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  1. Legend

    Need help regarding ROOs

    Hey P Even the chrono on the gen APs isn’t reliable. Common problems are: not resetting to 0, chrono not running smooth and chrono causing the movement to seize up. This on a gen. So whatever improvements they do on a rep, I doubt that they can surpass this even using stacked Swiss chronograph movements like the LWO. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Legend

    Need help regarding ROOs

    @Kastro I doubt there was ever a 44mm diver. There are 42mm ROOs and divers, 44mm ROOs, and 48mm ROOs (T3/Legacy/Shaq). The Royal oaks come in sizes of 33, 37, 39 and 41mm. The A7750 sec@12 movement has been improved for the recent batches, and the key issue is friction. A proper service and swiss mainspring replacement will alleviate the friction issue and make the movement run a lot more reliably. One key to remember is to leave the chrono function well alone. Even for genuine AP calibers and LWO movements, the chrono function is not perfectly reliable. So if you are willing to treat the chrono and subdials as perfunctory decorations and avoid using the chrono, you have a much higher chance of having a watch with a long and healthy lifespan after a service. I do not even touch the chrono function on my gen ROOs. Trust me, even on the gen, the chrono function does not have sure-fire reliability.
  3. Legend

    Need help regarding ROOs

    Hello and to answer your questions 1. For ROOs (both 42 and 44mm), look for JF made ones. For the FC or ceramic divers specifically, look for XF v2. For the stainless steel diver, I think that the best one is still the JF v7. 2. For differences, you need to do some research, but I have summarized your purchase decisions above. 3. The 42mm ROO is a bulky watch to wear due to the case design and also the lug angle. But you alone can decide what wears big and what wears small. 4. To my knowledge, there has been no 44mm diver produced. Even the old scuba model 15340ST was 42mm. If you do know of a 44mm, please share with the group, we can all learn something new.
  4. Legend

    116520 black modded ARF by legend

    Oh I don’t wear them except for photo taking. They’re kept for my collection. I’m a gen AP guy mostly. I do understand that you have a gen 116520 mate and you’re pedantic about the thickness difference and I think it’s always feedback like that which helps us improve our watches in various ways. Now I’ve to find some way to thin the rep lol. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Legend

    116520 black modded ARF by legend

    Hey L I own gens of both the black and white 116500LN and I didn’t notice the thickness difference lol. I guess it boils down to what bothers us. I think jxwatch owns a gen 116520 too. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Legend

    116520 black modded ARF by legend

    OK yes my bad, I did not notice the difference in thickness when I worked on the watch. Yes the caseback can likely be thinned accordingly I think. Thank you for the heads up!
  7. Legend

    116520 black modded ARF by legend

    The ARF Daytona comes with gen like thickness already due to the modified A7750 movement (partially working chrono) so there’s no need to thin it. Jxwatch’s watch wasn’t thinned and it was not necessary to do so. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Legend

    116520 black modded ARF by legend

    To answer your question, a successful pressure test of 5 atm means that the watch is good to go for 40m depth. 10 atm for 80m and so on. An average swimming pool is never more than 2.5m in depth so yes a water resistance rating of 5 atm is more than sufficient for normal pool forays. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Legend

    116520 black modded ARF by legend

    Thank you for the kind review @Jxwatch Yes you are right, the greatest gain out of this episode for me, is your friendship. You popped out of the blue to purchase a gen dial from me. That was unforgettable lol. Thank you M for your patience and kindness throughout the process too. The customs issue was a harrowing experience for us both indeed, but you managed to circumvent the Thai customs with your ingenuity. That was a story on it's own, worth a good chuckle each time we remember it. Wear the watch well, my friend, and thank you once again for being the guy you are. You have no idea how much I appreciate the experience dealing with you.
  10. Legend

    AP Picture thread

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Legend

    AP Picture thread

    Envy worthy bro.
  12. ah, but I did qualify in my first post, that it has to be watches we desire. Breitling, desire and me just don't go in the same sentence brother lol
  13. Legend

    Forum Announcement - Mike On A Bike

    That.. is just wrong but utterly hilarious. lol.
  14. Thank you guys for your input. Like I mentioned I personally will not buy an AP FC diver, an Hublot Big Bang (older 7750 based models) and most Panerai. Adding the non-chrono Tudors to the list. A few more days and I will wrap this thread out and announce the posts I like best. Thank you once again guys!
  15. Legend

    AP Picture thread

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