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  1. “Gregg is a quiet giant; he’s the kindest soul you’ll ever meet” -Derek Trucks, ABB
  2. Lest we forget.
  3. It's turning into a nice evening, considering it snowed here today.
  4. And I'm very proud and honored by the quality of boys we have here in the trenches keeping the old RWG flame alive.
  5. A priest, a Higgs boson and a neutrino walk into a bar. The bartender asks “what you guys do for a living?” The Priest and the Higgs say ”I give mass.” The neutrino says “That’s not my field.”
  6. Well let's see some photos! Mine's called a cream Rolerai....
  7. Highest recommendation from me for my friend Misiekped.
  8. No worries Ken, believe it or not Andy got me hooked on Panerai when I went racing with him. That was my first foray into the nether worlds of All Things Pam. It's an homage to the very earliest Panerais, which used Rolex movements and were assembled by them as well. Here's a couple more pics (yes, it did snow yesterday)
  9. A couple more... Portage glacier Chenega Bay Bear glacier Noorvik Kobuk River Kangirnaq
  10. Sunset? Yep when it finally goes down, it's worth the wait.
  11. The Phrosty Phlake says hi (waving) from Alaska.
  12. LAHORE: The Muslim and Christian communities came together during Sunday mass in a show of solidarity in Lahore. X Hand in hand as many as 200-300 people formed a human chain outside the St Anthony’s Church adjacent to the District Police Lines at the Empress Road, in a show of solidarity with the victims of the Peshawar church attack two weeks back, which resulted in over a 100 deaths. The twin suicide attack on All Saints church occurred after Sunday mass ended and is believed to be the country’s deadliest attack on Christians.
  13. It seems to me the very nature of religion is to get ignorant masses "connected" to an unknowable Being. Those who are in the inner circle have already made progress down the paths of making this Being more knowable. Having this knowledge, they are confronted with a moral dilemma: to use it for good, or for evil. They realize that knowledge is power, so too often they convey this knowledge to the ignorant masses with a little twist added in. Invariably, this twist supplements the power of the one conveying it. Power corrupts. The ignorant masses confront no such moral dilemmas. They are told to obey or face dire consequences, spelled out by the ones doing the twisting to their own ends. This gives us ignorant masses inculcated with "truths" corrupted by evil leaders with agendas. These masses dare not disobey, for fear of the often-imaginary consequences. They will likewise not listen to other religious leaders than the ones doing the twisting, for fear of creating an offense. This gives corrupted men incredible power over masses of ignorant followers. Among these masses will be extremist devotees, ready to do anything to please their leaders. So it seems to me the answer is to isolate these leaders that corrupt the message to their own end, and eliminate them. Problem solved? No. We still have those poisoned by the erstwhile "leaders". They need to be talked back off the ledge, so to speak. But who does the talking? All too often it's the next generation of leaders with an agenda. It's corruption in the hearts of men that produces this carnage, and as long as that corruption exists, these attacks will too. Ironically, religion claims to possess the secret to eliminating this corruption. It's all lies. If you want to change a man's heart it's done through personal relationships.
  14. See there's your good example. Keep working hard and show him you expect nothing less from your own flesh and blood. Brothers have an amazing ability to raise each other up. By your actions you're setting the tone for him to measure up to. Be strong and be consistent.
  15. AJ it's good to know your lovely daughters are safe.
  16. The man builds some nice stuff, eh?
  17. I bet you have a lot more influence with him than you realize. This is a great opportunity for you to try different ways to get him to step up. Usually when you make the right moves people around you will too, maybe you can turn his path a little more toward responsible behavior by being a little more responsible yourself? Small changes are the ones that last, so start today and see what small change you can bring about. You might surprise both yourself and him! Good luck.
  18. Thanks for your candor, it's great to just be open and "yourself" so we can get to know the real you. I know I'm not you, but if I had a roommate that slacked and lost his job I wouldn't be as kind as you, letting him not chip in toward the bills because he's .... waiting for a tonsils appointment? Did I hear that right? Point him and a lawnmower toward the neighbor houses and tell him to go earn his rent while he waits. But that's just me....
  19. What a shame. That's terrible. Every parent's worst fear. Friends from the UK will you kindly check in to let us know you're alright?