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  1. Yeah and this one doesn't look like his...
  2. I have a genuine SuperOcean that I got for a very, very good price. It's got an ETA movement in it, which kind of sucks but hey, I really like the design. It's not an overt Sub clone and kind of unique.... sits on a gorgeous really deluxe green leather strap. Also have the rubber and milanese mesh. I believe it's the 42mm or 40mm? I didn't go with the huge one.
  3. Hello all - thank you for the well wishes. I'm just plugging along. Wearing a Zoll LifeVest, in case of sudden cardiac death it'll shock me back. Good times, kind of an ill-fitting man-bra haha. Other than that, on a serious cocktail of medications designed to protect and heal my heart over time. Hasn't gotten any worse, and I seem to have more energy. Hopefully life-vest comes off in next month or so, and they'll determine that I'm good on that front. Heart has a lot of scarring/fibrosis in there - something got me but they're not sure what. Best thing to do is just push forward and keep working on getting better. Thanks for all the support! what a terrific community.
  4. Update --- Been seeing the Heart Failure Team - they're doing their best. Fitted me up with a "LifeVest" which is an outboard defibrillator - basically a really uncomfortable man-bra that is tight and made of cheap materials lol....but if it zaps me back to life then it's all good. Just better not magnetize or f* with any of my watches haha Still need to have tachy or arrythmia or whatever with my heart sorted out - and a defibrillator implanted. Also need to see someone about my f'd up Aorta and all the work to be done there. Still living and enjoying life, and a very happy guy.
  5. I built a 5513 - PCG with gilt dial, sold it to a member here, thought I saw it floating around in a pic-thread or FS a while back... it was quite a piece and had a gen movement, dial, hands, bezel, crown, etc. The only non-gen piece was the mid-case and Joe had taken care of the engravings on that, and I had sent it out to one of our best casemen for shaping. I'm sad I parted with it. I know ... I know 🙈
  6. https://puretime.io/submariner-116610-ln-black-ceramic-vrf-904l-1-1-best-edition-on-ss-bracelet-vr3135.html# Buy a good one, or don't buy anything at all.
  7. 7750 Clone? Fully functioning? I love it! The new rep has a date window which completely ruins the aesthetic for me.... http://www.trustytime.club/index.php?main_page=advanced_search_result&search_in_description=1&keyword=aeronavale&x=0&y=0
  8. It's still a perfectly fine rep, with a nice box. Enjoy it and I admire your attitude about learning. Believe me we've all made some costly mistakes I'm sure - I know I have Welcome to the community!
  9. I actually had a damn decent one in my humble opinion. Got it from AstonJenks traded him a big IWC pilot
  10. Sorry man, that's a chinese clone.... No ETA stampings and the inner caseback engravings aren't that great.... I don't know what stock$ you put in the fancy box but you over-paid a good bit my man. Sorry
  11. That's pretty cool - box is always a nice plus. Did they send you pictures to verify that it's a Swiss ETA and not a clone?
  12. Same here Mike - see my above screenshot. He said in his email to me that if I had a good rep on Repgeek or RWI he would take PayPal, so I showed him my profile here and he sent the above message which I attached as a screenshot. I was miffed to say the least. I don't have the time to keep up with 3 different boards, nor do I really have the desire to operate anywhere else but here (the best.)
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