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  1. Rolex 1016 Space-Dweller

    Beautiful as always RJ! Althiough that rotor makes my eyes corrode.
  2. What if....

    2824 generally fits 3035/3135 quite well
  3. What if....

    Look at this on eBay 100% Authentic VINTAGE ROLEX Ref 1601 Datejust Case to Fit Cal 1570 Pie-Pan https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F282841171530
  4. What if....

    You need to CREATE a search in eBay yourself... Save it.. And check it from time to time....
  5. What if....

    eBay and patience.. Create a ”saved search” thatll give you salut updates. E.g. i found this 15010-case incl FedEx from Southampton Amerika for 200 USD (!). Everything except for the crown. Already had dial and hands...
  6. Tudor 7031 build thread

    Their dials are expensive and pretty bad... www.rubyswatch.com has one for sale too. Ask for quote... Here is the aged dial and hands... Compared to some gens:
  7. Ivan Dials

    We do not speak his name. Step 1, You have achieved. A genuine dial to work on Step 2, As Sogeha mentioned is getting someone to vouch for you. That part is tricky and I wish you the best of luck!
  8. Noob Sub V8

    500 USD and SA3135? I think ill pass...
  9. World’s first ARF Gentona?

    I don’t know what you would do, but as far as I would do... ask @sputim how much I asked him for a gen 6265 bezel and mk3 pushers? I guess his answer will say what I (!) do. And once-and-once again. P.S. The irony is striking. Sachal tried to sell a watch with ”proper serial engravings” and I called him out on the BS. And now he calls me out on the Fantasy-part and it not being proper, a.k.a. ”does the same thing”. Except: 1) This isn’t my watch. 2) This isn’t an advert. 3) I never claimed it to be anything. Neither fantasy. Nor 100% period correct. I shouldn’t have called it Genenstein, I sure made baby-Jesus cry on this one. I think we need to upgrade the ”National Replica Encylopdiae” to cover the terms Frankenstein and Genenstein better.
  10. World’s first ARF Gentona?

    If I come off like that, then it must be true. I’m not the one banned for filipping fake shit as genuine and profiteering on RWI and TRF. So yeah, I’m jealous of him. I want to cheat people off their cash. It’s my mantra when I wake up in the morning. Shall we get back to the watch?
  11. World’s first ARF Gentona?

    I’m not the least butthurt as IT ISN’T my bloody watch. Jeebus. However I’m not the least surprised. sacsah1, here are your accomplishments: banned on RWI, tried to pull the same stunts here. Keyboard-taliban of professional calibre. I’ve made his salea threads very popular around here. Maybe why they aren’t appearing anymore? https://rwg.cc/topic/189009-fssold-sold-sold-franken-rolex-daytona-116520-one-of-a-kind-panda-dial-gen-4130-movement/ https://rwg.cc/topic/189010-fs-franken-rolex-submariner-16613-one-of-a-kind-gen-18k-parts/ https://rwg.cc/topic/189205-sold-sold-sold-fs-franken-rolex-submariner-hulk-116610lv-gen-dial-insert-bracelet-and-more/ Crawl back to Repgeek, they still drink your Koolaid there...
  12. World’s first ARF Gentona?

    I fart in your general direction too... P.S. Everything aligns 0.05mm. Tubes, pushers, everything is redrilled and case is slimmed from the top, thereforw rehaut is removed. So a Genenstein according to you uses gen midcase and bracelet too? Then it’s not really a Genenstein, more of a black markert unsellable Rolex. But sure Sachal your imaginary wiener is bigger.
  13. World’s first ARF Gentona?

    I know that there have been earlier Genensteins. This was a Genenstein w/ Phong midcase before it became a ARF Genenstein. I’m pretty sure its the first ARF Genenstein though. A member that I have quite low regards of (sacsah) was the first with a Phong Genenstein (as far as I know) and my friend was nr 2. That’s the reason for the Phong remarks. His midcase was both expensive and mot especially correct. I am not the creator of this watch, it is a close friend of mine. I was the one that got the ball rolling. Helped him aquire first the Phong and now the stock ARF case. However, the work is planned and done 100% by my friend. He is a master watchmaker, 6 years of watch smith school in the early 80s (or whatever its called in english) and 30+ years of working on high end watches. I asked him what he would charge for doing the same work and assembly should a member ask. However, he used to have 2 spare NOS 4130s (sealed), but since both remaining ones are sold, the service is strictly Bring-your-own-parts, as ordering a 4130 from Rolex Geneva is lets put it mildly... ”not that easy”.
  14. Tudor 7031 build thread

    Bivintagestore2014 (sent you a PM withhis email)
  15. Tudor 7031 build thread

    Almost forgot... JKF ”Snowflake” 7836 w/ removed Rolex Divers extension. Not quite 100% on the Sub, but perfect for the 7031.