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  1. RJ. Bivintagestore is the go-to Guy for cases (he makes the base cases with custom engravings and the whole shebang). Regarding inserts ”crownartcustoms” is the go-to guy nowadays. PM me for contact info to both. You too J! We’be been missing you! Yeah… I sold parts to taiwanese/hong long the last 2-3 years for absurd sums. No doubt about where the cash is currently.
  2. The bubble will burst. A 79090 for 8000€. A 2000€ watch 10 years ago. Crazy……
  3. Truly welcome back, the one and only O.G. Rolo!
  4. Then his latest is the way to go... contact him via instagram och via RWG Red triangle Tall5 for 5510, 5508 and 5512 square/eagle beak cg around 59-60
  5. This one was just released by him: [imf]https://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20210529/764fdebc9d1f2a88c1fef67dc77cc0e8.png[/img] ———— And below is 1/2 I have. The other one is more tropical/aged and going in a purple hue like the gen ones.
  6. I have a perfect Tall5 redtriangle insert from Crownartcustoms. That is the most accurate one.
  7. INSERTS OF ROLEX AND TUDOR DIVING WATCHES OF THE ROLEX ACRYLIC ERA researched and written by Xeramic, on VintageRolexForum © 2021, all rights reserved 1 INTRODUCTION 2 SIDE EFFECT 3 THE MAKING-OF 4 LEVEL OF DETAIL 5 MISPRINTS 6 COLOR AND SURFACE VARIATIONS 7 DIMENSIONS 8 SPOTTING THE VERSIONS 9 NUMBERING OF THE VERSIONS 10 VERSIONS 11 BACKS AND BORDERS 12 LUME PEARLS 13 HOW TO USE 14 A WORD ABOUT FAKES 15 FINAL NOTES 1 INTRODUCTION This is an in-depth article about the contemporary bezel inserts of Rolex and Tudor diving watches of the Rolex acrylic era (so, up
  8. It’s basically hopeless. The perfect dial karge whole thing Check with philwongz above.
  9. I have a spare one should anyone wish to buy it..
  10. EverestWatchWorks He can make a custom tone with SL BGW9 with SL C3. Skickat från min iPhone med Tapatalk
  11. You really didn’t read like 6 posts up did you? [emoji37]
  12. Athaya has both a tube for gen 702 and a tube+crown that is aftermarket. You most likely have a 703-crown and the 703-0 tube. It has a similar look to the 702... But is thicker/wider/protrudes more. In my experience.. it’s most often the plexi/crystal retainer fitment that seems to be the problem when WR is needed.
  13. I have a hard time saying one would be better than the other... it’s just a metal ring..
  14. Crownartcustoms mk3 insert is the final detail...
  15. 1) 702 is period correct 2) Rubys crown looks like a fat 703, is marked like a 702. Everything is just wrong. 702 is also Triplock. I highly doubt the seals between crown/tube will limit your WR.
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