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  1. "...the extract lug hole diameter for the 1601?" The spring bar tips are .9mm so the holes need to be a hair bigger...1.0mm maybe.
  2. "I can't even afford the fakes." Everyone knows many things are overpriced in life. Imho one is 'fine whiskey' and another is Patek Philippe watches. Proof? Not 100% proof, but after a few drinks of 86 proof 'fine whiskey' a bartender could mix 40% mulepizz with the whiskey and the person partaking of the spirit would probably not know the difference. So...maybe going from 86 proof to about 50 proof is proof enough. Patek Philippe watches are known for two things in modern times: 1...Being pricey. 2...Being fragile. Proof? For argument's
  3. "Do you think is it possible to cut the caseback and solder it again?" Possible but not worth the trouble and expense. It would need to be cut, laser welded, and refinished...probably more $$ than the whole project would cost using another case.
  4. "I'm doing a fun franken project, it is based on a 1601 Rolex GEN dial. I've already done a franken 16014 Datejust with the Raffles 2836 case." The main problem when using the 'pie pan' 1600 dial is finding a thin 1600 type case. Because the dial is raised around the edge it allows the movement to sit higher in the case and uses a thinner case than when using a flat dial. This was a sign of the times (1950s/1960s) and the rlx 1600, some omegas (pie pan Constellations), and many other brands did this to make their watches appear to be thinner. Thin Was In Back Then. C
  5. I needed a thinner case back on a DJ type case and used one from an old replica DJ from 12 or 15 years ago. It was 4.4mm thick overall measured from back side flat machined center to the front edge. Many of the 16200 replica case backs are a little bit thicker than that, I measured one and it was 4.75mm, not much but the outer contour makes it look thicker. It was .9mm thick in the flat center of the back so it could be thinned down a little. 'Front edge' = the outer edge of the case back that faces the front of the watch, not the gasket seat. Some of the exact same case backs ha
  6. Thanks! That is some good info.
  7. "So, I'm interested to hear some more feedback on those 1016 hands (and as always, learn a little bit more about vintage Rolex minutiae). From earlier research, I found that 1016 service hands (like the ones on this watch) are slightly shorter than original hands. Also found examples of original 1016 hands that are flat and don't quite brush the edge of the minutes track." I have some nos trit 1016 hands and remember they are a hair longer than 5512/13 hands and came with a 'short tube' second hand (no date works to rise above). Also have some nos 5512/13 hands and they are a litt
  8. "Why does the case neck size matter for the crystal? I thought that just sits in the bezel, in which case the bezel ID would be the relevant dimension here?" On oem rolex... Acrylic crystals need to be a very light press fit down over the case neck. Next, the bezel is pressed down over the crystal to clamp the crystal to the case neck for a water tight seal between the case neck and crystal inner sidewall. Submariners with an O ring under the bezel need a bit of extra care to be sure all surfaces are clean and any corrosion is removed and smoothed out if possible.
  9. I give it a nine on a scale of ten. It gets a nine only because there are no tens. "A single domed acrylic crystal would be period correct right?" If the case neck is oem 16000/16200 DJ spec (29.5mm) and the ID of the bezel is also standard DJ spec (30.4mm), a crystal made for a rolex 1018 should work...number 25-21. A 1018 is basically a no date DJ. I do not have a GS part number for the 118 crystal but it should be on the 'net. Another good crystal brand is Sternkreuz and the 118 crystal p/n is 498/47 afaik...check to make sure. A 1016 beze
  10. "Can the internal threads of crown that mates onto tube be reconditioned on the inside?" The short answer is probably not. It would be hard to do unless you have a very short 'bottom out' tap/thread cutter of some sort...or handy at making gravers and cutting threads on a lathe. 'Bottom out tap' = made to dead end, they basically cut full sized threads all the way to where they bottom out. Besides that, you would need to remove the telescoping clutch in the crown first, or have a special hollow tap. It could be done but not without a lot of hassle, providing there is e
  11. Agree with freddy333 and Mr Sm. It looks (to me) like a DD case from china. DD cases are 'partially hooded' like the one in your picture. "The seller says that is a Vietnam one." Never saw a Vn case with a green sticker on it...that's a chi 'trademark'. Maybe the mail plane flew over Vn. Replica Builder Rule 1: Learn More. Buy Le$$.
  12. Franken 1601 'pie-pan' dial build - clearance issues - The Rolex Area - RWG
  13. You might try 'Mary'. If it is on her sales site it is usually still available and it is still on her extended list. Here is what to ask about: Rolex vintage GMT Stainless Steel Blue/Red-bezel Jubilee bracelet Swiss ETA 2836
  14. "Now THAT'S a good one." Thanks! Some may wonder why Tonto did not use the arrow in the Lone Ranger's hat for his last shot. It was a different caliber...
  15. Lone Ranger and Tonto are surrounded by hostile Indians. Lone Ranger is out of bullets and has an arrow through the top of his cowboy hat. Tonto is out of arrows. Lone Ranger says: "Well, looks like we have finally had it old friend." Tonto says: "What you mean...'we' paleface?" Five inches snow, 21 degrees here. Merry White Christmas!
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