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  1. On RWI you can find what you are searching for... https://forum.replica-watch.info/forum/replica-watch-general-discussion/308081-consensual-list-super-reps-nwbigs
  2. There are a lot of super reps out there that can be bought without worrying about its quality...Seven Friday, Breitling, Panerai, Vacheron Constantin, Patek Phillipe, Tag Heuer, Omega, Ulysse Nardin, Sinn, and so on, and so on...and yes...some Rolex too. If you fear being called out at your rep then don not ever buy a Rolex. Even if it's gen most will guess it's a rep just because it's still the most replicated brand watch world wide. But...to be honest...none ever is going to call you out...not when the watch is on your wrist and does at least have the main specs of the gen counterpart (gen mechanic, rep mechanic too and not quarz for example) For a good quality watch you don't have to pay high $$$...even the regmariners (119$ or so) will last for years of daily wear. Go and get what you would like to see on your wrist and if you want to be on the safe side at least movementwise drop in a swiss eta and have the watch serviced overall by a good rep friendly watchsmith...that's a least what I do with the replicas I want to keep. I already have my super reps within my collection... Breitling Superocean Abyss Chrono blue with swiss ETA 7750 Breitling Avenger Seawolf H fac grey dial with swiss 2836 Panerai 243 Noob v2 M serial (on it's way to me) and is going to get a swiss ETA 7750
  3. Yepp...you are right...love that story. Do you still have that watch? My watch of the day today is (or better are) my gen Omega Big Pumpkin and her black sister (sold). Usually I'm not that deep into "colorful" watches but when I saw the Big Pumpkin for sale back in 2009 I felt the urge to get it. I traded ( 'nother silly me story...coming up tomorrow) my Tudor 79260 for it and the day I got it felt like this watch was just made for me. It was the first time since 10 years that I wore a watch every day no matter if she fits the colors of my dress. And so it happened that I still wore that Pumpkin when my second son (third child of four) was born. So this watch is meant to be the watch my son is getting from me once I feel he's mature enough for it (I have watches for my other kids too).
  4. I know, I know I'd love to buy her even though I'm pretty sure that I won't wear her that much. But the asked price is ridiculous and I can't afford a 600€ watch atm unfortunately, especially when it's going to be one for the box collection...maybe one day
  5. Hey folks, it's been a while since my last post here. But back I am and while I was strolling through my watch pics a few days ago I thought it could be nice to have a thread where I (and you of course...feel free to comment and/or participate) post a pic of one of my watches and a short story about it. I bet I'm not the only who can tell a short (or sometimes a longer) story to the watches one has and had. So for the first watch/day I start with the watch I think I miss most of the ones I had... A Seiko "The great blue perpetual SLT063P1". The first time I saw that watch I was immediately amazed of the blue. It changes with every angle from a very blueish blue to dark grey and from some angles almost black. But when I had it on my wrist it felt wayyyy to small for me so after only a few hours I sold her. Few month later my liking turned to smaller watches and I realized that "The great blue" was the ideal watch for me, so I tried to find one. But...they were rare as hens teeth and still are. After an almost endless search I found one in an unbelievable mint condition. But silly me sold her again a year later or so...thought my "Seikotime" was over and I was building an Omega collection...well...silly young me... I'd love to hear about your watches...and to see of course
  6. Up ...sent with wooden drums via Tupperware.
  7. Soda ...sent with wooden drums via Tupperware.
  8. Man ...sent with wooden drums via Tupperware.
  9. Lovely indeed AJ [emoji7][emoji7] ...sent with wooden drums via Tupperware.
  10. Nonono...don't sell it...neverever...this is one of the best looking cars ever!! ...sent with wooden drums via Tupperware.
  11. Well...from what I've read anyone with a little knowledge about movements says "stick with the well known and once cleaned pretty reliable ICHS movements and stay away from any CHS clone!"
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