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  1. ah, guilty, Keeper, guilty. We have ALL been drinking in the back room. As long as your topics and posts are not offensive, they will be let through just like anyone else's.
  2. Please consider keeping the watches from dogs and bears.
  3. two ways: 1. You can either do it by clicking on the member name in the left panel and going to the feedback column OR 2. You can do it by clicking on the feedback tab at the top of the rwg.cc page
  4. Just a little point to note G, the lady will be replacing Craig for the 007 role, but not the James Bond character. So 007 and James Bond can technically co-exist in the same movie if Bond is no longer 007. Yes it is still strange since 007 has become synonymous with James Bond. That said, I am looking forward to Marvel's Black Widow being played by an teenage Indian/Asian/Eurasian/Japanese boy. Makes equal sense.
  5. Yes, 007 is an agent code designation within MI6, and James Bond was simply the guy assigned to this code. So we have been conditioned to see 007 = James Bond. Well, what you said make perfect sense, 007 can be a woman and James Bond can co-exist in the same movie. No conflict there.
  6. I am not a misogynist or sexist and I respect women in general, but some roles are gender specific IMHO. 007 should always be a man in line with his creator's intentions, and wonder-woman should always remain a woman. I am open to characters like Captain Marvel being either gender.
  7. Try puretimewatch.io Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. @alterego Case in point: This is my AP 15500. And a good and true representation of the Audemars Piguet 15500. Now if I want to ask if it’s the most beautiful watch in the world, I can use this pic and not some defiled version of the watch to get an opinion. The way I see it, YOU owe all of us AP guys (@quetip,[mention=74693]blackboxes[/mention] etc) an apology for posting a throw-away, rep of a canal st rep, deformed Quasimodo of a watch, calling it a “15202” and trying to get an opinion of its aesthetic appeal based on it. If you are showing enough disrespect to the brand and one of its popular Royal Oak models to do that, then you’re either being sarcastic, ignorant or plain antagonistic, none of which deserves any form of courtesy. Do not push your luck further. This can either end here and now or you can go on to make a bigger fool of yourself. If you had posted a breitling I would not have cared less. But don’t insult the brand by posting an ugly cheap rep and using it to represent the 15202. #disrespectful Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. No, I have said nothing wrong and I will NOT apologize. It is you who misconstrued my comments. Firstly, your title asked if the watch in the subject was the most beautiful watch ever made. And then you posted a pic of a cheap and poorly made rep to represent the watch. It is like asking if Paris is the most beautiful city ever and then presenting a drawing of the city made by a normal 5 year old. You could have picked a much better picture to back up the beautiful watch picture implied in your title, but you chose to use your own pic to represent a beautiful watch. I am an AP guy, and I know my APs. The watch in your pic has no business being a 15202, much less being beautiful in any sense of the word. This is not about trying to pass off a replica as a gen, but rather, simply considering and discussing if the 15202 a beautiful watch. I consider the 15202 a very beautiful watch, but the watch in your pic is a poor replica of the 15202 and it looks cheap. I will call it as I see it and I will not apologize. Do some research and you will find there are much better representations of the 15202 replica. Being truthful does not equate to being arrogant. If you cannot agree, then learn not to post pics of cheap, cringe-worthy reps and use them to represent a watch model and then ask if it is the most beautiful watch ever made. Your topic will not even make sense and create confusion as to whether you are referring to the genuine watch or the watch in your picture.
  10. I have the replacement movement. If you want it you can PM me. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. No, I mean I agree with the fact that the AP 15202 is beautiful. I was just saying that the picture is a poor representation of what the watch should look like. Below is a 15202 and I think it is beautiful and also how the watch should be pictorially represented.
  12. Sorry mate.

  13. Hi Legend, 


    I was looking for a watch modder for a sub no date apparently Noob V7. Wanted to upgrade the bezel. Are you able to help with that or are you able to recommend someone who is able to do it? Please let me know... cheers and have a great day ahead!

  14. well 2 things: 1. Usually they call this type of guy a rep-friendly "watchsmith" or "modder" 2. I do not know anyone in France but I know of @SSTEEL in Finland. He can help you. Just send him a PM.
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