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  1. Just had to show these off again the first one i will start with is the 5513 007 build with yuki white feet first dial, yuki hands, wso end links, riveted bracelet, yuki insert, WSO pearl, I have just about every t19 and t39 made Swiss, german, wso, O frei. and a athaya 702 crown crown and a 2846, I have all the parts just gotta box em up and send them off, I still have not decided what I want to do with the 6538 other than change the crystal and crown, its really difficult!
  2. Just ordered 2 , thank You
  3. Is the crystal a T19 or equivalent and could you give o frei link please
  4. HR 6538
  5. Hi Jack well I ordered a 5513, 5513 3,6,9, 5517 and a 1665 from Sead just for fun, He got the new cases and I asked for the 2813 just because if I do any work I will put in a 2846 or something low beat. Then I asked Helenarou to build me a full on 6538. I got this itch for vintage and even if I get a Yuki 5513 i can always flip the cartel watches. All you guys are a bad influence!!!!!
  6. I really appreciate this.
  7. I just sent him an email for a GMT gilt PCG chapter rings dial I hope he gets back to me otherwise its YUKI!
  8. I just bought this and received it today, Steve went overboard to help me out great transaction and great watch Thank You
  9. That's one hell of a watch, great work!
  10. This is fantastic and a great guide for someone who wants to start there own build really great. Thank You
  11. I got a 45mm AT maker orange from Lucy back in May and in 3 months it was very badly faded and scratched, then in July I got a 45mm Noob orange from Ryan and its starting to fade and scratch. This is very sad as its such an attractive watch. Funny thing is it takes a ton of bleach to fade a $27 WSO insert for a 16610..
  12. All of a sudden to. A week ago it was running like a champ
  13. Mine that I got in July is losing about a minute per hour and stopping after 5 hours in the watch box....very sad
  14. Replica dogs are getting scarce these days. There is a Timex buried somewhere in my back yard. It was good 40 years ago. I sure would like to find it.
  15. Where do I find the section. Apologies if English is not primary language.