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  1. "I got excited about Nanuq's mods and tried to open mine up recently to start some mods but it was a bear. Don't know if it got cross threaded or not. Will try to get it fixed." If the back is hard to get started, it can be a hassle to fix unless you can see where the threads are damaged...case or case back, and try to clean up the bad threads somehow. Not an easy task. If the back has seized and you can get it off, you have a better shot at repairing it with polishing paste. If the back starts Ok and tightens up after a half turn or so, you can sometimes slick
  2. I guess everyone except me has seen this by now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=faTFFSsOJ7o
  3. Nuq... That is one fine looking watch! It would fool me and I am one heck of a fool. Don't throw it at a bear next time you run out of arrows. "You could pick up a set of 580 end pieces from WSO and that would help a little." I'd go 'long wid dat. The WSO 580 end pieces are pretty good, especially for the $$ compared to genuine. I have used a few WSO sets with good results but learned the hard way that the tubes inside them are not soldered very good. On another note: Free worthless advice for anyone who has not
  4. Just for fun, list the vintage rolex MBW/MBK submariner type watches you own and a short note on modifications. Q...Why? A...Since they are no longer being made and are 'World Famous Classic Replicas' it would be nice to see how many are still floating around RWG. I know the Vnam etc. cases have eclipsed them in accuracy to genuine...numbers/lettering/minor details etc. but I doubt the Vnam etc. examples will surpass MBW/MBK in production numbers (no way to tell) and probably never sell at MBW/MBK prices back when they were available. Mine... Two 1680 from Regg
  5. This is why I like replicas...never had one turn out to be genuine.
  6. We can only hope... "Children knowing how to count in their Head without their iPhones." Our present future... PHD's who can not make change for a dollar (while their diplomas are hanging on a Starbucks wall where they work). Most recent college graduates can not tell time on an analog watch because it has hands on it. Probably 950 out of 1000 twenty something car owners can not change a car tire but can call AAA in half a second on their I-phone and wait 2 hours for help. Newlyweds can not believe it will cost $1200+ a month (plus deposit/utilities etc.) t
  7. Molykote DX = "white lithium grease in mineral oil." For watches you need a medium duty lubricant (grease type) that does not: Evaporate. Separate. Travel. Since Molykote DX is a mix of lithium grease and mineral oil, could it have a tendency to evaporate, separate, or evaporate? I do not know. I have used regular white lithium grease on threads etc. but not in contact with rubber gaskets (if I can help it), or where it could travel inside a watch. I used to put it on case back gaskets but stopped after reading that it might damage some types of rubbe
  8. "Even worse is the new 116610 with the fat case which to me represents nothing more than a cheap Invicta or a Parnis." Yep, the thicker lugs make the bracelet look too narrow for the case. I guess they are Ok but the older models have... ...and are as COOL as Steve McQueen wearing Persol 714 sunglasses and a 5512.
  9. New Batches vs Old Batches... "The 16610 is the best watch Rolex has ever made." It is no doubt a modern classic. The 5512/13 and 16610 models define rolex submariners imho. 'I then narrowed them down to just two of them which were the noobmariner F521107...' (F520117) The F520117 'noobmariner' is a famous replica and a classic in the wacky world of replicas...if there is any such thing as a 'classic replica'. I have a few F520117 and they are the only replica models that I have not sold or traded away, I still have every one. The reflecto
  10. "I just wish someone made the same kind of Spring Bar kit, but with Watch bracelet pins instead of various sizes." Some name brand watches use odd ball sizes so you have to buy parts from them. Here is a generic set or two. You can grind the collars to fit inside the links if needed and cut the pins to size. eBay item numbers 153601810955 233080133585
  11. "Those prices are quite good!" Yes they are but there are three catches I failed to mention: 1...The prices do not include shipping/handling, around $15 to $18 USD. Orders over $200 are shipped free. 2...You need to have an ST account. Sometimes this can be a hassle. 3...I have read that they do not like to ship out of the USA...UK, EU, Aus etc. I bought a few genuine parts from India with good luck, one being a like new 3135 winding rotor for $13.50 delivered. The pictures on eBay were good so I took a chance on it. It was listed as: "Vintage Rolex
  12. "Care to guess at the average cost to service a 1570 in 10 years, say with some minor part broken?" I found this on the 'net: "I called Dallas the other day and got one of the typical ladies on the phone with their standard very nice down home southern style politeness who confirmed this. She said they do have some older hands in stock both here and in Switzerland and they would do their best to try and match my existing dial with some new hands. This is another benefit of sending a watch to the service center because I doubt that a watchmaker at a local AD has th
  13. Many of us have vintage and modern genuine watches and need parts now and then. The link below gives some valuable information about identifying and ordering parts. My motto is 'No Parts For You' and it is true now more than ever before because vintage parts are being used up or discarded and modern parts are not being sold to supply houses by the watch factories. For common vintage watch movements, I no longer look for parts but look for movements because they are often cheaper than a part or two and easier to find. As for modern mechanical watches (genuine rolex in
  14. "I never hand wind these automatics because of the reverser wheels being so fickle and not only expensive but now becoming near impossible to get!" I use the 'light oil in solvent/evaporation' method to lightly oil them and it seems to work Ok and use D5 on the pivots where they run in the jewels because there is a lot of load on them. I have not ordered any ETA movement parts in years, is Swatch/ETA cutting parts off too? Mainsprings are basically a 'watch commodity' and can be ordered by width, thickness, and length or simply by calibre number. Last time
  15. "ARGGHHHH!!! You did this to me! YOU!!!" I did it to myself too... One favorite if anyone runs across one is the manual wind Devil Diver Caravelle with a Citizen movement. Tough as nails. Bulova made one too. There is a Caravelle on eBay now but it is about $350 too high. eBay item number 293368595512
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