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  1. Skickat från min iPhone med Tapatalk
  2. Also vote for Domi. Skickat från min iPad med Tapatalk
  3. A pic would help... Skickat från min iPhone med Tapatalk
  4. The crown that comes with is decent, Athaya is better. The build is restarted. After accepting that a 1520 can be circumverted and aint a necessity... Just purchased a PowerMatic 80 (2824 with 21600bph) will be stripped to non-date and only ”1 crown hack”. Hands will be converted to fit. Dial too.. 7030 crown tube purchased. Soon hearing to Domi for conversion/mods...
  5. I have a Polexpete for sale.. Check the trades/parts forum.
  6. 5517 built by dlf. Faded the insert and added an Athaya pearl. Skickat från min iPhone med Tapatalk
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