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  1. Did you change the pallet fork or escape wheel? Those need to be matched. You never gave the numbers from your machine. What are they? Need the numbers in all 3 position
  2. Mark, can’t remember the last time I saw a post from you. Hope you and yours are safe up there in the Seattle are.
  3. Sorry, I forgot. I’ll ck to see if I have the springs and balls.
  4. I have the complete bezel assy.
  5. This problem is common. Take the yoke out, make sure it's not bent. Sometimes it will get a slight curve upward, or a slight curve in the long position. It should be straight. A slight bend downward does not hurt. Ck the retainer where it touches the yoke, at the clutch, and be sure it's touching. After you install the retainer, and push the lever on the retainer over the lever on the yoke, tighten the screw again. Good luck
  6. I have seen the post on the cannon pinion not be flush with the wheel it sits in. It would bind up and stop it. I’ve also seen the hour wheel to close to one side of the dial hole. When I would tighten the crown the post on the hour wheel would touch the dial. As for keyless works stopping it, not really. Especially in a non hacking movement. Even if the yoke is out of the clutch, it should still run. You are sure there is no stop lever? Good luck.
  7. It's in the back. It is the wheel that the main spring tub turns against, providing power to the drive train. You will see the mainspring, the gear next to it is the intermediate wheel, next to the intermediate wheel is the third wheel. The third wheel is what turns the cannon pinion. Then, is the second wheel, that is what your second hand attaches to. Next to that is your escape wheel. The escape wheel is turned by the second wheel. That's the complete drive train. Sometimes the intermediate wheel will lose a tooth, are bind up. All of the power from the main spring rides against that wheel. Occasionally, not often, I have found a broken post on the third wheel. Either of those will stop the watch cold dead. Automatico is exactly right. There are no parts available for those movements. A bad movement, IS a parts movement. Maybe you will find a screw loose or something has fallen into the balance. That's always an easy fix. Good luck
  8. I have had a couple doing that. Both times intermediate wheel.
  9. It seems like some of my conversations disappear or go into a new conversation, about the same thing. I get a pm, and after we talk, it goes back to a conversation we had a month earlier, and I can't find the current conversation. It's not in the old conversation either. Is it just me?
  10. That’s what it says. Are we in danger when we are on here? It says we are
  11. I do some service on eta 28xx 2671. I do have a friend in Dallas not far from that does the 7750. It does take a while. But, he knows what he’s doing.
  12. If you look on eBay, you can buy a set of hand reaming tool, or broach set and a hand removal tool.
  13. What movement are you using?
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