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  1. Legend


    Hey man, is there a background context to your post?
  2. Legend

    AP Picture thread

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  3. Legend

    15400 from JF v3

    There are things which cannot be seen (heard) in the QC pics. Besides the crooked markers at 12, 3, and 9, which are very common, the miyota movement sounds cheap and noisy, and the rotor bearings of about 90% of the v3 15400 need to be silenced and oiled. Visually, the thickness is also a flaw which can be resolved. The watch can be thinned to 9.9mm (vs gen thickness of 9.8mm). Also, I don't like the way the date changes. The date starts changing around 2300 - 2330 each day, and completes the change at midnight. The gen has an instant date change at midnight, much like the Rolex caliber 3135 or ETA2836. But that is me nitpicking. Most people can live with this flaw, but I just cannot.
  4. Legend

    AP Picture thread

    well done bro, for buying 4 identical watches.
  5. Legend

    Royal Oak 15400 YG question

    The yellow gold tone is alright in the rep. Plating, It is unlikely anybody will be able to tell you how long it will last, as it is a relatively new model, and nobody would have owned it long enough to tell. The rose gold plating tone is definitely off though. The SS will be more accurate visually, and weight wise. Unless you absolutely need a yellow gold model, I will advise you to stick to the SS model. Specifically the JF v3 15400.
  6. Legend

    15400 from JF v3

    The flaws you stated are minor and common and easily fixed. The case thickness is the biggest visual tell in my opinion and this needs to be fixed to make the watch look presentable on the wrist. Surprised you didn’t mention it. As for whether it’s a v3, a pic will tell. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Legend

    AP Picture thread

    The rep gold tone and finish does not match the gen. You can either have the rep replated or just get the gen if you’re into gold! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Legend

    AP Picture thread

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  9. Legend

    AP Picture thread

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  10. Legend

    First AP Diver

    Where did you get that rubber strap please? If you do take your watches to swim or wear it robustly, during summer especially, invest in a good rubber strap. Yes there are many aftermarket ones which look good, but not every brand will be able to withstand the climate/water. I will recommend you try the SCUTA series offered by AP Bands (other than gen rubber, which surprising is prone to rips and tears too). They work well for all weather conditions, including sunny and very humid Singapore. Product link (and I hope yours is not already this!) http://www.apbands.com/CTGY/SCUTA.html
  11. Legend

    AP Picture thread

    Erm, don't you have the same one Dylan? lol
  12. Legend

    AP Picture thread

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  13. Legend

    AP Picture thread

    What’s there not to like bro?! Haha Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Legend

    AP Picture thread

    Much loves bro. Congrats. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Legend

    AP Picture thread

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