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  1. Another Blancpain FF homage

    Siliclone Rep silicone?
  2. Scammer: REPPIN

    Any way to get those points removed? I appreciate the sentiment from you fine fellows.
  3. Scammer: REPPIN

    Just going to point out that I got into with this "reppin" guy over a disputed price - offered versus posted, prior to this, and instead of anyone taking notice at his flagrant behavior, anti-social attitude, and seemingly "variable pricing" I got a smack-down, warning points and nobody listened to me. It's what largely turned me off from this community, and my support. This is the first time I've logged in, in months, perhaps nearly a year. Sorry to hear this happened. Wish you well.
  4. 16610 - GenuWINNING! lol. A fun project.

    Good call on the A/R on the crystal - the watch looks the business, I'll just focus on doctoring up the Yuki movement.
  5. Creasing leather shoes

    What brand were these again? That's a shit ton of money to spend on casual shoes. I've spent a few hundred bucks on some Allen Edmond's and Peale & Co, but damn dude... some expensive kicks. Those are for serious business and worn only with suits (infrequently) they sit nicely polished, shoe-trees in on a cedar rack else-wise. Other than that I wear a pair of slip-on semi-casual Ecco's with amazing gel in-soles. So f'in comfy.
  6. 16610 - GenuWINNING! lol. A fun project.

    More bridges / parts continue to arrive!
  7. August 5 2016

    16610 - genenstein.
  8. My latest acquisition

    Nice Breit mate, but that 993 gives me a chubby ;-)
  9. That is a really elegant and classic watch. My neighbor wears a genuine, he's had it for years and years, basically never takes it off; only watch he owns.
  10. 16610 - GenuWINNING! lol. A fun project.

    It's on there right now and running same as it left your hands... so yes. Seems to be working great but I wonder about the longevity of accuracy.
  11. New Rolex James Bond models

    With some good shaping, aging and a nice patina on the dial, and a vintage re-lume of the hands and dial it could be a half-decent cheap vintage beater.
  12. 'Ello Ladies and Gents Wanted to share with you my latest project, a bit of fun on a late-model ubiquitous black sub. I've owned another late-model sub, a 116610LV and I enjoyed it, so I figured let's have some fun taking one to about 85% genuine, a fun custom build. Here's how the watch came to me from Capre, a great member: Sean M series mid-case (reshaped lughorns for a nice fit with the gen SEL, chamfered and polished by Omega) TC case-back Sean bezel and crystal retainer ring (reworked by Domi for perfect pressure fit with insert/and gen parts) Gen washer and click-spring for the bezel Gen 93250 SEL bracelet (new from AD, with invoice/receipts from the AD) Gen LEC crystal w/o AR (will probably add double-sides A/R) Gen NOS LN bezel insert Gen 703 tube Gen 704 crown Gen hands Gen M series dial Gen date disc Watch was put together, adjusted and pressure-tested by Domi Yuki 3135 (serviced by misiekped and franken'd with following genuine 2 x setting wheels 2 x reversing wheels winding wheel sliding pinion Now this is a pretty sweet watch, as-is! I love it. However since I'm a freak, and want to take it a step further, I'm adding: 3135 140 Auto Bridge Upper (arrived) 3135 130 Winding Bridge (arrived) 3135 135 Auto Lower Bridge 3135 120 Balance Bridge 3135 570 Oscillating Weight 3135 204 Winding Pinion 3135 245 Balance stop-spring (arrived) 3135 110 Train Wheel Bridge 3135 105 Barrel Bridge 3135 432 Complete Balance 3135 315 Barrel, Complete w/ spring (arrived) 3135 600 Date indicator seating plate (arrived) 3135-639 Intermediate Crown Wheel 3135-421 Pallet Fork 3135-201 Winding Stem (arrived) 3135-330 Great Wheel (arrived) 3135 118 Balance Guard and Screws (arrived) Parts are arriving already - once they are all in I will take this to my watch-maker and he'll put the (projected 70% genuine) movement together with the already amazing watch. I wanted to put good $$ into things that really make a Rolex tick, not just fancy bridges... I'm looking (hunting!) for the parachrom bleu hairspring balance wheel, but if not I'll settle for a 16610 regular balance wheel/hairspring. Gathering up the parts at good prices has already been a fun project. Look forward to more pictures, movement out pics, and parts addition to movement pics. Cheers!
  13. Guys , our finest at work!

    We really do come together well. I donated a watch from a raffle to Tyche back in the day, we really are surrounded by a lot of great folks.
  14. Creasing leather shoes

    Shoe trees are a must, but idk about fitting them with sneakers. That said, I bought some bad-ass Venetian Cream from Daluca for watch-straps and I rubbed some of it into an old pair of Allen Edmond's loafers and it worked REALLY well... so there's that. Keep the leather supple and moist.
  15. July 29 2016

    We ordered a few for the store, it was a solid piece. The biggest mistake Sony ever made though was gussying up for the "Qualia" line.... MC452 and 803d's in stereo. Grew up surrounded by good HiFi and Opera/Classical music. Honestly with kids though, I mostly am glued to my AKG cans.