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  1. Hi! Can anyone recommend a good watchmaker in the states that can service a donor 1520?
  2. Did you recieve any QC pics?
  3. Exactly which dial are you getting?
  4. Hi! Im into putting together a 1665, as always, the hardest thing to do is to find a decent dial. What dials do you guys think are most correct that are out there?
  5. How much did u pay for the case?
  6. Ok interesting to know, there is basically No information about that on any resources. I’ve decided to use the midcase for an early 80ies 5513 build. No need to find a date stamped caseback either. And the 5513 dials are still affordable. Well almost 😂
  7. thank you automatico! Ive seen one midcase for sale that was dated 1972 by the seller, but im not really sure about that. The only other midcases ive seen for sale with the grove have been dated earliest 1978.
  8. Hi! Quick question - when did Rolex start to produce 5513/1680 midcases with the groove for the oring under the crystal retaining ring?
  9. I’m not sure but I think the gold is just a plating that can be removed by a chemical process?
  10. 1968, the case number refers to a Genève.
  11. Sorry my bad didn’t understand it was the A260 movement. 😂
  12. There were no subs made with the 600 series movements so I dont see any reason why you should use it. I have never seen builds with that caliber either.
  13. Fun project, they look pretty cool actually. Let us know what parts you used.
  14. Probably a VN Blancpain FF case, if I find a way to mod all that needs to be changed, and thats alot
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