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  1. Gordon Ramsay - What is this

    If it's a vintage Submariner from the 50s, then it's a 6538 or 6536. Low profile and no crown guards.
  2. Returning member collection

    Welcome back! PM me your email address and I might be able to find your old username.....
  3. The RWG official watch has arrived!

    Oogruk... the other white meat.
  4. What Omega are you wearing today?

    The Big Iron today
  5. The RWG official watch has arrived!

    :-) Panic, confusion and horror... My work here is done.
  6. The RWG official watch has arrived!

    We get those here... every male oogruk has one, we call it an oosik. [emoji41] That watch packs some serious horsepower! Talk about a scene stealer, that had almost the same effect as when MOAB cleared the entire beach in NJ. Fantastic. They should issue those to riot police!
  7. Where to buy

    Here are some discussions: https://rwg.cc/topic/129970-new-project-5514-comex/ https://rwg.cc/topic/127728-next-project-5513-or-5514/
  8. Where to buy

    Great advice! Do a search for various COMEX build discussions we've had here... that will help you decide which flavor you want too.
  9. Wristies - thread consolidation?

    Wearing old iron again today. Even the old timers need exercize!
  10. Best Daytona rep

    The dictionary is the only place where "success" comes before "work".
  11. Best Daytona rep

    Here's the last guy that tried to build an accurate Daytona. Nearly succeeded too, before he ate it.
  12. Word Association Thread

  13. GMT movement for

    Let us not forget the Queen Bee, Miss Understood. When she shows up the men scatter like cats on carpet.
  14. 5512/13 Dome Options...

    It's all about the clarity and the multi colored retractions you get from a top end crystal. It really is worth the money. Here's a comparison that includes a CWP crystal too: https://rwg.cc/topic/179038-a-tropic-crystal-comparison-and-gallery/
  15. GMT movement for

    Exactly. And in the last 19 years I've only had my vintage gens serviced by members here.
  16. GMT movement for

    This....... is exactly why RWG exists. We started out as a site to share information about the good guys and the bad apples out there in the rep world, and it's morphed into something far bigger and deeper. I'd put the knowledge of our user base up against any other watch site in the world. Well done, lads.
  17. The RWG official watch has arrived!

    Oh dang, that's right! Back when we still called him "Ken". My bad.