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  1. I’ll just leave this here....
  2. I’ve been reading around and can’t find much about the 15400 being released by Noob. Long story short. I’ve purchased a great IWC from a gentleman in my area who offered me a 15400. The details he sent me initially stated it was a ZF With MIYOTA 9015 24J made out of 316 steel. When I text him he then said it was a noob factory, but I’ve found very little information on Noob producing a 15400. Did Noob release a 15400?
  3. Thanks! Came in today overall happy with it
  4. Came in the mail today from a member of another site. I was told it was purchased from Ryan at InTime. Other members have told me it’s a 2813 movement (thanks). Overall I’m happy with it and it will see some wrist time, but please folks feel free to comment.
  5. No service ever. I’ve never been able to set the GMT and really don’t know if it’s functional or not but it has never bother me. Are you able to tell what movement it is in the event that I do need to have it serviced or swapped out?
  6. Picked this 320 up from @coolwatchdude about eight years ago and still running strong. Not sure on movement or details of where it’s from, but eight years with constant wear and still going.
  7. Thought I would share this video I came across. This guy claims he took his Noob Date Just 41 to Rolex in Biel, Switzerland and they actually replaced the movement for free. https://youtu.be/CCkIj0LkQY8
  8. You’re the second to ID it as 2813. Thanks!
  9. Anyone able to Identify this movement? Selling claims he picked up this day date from Ryan at InTime.
  10. Good luck, I picked this one up in the beginning of the year.
  11. I picked up this Mark XVII Le Petit Prince MKF w/ V6F Date Wheel and IWC Gen Sapphire Crystal from @komorokim82 a few days ago. Looks great on the wrist and great next to my PORTUGUESE.
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