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  1. Yes Genuine is 47.4mm - lug to lug JTime is 48.4mm - lug to lug Lug 'Hole' to Lug 'Hole', oddly is flipped Genuine is 43.9 Hole to Hole JTime is 42.8 Hole to Hole You are not wrong. This optical appearance you are seeing it clear. JTime is 1mm longer and the bracelet is pulled in 1mm. Below is JTime with a Genuine C&I bracelet. You can see the profile & length difference. This is exaggerated by the C&I's end-links being stubbier. It is still a pretty good watch and these lugs could be reshaped to fix th
  2. A DG3804 will usually have a proper DWO for Rolex 15xx dials. I did a 1675 years ago with a Gen Case, Gen Dial, BUT with a DG3804. I used the stock DG3804 movement without custom DWO without issue. The DG3804 I used came out of a "Chronotac" GMT Homage watch. At the time, the 3804's Ofrei was selling had a different DWO so YMMV. You also have the Hangzhou 6460 Automatic GMT Movement DATE at 3.00 ETA 2836-2 GMT Clone - option. HR sells one with proper DWO - https://helenarou.com/hangzhou-6460-automatic-gmt-movement-date-at-300-eta-283646030028362.html So that begs
  3. It is my understanding that "wear it loose" actually accelerates wear and tear on the pins. (Seen especially in woman's DJ Jubilee bracelets, who tend to wear watches as loose jewelry). I think logic goes something like this: The stretch is not really stretch, it a thinning by wear of the pins in the hollow links. As the pin thins, this creates more space and the impression of stretch. Get the pin thin enough and it will bend making the stretch seem even worse. Eventually, the pin wears through and snap, the bracelet breaks. Combine loose, with dirt, and the excess mov
  4. @Nanuqis that dial true gilt relief? And Dark Lord?
  5. By chance, any pics of Mary's bracelet?
  6. 😳 Wow @Nanuq I think I can continue to wear mine. :)
  7. Thanks gang. So would you guys wear my above with the current stretch levels? Especially my favorite 6215? These are all on Gen watches. I have to imagine, that even if one of the links wore completely through, it would bind and not necessarily fall off my wrist? I probably shouldn’t drive with my arm out the window though :-). One more thing, has anyone used heard of rolliworks.com ? They claim to be experts in bracelet restoration.
  8. Here are some photos. The 6215 for my Gen 1675 is the most comfortable bracelet I have ever had. I am fearful it will break. Thoughts on these? I just realized there are more links tucked into the clasp-- as most of these are Micro-Adjusted inwards to shorten them for my 6.8" wrist...
  9. I’m guessing there is zero parts interchangeability between 15xx an 30xx. (eg. reversers)
  10. AWA's. I am on my second 1570 awa in my 1680 😞 ... I see tons of awa's for 3xxx series Rolex movements, but it is getting rare to see 15xx.
  11. Freddie, thank you. That polishing block is what I am after. Since I have an extra rep 116710 bracelet I can practice on that.
  12. Thanks! Michael Young was the name I remember. I’ll post some pics of the stretch. My fear is loosing the Gen watches these service. I understand the stretch comes from the pins wearing thin and ultimately thru. Pics tomorrow.
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