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  1. Couldn't really decide... Modded PAM622 w/ AntiqueLeather-straps or 6154 w/ Manufattura Serioso (now that is some crappy italian grammatics, but awesome straps) mustard strap
  2. It definitely got quite budget, but ended up being awesome... The finishing touch is this Neckzips custom engraved caseback... Finished budget: 1)) Midcase + bezel : aprox 150 USD 2)) Modding cost : aprox 270 USD 3)) Athaya 700 crown and tube : 35 USD 4)) Yuki fatfont insert and Athaya pearl w/ lume : aprox 80 USD 5)) GS x-tal : aprox 15 USD 6)) TC 16613 hands w/ custom lume aprox 70 USD 7)) Vietnam 7928 gilt dial : 125 USD (usually 200-250 USD) 8)) ETA 2846 : aprox 70 USD 9)) Custom caseback 140 USD 10)) WSO 580 + Cartel solid midlink "93150" w/ Noob v7 clasp: aprox 250 USD incl modding
  3. This isn't the classifieds area mate...
  4. Time to update it a bit... Thx for the magic @rolojack!
  5. Congratulations mate! Well-deserved!
  6. All 4-liners are 5512. However, not all 2-liners are 5513s. Make it easy for yourself, go with Athaya 700 crown + tube. Gen crown sure, but it will not be correct timewise, and a used one in tacky condition, don't see the point. Hands, JKHoroligical are great. You can mix-and-match with HelenaRou-hands if you want to go overboard. Bezel insert, Yuki black or blue fat font, give it some bleach and you're good. Add a lumed pearl from that same ebay-seller. Well, that's a Vietnam-midcase, for 1530, so a ETA 2824 has the same dimensions. You can change the balance and some extra parts from a 2846 to keep the right distances but make it 21600bph. You will have to cut the dial feet. Or use e.g. a 2522 and drill the movement plate, it'll be manual wind and 18000bph. I recommend not to. That's about it..
  7. GREAT! Really like the new look and the new classifieds is a step in the right direction!
  8. In swedish there is a saying "I saw Lassie" (yeah, the dog from the series). Basically it means, in all due respect, I don't see what bad camera pics and the story adds. We have seen 5517's on pictures before, usually with better lighting and camera. Notice, that I ain't even going to get in to the whole discussion wether it's gen or not. Is it that you didn't know and he just happened to have one and it blew your mind? or That he wants to sell it? or Something else that I've missed?
  9. It is NOT expensive to build a gilt 5512 Search for my threads... I have one with a Tudor 7928 and one with a MBW 5512! You can get away with sub 600 USD actually.. 1000 USD and you have a killer.
  10. We have some remaining spots in the 809H, I'll try to get the dials gold-plated for an even sweeter look. Also BP Gold SubC hands and lume (with tinted Superluminova BGW9) will be included. Copy of the PM sent out: Hi guys, After finally getting good QC-pictures of the 216A-dials, they tried to "forget" about the glossy coat, and white paint filled indices like I asked. It's good that I have a good contact with my supplier... Otherwise you end up being a "naive" foreigner. Anyways... I want that we get started on the 809H dials, since it takes forever for them to get to work.. And a 809H would be nice for the summer. This time I have done an ever better deal. I will supply them with hands AND Noctilumina vintage-toned BGW9-lume, and they will do the lume of hands and dials also.. I chose BGW9-color because then you don't have to relume the Noob v7-pearl which has that kind of tint. Otherwise there's the whole relume the pearl-part... And it can get quite expensive and complicated. I don't even know if TM relumed the pearl in Superluminova Vintage Radium, or if the kept the Chromalight. ... So, I will supply: Base dials (ETA-feet) Gold ETA Sub-C hands from BP Lume You receive: Finished 29mm dial with white base paint coat (the lume looks stronger and more "correct", imperfections in the application are "hidden" on the white base coat. (Looks at TM's dials in closeup and you will see that their lume application isn't perfect, but their base coat is!) Lumed ETA-hands The cost will be like last time, 370 USD per set. Unlumed dial without hands is still 250 USD. (I have raised the price on the lumed set, because I actually lost money on the lumed sets + hands that some members purchased last time. The hands ended up being more expensive, and the lumer that I had chosen to do the lume work was disqualified after I was informed of his poor job with another (anonymous) membåers watch dial. The lume on the 216A will actually be done by KenNy (RWG.bz), and he know's his stuff... So. What I want from you is: CONFIRM THAT YOU ARE STILL INTERESTED. CONFIRM THAT YOU HAVE THE FUNDS. When everyone has double-confirmed I will accept payment.
  11. This is not impossible at all, actually I'll see what I can do for the 809H Tempus Machina dials.. The lume will be done by the Vietnamese, and included in the price using tinted Superluminova BGW9...
  12. www.urdelar.se Mikael is splendid, he will work on reps if you refer to me (PM me for info). Sweden.
  13. Now sold and belonging to a good friend... MBW case Vietnam dial TC 116613-hands, relumed Athaya 700-crown + tube Yuki insert with Athaya pearl
  14. @Ephry73 Just let me know and I'l list it for you. Looking for 350€. But a partial trade is not impossible...
  15. Unfortunately, you confirmed my suspicions. http://www.5513mattedial.com/5512/1966.html