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  1. Thanks for the reply! That's pretty much what I thought, I reckon Rolex couldn't care less back then and just used whatever they had in stock ... I did actually find a 1964 with a 1530 ticking away inside: https://www.europeanwatch.com/30374.html Now, seeing that ... a gilt dialled 5513 would be rather nice as well. Still making my mind up. I do like the Ruby case, so will probably go down that route. Is anyone familiar with MinhQ's 5513 gilt dials? ( http://vintagewatchesmq.com/minhquy/index.php?page=shop.product_details&flypage=flypage.tpl&product_id=1620&category_id=146&keyword=5513+gilt&option=com_virtuemart&Itemid=1 ) Are they worth the investment or is there something better out there these days? Thanks!
  2. Dear RWG, it's been a while since I posted here but I am tempted to have a go at a build these days. I have at my disposal a decent cal. 1530 from a non-chronometer Air King, early 60s. Would it be feasible for some of the last non-chrono 1530s to end up in early 5513's? Ruby is selling a 5513 vietnam case stamped III.64, which might just make the cut for realistically housing a 1530. If this sounds like a reasonable proposition, I was intending to add - gen SL Service Dial (these seem to be obtainable some cracked, some not) - gen SL Service Hands - gen SL Service Insert Which crown and stem would be appropriate for this build? Is a gen tropic a "must"? Nowadays, is there a reliable EU modder on this board who could do some case work and assemble everything? Sorry for all the questions, if this is a feasible build and people have some parts they'd like to sell, please get in touch. Thanks! drury
  3. Ah .. well it seems I'm not the only one. I reckon it's something to do with their servers ...
  4. I recently tried again but still no luck signing up to HF. Tried contacting the admin, nothing. Registrations are open (there's a list with new members) so why on earth can't I sign up? I'm in desperate need of some vintage PAM know-how and HF seems to be where it's at, maybe someone has an idea? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. After years and years of watching and learning I feel it is time for me to build my first watch. Having slowly progressed from contemporary PAMs to PreA/V models to vintage (I recently acquired a fantastic 6152/1 built by irate03), my next project is the PAM of PAMs, the supreme mother of dive watches, the 3646. Parts acquisition is running full-steam and now is the moment for some hands on action. I would like this to be as close to "museum-worthy" as possible, sparing no expenses. These parts have arrived to date: Oyang 3646 case-set: What intrigues me about this case is that it is constructed like the gen. I feel that with a little reshaping of the cushion mid-case and some artificial "weathering" this should make a terrific base for this build. The movement holder is not machined for anything in particular, however, I believe the ideal movement is a 6497. Why shell out for a 616 if you can't see it? Does anyone know the correct dimensions for this and where to get it machined? Tr0y RP dial: Again, I like the three-piece, gen like construction. I found this image of a 3646 dial that should be period correct for the "fat" case (type B/C/D?) and high bezel. How should I go about ageing this? I feel the key to a genuine appearance is ageing the plexi inlay. Could anybody assist with artificially "yellowing" plexiglass? I though of purchasing a model "weathering" kit from amazon and going to work on the dial, which is made from anodised aluminium if I'm not mistaken. Afterwards a coat of varnish might hold everything together? I really have no clue how to do this. Reference dial: These parts are in the mail: Athaya 7mm Onion crown and tube: This, as I understand, is pretty much the best and only option without going absolutely insane on the money. Soldering the tube will be a challenge, if all fails I will ask Domi to do it for me. Sternkreuz "M" 40.3mm: This should be about right according to my research, both in terms of diameter and appearance. Hands: Absolutely no clue ... Tourby's hands seem to be the option most people go for, albeit grudgingly. Is there a source for true, blued-steel hands? I would appreciate any comments / opinions. Specifically I am looking for advice on how to age the dial and get the movement holder machined. I am really quite excited about this project as the 3646 is one of my grails. Thanks and cheers
  6. I've tried EVERYTHING I can think of. Various different emails (gmail, protonmail, mail2web, private / work emails, etc.) Tried Mac / Windows, Safari, Firefox and Chrome and a ton of IP addresses. Also used the support form but to not avail ... Maybe their mail server is just busted? It's a real shame, anybody know any mods there?
  7. Hi guys, hope I'm not breaking any rules by asking this but I've been trying (unsuccessfully) to sign up to the homageforum. (I'm in need of some vintage PAM parts) Tried everything but I never receive a confirmation eMail. Are they not accepting new registrations at the moment? Is there a trick? Perhaps someone can help, thanks drury
  8. I hope I don't offend anyone with this thread. I'm sure it's all been said before but I couldn't find it all in one place and figured why not ask. I confess that my one and only deep and true watch love is the Panerai. Not the contemporary, the (neo)vintage. Alas, the gens are so far out of reach it's hilarious. Just ordered a pre-A 004 (Rolli dial, grimlock case ... awesome) and having previously owned a Rolli dialed 036 (pretty sweet) I thought I'd start a little side project and see about building a 201a logo, the "ultimate PAM" (imo). So, my question is: What is the state of the art? I'd love to hear the opinions but please refrain from pointing to parts that are literally unobtainable unless Mars and Jupiter line up and I stand in a pentagram (JimmyFu?). Dial: Well, Rolli obviously. He says there will be a new batch end of the year and if it's anything like the last, that's going in. Hands: Rolli / FGD? (Do they have the brass edge?) Case: Absolutely no clue CG: dito Crown: none whatsoever. The crown needs to be fat I believe? Do I just need a lot of luck to score one? Movement: Well, slow-beat Unitas ... Should be obtainable CB: Jacob (How do I contact him? I need a new one for my 004 in any case.) Crystal: I've been hearing DSN has good sapphire crystals nowadays. Are these the right shape? That should be it I believe. I am not so much worried about cost on this one, it's supposed to be a labour of love. No need to overdo it either. Let's hear what you've got! d PS: If anyone is selling any good parts / unfinished 201a projects, shoot me a PM!
  9. ower

