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  1. ah yes... the mandatory pics! Please share them when you receive the watches!
  2. Legend

    Rolex Wristies thread

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  3. He Hello Jim Welcome to the forums! I am from Singapore too and so are a few others I know. To answer your question, the delivery of the watches will be door to door and you will not be taxed. You just pay the dealer and wait for the watches to arrive.
  4. Legend

    My 47mm Pamily.

    lovely collection you have there
  5. Legend

    How good are the 3126 noob ROOs?

    None of the rep AP ROOs are accurate out of the box. I think the word "incredible" and in CAPS, is very much exaggerated, once you are aware of the flaws. Doesn't matter 42, 44, or v1, v2. I disagree that any rep ROO is "incredible". "Visually acceptable from a distance" is the furthest I will go with ANY rep ROO. If you own the gen, you will understand what I am talking about. If you do not, even the stock reps will look good. In this hobby, you buy what you like, and deal with the flaws, or get it modded to your satisfaction.
  6. Legend

    Scammer member RTL2

    For such claims, @SSTEEL, details are always useful. I am not doubting you, but whenever there is a thread stating "xxxx is a scammer", there will be bound to be members asking for details like what he did, the amount involved and such. I also think that there are two sides to any story. While caution about someone is always good, and that we should look out for the community and one another, it will be meaningful to include details with such threads. Labelling someone a scammer is a serious allegation in my opinion, and if you want to start a thread in this vein, it is best to have details to back it up.
  7. Legend

    AP Picture thread

    Thank you brother and yes as far as I know it’s the only piece in Singapore currently. I’m sure that its siblings will soon join it soon haha. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Legend

    AP Picture thread

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  9. LOL Thank you bro @Faster897 take champsy's suggestion and PM legend, he can help you, being one of the modders here.
  10. @Champsy can you recommend a modder for this nice gentleman?
  11. Hi OP and firstly, welcome to RWG. Also, please don't get discouraged by the lack of response. Things move slower on the boards these days, perhaps due to the festive season. In my experience, someone will eventually reply, so be patient and don't be disheartened. 1. For the start to finish process, I think that it will differ from dealer to dealer, and that members in general will simply purchase the watch they like, as opposed to taking the time to detail meticulously the start to finish process. Your experience may not apply to theirs and vice versa. Each process with each member and dealer will differ. This is not a habit which I have seen in my hobby, in my last 8 years here. I doubt that it will become a trend or habit. Your post and the information provided are both well appreciated and I think that future members will find it useful. Thank you for your time and effort. Just FYI, the dealers in the hobby are trusted because members have had positive experiences dealing with them over a prolonged period. Therefore, members feel secure dealing with the known dealers listed on the site. 2. For the rep itself, it is flawed in several aspects as you already know. I own 2x 5711 gens, the blue and white dial, and have compared all the different rep models against them several times. The datewheel font is the first thing which screams at you, but I understand that someone has created a datewheel to fix that. The thickness of the rep needs to be improved too, and the miyota movement looks and sounds cheap. But price wise, it is a whole lot more friendly than the gen of course. [emoji6] 3. Please continue to post and integrate yourself into the community. We do not need to do things "the same old way" all the time. Refreshing changes are always welcome as long as they are not disruptive, malicious or offensive to the community here. Stay and grow, read and learn. You will understand what this hobby, and us are about before long. Once again, thank you and a warm welcome! To a watch modder, the markers can be realigned, excess lume can be cleaned off, the watch case can be thinned, and the rotor bearing sound, if necessary, can be silenced. VS the gen thickness of 8.3mm.
  12. Legend

    A modded XF FC diver v2

    not doing a batch, but I will be able to build individual watches to order. PM me. Oh you already did. In that case, wait for my reply. Oh I already did. In that case, please read my reply.
  13. Legend

    AP Picture thread

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  14. Legend

    AP Picture thread

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  15. Legend

    Wristies - thread consolidation?

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