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  1. Legend

    Gen v ARF 126600

    Gen on left.
  2. Legend

    Trusted skilled repair man in France

    well 2 things: 1. Usually they call this type of guy a rep-friendly "watchsmith" or "modder" 2. I do not know anyone in France but I know of @SSTEEL in Finland. He can help you. Just send him a PM.
  3. Legend

    AP Picture thread

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  4. Legend


    Good news for you he’s EU based. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Legend

    Gen wristies

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  6. Legend

    Scammed @ RWI by Frederico Houtjes

    Thank you kindly for sharing. I will go read up on details of the scam.
  7. Legend


    Agree, but for the hobby, and most of the models, I will definitely recommend @SMP_lover over gen, given the overall fitment, price and of course quality. The gen straps are nice, but prone to tearing around the edges at the lug end. I had replaced 2 sets of gen straps (mounted on my gens) with SMP_lover's ones. His straps are good enough for gen APs. So I do not see a problem fitting them on anything else you can find in the hobby.
  8. Legend

    Scammed @ RWI by Frederico Houtjes

    so he is not just a scammer, but an identity thief. Will you care to list the details of the scam here, for the benefit of those not on RWI? Thank you
  9. Legend

    Broken diver..

    yes, but getting paid for a service does not disqualify one from being good, and doing something for free does not mean that you are good as well. My point was that SSteel, being an established watch modder, is entitled, and in fact expected to charge in return for a job well-done. If you are getting the service for free from him, he is not obligated to you in any way, and merely doing a favor. Without payment and duty of care owed to you for a paid service, your watch may or may not be fixed according to your expectation. So I think I do know. Your local watchmaker will charge you a fee for the repair and so will SSteel. That is all fair and good.
  10. Legend

    Broken diver..

    I'm sure you won't help him for free either M lol.
  11. Legend

    Broken diver..

    of course. But you need to understand that because rep movements are often badly assembled, the shipping process often causes parts to come loose, get jammed in the gears and seize up the movement completely. So yes, sending the watch back to China to get it fixed is your entitlement. But you face the risk of the incoming China custom, and then the same transit risk again when it comes back to you.
  12. Legend

    Broken diver..

    All broken movements can be fixed. In this hobby you must learn to be patient. I will suggest you send it to a modder to have it converted to low beat and also serviced, to make it more accurate and reliable.
  13. Legend

    Fake? advertised as gen

    I am no Rolex expert but this looks rep even to a layman like me.
  14. Legend

    From PH

    When you say PH I assume Philippines? Anyway, wherever you are from, welcome!
  15. Legend

    AP Picture thread

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