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  1. hologramet

    Rolex Wristies thread

  2. hologramet

    Rolex Wristies thread

    You should mod the crown guards.. It changes the whole case..
  3. hologramet

    Building a 5513 personally of original parts

    That can be a late 702 or an early 703
  4. hologramet

    Building a 5513 personally of original parts

    Buying "gen" is rarely motivated unless the price is really good. Replica items from either China or Vietnam have attained such high quality standards nowadays that I find it hard to justify making a Genenstein-Franken. If you want-gen-gen-gen. Buy gen. It will in the end still be a fake watch, non grata at Rolex Geneva. So why not invest in "new" aftermarket parts worth the price?
  5. hologramet

    Building a 5513 personally of original parts

    That bracelet both clasp and links looks lite aftermarket. Engravings all wrong. :( 6?2? H18 means that it uses 18k gold. Where? :)
  6. hologramet

    A source for Vietnamese Dials and Rolex movements

    As far as movements are concerned... maloja @ geeeeemejl dot com I'm sure he can help you + he's US. Sorry to hear about Ruby.. I agree on the random high prices. It's starting to piss me off.
  7. hologramet

    TUDOR 79090 -- Gen or Rep? Help please!

    P.S: What's wrong with the insert? I've seen much-much worse!
  8. hologramet

    TUDOR 79090 -- Gen or Rep? Help please!

    The caliber is original.. Shock absorbers are KIF. And the dial side engraving of "Tudor" is correct.. Dial is gen... Hands are gen
  9. hologramet

    Clone 3135 movement

    The irony is that you accuse others of not being able to read properly.. and you STILL can't read. I'm not a moderator. Q.E.D. You are not a member of MENSA. --- Wait.. OH NOES!! Internet threat detected.. Blipp blipp blipp. Red alert. I repeat, red alert! ---- Oh... excuse me dear sir. I have now come to the conclusion that I must go very carefully, because a threatening man on the internets told me so. Oh god.. NOT THE CHILDREN!!!! LEAVE MY CHILDREN OUT OF THIS!!! The hoorrs!! NOT THE NAIL PLIERS!!! ARGHHH.... As I walk through the valley of the shadow of Death, I fear no evil, see no evil, hear no evil. Only analphabets.
  10. hologramet

    Clone 3135 movement

    Did you get dropped as a child or are you just illiterate? I suggest YOU treat a RWG Crew member/ MODERATOR with respect. Try replica-watch.info or repgeek.com. They love snarky-ass-comments like yours over there. However.. they usually make your account suddenly not work when dealing with fine and intelligent beings like yourself over there. P.S. And I quote: Edited Friday at 08:53 PM by Axelgs1 More information
  11. hologramet

    6154 Case

    Gen dial is about 1.0-1.2mm. FYI... As far as Panerai-builds are concerned.. Homageforum.com is your best friend. Vintage Rolex = RWG no doubt. Kp0y can rework the case. I can rework the case. /holo
  12. hologramet


    If you need some help... Kp0y on HomageForum is really good, cheap and will sort out finding/modding correct parts to finish it up. Highly recommended!
  13. hologramet

    6154 Case

    Athaya is closest, but still needs reshaping. Rivers's is close but uses non-gen larger 3pc-dials, still needs reshaping. Although 1/2 the price of above..
  14. hologramet

    Clone 3135 movement

    So you asked how to install a 3135 in a case that doesn't fit a 3135? Based on needing help identifying a movement you know is identical with a 3135 in size, diameter, stem height, total height etc, however you don't know what it is. Also.. you add some serious attitude. Try formulating a question worth answering next time, and skip the insults when dealing with members that have been around the block way longer than you.