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  1. 508-Fanatic

    Big earthquake today

    Guys not for nothing, perhaps the precursor to this ---- An "event" that rippled all the way around the world last month, seriously crazy stuff and scientists are just beginning to understand what happened and look into it. https://www.nationalgeographic.com/science/2018/11/strange-earthquake-waves-rippled-around-world-earth-geology/ @Nanuq glad you are okay, and hope your personal damage was minimal my man. Alaska has apparently been hit by more than 230 ripple-quakes since Friday?!?
  2. I would not throw a dial worth several thousand dollars (or even a thousand dollars) on a rep watch... but that's just me.
  3. 508-Fanatic

    Initiative Q - heard about it?

    J can you verify mine plz
  4. 508-Fanatic

    Bargain of the year...

    Just goes to show how people are
  5. 508-Fanatic

    A little help.....

    @Mike on a bike last time I tried to upgrade it wouldn't let me, it said "This product has already been purchased" or something to that effect. Any ideas? That might be what's stalling out some of the others...perhaps? (Glass half full)
  6. 508-Fanatic

    A little help.....

    @Mike on a bike I'm only a lowly VIP, I was at one time Platinum, I'm happy to pay for Diamond or something.
  7. 508-Fanatic

    16520 Rep? Can't be true?

    Huge Scam. Avoid like a STD
  8. that would be something one of our great case-shapers could readily adjust for a reasonable price
  9. That's great info! Thanks I figure a white dial SS SA4130 project will run about $4,000 all said and done with a nice everest strap and semi-franken'd movement with gen dial, pushers, hands, and bezel. Well within reason considering cost of gen...but is it worth it over all? I guess that's in the eye of the beholder
  10. 508-Fanatic

    The cartel has increased its power, and prices

    For sure! It begs for a genuine dial and hands.
  11. 508-Fanatic

    The cartel has increased its power, and prices

    Well said! Here here!! Going to order one and Franken the [censored] out of it haha
  12. M - what would you say about reliability?
  13. 508-Fanatic

    The cartel has increased its power, and prices

    I dumped a ton of cash into a ‘66 Gilt PCG 5513 build and then traded it for a basically gen 16610 super Franken because it wasn’t perfect and it annoyed me. Then I lost money on that too. Live and learn. No more high-end franken’s for me. Just picked up Lawton’s Pam029 with ETA (same movement that was in gen, albeit tweaked a bit in gen) and a gen strap. That’s about what I’m good for these days. The OOB vintage reps are horrible and I have seen some people trying to part with high end franken’s on here lately with no success. I feel like with the addition of mid-level boutique brand gen pieces it gutted the upper level franken market, am I wrong? The new manufacture movement tudors are only like $3-$4k but I suppose everyone has their own financial lane. Would you rather wear a genuine $4k watch or a $4k franken of a $60k watch... that is a big discernment point for today’s community imho
  14. 508-Fanatic

    The cartel has increased its power, and prices

    I'm genuinely considering purchasing one of these SA4130 clones. I have always lusted after a Daytona but can't bring myself to plunk down the $10-12k for a nice one. My gen range is in the $3.5k to $5k range, that's where I live. That said, I'd be happy with this until someday in the future I can discreetly just "swap it out" for a gen... https://puretime.io/watch-brands/rolex/daytona/daytona-116520-noob-1-1-best-edition-904l-ss-case-and-bracelet-white-dial-sa4130.html#