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  1. RWI Hangout

    I'm sure it's a very complicated process.
  2. Hi George,

    any news on RWI ?

  3. Wristies - thread consolidation?

    With new Phong insert. My 5517
  4. ARF 126600 Rolex Sea Dweller opinions

    My Mistake there is only the 2824 for the ARF and since I'm so use to the date change on the 2824 I don't mind, I'm not usual looking at a watch at midnight. Also whenever you see an advert for the BP SD 16600 classic with 2836 it's really a 2824 I would only get the ARF they seem to be really making a great watch and the date wheel has improved
  5. ARF 126600 Rolex Sea Dweller opinions

    ARF 2836 904L , From what I hear its the best and one of our members has one and the SELs are just as tight as my gen 216570
  6. ARF 126600 Rolex Sea Dweller opinions

    I'm waiting for Sead to find me a good copy. Its a buy for sure.