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  1. hologramet

    The New Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight (58) 79030N

    I agree.. Dial and hands finishing is quite subpar, original parts are next to impossible to source (and expensive).. One might as well buy the genuine one.
  2. hologramet

    Rolex Wristies thread

  3. hologramet

    The New Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight (58) 79030N

  4. hologramet

    The New Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight (58) 79030N

    1) bezel insert number size is too small 2) hour hand ok, minute ok, seconds too short
  5. hologramet

    Noob Pepsi Jubilee?

    Use a TD.. puretime.io is a good start.
  6. hologramet

    Rolex Wristies thread

  7. hologramet

    Winter 7922 / Reflections

    Amazing! You just keep evolving it. Hope you find another project Because this is basically as good as it gets.
  8. hologramet

    New 16610 & 116610 today.. what you think?

    If you want even more exact you'll need a TC V7 Extreme bezel or Genuine. A contributing factor is the shape of the "steps". A genuine is almost upsidedown V-shaped while the reps are a bit more upsidedown U-shaped. TC wrote an article about it that the he hired someone to finish the scallops by hand since automatic tooling equipment couldn't make them V-shaped enough. I added a genuine bezel to get the extra stiff/rigid feel… Worth 700EUR? Well a crazy franken is a crazy franken. Mine is has everything but midcase and bracelet is gen.
  9. hologramet

    Rolex Wristies thread

  10. hologramet

    16610LV - TC V7X vs JF V2

    It fits straight off.. no mods. Feels amazing. I always install Glidelock on my Rolex bracelets. Even installed on a 214270... i recommend brushing the polished glidelock links vertically to match the remaining links.
  11. I like this place and its' inhabitants, so I try to take the time to help… We aren't plentiful, but I would say that we sure have panache.
  12. hologramet

    The New Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight (58) 79030N

    Completely agree... However if your budget allows it.. I would buy gen. Be cheap.. Take the fabric one and add a rep bracelet later..