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  1. 508-Fanatic

    Clone 3135 movement

    You should see the flames this fellow sent me in private chat...
  2. 508-Fanatic

    Forum Announcement - Mike On A Bike

    Congratulations Mike! Well deserved and a true gentleman.
  3. 508-Fanatic

    Yuki cases "out of stock"...

    It was always my impression that Yuki hadn't bothered to update what was in stock and what wasn't. I'd inquired 2x about out of stock things to have it be available and then shipped out.
  4. 508-Fanatic

    Clone 3135 movement

    Extensive research and advice? Not even remotely a very high-end rep... at all. You have a lot more extensive research to do my friend, and a lot more advice to take in. Or perhaps recalibrate your expectation of a high-end rep. I consider a high-end Sub rep to be minimum $600 - $1,000 and they do not have $15 movements inside them. All out quality 'franken' Sub rep's are $2500 to $3,200 for my money. Here is someone selling the base to your watch (case, dial, movement) for $85 https://www.ebay.com/itm/DG2813-Automatic-movement-Submariner-case-colored-wheels-Dial-Hands-316L/263900125499?hash=item3d71ac593b:g:Zk0AAOSwjXVawh19 I don't mean to sound harsh, just hoping to give you some perspective so you don't get ripped off [again.] Welcome to the community Enjoy!
  5. 508-Fanatic

    Rep 904L steel, is it legit? What do buyers think of it?

    Most A. Lange & Sonne watches give me 1200 vickers of hardness.
  6. 508-Fanatic

    15400 from JF v3

    Would you venture it possible to swap in a ETA movement, with the deco-plate on top to get that nice swiss reliability, and maintain the look? I wish they were closed-back... the movement will never be up to snuff, but I agree the slow prolonged date change is terrible. Legend could you really work one of these over real nicely?
  7. 508-Fanatic

    Rolex Daytona Cosmograph 11650

    😯 🙅‍♂️ 😯 🙅‍♂️ That dealer / site doesn’t look legitimate and makes some really specious claims. They’re selling the same mediocre stuff as everyone else - for a lot more $$$
  8. 508-Fanatic

    Rep 904L steel, is it legit? What do buyers think of it?

    That is unfortunate but what I expected. Hopefully the rep dealers will stop using this soft nonsense steel as the ARF models are pretty great.
  9. 508-Fanatic

    Rep 904L steel, is it legit? What do buyers think of it?

    Makes sense - I would have to wonder what they're using? I'd love to see a 1:1 comparison with an older model versus newer 904L I have an older explorer rep, I'm considering ordering the new "904L" one just to see what the difference looks like - I don't have any friends or contacts that are metallurgists... maybe I could send a link off to one and see what they say.
  10. Hi All Considering some Rolex 904L rep's... what do we think about the quality/brilliance etc of the rep 904L (if it even is that) versus what they've used in the past and how it compares to genuine?
  11. 508-Fanatic

    serviced Rolex 1970's 6263 Daytona

    Sell it to me please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. 508-Fanatic

    Trusty or Union?

    T R U S T T R U S T Y
  13. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Panerai-Moonphase-17-Jewels-Automatic-Wristwatch/132576743766 Let's [censored] with this [censored]. How horrifying, and 14 morons are bidding on it.
  14. 508-Fanatic

    What is the difference between the factories?

    Almost anything that is standard non-complicated ETA clone will be fine or cheaply made to be fine. Some of the Venus 175 derivatives (ST19) can be a bit fragile. ETA 7750 with full working chrono's in Daytona setup are bad news