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  1. I always advocate getting the watch fixed locally whenever possible, for the following reasons 1. The factory movements frequently, if not always arrives dirty and poorly lubricated. Exchanging one watch for another does not resolve this issue. The replacement may or may not be running well. 2. Transit shipping itself poses a risk, both in terms of custom detention, loss or possible jolting or rough handling of the watches. Screws, rotors and even springs can become dislodged in the process. The dealer will claim he sent a perfectly working watch, but you may receive junk. Such mysteries are often solved when one realizes how packages are handled during the shipping process. I have seen cockroach carcasses get treated better. 3. The dealer does not really resolve the issue of the watch, but rather, replaces it with another one, which may have a different issue. That is watch repair for you in China. The cost of replacement is far lower than the cost of proper repair/service. 4. Getting the watch serviced properly is an upgrade, in terms of movement cleanliness, lubrication, and time regulation. It will ensure that your watch keeps good time, has a healthy power reserve and is reliable (as reliable as the movement design will allow), and helps you ensure that you will enjoy your watch for a longer period. Of course, if you are buying a watch just to try it on for fun, then forgo the service. But if you really like the watch and want to enjoy it properly, then get the movement, the heart of the watch, in a healthy and pristine condition.
  2. Legend

    Richard Mille

    I think that there is nothing wrong with liking RMs. As a brand, of course they have their own following, and I shall not comment on the brand culture or the profile of people who wear them as that wasn't really your question. The reps are actually decent, the main tell is that the case is about 2mm too thick to accommodate the A7750 movement. Having a skeletonized dial actually helps to obfuscate the dial details, and makes the rep look decent as scrutinizing the dial details and comparing them to gen become kind of difficult in real life for certain models. The case thickness can be addressed by careful machining in theory, though I have not really done yet. Pick a model you like and wear it like a swatch. Ultimately, you need to please yourself and the rest doesn't really matter right?
  3. @sacsah1 @blackboxes I believe this is a question you guys can answer well bros
  4. Legend

    Important message from Bergies

    My sincere condolences KB.. put your family first, business will always be waiting mate.
  5. Hello and welcome, Harry. And like what my colleague and fellow members point out, please do not try to sell here without reading the rules. Nice watch, wrong move.
  6. Legend


    Swiss cheese.. lol seriously bro?! 🤣
  7. Legend

    Hey guys new to the forum

    Welcome and looking forward to see your builds in future! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Legend


    I remember you as another good guy in the hobby Markiemark. Thank you for trying to help and your messages may have come as a little protective of Swiss6uk but I am certain that your intentions are good. If Swiss6uk wants to resolve this issue, I do not remember blocking his PM function and my channel is open to him. Please go your way and have your honor intact, this is in no way any fault of yours nor are you an accessory to his ill repute. I’m sure Tariq can PM me should his conscience beckon him one day. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Legend


    I will like to request you, being a respected and trusted member, to stop being a messenger to a qualified scammer. There are absolute borders never to be crossed in this hobby and this guy has crossed them without compunction. Please do not embroil yourself just because you have dealt with him positively before. Past performance does not guarantee future performances. I am against the fact that he raised an unauthorized pp dispute and went further by escalating it. If you’re truly against this as well, kindly refrain from showing his side of the story. It does not matter now what went down on each side. What matters is the way he had chosen to manage this matter. It is bad for the hobby and the community. I have a duty to inform the community of what he did. The pp dispute is an absolute fact. The things that went back and forth between the buyer and seller are debatable. I have given him a chance to put this right by doing the things mentioned in my message above. I will politely request you to stop interceding on his behalf if you do not have a dog in this fight. By doing so, you are, inadvertently or otherwise, showing the community that you think that it is ok to start a pp dispute without taking the necessary preliminary steps. I am not interested in taking sides either but I want the scammer to know that it is not ok to behave in such a deplorable manner. So please kindly step out of the way of the missles Mr Markiemark. My target isn’t you at all. But such insolence needs to be addressed and if such a precedent is allowed, he will continue to do this time and over and think how clever he is. Thank you kindly for your understanding. I hope you will not play devil’s advocate here if this does not concern you. I will appreciate that. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Legend


