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  1. Yep. My comment was made with tongue very firmly in cheek. My gosh ... HOW did I miss this the first time it went past? Holy cow! More details!!!
  2. Dang, who would have known 2-3 years ago such a perfect copy of the Doxa Army would exist?
  3. I was called out on the Vintage Rolex Forum by an "expert" who claimed this one has the wrong hands and an aftermarket bezel. The only part not original from the factory is the crystal, and it is a factory Superdome tropic-39. Take "expert" opinions with a grain of salt. I trust the "experts" here more than I do the ones on VRF or TZ.
  4. Wow. I suspect the $1.2M target is low too. Is that a photo of your Goldie? We haven’t seen her in awhile. Got more?
  5. Very nice 1680! I love seeing a tool diver on a rubber strap.
  6. Nice, that ain’t your daddy’s Cessna.
  7. Call me old school but I prefer fully mechanical watches. Manual even better than automatic wind. Call me an anachronism, but I take it as a personal challenge to keep my '63 Land Rover running well. That means keeping on top of generator brushes wear, maintaining adjustment and points gaps in the 3-coil electro-mechanical voltage regulator, maintaining my points gap and dwell in my ignition points, keeping my timing adjusted exactly right, and keeping my carburetor adjusted exactly right. With the bonnet down, at idle the only thing you hear is noise from the belt and fan going around, the engine is as quiet and smooth as a Swiss watch. I drive down to meet my buds and we all give our dogs exercize in the afternoons, and rolling up to the group as they stand talking, the only sound is the tires rolling in the grit of the parking lot. I wish I had the skill (and steady hands) to tear down my mechanical watches, I'd love to tinker them into perfection too. But I can't even reinstall a set of hands without mangling them. So better left to someone with calmer mitts.
  8. I have one quartz watch, made specifically for skiing. It measures rate of descent and counts runs, plus keeps an eye on the barometer and temperature to give a heads-up about changing weather. Guess which mode mine's in all the time? Trying to max out the rate of descent. https://www.mountainzone.com/gear/Avocet_Vertech_Review.html
  9. You drive a hard bargain, but................. okay. I'll take the 20mm rivet bands.
  10. Damn! I gotta get out in front of this thing. That's it, I'm breaking out the big guns. Ken's Left Nut. There, I said it. That's right. I went there.
  11. Okay I just sold my two eldest children on eBay, where do I send funds for the rivet bands?
  12. Try searching for an early MBW band too, they were REALLY good.
  13. Rats, I almost had the entire RWG membership spooled up to send you PMs to buy. Then it was only a matter of time until you collapsed under the onslaught and agreed. I'll take two.
  14. Hey buddy watch out, I got dibs on those bracelets and 3 or 4 1030s. The line forms to the rear! Boy those folded oysters are gonna look good on my GMT and Snowflake!
  15. I guess you better put me down for a spare 1030 too. My Sub is getting awfully long in the tooth.
  16. Wow, very nice. OK, I'll take these two, please let me know where to send funds.
  17. Are those holding 1030 movements? If so I get the first two.
  18. Welcome aboard! It makes me wonder, what sort of diesel automobile do you drive? Truck? Sedan? Mercedes? Land Rover?
  19. I just love the Beatles. “Imagine no possessions I wonder if you can No need for greed or hunger A brotherhood of man Imagine all the people Sharing all the world You... You may say I'm a dreamer But I'm not the only one I hope someday you'll join us And the world will live as one”
  20. It’s curious that secretive group has been able to put out three collaboration pieces. It took us at good old RWG what, 2 years to make our own collaboration piece? Maybe they follow orders better in their collective? Or maybe raw spending power greases the skids?
  21. Dammit Freddy, I'd always thought of the Cellini as a gaudy super-sized quartz Timex. So following your advice I went looking and found a gorgeous "Cellini Time" with black lacquer dial in rose gold. My, my, my. What a looker. And there's no quartz there... inside beats a 3135 heart. They say once you buy into the Rolex way of "doing watches" you never pay for a watch again. The black dialed beauty is suggested at $15,000 and the dual time in 18k rose gold can be had for $17,250. Buy one and wear it all you want, and you'll be able to sell it again whenever you choose for what you paid, or more. Then there's the cachet of a "NIB" watch that was discontinued oh so long ago, "back when Rolex really knew how to make watches". We've all heard that song and dance. Maybe THESE are the good old days.
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