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  1. Ditto! I usually say something like "It's my own Restoration, a real Frankenstein <with a laugh>". Also, "Swap-Job". This will flush out people who have read the "The Rolex Report". Or if it is a straight up Rep same as you: "MBW, Vaclume PAM Mod, Trusty VSF "Special" 😛
  2. Amen! Just as Rolex purists have no tolerance for us, I have none for purists. Name one other hobby involving mechanical components that does not have aftermarket parts available. The Vintage Auto scene is the closest parallel. It's great if you have a 'trailer queen' just like a 'safe queen' more power to you. However, reality is I doubt that 1969 Porsche has Original Tires, Brakes, etc. Franken's have started showing up at Red Bar and other GTG's. I say bring it on! Be honest and transparent about it, and you will probably make some new friends. If you encounter someone wh
  3. Came across this posting from Angus (PT). GMF, NOOB, and V6 have been mainstays over the years. Thoughts? "April 28, 2021 As you may know there was a severe raid in the replica watch industry, it is the biggest raid we have ever seen so far, many factories / makers stopped delivering and we had to relocate our QC and Shipping deprtments for safety reasons. We decide to stop taking new orders until most makers are back to work. 80% of the watch makers are not working and we still have some pending orders to ship, we will arrange as s
  4. I don’t want to speak for Nanuq. But, I think what he is saying is if you think Phong is tough to work with, MQ is is tough and of lessor quality. If you have high expectations, or expect customer service, on par with Amazon/Wal-Mart or eBay you may need to recalibrate your expectations. These guys don’t chit chat, educate, or answer more than one question. You take the risk / GAMBLE that you will get what you want. If you want a 6542, that still won’t fool a VRF/TRF or RWG guru, that is the closest to Genuine, 10x5 powered,be prepared to gamble $7000 with Phon
  5. Yep. Sounds right. My last international watch order hit the USA and took a full 7 days after clearing customs. Google: US Post Office Slowdowns. Sigh...😞 We were still receiving Christmas cards in February! And I am in a major metropolitan US city.
  6. Short answer = yes. What country are you in? Many TD's stopped using DHL. Also, the USPS is a $hit show these days thanks to politics.
  7. VSF and ARF got hit the hardest according my TD of choice. I’ve had “parts” on order for over 2 months.
  8. Are you contacting him on WhatsApp or email? Did you email a bunch of questions? From my experience, he prefers WhatsApp and “few” questions. Either you know exactly what you want and are ready to pull the trigger -or you will not be a priority. HTH.
  9. Yep! The theme this week is what can we get from Seiko. Looking closely at this, this is basically an early Seiko 7002 (pre-SKX) bracelet.
  10. Will it take 2mm bars?
  11. These are positioned as "SeiLex" Seiko+Rolex Homages. Rolex'ish Case meant for a NH35/36 (aka Seiko 4R) movement and therefore the larger 28.5mm dials meant for SKX's and SRP's. If I had to guess, the Bezel is a "Nylon" ring tension bi-directional system on the acrylic dome models. (Similar to what BP-Factory uses on some of their Vintage models). Guessing the sapphire get click bezels. The Nylon system sucks. Breath on it, and the bezel rotates. At least the "Wire" system can be tweaked for tension. Also, the adhesive rings for the inserts are usually too thick,
  12. Old time sworn to silence. 😉 @curiousbunny the dimensions of the calibers are in fact close, but the dial pie-pan dial and calendar alignments will make it challenging.
  13. Exactly. 10yrs ago I think our Frankens could fool actual Rolex collectors because the vintage Rolex Market & Internet knowledge base hadn’t reached critical mass. I mentioned before, I go to a lot of GTGs pre-pandemic. The Frankens and eBay specials are showing up with no intent to deceive. It’s almost become a right of passage to show up with a questionable vintage Rolex. Case in point, there is always a 6542 available on eBay. Pretty amazing for such a rare watch 😉🤔 That said, I wouldn’t sweat the details as much these days. If you land on an aesthetic AN
  14. Correct, the mid-case never changed throughout the 4 major revisions of the 6542. There were dial, bezel and insert changes over the years. Keep in mind, looking at pictures of 65yr old 'used' watches is not a good way to gauge things. I'd venture to say they have ALL spent time on the polisher, and with 65yrs of wear and tear I am sure no two will be the same. As far as clone movements are concerned, instead of trying to reverse engineer and make a replica/clone movement- I would much rather see an aftermarket attempt to build a moment platform that: 1. Matches
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