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  1. Wow........ At this point I have some 20 reps and two Gens. I have worn one of the gens (Breitling Chrono Evo) once since I got into the rep hobby in 2014. Right now I find myself on the 3 watch rotation........... DSSD-Blue on a rubber-b strap, The PAM Bronzo I bought from you! and my APPLE Watch series 3. The DSSD-Blue has a Swiss movement and keeps perfect time. The Bronzo from you keeps perfect time and looks amazing. The APPLE Watch is something I keep trying to like, but tire of easily. I cannot imagine chasing a gen of either mechanical watch, since these look so amazing and run perfectly. The rest of my reps are sitting in the watch box, gathering dust for now. Even though I rarely wear them, I can't bring myself to part with them! 😉
  2. pcardoza

    Submariner Pro Hunter

    I have a DSSD Deep Blue Prohunter. I've worn it quite a bit and have the black finish wearing through at the clasp. Something to be careful of.
  3. Pink Floyd - The Wall
  4. pcardoza

    what you drive?

  5. I've been asked only twice over the year about my watches. Strangely enough, both were be different car salesmen! One noticed my PAM 616 Carbotech and he was wearing a Breitling Chrono Avenger. I told him it was a rep and he was amazed at what a few hundred bucks can buy in the rep world. The other time was a number of years back, when I had my gen Breitling Chrono-Evo on. I forget what he had on, but I thanked him for the compliment and that was that. I have no problem stating that any piece I have is a rep. If nothing else, it can be a great conversation starter.
  6. pcardoza

    State of affairs in REP Hobby

    Can $1,000 reps be far behind????? https://www.intime02.co/rollie/4563-submariner-116618lb-full-yg-wrapped-vrf-1-1-best-edition-blue-dial-on-full-yg-wrapped-bracelet-a2836.html
  7. pcardoza

    State of affairs in REP Hobby

    I do think rep pricing has reached a point where I personally, have stopped buying. Cosmetic build quality is definitely better, but movements have stagnated, or become worse IMO.
  8. pcardoza

    Wristies - thread consolidation?

    First non-Rep I've had on my wrist in over 3 years! Had to have this monsta!!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. pcardoza

    Newest Daytona Version????

    Is it safe to assume that this latest incarnation of the Daytona will have no better reliability than previous releases????Daytona
  10. Ugh......... How frustrating!
  11. pcardoza

    Wristies - thread consolidation?

    Still my all time favorite Rep!!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. pcardoza

    Explosions Manchester England?

    This is a problem that the WEST can never solve. Not Western Europe, not the USA, not NATO, not the UN. This problem must be solved by the government leaders of the countries who harbor these extremists and allow them to operate and proliferate. They will out-wait and outlast any attempts from outside forces to defeat them, as we have seen over and over in the last few decades. What the West can do is isolate those countries and pen them in, until those leaders make it happen. Yes, that'll result in many "good" people suffering along the way, but following the present strategy is clearly not working. The level of hatred that these extremists harbor against anyone not directly in line with their beliefs is unimaginable to those of us outsiders. Unfortunately, this is not a war that can be won with any substantial level of compassion. We'll be fighting it this way for many, many generations if the strategy remains the same.
  13. pcardoza

    Wristies - thread consolidation?

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  14. pcardoza

    Wristies - thread consolidation?

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