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  1. This is my cup of tea. This show was incredible, saw it in Los Angeles.
  2. Super rare movement, based on the spring drive found in the Grand Seiko's I believe... I think they can be found from the late 80's early 90's in 34-36mm sizes, in varying condition from $500-$700
  3. Alrighty.... I'm not a mod or anything, but I'm thinking you're headed for a ban dude...
  4. omg let's all fight about it. 😪
  5. Never ever buy from a non trusted source, someone that has had repeated transactions with our members within the last month.
  6. Welcome aboard! What watches do you love?
  7. Smart move to pass on the gen AJ - I'm really unsure what the long-term market looks like for these at that price...
  8. Hey thanks man - greatly appreciate it. I did read many of those, all very good - but some rather old threads. Would you happen to know of anyone willing to take on the work?
  9. Hello All, I recently purchased a stunning 1665 DRSD from one of our esteemed members. A grail type watch, lots of genuine parts including movement... I am looking to take this watch one step further. Currently, it has a non-working replicated HEV. I have purchased the genuine (in the bubble) Rolex parts for this. I am also going to add a period-correct crazy$ insert when I find the right one. Outside of that, I think the watch is otherwise pretty perfect. I'm surprised at how simple the HEV is (rod/pin, gasket, tension plate) and consequently I'd like someone that has done it before, and can ensure that we aren't just putting a hole in the side of the case for water to enter. Is anyone up to the task of the case drilling for the HEV? I would prefer someone that has done it before, and has pictures of their work. @rolojack might this be you? Thank you all!
  10. Is this what you’re after? https://puretimewatch.io/watch-brands/rolex/yacht-master/yacht-master-116621-yg-wrapped-gmf-best-edition-brown-dial-on-ss-rg-bracelet-sa3135.html If not - and you want YMII I would advise caution with the 7750 - it’ll be good to get it cleaned and serviced as it’s a complicated movement and out of Asian factories theres a question of watch thickness versus genuine. Over all across the board not the most accurate reps imho https://puretimewatch.io/watch-brands/rolex/yacht-master/yachtmaster-ii-2017-baselworld-116681-ss-rg-blue-ceramic-jf-1-1-best-edition-on-ss-rg-bracelet-a7750.html
  11. Yes agreed. The whole freak out about an African-American mermaid was a bit much, considering the source material/lore and that it existed pre-Disney... but this is different.
  12. It's definitely odd. From what I understood in the novels the 007 is a status, a descriptor / level of clearance or whatever, or maybe that's just the 00 part? It was a long time ago I read Fleming's work... but regardless yes - I agree rather odd.
  13. I would suggest @rolojack and if you need Domenico’s email I might still have it
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