  13. Nanuq

    Only in Alaska