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  1. Hi! Does anyone have the 3d print files for the DWO tool and dial feet tool that has been circulating the forums a couple of years ago?
  2. Champagnesky

    Rolex 1655 Explorer 2

    God damn, one of my grails Skickat från min iPhone med Tapatalk
  3. Champagnesky

    7032/0 Monte Carlo mystery dial??

    I have the dw dial and the issue is that the subdials are not correctly recessed. Skickat från min iPhone med Tapatalk
  4. Champagnesky

    Installing a hev valve on a cartel 1665

    Rubys is 680 dollars btw
  5. Champagnesky

    Tightening the cartel 1665 bezel assembly

    thx, the problem is that the retention ring and the bezel ring sit very tight together on the 1665 and they pop out in one piece.
  6. Champagnesky

    Installing a hev valve on a cartel 1665

    Great job here jmb, i see that you used 2 drill sizes. I assume that you did the smaller hole first? I actually want to lathe a he valve, ive got the specs from yukis site so making it wont be a problem, and I guess that the piece holding it on the other side is made of brass, so should not be a problem making one. Dont really know if the cartel case is gen spec for holding a gen movement in the future, do you have any info on this?
  7. As the topic says, have anyone tried it?
  8. Champagnesky

    Tightening the cartel 1665 bezel assembly

    thx, i think i may be missing the ring, how do i remove the outer ring, it sits so tight?
  9. ok thx mate! Then I know... Yeah, ive seen those on cousins, but buying a gen case would be too easy and it would not be a franken....
  10. Hi! Ive been wanting to do a franken vintage 300 for a long time, considering that the 565 movements are pretty affordable it sounded like a nice project. Ive been in touch with another member on another forum who purchased a sillix rep and a gen dial and caseback. Unfortunately the gen dial and caseback had different sizes that the sillix one and were basically too small to fit. So using a sillix midcase kinda falls of. There are also cartel reps of the 300 out there, if anyone has one, could you measure the dial width and the caseback width to see if gen parts will fit? the sizes of the parts are: Sillix dial: 30.90mm gen dial: 27.50mm Sillix caseback: 34.97mm gen caseback: 34.16mm
  11. Actually struggling with PPetes DWO in my 1665 build, the dw is too high and gets stuck, even with a dial spacer.
  12. Champagnesky

    1570 datewheel overlay

    thx, have been looking for this, will be printing tomorrow
  13. The bezel is pretty loose on my 1665, any ideas on how to tighten it?
  14. What DWO did you use?
  15. Champagnesky

    What we really need...

    Would laser cutting a dw be a solution? if the dws would be printed on thin pla?