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Everything posted by Nanuq

  1. Hey Euno... good to see you! Member number 343 !! Who can beat that?
  2. Yeah d-dog, speaking of the RWG ring, do you still have that Ken's Left Nut © I traded to you? You should hang onto it, it's one of the very first times I traded one.
  3. Hey, dadog! Great to see you around! Take a look at archive.org, it's the Internet Wayback Machine and it has screens from TRC, way back in the day, with a lot of familiar names. Good times.
  4. The site is slow, but there's great eye candy over there! http://uchronos.com/product-category/watches/diver-watches/
  5. Thanks, it came like that. I have to admit I bought it assembled. But I did have it apart last night, and was slightly mystified about reassembling the rascal... it doesn't go together like a Rolex case. The list of ingredients from the seller tell me it's a 39mm dial painted by black_shark on RWI. I saw the Rolerai dial on HF that Albatross picked up... it's even nicer.
  6. Here's dipping my toe in this pool for the first time.
  7. In the category of Most Amazing Noob Moderators I nominate Kernow and Sogeha!
  8. Where's the category for Angry Scotsman Scammer Destroyer? Of course that would be nikki6, the board bawbag.
  9. No, my award is that I get to start acting old and senile and not really "get it" that using this avatar every time I write about nikki6 is somehow wrong. Pfffffft!!
  10. Gentlemen, the Admin and Mods team has been spending far too much time intervening in disputes regarding private transactions. Please be aware that any private transactions you enter into are the sole responsibility of the members involved. The Admins/Moderators are not referees and will not take sides in sorting out disputes, so please do not PM them when a sale or purchase goes wrong. With the exception of mass-scams, PMs of this type will be ignored & repeated spamming of groups of Admins/Moderators may lead to action brought against the sender. That said, we would encourage all members to try to settle disputes between themselves. Always be mindful that people have offline lives & may not always be able to respond immediately. As a rule, you should give the other party at least 1 week to respond before posting public complaints or considering more serious actions. If, after that time, you have not received a response, that is the time to post public comments in the forums. It is always best to avoid complaints to Paypal or credit card companies, if at all possible. These should be used only as a last resort after all other reasonable options have been tried. Now please, carefully read this position statement again. Learn it, memorize it. Expect the Admin and Moderators team to use these guidelines going forward.
  11. ambulance
  12. frostbite
  13. insanity
  14. You have the right idea, but the wrong approach. You need a Watch Repository.
  15. High Five, brother bear.
  16. Firewall router
  17. Gentlemen, it gives me great pleasure to announce the newest member of the RWG Moderating staff! We spent many an hour around the fireplace sipping fine single malt, bandying about the possibility that the new guy would keep the liquor cabinet and cigar humidor locations secret. In the end the vote was enthusiastic and unanimous, so without further ado.... may I announce: SOGEHA as the newest member of our staff. It's a lot of work, and we're sure he's equal to the task. So please join us in welcoming him "aboard".
  18. "Lovely, dark and deep".
  19. "Does not indulge in alcohol" sounds mysteriously like "that leaves more for Nanuq"
  20. I'm thinking the sheet would spread out the stress too. You could even add a second layer if you wrapped it tight enough. Not quite foil thin but close.
  21. Wrap some extremely thin brass sheet around it where it broke, heat it, add a tiny drop of solder and let capillary attraction draw the solder into the joint. Then send it to me.
  22. Eeeeek!!
  23. Heresy!! Next time just send the old chronos to me.