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  1. Movie Sent from my wooden drums via Tupperware!
  2. Food Sent from my wooden drums via Tupperware!
  3. Found the time and the courage to decase the movement and clean and polish the plexy...looks wayyyy better now
  4. Never got back to this topic... Had to learn the hard way (bought a gen dial) that it doesn't work. It's not possible to mount a DWO on a 2893 DW because all DWOs are too wide. The date window position on the eta dial is different to a gen dial and so it's not possible to just leave it like it is and use the eta DW. A 2836 is different or has more space available so it's possible to mount a DWO on the DW. So I went for the better movement and left it like it is with just new lume from Domi
  5. Climax Sent from my wooden drums via Tupperware!
  6. Doesn't look any different to me. Had a 1675 mid of last year and it looked the same. Wrong CG shape, Aspirin dial, wrong bezel teeth. Good base still and also good just like it is but for me from these pics nothing changed...maybe the lug holes have the correct size but I can't tell 100%
  7. Jason Gesendet von meinem SM-A310F mit Tapatalk
  8. Body
  9. Mirror Gesendet von meinem SM-A310F mit Tapatalk
  10. I'll give it a good polish overall. Just found my Dremel and the polish bits last weekend . With the hands...no way that I remove these hands again...never [emoji38] Many thanks for your nice words gents...I was just happy that I managed to get all things together and now I feel like I've done well with my rough mechanical skills Gesendet von meinem SM-A310F mit Tapatalk