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  1. Challenge accepted. I give you.... The Nastymariner
  2. Ah, takk vennlig min venn, men denne bygningen er 61 år gammel.
  3. Holy CRAP there are some sweet pieces floating around here! How about a little one-liner description of the eye candy when you post it up? Anyone who's been around here very long will recognize this hallowed granite desktop. A very kind and very generous dear friend offered to install this Brevet crown for me. What a joy to see my watch in his workshop.
  4. I had the same results from Yuki and MQ. Gen springbars don't go through there. But the solution is easy enough. Get one of those cheap Jeweler Screwdriver sets at the grocery store for $5.99 Get the size that won't quite go through the hole, and twist it and shove it through there. The 7206s are made from thin sheet metal and the twisting and pushing of the screwdriver will make the opening bigger. I've done this on a dozen Yuki and one MQ bands with success. Remember, these are not unobtanium vintage bands that will never be available again, these are cheap tin replicas. Be brutal and cram that screwdriver through there, bending and cranking it back and forth as you make the opening bigger. Put on your Big Boy panties and use those screwdrivers to make it fit. In the end, it will.
  5. This really spoke to me today. It reminds me a lot of how we at RWG reach around the globe sharing our passion for our hobby too. Take a moment today. Just Look Up.
  6. Welcome aboard, mate. We're glad to have you here. We have a dozen guys here that can fix your watches, and the ones I use the most are @Misiekped and @MyManMatt ... both are gentlemen and do excellent work. They might be busy right now, but give them a PM and see if they can schedule you in. You'll be glad you did.
  7. @JoeyB in 1972 this was $175 cash.
  8. I'll take "People with more money than sense" for $1,000 Alex.
  9. Sorry mate. It's come, and gone. I agree, what a beauty!
  10. Driving home with the Big Gonzo
  11. There ain't 10 no more....
  12. Mmmmmmm, love me some flat 3s
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