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  1. I had two Bulova Surveyors, they kept more like 10-20 sec per year. And had a beautiful sweep, like super hi-beat [emoji106]
  2. http://www.startimesupply.com/merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=CTGY&Store_Code=1&Category_Code=2Move_Manu_Japan_V-4
  3. Seiko VH31, 4 beats per second, about 15 bucks
  4. Tudor says Oyster Prince :/ Low res picture, but dial is Oyster Prince
  5. Great thread, thanks for the advice [emoji106] I thought about it, but I'm still not sure about keeping it :/
  6. I was obviously completely wrong with the rehaut:/
  7. I don't think advertising backdoor sales is such a good idea 😕 Especially since I couldn't even find a single sale from you that wasn't put on hold or nuked?!
  8. They are great, got one on my BB S&G [emoji106]
  9. That's ok for me, I prefer straps anyway
  10. What was the tell? The date? I ordered a set of HR hands, because of the minute hand. Let's hope the lume looks the same
  11. Now I that I saw the pics on the big screen I'm confused, the left one has the slimmer lume and the date is better centered on the right. But the handstack on the right looks ICHS, and the minute hand is a little short
  12. Minute hand with too thin lume like mine, that's why I'm guessing the right is a ZF
  13. The right one is a ZF? Sorry, too low res for me to tell for sure :/
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