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  1. https://puretime.io/submariner-116610-ln-black-ceramic-vrf-904l-1-1-best-edition-on-ss-bracelet-vr3135.html# Buy a good one, or don't buy anything at all.
  2. 7750 Clone? Fully functioning? I love it! The new rep has a date window which completely ruins the aesthetic for me.... http://www.trustytime.club/index.php?main_page=advanced_search_result&search_in_description=1&keyword=aeronavale&x=0&y=0
  3. It's still a perfectly fine rep, with a nice box. Enjoy it and I admire your attitude about learning. Believe me we've all made some costly mistakes I'm sure - I know I have Welcome to the community!
  4. I actually had a damn decent one in my humble opinion. Got it from AstonJenks traded him a big IWC pilot
  5. Sorry man, that's a chinese clone.... No ETA stampings and the inner caseback engravings aren't that great.... I don't know what stock$ you put in the fancy box but you over-paid a good bit my man. Sorry
  6. That's pretty cool - box is always a nice plus. Did they send you pictures to verify that it's a Swiss ETA and not a clone?
  7. Same here Mike - see my above screenshot. He said in his email to me that if I had a good rep on Repgeek or RWI he would take PayPal, so I showed him my profile here and he sent the above message which I attached as a screenshot. I was miffed to say the least. I don't have the time to keep up with 3 different boards, nor do I really have the desire to operate anywhere else but here (the best.)
  8. Ryan did follow up with me eventually offered PayPal after I said I was going elsewhere. Seems like a decent enough guy, just seems overly cautious. I was more frustrated by his seeming distaste for our board... he said that a membership here in good regard didn't hold water. For me, that's reason enough to wait to deal with one of our TD's
  9. Andrew at TrustyTime just sent me a PayPal link. He's been extremely helpful. I'll be ordering through him. Mike - Good call on Mary, I hadn't thought of that. I usually try to go through a solid TD I've done business with before. Not thrilled with the responses and service from inTime and Puretime.
  10. What a jerk. inTime intimated that either a profile on Repgeek or RWI would be fine for PayPal. I sent him a screenshot of my profile here and he claims it’s not good enough. So what now? PureTime wouldn’t take my two legit credit cards - inTime won't either. Both are demanding crypto-currencies or bank transfer. I am not sending anyone my bank account information. So now what?!? Do I no longer get to purchase reps because I don’t trade in crypto currencies? Wtf is going on in this hobby with these dealers. I'm fuming. TrustyTime had same issue, 3 cards tried and same nonsense. None seem to be interested in doing business with me outside of me having to get a master's degree in cryptocurrency or forking over bank account #'s.. Super frustrating. I've bought a lot of rep's in the past and I have to say the experience now has totally soured me. @Legend @Mike on a bike @Sogeha Can you guys recommend something here?
  11. I just placed an order through them. Had trouble with PureTime (CC didn't go through 2x, two different cards, same rejection notice their only suggestion was "use another card" so I was like...peace) So Now I've tried Ryan at intime and we'll see how it goes
  12. Still the best board out there - dermatological issues or not.
  13. Gentlemen thank you all for chiming in! I was exploring the watch and found Version 1.uh-oh to be far too sub-par to purchase. I think I'm going with the Cartier Santos instead. https://puretime.io/watch-brands/cartier/santos-de-cartier/santos-de-cartier-large-2018-kor-1-1-best-edition-white-dial-on-ss-bracelet-miyota-9015.html#
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