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  1. SD4000 and 5513 aren't assembled yet... They are in hundreds of small zip-lock bags waiting for a rainy day and patience.
  2. I'm not a big fan of AP.. But Wa-wa-we-wa! Great success!
  3. The MBK/MBW's are a really good base. - Bezel assembly is much better than modern Cartel models. - Crown is spot on. - Case specs and compatibility with gen parts is much better than Cartel. Add a leather NATO (to cover up the POLEX DESIGN) e.g. Two-Stitch straps Amazing finish & leather quality (1,3 mm), and only aprox 60 USD. https://www.twostitchstraps.com/collections/leather-nato-watch-straps/products/black-leather-nato-watch-strap OR A Chevron "Tudor Black Bay"-fabric strap from Crown and Buckle. 32 USD (!!!) This one looks great with vintage tinted lume... https://www.crownandbuckle.com/chevron-adjustable-night-harvest.html I have a Rubyswatches 5513 insert that will suit a vintage Sub like this well (the left one)
  4. You're so cute.. You know that? Like a little barking Yorkshire terrier thinking you actually affect the outside world. Skickat från min iPhone med Tapatalk
  5. Havent decided which to sell yet... Gen Grand Seiko diver - Sbga231 2019 "Gen" 16610 2008 Sub Franken TC 16610 2004 Sub "Gen" 5512 PCG 1962 Sub "Gen" 5513 1985 Sub "Gen" 116520 Daytona Franken 5517 Milsub Franken 116610LV Hulk Franken 116600LN SD4000 Franken 116234 36mm DJ "Gen" 6152/1 Luminor Panerai Angelus 240 Skickat från min iPad med Tapatalk
  6. He's in an induced hypomania since you made him realize he can puchase 200+ Timex watches for his funds. Thank you for spreading your altruistic wisdom. You are a true resource to RWG.cc. Godsent. Skickat från min iPad med Tapatalk
  7. Exactly... You just stated some of the reasons for going franken and not gen. I saved 12000€ by going with Chinese steel in the midcase and bracelet. That's 60% off. Sarcasm over the internet is hard.
  8. A NOS one is 11000 to 11500 currently, so savinga are closer to 60% [emoji15] Skickat från min iPad med Tapatalk
  9. You contact Rolojack via a PM, and pray to the mighty gods of 316L Stainless Steel that he accepts your work request.
  10. The feeling of having Swiss 904L steel in the midcase and bracelet is definitely worth 12000€. So, be careful what you spend your money on folks. Skickat från min iPhone med Tapatalk
  11. 1] Read the rules before posting: [*]STOP - READ THESE RULES BEFORE YOU PROCEED WITH YOUR LISTING [*]You have to be a supporting member to list any item for sale on RWG [*]Your Sale should have a complete description of the Item [*]Condition of the Item should be clearly stated [*]Shipping payment and instructions clearly stated [*]Pictures & Prices are mandatory [*]Any & all special terms must be clearly posted in the sale (payment methods, post count, membership length or status, etc...) [*]Your listing cannot be edited after it's posted - ALL pictures and description must not be deleted or changed [*]Any questions about these rules should be addressed prior to the listing [*]Violation of these rules will result in your privilege to sell on this forum being suspended [*]Sales with a value of $1500 or above has to be approved by the admin team. 2] You need to be VIP/Platinum member: https://rwg.cc/store/category/1-account-upgrade/ 3] https://rwg.cc/forum/59-tools-parts/
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