    Are you here to defend Swiss6uk? I get the feeling you are siding him. Or do you have a personal stake in the matter?
  11. Legend


    Yes, he sent a very long message, full of lies and false claims. I wonder if it is the same one you got lol. I think he is seeking to add the coveted title of "pathetic liar" to his expanding list of accolades.
  12. Legend


    Update: swiss6uk has escalated the pp dispute to a claim. I have also affirmed that he has zero intentions of returning any of the watches, despite the claim. So it's lottery win for the low life if the pp claim goes his way: keep the watches he had been bitching about, and get his money back at the same time. @bangsters @Yllekp @blackboxes @wimpie007 @Mike on a bike @Sogeha @kernow @Nanuq I will consider someone of his intentions and actions, a scammer of the worst kind; one who victimizes himself while setting out to cheat another of money/merchandise. Please warn your communities accordingly. Stupidity and ignorance can be forgiven, and resolved through education and learning, but when you add malice and a predilection to cheat to the equation, it is very bad news for anyone wanting to deal with him. @swiss6uk I had warned you to return the watches to the seller and you had agreed. Going back on your word and showing your true self as an ugly scammer when we tried to help you, is what is destroying you right now. If you are reading this, then I will tell you that you have one chance to reverse the situation: - drop the pp dispute/claim - send the watches back - apologize to the seller. - grow some brains before you buy again. You are displaying less IQ than a piece of driftwood floating in the ocean and that is a generous overstatement. Otherwise, have it your way, we can continue along this line. I have given details of you, your wife and daughter also to the admins of all the forums. What they choose to do with them is not my concern. In case you think I am joking. I advise you to think twice about what you have done and think 10 times before you scam anyone again. The fact is that you have been stupid and ignorant, and messed up such a simple solution which you agreed to: return the watches, and get them fixed. Then have them sent back to you. Simple. Instead, you chose to raise a pp dispute and thought that you were being cute. If you agree to what I have proposed, send me a PM, and we can talk about resolving this. Else, I may consider removing all the Xs below and let the world know what a low life, ignorant moronic scum you are, Tariq. You may find the letters and numbers below familiar. If so, consider it coincidence. There is no intention to expose you, just like how you had no intention to pull off a $6000 paypal scam. Tariq Alzxxxx Mashoor St. House #xxx City name .. Jxxxxl Zip Code 3x9x1 Saudi Arabia Phone # 0x0xx000xx Ohxxd Alkxxxxr 175 Blxxxxm St. Unit.1xx6 Boston,MA Zip code 02114 USA Phone# 6xx 7xx 6xxx Txxxa Alxxxxx Mashoor St. House #xxx City name .. Jxxxxl Zip Code xxxxx Saudi Arabia
  13. Legend


    Markie may I know how you came by that info please? Thanks mate. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Legend


    On the 15400 for example, he mentioned that the faults are 1. A slipping crown when adjusting the time 2. A "non smooth second hand" I had explained to him that the slipping crown is a common fault and it can be fixed easily. Also, the 15400 had been converted to a low beat movement. The second hand would of course "tick" more than "sweep". Ultimately, he opted to keep the 15400, but raised a dispute for it anyway. We are not here to side anyone, but point out the facts and highlight the fact that the buyer raised a $6000+ dispute (for whatever reasons) and potential members who buy from, or sell to swiss6uk needs to be fully aware of the inherent risks posed by his horological ignorance, attitude, and the fact that the member cannot keep his word. Stupidity has found a lifelong endorsement deal with swiss6uk.
  15. Legend


    I have seen pics and videos of the watches both before and after shipment. I had broken down the cause of each defect of the watches to the buyer, and explained that the root issues are not as disastrous as the symptoms. The buyer had offered to send the watches back for fixing and not raise any pp dispute. He obviously lied. I am not writing this to debate who was in the wrong, but rather, writing a warning to the community to keep both eyes open before dealing with this individual. He did not keep his word, and obviously, no seller in our hobby like to be hit with a pp dispute. He also raised dispute for goods purchased from the seller with no issues at all, like the gen straps, and for a watch he has opted not to return. There was no reason to do that, unless you are intentionally scamming. He has been no-saled on RWI, as well as here. I simply will not recommend anyone buy from, or sell to him.