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  1. now this arm looks familiar to me 😂 nice Patek Robert wear it well.. B/R George
  2. Servus guys and gals 😉 today... a classic Cheers George
  3. Well.... happy birthday from me too 😉 George
  4. Hope to hear also that no one of friends and families is affected at least concerning health and life! As soon as this aired in the news in Germany I had a short thought bout you Bob George
  5. Not an expert... nice Nautilus you had @Eunomias @OP something seems "off" with the date window from rolojacks Version its kinda too close to gen for being a mbw version. The mbw/mbks allways had the date window to far to the left side like it is with Eunos Nautilus. All the best! George
  6. Hello @all & Thomas! Have to check out more but nice work so far... I like the part with the strippers and champagne best and just a hint about KBs remains: just start digging where his "right nut" was seen and no, i havent seen both in a while George
  7. To all the people that went out and voted: THANK YOU SO MUCH!! This election was not only important to the US but will hopefully bring major changes to the world for the better... You DID great! George
  8. Nice one Nanuq and merry christmas @all!! George
  9. Very nice built Slay i can say you developed some decent skills.... wear it well bro! George
  10. Late to the Party but i like your creation too... Ubi nailed it "minimalist bang" thats what i thought to nice one! Cheers George
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