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  1. Champagnesky

    5500 Air-King Precision with patina dial - circa 1975

    wow awesome work mate.
  2. Hi folks. I. My 1665 bezel was sitting very loose so I’ve opened it so I could bend the tension ring a little. After figuring out how to remove the bezel from the retaining ring I’ve found out that there wasn’t any tension ring between, so I’ve got one from Phong. Unfortunately the tension ring doesent fit - probably because the cartel bezel is not gen spec. Is there a way to tighten the bezel without creating a custom one or using dental floss ?
  3. Champagnesky

    eBay 1680 dials?

    Wow great work mate, looks spot on. The dial is the same as ruby offers. I think i Will order this one too. Skickat från min iPhone med Tapatalk
  4. Champagnesky

    eBay 1680 dials?

    Ive been on a hunt for a good mk4-mk5-mk6 dial for a long time now, unfortunately ive seen good dials only from Phong and Ming, but they are pricey = 350 bucks. Almost all vietnamese dials ive seen have flaw that the coronet is too far away from the 12 oclock triangle, unfortunately that will bug you out with time. Also some have really weird serifs on the ROLEX text, you can see it on the second link on the "L".
  5. Champagnesky

    BP Fifty Fathoms Aqualung - The miracle walk

    Mind PM:ing where u got the watch? Going to Vietnam this winter on holidays, always wanted a vintage FF Skickat från min iPhone med Tapatalk
  6. Champagnesky

    Building an MBW Sub

    Ok, good to know, I was actually really happy with my MBW 1680 until i actually compared it to gen dials. It looks like all rep 1680 red mk4-mk6 dials have the wrong spacing between the 12 o´clock triangle and the coronet logo. I think Phong is the only one who has a decent 1680 red dial.
  7. Champagnesky

    Building an MBW Sub

    Do all MBW 1680 cases have the gasket groove under the retainer ring? If yes, are they then replicating the later 70ies case that is more correct with a mk4-6 dial?
  8. Hi! Does anyone have the 3d print files for the DWO tool and dial feet tool that has been circulating the forums a couple of years ago?
  9. Champagnesky

    Rolex 1655 Explorer 2

    God damn, one of my grails Skickat från min iPhone med Tapatalk
  10. Champagnesky

    7032/0 Monte Carlo mystery dial??

    I have the dw dial and the issue is that the subdials are not correctly recessed. Skickat från min iPhone med Tapatalk
  11. Champagnesky

    Installing a hev valve on a cartel 1665

    Rubys is 680 dollars btw
  12. Champagnesky

    Tightening the cartel 1665 bezel assembly

    thx, the problem is that the retention ring and the bezel ring sit very tight together on the 1665 and they pop out in one piece.
  13. Champagnesky

    Installing a hev valve on a cartel 1665

    Great job here jmb, i see that you used 2 drill sizes. I assume that you did the smaller hole first? I actually want to lathe a he valve, ive got the specs from yukis site so making it wont be a problem, and I guess that the piece holding it on the other side is made of brass, so should not be a problem making one. Dont really know if the cartel case is gen spec for holding a gen movement in the future, do you have any info on this?
  14. As the topic says, have anyone tried it?
  15. Champagnesky

    Tightening the cartel 1665 bezel assembly

    thx, i think i may be missing the ring, how do i remove the outer ring, it sits so tight?