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  1. Tudor Heritage Black Bay in Bronze

    I pulled the trigger on the "latest & (maybe) greatest" V6F V3. When it arrives I will post some pics. Maybe we can get some other side by sides. Let's keep this thread alive...
  2. Tudor Heritage Black Bay in Bronze

    Bump to say Trusty now has a V6F V3. Thoughts? There are now FIVE versions of this out in the wild between the ZF & V6F (assuming V6F=KW too)... [head spinning]
  3. Tudor Heritage Black Bay in Bronze

    Looks like Andrew has 2 versions now. A ZF factory and V6F. He has a video with the ZF. Hard to tell. The 3-6-9 on the V6F look better, and the pics looks like a lighter dial. But then the video of the ZF the dial color looks better... Scratching head... http://www.ttw8488.com/index.php?main_page=advanced_search_result&search_in_description=1&keyword=TUD02&x=0&y=0 Thoughts on these competing v1.0's...
  4. Wall mounted watch case

    FYI, unless you are taking out special insurance, such as that offered by Jewlers Mutual or with additional riders on your policy-- a "serious" watch collection is not covered by insurance. BEST case, with standard homeowner/renters (in USA), you will max out at $5000. So if you have a case with 3 $5000 Rolex's ($15,000) you will only see 1/3rd back from insurance. Even your REP collection can add up quick at $300+ a pop these days. And there is NO insuring those. :-( Personally, I rotate my GEN's between Safe Deposit Box at bank, Safe at home, ~maybe one of value on display in the winder.
  5. Anyone experienced this odd seconds hand problem?

    Normal for the movement in question--, but also normal for luxury brand genuine 7750's as well running the chrono. I have a GEN Breitling Navitimer. When running the chrono the sweep seconds will do the same. At that is on a $5000 watch.... :-|
  6. That is how it should have come from the Seiko factory!
  7. Dark side of the moon - New version

    The question I actually have is does the 3 o'clock subdial actually work?
  8. PayPal - Cancellation of Payment

    Glad things look sorted out for you. Something to keep in mind when approaching Reps. Treat this very much like sitting down at a Black Jack Table / [insert gambling metaphor]. You may win some, you may loose some. To be fair, the odds are in your favor when dealing with a TD. NEVER use PP Buyer Protection if it can be avoided in the context of a TD. You may have to take it on the chin for the greater community.
  9. Any Omega 300 Coaxial links out there?

    I might be able to help. Do you need links? An entire Bracelet? I am Rocking the RAF strap like Daniel Craig in the upcoming Bond Movie Spectre My TT and SS
  10. ETA 2836 GMT mod - reliability?

    I have never been a fan of converted 2836's w/GMT add on. If you are doing a vintage Rolex project, I have had great success with the DG3804. It is a purpose built chinese automatic GMT. I was able to drop one in a GEN 1675 with nothing more than an adapter ring (stilty or Yuki). Also, the date wheel on the DG3804 magically aligned with "plexi/acrilc" era Rolex dials. Finally, this is lower beat which is more correct on vintage Rolex, and correct hand stack for 6542/1675. So to be clear, on the hacked together 2836, there are a lot of mods required to Rolex'ize it, and as a result reliability is a crap shoot.
  11. PAM531 and 1950 Case vs Luminor

    Sweet picture. Burning Man?
  12. Hi all, Anyone familiar with this model or Rep? However, by big question is: I can just pull off a Regular Luminor case (111,029,177) with my wrist size. Does the 1950 case wear bigger or smaller? Pics on 6.8-7" wrist of 1950 case? Thanks in advance.
  13. Opinion on this 1665 dial

    +1 and hard to tell from the photo but is the "A" in SubmAriner pointy or flat topped like it should be?