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  1. hologramet

    Omega Railmaster Trilogy 38mm

    Check bivintagestore2014 on ebay (he has all sorts of Rolex, Omega and Blancpain cases), you can contact him at bivintagestore@gmail.com.
  2. hologramet

    Tudor 7031 build thread

    It's 99,9% done now. Enjoy it-phase.
  3. hologramet

    Rolex Wristies thread

  4. hologramet

    My last build 1680 red

    So you know in the future... Ruby's insert is much-much better.. The bezel is finished more correctly than the WSO too.. I don't want to pour salt in the wounds.. But a tip for the future!
  5. hologramet


  6. hologramet

    My last build 1680 red

    Which word do you mean when you say "mask"? Say it in italian (I speak some).. Because I don't understand what you're trying to say from the context.
  7. hologramet

    Looking for good bracelets

    What do you mean by "higher" quality? Closer to gen finish? Definitely ARF as far as finish and fitment SELs and tolerances.. They have a Milgauss bracelet... However as far as the TT-bracelet for the Sub... That's one of the principal reasons speaking against me ever purchasing one. Even if go on a modding spree, regrinding, resanding, rebuffing, rebrushing.. You lose most of the gold layer and need some really skilled plating skills/connections to refinish it. None that I know of would even come close to trying to find a gen bracelet.
  8. hologramet

    Sub dial differences

    IMO... The dial printing isn't the biggest thing. It's the 3 and 6 indices and the triangle... That screams rep a before spacing/kerning.
  9. hologramet

    My last build 1680 red

    The mask? if you look at side profils and top view the bezel is incorrect and recommended to be switched out
  10. hologramet


    Also.. There's a Classifieds-section!
  11. hologramet

    Rolex Wristies thread

    First cigar of the year.. cold as hell still...
  12. hologramet

    My last build 1680 red

    Change the insert and it looks awesome! http://rubyswatch.com/products/k14-|-submariner-|-5513-|-bezel-insret-1703 http://rubyswatch.com/products/k14-|-submariner-|-5513-|-bezel-insret-1703 What bezel is used? (because the whole bezel set incl. retainer is just 50 USD extra...)
  13. I have a 36mm gen dial and hands, but work out a dial first, and read up on 2824. This is a quite bad case as far as spelling and similar is concerned. http://rafflesdials.com/rolex-signed-vintage-style-of-36mm-stainless-steel-datejust-watch-case-with-smooth-bezel-and-20mm-lugs-size-fit-eta-2824-movement-and-dial-in-28-0-28-5mm/ My tip is either buy a 36mm vintage DJ and sell the mvmt and replace it with say a ETA 2472 or 2783. You get a full case,dial and hands. As a "pack". Or build Everything from scratch with bits and pieces here and there...
  14. hologramet

    Nice AM 1675 dial required

    I have a gen trit 16750 dial with hands, and plexi, however completely different hand stack. Otherwise I agree with Paul.
  15. hologramet

    TC 16610 v6 Movement ring holder schematics

    For curiousity, what you asking for it?