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  1. Champagnesky

    Project: Rolex Commando, Ref: 6429

    I’m not sure but I think the gold is just a plating that can be removed by a chemical process?
  2. Champagnesky

    Is this an authentic omega seamaster?

    1968, the case number refers to a Genève.
  3. Champagnesky

    rolex 630 question

    Sorry my bad didn’t understand it was the A260 movement. 😂
  4. Champagnesky

    rolex 630 question

    There were no subs made with the 600 series movements so I dont see any reason why you should use it. I have never seen builds with that caliber either.
  5. Champagnesky

    Project: Rolex Commando, Ref: 6429

    Fun project, they look pretty cool actually. Let us know what parts you used.
  6. Champagnesky

    What will be your next purchase?

    Probably a VN Blancpain FF case, if I find a way to mod all that needs to be changed, and thats alot
  7. Champagnesky

    Sub hands , gen or ?

    I would say gen. I usually look at the thickness of the bars inside the Circle of the hour hand and the size of the triangle on top of it.
  8. Champagnesky

    1570/5 GMT parts...

    Looks pretty wasted, not worth it?
  9. Champagnesky

    Looking for Patek model

    Who made this one?
  10. Champagnesky

    Rolex Wristies thread

    hmm the reason why im asking is because I have a mbw and the spacing on the coronet is not as correct as it is on yours. Great looking watch!
  11. Champagnesky

    Rolex Wristies thread

    What dial is this?
  12. Champagnesky

    BP Fifty Fathoms Aqualung - The miracle walk

    Can you pm me, i cant pm you for some reason Tapatalk pmd you
  13. Champagnesky

    BP Fifty Fathoms Aqualung - The miracle walk

    I’ve been in touch with a guy who makes these cases. Can ask him about a group discount.