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  1. Oh I'm varied quite a bit. Rolex for sure, in fact I have a tremendous 18239 for sale on here, I also love IWC, Zenith, Breitling and some Panerai. Of course the rare gods of Patek, AP, Lange etc... but realistically those are my go-to brands.
  2. Hi Guys & Gals, This 18239 was (I believe) a StoneP sourced and Joe shaped case that was bought by RoloJack for his heat-treating/colorization project. From what I've read only a few of these cases and bracelets were a great success. The watch as it arrived from RJ was stunning but I felt it needed to go a bit further. The Date/Day didn't flip correctly, and often got stuck, and the bezel/crown lacked definition. Now movement winds like butter and the day and date discs snap over perfectly at midnight. So @mymanmatt and I sourced out some parts: Genuine smooth-as silk ETA 2834-2 movement genuine Rolex (hallmarked) white gold bezel - not a WG aftermarket piece (pricier) genuine Rolex white gold crown different day and date discs from Matt different hands from Matt upgraded sapphire/gaskets upgraded tube/gaskets to fit gen crown All in all, Matt did an incredible job taking this watch to the next level, and RJ truly got the colorization/treatment to White Gold perfect. The color on this watch is amazing. It's not a plate, it's treated steel (aside from gen WG parts) and they happen to match perfectly so cheers to RJ. It looks absolutely stunning in good sunlight and not great light, and the genuine bezel and crown really shine. This watch is not for sale, just want to share my latest treasure. Cheers all! (original sale thread: https://rwg.cc/topic/194776-sold-rolex-classic-wg-daydate-18239/ )
  3. Yeah those are FAF. (Fake as feck) Furthermore, why would anyone trade what is (if real) nearly $20k in watches for a Sinn, no offense but they're typically under $3500 or under $5000 (that's part of their appeal, they're good watches) but why? unless they were asking you for cash in trade as well? Lots of red flags mate. Both of those are all wrong.
  4. Yup. When viewing on my phone I get a shitload of annoying pop up ads. Frustrating, but only in Firefox, Safari behaves relatively well...odd.
  5. Whiny lil b... why you here? If you're too cheap for the game, get out.
  6. That is some really crappy customer service... but you bought a cheap replica watch from a chinese middle-man. We get what you pay for. Honestly I wouldn't imagine sending *anything* back to China for a "repair" would turn out well, let alone sending a watch to a rep dealer. I only have two non-franken or specialty replica's... I've overhauled them both, but I've had many that were kinda garbage and I sold them at a significant loss or threw them out. Don't join a forum just to complain. Your shitty experience is not unique, but is an accepted risk within our hobby.
  7. The genuine bezel. Hallmarks were hard to photograph but they’re perfect. Very reputable seller.
  8. The bracelet matches. I was able to snag a gen two dot crown with good threads and a gen bezel on the bay.
  9. I think it's just part of getting the details down, you know? Like when everyone freaks out about how a 4 or 5 looks on a vintage sub bezel, fat 5 long 4 whatever... same thing with a "precious metal" rep. For someone really exacting on the details having some heft to it adds to the feel of authenticity in a franken/genenstein build.
  10. Matt is sourcing it all - there's a great write-up on the crowns here: https://forum.replica-watch.info/forum/rolex-tudor-replicas/319855-do-you-know-your-6mm-rolex-crowns
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