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  1. (J551) Option 1 "Maybe i Keep the TC movement and try to repair it." (SS) Option 2 "I have Swiss ETA movements in stock." No one asked me but I vote for option 2. From my past experience, many/most china etaclones are prone to be Junk in the long run. A few of the china etaclone parts are Ok though...ETA 2836 non adjustable 24H conversions for example. Some of the autowind assemblies can be Ok if cleaned and oiled before use. China 3135 rlxclones...I never had one but a few issues come to mind from what I have read: None will interchang
  2. Rolojack You are right about vintage 'classic' rolex watches imho. Compared to the past 30 year's output they were just a few drops in the rolex bucket. I bet rolex watch co absolutely hates vintage rolex watches because they are in reality their main competitor. I also bet there is only one thing RWC hates more than rolex vintage watches (imho)...the people who buy, collect, and wear them because they have the $$ to buy them and can afford parts and service to keep them running. So...what does RWC do to retaliate? Cut off the parts to starve them out.
  3. Rolex 1016 case changes over the years: Case – Rolex Explorer 1016
  4. "But on the other hand the gen Rolex prices have skyrocketed too. 1675 was a 4000-5000$ watch 10 years ago. Now it's a $14000 watch." A 1675 was $450 in 1975 (!!). Otoh $450 was a lot of $$ back then. Here is a partial price list from 1973: Image from: https://www.bing.com/images/blob?bcid=Tm-zrNoCG90CEA Prices 1957 to 2020: Rolex Price Evolution (minus4plus6.com)
  5. "It looks like the forum isn't as active as before or is it me? I see the post dates are quite far apart." Yeah it's a ghost town compared to a few years ago. Sometimes there will be a flurry of posts but the flurries seem to be getting farther apart. Seems to me that mechanical watches in general are losing steam, not just replicas and the 'born digital' generation does not seem to care very much about mechanical watches. Watches are a hobby with me and high prices and no parts is a definite hobby killer. I used to buy/sell/trade mostly 1530 base rolex watches
  6. "So do you mean that the gmt hand over the time change the length of the tip gmt hand ?" Yes. It probably depends on the supplier and which batch of hands any given 24H hand came from. RWC was not overly concerned with small details back when these watches were made like we are today.
  7. I am not familiar with the Raffles 36mm case but the first thing you need to determine is...was the case made for the older type 6mm case tube that uses a regular 6mm crown or the newer type that uses a 5.3mm case tube that takes a later 6mm diameter crown made to fit on a 5.3mm case tube? Both crown types are 6mm outside diameter and look alike but they use different case tubes. In my experience most of the newer cases are using the 5.3mm case tube but you must know for sure before getting a crown. I looked on eBay at genuine used 6mm steel crowns and the crowns t
  8. From 5-26-2021: "Which GMT hand do you have ?" It is an 'OEM spec' aftmkt hand and it fits Ok after it was broached to fit...the ID was a hair too small, mostly paint. Do not know where it came from, it was included with the shortcut kit. The tip comes pretty close to the center of the outer 24H markers on the dial. 6-10-2021 I looked at my 'shortcut 1655' again just now and the 24H hand tip does reach about halfway or maybe a bit more than halfway past the the center of the small outer markers. Keep in mind my dial and dial opening in the case a
  9. Thanks for the pics! A short trip back in time.
  10. "My dad (now 83 years old) in the 60s had this Ducati 250 Diana." I remember the 250 Diana..it was about $100 more than the Monza and I did not have the $$. I had the 250 Monza first, next a blue/silver 250 Scrambler, a red 200 Sebring, and a black 450 Scrambler. 1966 Ducati 250 Scrambler - National Motorcycle Museum (nationalmcmuseum.org) Ducati 200 Sebring...'rare' today, not many sold in the USA. Ducati 906 Paso Cagiva Alazurra 650 Cagiva Alazzurra 650 (motorcyclespecs.co.za) I worked in a shop in the 196
  11. "And I will try to polish it for reduce the white of the plexi that come out after you shaved it with sand paper." You might start with 1000, then 1500, and finish with 2000 sandpaper. Try to use 'wet or dry' type sandpaper and do the sanding under a small stream of running water to carry the plastic dust and sandpaper grit away. I usually finish up with Simichrome or Wenol polishing paste on a soft rag. Both are good for polishing small scratches out of crystal tops too. Milan should have Simichrome and/or Wenol at car care or motorcycle shops. My first 're
  12. "Just arrived the sternkreuz XS 302.450 for rolex 116 and fit better than the stock BP, i mean the plexi inside diameter stick perfectly the rehaut, is impossible rotate it when placed over the rehault." I guess I tried 6 or 7 crystals on my '1655' and only two or three felt right on the case neck, much like you describe. "but the external diameter of this plexi is like the BP stock , a little too big for my Vietnam bezel, maybe i can push it down (with a plastic tube self-made tool) but sure it crack..so i prefer to shave down it a little." Probably the
  13. "I think the Rolex craze and shortage is helping to bring more acceptance. At least in WIS circles I run in." Agree. I think they are slowly being forced to accept it. Still have my WIS badge from Timezone com. Here is what they look like: Pic from: Are you a WIS? - greg_r's Lounge - for watch chat - RWG: Replica Watch Guide Forum If I am wearing a replica and someone (rarely) asks about it, I say it is an MBK, David Wong Frankenstein, cartel watch etc, never a rolex of any sort. If they ask what an MBK, DW or cartel watch is
  14. "I suggested many of the pieces that show up at GTGs wore aftermarket parts disguised to look distressed and old, precisely because of the lack of genuine parts." " I think he's (vintage Rolex expert) in for a rude awakening. Right, right, you're bloody well right! It has been quite a while since my last NAWCC show but I saw plenty of vintage rolex watches that were probably not more than 70% genuine at the last few shows. They had genuine movements but some bracelet parts, bezels, etc were suspect and some of the dials were also iffy, especially the ones th
  15. Latest info on the rolex 15xx movement parts situation: The Unfortunate Truth about Vintage Rolex Repairs (professionalwatches.com) Note the typo that appears right under the picture of the 1575 movement: "If you are paying attention to the numbers, it should be painfully obvious that the demand for Rolex parts far exceeds the demand." Should be: "If you are paying attention to the numbers, it should be painfully obvious that the demand for Rolex parts far exceeds the supply." It all boils down to: "The supply of parts in the market will
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