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  1. Helenarou has a 7016-caseback with gen specs for 70 USD incl shipping. Worth considering.
  2. You won't be disappointed! It's great dealing with pros. And he sure knows what he is doing...
  3. @altesporsche: ProfSteve 2xAR . Get's rid of the cyclops. Me no likey.
  4. I stand corrected. Awesome mod, and absurdly easy to get it right without too much hassle... Before: After:
  5. Send me a PM and I'll hook you up with my source.
  6. Some info available in there.. Although some pictures of the work process (tools) would be great!
  7. HAHAHA... Thanks! Hope it helps someone else. I should add that there is "no play" at all. So it'll be "stock" in no time. So most likely they are doing a similar thing but using springbars with weak tips, easily breaking with a couple of days of use.
  8. Extremely easy fix... I took a 1,6mm thick 12mm with 3mm double-flanged tips spring bar. Shortened the 3mm pins to aprox 1mm (and both flanges disappear). Now we have a 12mm "classic" springbar with 1mm long and aprox 1mm (diameter) thick pins. Insert in SEL. Push the pins in while attaching to the remaining fized llinks. DONE. 2 mins + a Dremel.
  9. Awesome work... However? Not stock Cartel bezel right?
  10. Chillax a bit? Everyone can see your thread, bumping it every 12hs isn't going to increase your PM's. Also.. Why is this in general discussion? Don't the same rules and good manner apply to you?
  11. Finally done with the 7928. For real. Added a 5512-bezel (using the JKF-retaining ring, which wasn't easy) Added a modded Vietnam bezel insert (like Yuki, but better) JKF-7928-base, modded midcase by Rolojack Athaya crown+tube Vietnam dial TC 16613-hands Custom Franken-bracelet with Glidelock
  12. My JF bracelet also broke.. Trimmed a 12mm wide Aprox 1,6mm thick doubleflanged springbar and made it flqngeless with short (2mm) pins. Easy.... Very easy. Max 2 min work
  13. Hi! Yup... I'm not a big fan of cyclops either. That one is from ProfSteve.. usilg@comcast.net Aprox 200 USD w/ shipping.