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  1. I think you're confusing 116600 and 116660 (Deepsea)?
  2. I've seen plenty of EF's in mid-20's (usually due to atrial fibrillation) rehabilitate themselves back to their habitual state. The body has an amazing tendency to heal "correctly" the younger we are. Your "low" age and confounding "good" factors (family, friends, accquiantces {never tried spelling that word before}) are good. Especially your POV, thus I admire your last paragraph. Everyone is "always" healthy until they get sick. (NO [censored] Sherlock). What I mean is that few are prepared for the first big disease/episode, no matter it being stroke, accident, heart attack or breast cancer. They all had 100% perceived health before. You can take their true health with a grain of salt. But always 100%. The question is always how strong-minded is the individual after. Your heart is exhausted. But it's hasn't scar-healed as in a heart attack. You would have died before that being possible... it stinks, or wait.. Does it? There's so much positive in your prognosis compared to the classic outcome of acute heart failure (aka myocardial infarction). Yeah your lowest health might be objectively lower, but it's temporary. I remember one guy we had to operate who was at like 10-something and put an aortctic balloon to help his heart out a couple of weeks. Even he was back at >55% EF (which is regular Joe, normal values) 6 months later. Ask yourself. What is your perceived health? Skickat från min iPhone med Tapatalk
  3. Skickat från min iPhone med Tapatalk And.. Vietnam 7206, originally reshaped bruahed/polished by me... Skickat från min iPhone med Tapatalk
  4. My latest baby... Bought from @capre. This franken is astonishing...
  5. Yes.. The genuine 116520 and 116500 are identical. Since Noob almost "always" build gen spec, their reps should be the same too. You won't know until you try though.
  6. You can use a TC movement holder adapting the 3135 to 2824.
  7. Gen 3135, SH3135 and SA3135 have the same outer dimensions. Skickat från min iPhone med Tapatalk
  8. Skickat från min iPhone med Tapatalk
  9. Remember that the BP one is larger than gen and "centers" the dial/movement in the case. You'll need to create a custom small "dial ring" e.g. from a nylon gasket.
  10. D**N it! 116600 Noob v7 SA3135 is out of stock. Hopefully 116600 v8 A2824 uses the same case (as the Crown height should be similar...) Can anyone confirm?
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