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    Yepp...and while I always clean my feet before I enter a building everyone else is going in with their still dirty shoes. Try yourself...walk through mud with shoes and barefoot...guess what's easier to clean... And...in shoes everyone is growing shrooms and bacteria...doesn't matter how "clean" one is. It's a dark and humid place and they love it. Cannot happen when you don't wear shoes ...sent with wooden drums via Tupperware.
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  10. Almost 4 month ago I read an article from Sabrina Fox about her experience with walking barefoot a whole year (that year was 3 years long at that time ) and I immediately decided (and my wife too) to try that out. Nothing to loose, only to win (experience) and we bought the book she wrote about it. Now...4 month later it still feels just about right to not wear any shoes, even though it's getting colder here in Germany. Our little one (2 years) doesn't want any shoes too and the older ones (7, 12, 13) are walking barefoot from time to time too . So far we had been on vacation, in exhibitions, on concerts, at funfairs as well as doing every day stuff without any shoes at all. It's a great experience and the nicest thing for me is that my flatfoot isn't an issue any more...my feet are back to a healthy normal form I'm wondering if anyone of you guys is a barefoot walker too?
  11. IWC Aquatimer

    Just had been at Domis with my sec@6 Daytona this week. I usually let him put in a swiss 7750 on which he performs his very own sec@6 mod. But...it's not necessary with the new 29 jewel (4130 clone they say...there's only a deco plate on the movement) a7750s he said. He's very impressed how great they perform and how well they are made. They even improved his mod, using a different way as he did. Plus...at least my a7750 was so clean and running good that it wasn't necessary to have it serviced. I'd always recommend to have a watchsmith taking a look at it but it seems that even the a7750 is becoming a reliable movement at the end One can't say that from now on every a7750 is a clean and reliable movement...but it seems that they started to take care about these things. And...especially for the watch you are looking for...if your a7750 starts to become faulty you can easily have it changed for a swiss 7750
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    Big Apple
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