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  1. Thanks guys! I picked it up today and he threw on two Nato bands...
  2. Hello, so I'm thinking about picking this IWC PORTUGUESE from my buddy. Size:42mm x 14m According to him it has custom designed Asian movement to match the genuine IWC 52010 movement. What do you guys think?
  3. Thanks everyone for the feedback. I decided to pass on it. I appreciate all of your comments.
  4. Hello, I’m thinking about picking up this submariner. Not sure on the movement yet, but wanted to get the teams opinions on the look.
  5. Thanks guys... Some guy at work took it off my hands even after I explained what you guys said...
  6. So I was given this Deep Sea as a gift by a friends who travels a lot over seas. I've had this for about a year and would like your opinion on this guy because I have been debating with my friend on whether bringing it back himself was worth the risk. I thought it looked good, but then again I am no expert. It does have good a rep helium valve, but I did not take a pic. Any help on the quality would be great. Thanks in advance!!
  7. Thanks for the feedback guys!!! Some guy on Craigslist is actually asking 220 for it...
  8. So a buddy of mine went out on a business trip to Japan and I asked him to bring me back a rep. Breitling and he brought me back the one below. It looks really nice, but I'm no expert. It's got good weight, movement, engraving, a light blue hue on the crystal etc. I know the bracelets are a bit thicker on the gen, but what do you guys think. Thanks for the feedback!
  9. this guy is asking $240 for this rep and claims it's the best rep. $$$ can buy, but what do you guys think? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fSn0E8k6000. I posted a similar topic yesterday, but I am new to this forum and I feel like I posted in the wrong area... Sorry guys and thanx for the feed back.
  10. Whats your opinion on this rep. the guy claims its the best replica that money can buy... Blah blah blah! http://www.youtube.com/user/gugaqueiroz
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