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  1. Wow even the font used is vintage lol. Welcome @kakeboxilo!
  2. Thank you David. Your dad was a great guy who will be missed very much. RIP Bob old friend.
  3. Reps can be nice watches to wear, but they will always lack provenance and brand heritage. The value of a gen is found in its trade value in the watch market. Reps also have their value in select communities like this one. All these lines are greyed however when the gen is like $300, cheaper than a lot of quality reps, and for this omega x swatch release, I will not be surprised if the rep makers release a "better" watch having an automatic movement, and equally toy-like finishing all round. But better or worse, this will remain a fantasy rep, as everything the gen (cheap quality and quartz movement and all) is about is what omega (and Swatch) planned it to be. I don't think the Swatch brand will be diluted if the rep moonswatch is an automatic. Reps have their inherent worth in specific communities, but none in the gen watch brand world. You are right in saying, however, that a rep maker producing the same watch with an automatic movement at a lower cost, will give consumers something to think about. If Omega/Swatch is to do the same, I am sure that the watch will cost a lot more than its current asking price, and the mass appeal will be reduced a little.
  4. expensive considering the rep to gen price ratio lol. And the gen already feels like a rep, worse than many reps in fact...
  5. Sure here you do. It’s on the stock straps. The issue is that the case is very plasticky and not like ceramic at all. It is literally weightless on the wrist. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. I own one of these (my third choice as the Uranus and Mercury ones weren’t available) The watch is built with a toy-watch quality in terms of quality and feel. They look a lot better in pictures as opposed to how they feel on the wrist in real life. Huge hype and nice novelty value for all of 5min. Will advise a hard pass for y’all wanting one.
  7. @madasboot I observe that you are still only reacting to posts instead of typing anything useful at all, even after restoring your privileges to normalcy. That is completely unacceptable and your next infraction will be to attend a coffee marathon with me, starting 1900hrs and ending... well it ends when it ends. So if that is what you want, then ok, carry on your protest of sullen silence. Just don't blame me when the invitation letter turns up at your door to attend said marathon. 🤣
  8. @madasboot has been released into the wild again. Everyone look out! Lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. OK now that I have some time, I will address what you wrote. Everything that anyone posts about any dealer here is subjective, both good and bad. The difference is that most if not all of the good feedback do not require any form of follow up, whereas negative feedback often are cries for help loaded with frustration, anger and feelings of helplessness. Being a long-time member here does not give you the right to be rude, especially not to staff. I was right in saying that trying to drag Andrew's name through the mud will not improve his situation. It will get the Andrew supporters out of the woods and they will share their subjective experiences. Will that fix the watch issue? So you get one lousy feedback (which nobody is denying) and say 6 positive ones (which are also true). The reputation of any dealer is a sum of how the community perceives him, and not something decided by any one feedback, good or bad. The relationship between any forum and the dealers trusted on that forum will allow the issue to be looked at and resolved far more efficiently than some newbie, with unknown reputation himself, shouting it on the streets. You are the ridiculous (and likely semi-retarded one) if you do not realize that the new guy is as likely to get lynched for doing so, as members sympathizing with him or arguing against him. So how will that help him? Your East German analogy is offensive and irrelevant. So long-time member or not, you will respect the forum and its staff here. Else, feel free to stay away and don't let the door hit you on your way out. I do not care if you are here longer than God's grandmother, but I will not tolerate you trying to run your own disgruntled vigilante system against dealers, for your own bitter agendas. I am not a client of Trustytime, nor will I ever purchase from him. But I respect the fact that he is a trusted dealer here, and as such, he needs to be treated like one. Nobody was telling the OP to shut up. What was told to him was how things are run around here, and how others have had positive experience with him. If you want to turn into a playground bully based on your tenure here, open up your damned eyes and see who you are trying to pick on. I will de-restrict you in a couple of days and restore your posting privileges. But one errant word out of you next time and you will take a time out from here. I am the type who will stand up against guys like you, who think you know it all and should lord over everyone else based on the fact you were here first. But you are nothing but a guy made up of a twisted ball of curmudgeonly grumpiness doused over with the essence of bitter resentment. If you have a problem, take it somewhere else. The RWG trusted dealer policy will stay, like it or not. As long as Trustytime remains a trusted dealer here, he will be accorded the same treatment as other trusted dealers, without favor or bias. Likewise, staff here will be staff. Go run your mouth elsewhere.
  10. I’m actually not a customer or even supporter of trustytime but he does have a good reputation. You seem to have a problem with this objective fact. I think that until you learn to show some respect, you and your rudeness isn’t welcome here. What I said stands: That if you have a problem with a trusted dealer, learn to first sort it out with him via PM. If that does not work, approach a staff for help. I didn’t say me specifically but I guess you’re too dumb to understand that. Long time member or not, take a breather. Till next time.
  11. No dealer is immune to problems. Show me a dealer and I’ll show you a disgruntled customer of his or a problem watch he has encountered. It is important to handle and manage such issues with maturity rather than bashing a dealer just because you’ve hit a speed bump. That’s not the way to go no matter what happens. Remember these are reps and you should manage your experiences realistically and with prudence. Whether you retract your statement about Andrew or otherwise, his reputation remains stellar overall. If you encounter issues in future try to resolve it with the dealer direct and if need be, involve a moderator here.
  12. So you’ve had a bad experience with TT and he apparently refuses to work it out. Firstly you need to understand TT will never be removed as a trusted dealer based on this incident. He has been established long enough in this circle to be a trusted name. I’m not saying that what you wrote is untrue or made up. But I’ll like to hear from Andrew to hear his side before anything else. If it’s a mistake, and over a relatively small sum like $200, then send it back for a refund. Shipping fee can’t be reimbursed in this hobby I’m most cases. And lots of patience is needed. Posting this here won’t solve the issue. Communicate properly with Andrew and get this worked out. If one round of email does not work, then do it again. And again. Andrew is not an unreasonable fella, and this fact has been established many times with many different members. I don’t see why he would treat you any different. There is no point trying to put a blight on his name. Every dealer here has his fair share of good and bad reviews. If you need real help then send me and Trusty a PM. We will get it resolved the proper way. Ranting won’t help and serves nothing.
  13. I will recommend the new JF V10. The dive bezel ring from the new ZF is superb and for the visually perfect diver, plug that ring into the JF and you are good to go. I think Legend is still working on APs yes.
  14. Holo That is good spirit from you! Like I said, as a modder, I totally understand your intention of putting up the harsh barrier to filter off the noobs. Sometimes in this hobby its totally necessary! With the adjustment of your post, there is no reason why anyone should start picking on your attitude again. Let me clean up your thread and lets start afresh. Thank you also for being one of the guys on the frontline helping others. I will make sure that your time here is as pleasant as possible sir. Please, allow me to clean up your thread including your own responses to others. I hope the 4 watches find their lucky owners soon. If you need any help, I am just a PM away. Remember we are here to help YOU achieve what YOU want, and that was the sole purpose of my posts to you.
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