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  1. Hi Sir,

    I would like to contact you, I'm interested for deal. You can email me- hamzasana2011@gmail.com 

    Phone: +971505217575

  2. hello BK, can u pls contact me on ghassan.am90@gmail.com?
    i want to buy a rep submariner

    thanks in advance 

  3. Just sent a PM - keen to deal !




  5. hi do you have any sub with dates in stock or hulk prices please thank you

    1. Cosmographonaut


      I've got a Hulk- ceramic bezel and genuine Tissot ETA 2824 movement. 

  6. Hi BK, I want a submariner WM9. How does this work for purchasing it?. Please contact me: gabibelso@hotmail.com thnks

  7. Hey BK, looking to get a PM 183 replica. I am brand new to the site so please let me know how this all works, thanks. You can reach me at falconerj@merrimack.edu

  8. hello I read this review (http://www.rwgforum.net/topic/90830-review-of-rolex-submariner-wm9-v2/) And i was wondering if i could buy a submariner wm9 v2 from if it was possible please email me at:adnanabouzeeni123@hotmail.com

  9. hi, how can i by am Noobfactory DSSD off you ? im come from Germany. email is blackone@gulli.com

  10. check it out http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1681428315/the-rolex-rubber-watch-band-solution-the-everest-b bk
  11. Damien Hirst loves Panerai http://www.thejewelleryeditor.com/2011/10/damien-hirst-loves-panerai/ bk
  12. Mickey Padge asked me to fix up his 42mm Exp2. I'm not covering the 1st part of the fix which was to rotate the dial so it's in the correct x-y axis (Mickey himself did that) and re-attaching the DWO to it (I got my watchsmith partner to do it). This post is about popping and re-installing the crystal so the cyclop is lined up to the date window. First, double-tape up the lugs Stick a utility blad between the case and the bezel Use a mallet to pound the utiltiy blade in like I did on this 39mm exp2 You'll get a gap when the blade got all the way in You can then use a caseback knife to pry off the bezel Bezel is now off the case You wouldn't scratch the lugs. Scratches are all under the bezel so no problem there You need to use a press to press DOWN (not UP) on the crystal to get it out of the bezel. It's very tight. Now put back the gut. Line up 12 o'clock to the engraved coronet on the rehaut Wipe clean the crystal, fit it on the gasket, put them on the watch Crystal and gasket are on the watch squarely Position the bezel on the watch Press the bezel down with a press Finished. But crap!! The bezel shifted. It's not lined up properly to the dial. M***ER F**K*R! Start over. Finally done and lined up. This time I was holding the bezel as I advanced the press so it wouldn't shift. Should have done that in the first place. Happy modding. -bk
  13. @Dave123: if you actually said something like "BK, still no hard evidence George is the son, the young Ku. Just your guess", I'd think you're a critical thinker instead. How is the length of time one spends on solving a mystery an indication of credibility? If you'd like to point out some fallacies in my findings instead of casually dismissing me, I'd love to learn from you. BTW, I have a history of 2 years working with wm9. So it's not just 2 weeks IF you think "how long" is important. I titled this post "here's what happened" but you had to correct me that it should be "here're my thoughts". I don't know what else to think of you other than smartass. The Ku's that owned wm9 died. The remaining partner of the factory bought out wm9's shares. That's what happened to wm9, not my thoughts. Also note I didn't title this "Here's what happened to wm9 George" because I only stated some data points and my guess, which were my thoughts. I hope you can tell the difference.
  14. @Dave123: What stretch? Some smartass you are.
  15. I forgot about this. On April 25, 2010, on explaining why so much delay in shipping my components, George wrote "My cousin Allan was poisoned by carbon monoxide on Mar 27. He hasn't wake up since the accident and is like a vegetable since. We're the only two family members in this business. So, I have to take care of his part as well". Allan was the one who took care of shipping things. When I talked to the rep of the current company, I asked if the young Ku had a cousin that was poisoned by carbon monoxide, he said yes immediately. Said he's still in a vegetative state. I hate so much to accept George was the young Ku. But all the data seems to point to one conclusion. The rep made a comment that sent shivers to my spine. To paraphrase him: "I don't know if this business is cursed or the Ku's were cursed". Anyway, I worked about 2 years with George. I was mad at him for a while that he didn't reply my emails. Then I told myself George must have been very burnt out from operating wm9 after a slur of unfortunate events, the old Ku passed away, his cousin was poisoned, his warehouse got flooded, his bracelet-smith retired. I'm sure the customers never stopped mail-bombing him. It's totally understandable he would have said "enough is enough, I don't want to deal with this. I would take a back seat and just make molds for other factories". That was my theory. I was awaiting his comeback to making watches. Now this? Not the kind of closure I want but a closure after all. -bk
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