    I cannot send you a PM for some reason the system does not allow it, can you please kindly contact me regarding the  Laguiole Arbalete Classic Knife ?

    Many thanks,


  10. Okay guys! Thanks for the input. I went ahead and placed an order for a 061D H-Fac with sead. Now to play the waiting game ... @w0lf: What kind of refinishing did you apply? The CG really does look very accurate. Also is there anything I have to take into consideration when fitting the Pre-V hands? Or is it a simple swap? And lastly, does anyone know where I could source an accurate caseback? Since the serials etc. is engraved on the case (or rather not engraved in my case) the caseback simply reads "OFFICINE PANERAI Titanium 300m", correct? Does DSN sell individual parts? Cheers!
  11. Hi guys, I've bought and sold a few Panerais over the years and I've always enjoyed wearing them. Vintage PAM world is completely new for me though, so I figured I'd ask for your opinion. I finally went and ordered one of Rollis 036 dials. I am ridiculously excited about this, like a little boy waiting for a new toy. The 036 is such a classic to me. I love the "Marina Militare" writing and the colour of the dial combined with a titanium case. So, how do you recommend I go about this? Dial and hands are taken care of. Also as soon as these elusive bridges pop up, I'm getting some. What case set do you recommend? I recall Rolli recommending a 061 case, is that as good as I'm going to get or are there other options to consider? (Being located in Germany doesn't help, I would much rather buy just a case rather than a complete watch and not have to worry about customs.) For a caseback I believe I should contact jacob? Can anybody let me know how to get in touch with him? Also who makes the best Ti CG for a Vendome watch? And finally, I would like to get a Swiss Unitas to be ready for those bridges. I know there are a few versions of the 6497, which is the one to get? High-beat, low-beat, etc. Sorry for all the questions, really looking forward to this project. Cheers, drury PS.: If anyone should be looking to sell parts I could use for this, shoot me a message!
  12. as promised: I have one 24hour invite. If anyone is interested, shoot me a PM! Cheers, Tim
  13. never mind, i managed to find one! if i should receive any myself, I will happily share them here. Cheers, tim
  14. hi guys, this is a shot in the dark but I'm in need of a new phone and I missed the anniversary event they held yesterday. would anyone happen to have an invite left and kindly share it with me? I would gladly provide some nice german christmas time delicacies in exchange. cheers, tim
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