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  1. I will recommend the new JF V10. The dive bezel ring from the new ZF is superb and for the visually perfect diver, plug that ring into the JF and you are good to go. I think Legend is still working on APs yes.
  2. Holo That is good spirit from you! Like I said, as a modder, I totally understand your intention of putting up the harsh barrier to filter off the noobs. Sometimes in this hobby its totally necessary! With the adjustment of your post, there is no reason why anyone should start picking on your attitude again. Let me clean up your thread and lets start afresh. Thank you also for being one of the guys on the frontline helping others. I will make sure that your time here is as pleasant as possible sir. Please, allow me to clean up your thread includin
  3. @hologramet will advise you to tone it down a little if you want to get buyers. Your knowledge and skills are undisputed but your conditions come across as somewhat harsh (though as a modder I do get what you mean) Go easy, your filtering will work automatically based on which member you choose to respond to.
  4. That piece shown by jamguaid, which @ceejay kindly showed you as an example of what is possible, is far from perfect btw. Takes about 3 seconds tops to call it out as non-genuine.
  5. I agree with Tompa on what he said about rep ROOs. Actually, Tompa has the best attitude toward these AP reps among all the members which I have seen. And he is a prolific collector of AP reps, he practices what he says.. don't try to fool anyone into thinking you are wearing a gen AP, because you aren't even if its a modded rep or franken. The list of flaws you mentioned can be taken care of superficially by mods yes, there will STILL be visual differences if you know your APs. Ultimately, rep APs are nice watches to wear for your own entertainment, but do not for a second pretend that
  6. What matters isn't who is right or wrong in the matter actually, but rather, we can collectively learn about the progress in this hobby. This is an example of the Noob daytona with the clone 4130 movement. https://puretimewatch.io/featured-products/daytona-116509-ss-noob-1-1-best-edition-904l-ss-case-and-bracelet-silver-dial-sa4130-v3.html I am impressed with the evolution of the movements used in this hobby. This is, like I said, one of the best, if not the best thing to happen to the hobby in many years. Not feasible in terms of cost. Each time the movement has to be
  7. Not true. The chinese offers the clone 4130 movement now, and it is likely the best thing to happen to the hobby in the past decade. It is surprisingly reliable and precise after a proper service. You can also buy gen 4130 movement parts relatively easily. Total cost, depending on how many gen parts you intend to put in it, will be between $800-4500. You do not need a 100% gen 4130 cal. But for the parts that matter, $2000 will be sufficient to purchase all the parts and do the build.
  8. Nobody is picking on you jollyroger1. Let’s look at the simple facts. 1. You called out macarone for hazing you when he wasn’t. If the accusation was made in public instead of PMs, then your apology should be made in the same way. 2. Being new or otherwise does not excuse anyone from common human decency. Learn to say thank you when help is given. Gratitude goes a lot further than whining, anywhere in the world. 3. Thank you for sharing your story. I think that I agree with macarone that it’s the kind of post which lets others understand and interact with you better. Welcome! 4. Panera
  9. Well looks like another classic case of a newbie joining just to get help, and kicking up a fuss when he encounters difficulties. The result is always the same: you get a thankless silent departure. Lol. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Take it easy. 1. Firstly you do not post a WTB here. Wrong section. 2. Macarone is a legit and established member here. He did not haze you nor was he toying with you in any way. The issues of accessing the links he provided lay purely on your end, as I could access them and I saw the watches he mentioned. Following the posts I can understand your frustration but Macarone did nothing wrong. I believe that this being a gentlemen’s forum, you owe an apology to him as he was sincerely trying to help you. We welcome you here. But do show patience and courtesy especially if you’re new. Nob
  11. If you can pick just one, then ZF and refine the bracelet a little. If you do not have the constraint of choice, then a JF +ZF hybrid will be ideal.
  12. From the dial, case thickness and date font. I’m pretty sure it’s not a ZF. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. This is neither a ZF nor a Noob. It is a JF and looking at the dial, a V3.
  14. Hey can you explain why interaktiv was being racist? I read his comment and found it harmless. Also talking about “small penis issues” and asking him to “crawl back to your swamp” are both abusive and uncalled for. You need to tone it down and also apologize to him. I found nothing racist about his comment. If I am missing something please feel free to educate me. Thank you.
  15. Our lives are like our homes: From time to time, we have to declutter and keep them clean. The garbage have to be thrown out, and likewise for items which are toxic, contaminated, or no longer meaningful to have around.
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