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  1. Seadweller 126600 2017 model

    I'm waiting for NOOB. Something interesting a dealer Told me now different makers are going to make certain brands under certain names, for instance I got the V4 LMPO from noob but it came with CF factory tags, Sead said under NOOB CF factory will sell their Omega line just as ARF sells the Rolex line for JF factory... Crazy
  2. Another JMB - NOT 1016...

    Now that looks great Bob..Well Done
  3. Seadweller 126600 2017 model

    It makes no sense to change names as I know they don't put signs up but perhaps certain people are associated with certain factories and then the cops go after them, It's just like remember NOOB factory got bought or merged with another factory then everyone starts saying NOOB factory has gone down hill and JF appears and TC disappears and ARF factory appears then BP makes something good..It's enough to drive one to the madhouse. And V6 and KW and AT and OMFG! I'm going to cut the grass that's easier!
  4. Seadweller 126600 2017 model

    I think ARF factory is JH at least that's what I hear at RWI. I want to see the NOOB version plus some on the wrist shots. before I buy.
  5. Sea-Dweller Polizia di Stato

    This is what Adrian made for me
  6. Sea-Dweller Polizia di Stato

    Anyone have one of these for sale let me know
  7. Modded Cartel 5513 v.2

    Just had to show these off again the first one i will start with is the 5513 007 build with yuki white feet first dial, yuki hands, wso end links, riveted bracelet, yuki insert, WSO pearl, I have just about every t19 and t39 made Swiss, german, wso, O frei. and a athaya 702 crown crown and a 2846, I have all the parts just gotta box em up and send them off, I still have not decided what I want to do with the 6538 other than change the crystal and crown, its really difficult!
  8. Modded Cartel 5513 v.2

    Just ordered 2 , thank You
  9. Modded Cartel 5513 v.2

    Is the crystal a T19 or equivalent and could you give o frei link please
  10. Modded Cartel 5513 v.2

    HR 6538
  11. Modded Cartel 5513 v.2

    Hi Jack well I ordered a 5513, 5513 3,6,9, 5517 and a 1665 from Sead just for fun, He got the new cases and I asked for the 2813 just because if I do any work I will put in a 2846 or something low beat. Then I asked Helenarou to build me a full on 6538. I got this itch for vintage and even if I get a Yuki 5513 i can always flip the cartel watches. All you guys are a bad influence!!!!!
  12. Modded Cartel 5513 v.2

    I really appreciate this.
  13. NDT and Ingod44 still in business?

    I just sent him an email for a GMT gilt PCG chapter rings dial I hope he gets back to me otherwise its YUKI!
  14. 1675 El Cornino build

    I just bought this and received it today, Steve went overboard to help me out great transaction and great watch Thank You
  15. Pan Am 6542

    That's one hell of a watch, great work!