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  1. Quick question, hope you have a hint for me: I need a set of hands to repair a Breitling Superocean Chronograph II Abyss Black and Yellow Dial A13341. Anyone who can point me into the right direction? Or can someone recommend a dealer who also can source some parts? Thanks!!
  2. Hey buddy, I'd be interested in the PAM372 if it is still up for grabs :) Also located in the EU

  3. Interested in the Pam 127 if you can pm me?

  4. Hey mate...seems like you need to clean up your messages...systems says you can't receive any and I'm interested in your ND sub :)

  5. do you still have the sub for sale? i can't pm you for some reason

  6. Your Inbox is full mate...

  7. Hi friends, do you have idea where I can get a nice superlumed handsset for a 183 black seal ? I tried DSN but he has problems with pp (as usual) and I don't have another payment option. Vac replied just once, confirmed he has some - but surprisingly don't reply anymore. Need a set to finish my watch and have no idea where to get some other than the two (unsuccessful) options described above... Thanks in advance for your input !
  8. Hi friends, here I have a review for all of you watchlovers I had a very difficult project to work on and had to decide for a modder. Tough decision as the mod was never done before - and the watch is discontinued long ago, so I wouldn't get spare parts if things go wrong... After reading reviews, looking carefully at pictures and being limited to EU because of the shipping risks back and forth I decided to send the watch to Uwe. It came out fantastic and I'm very very pleased !! Have in mind that this lume job is still done by hand - it's kind of microscopic, don't get fooled by my macro pictures ! The task was additionally very tricky because these small numbers are right under the crystal - if applied too thick, they would collide with the crystal... The double A/R is also done by Uwe and very very nice. Have a look at my Ingy (afaik 1 of only 2 ever modded this far): (Comparison shot is with my H-fac 005K, two gen dialed Omegas and the Ingy - absolutely the same strong intensity !)
  9. Fantastic watches, both of them ! Trust me - I had them in my hands Well, I'll leave all those smallest details to the experts, let them analyse the pictures, the measurements, let them look into their Rolex bibles, let them ask for serials, build dates, services and think about the possibilities if all variations Rolex made in all the time could realisticly apply to this specific watch. After meanwhile well over 15 years in rep collecting I will just say that this is a very very nice crafted rep and absolutely convincing ! And that's what counts. Sure - if you really have them side by side and analyse carefully, you'll spot some differences - but on the other side, put 2 gens side by side and they'll be different too ! Depends on the history of the watch and the various services, you could get 2 completely different looking gen 1680s... And surely, if you put these 2 gens side by side and let us watch freaks decide which one is real - I bet my watchbox we'll spot the rep out of the 2 gens Andy - you know where to send the rep if you want to part with it and as we found out that we seem to like the same type of watches - I want your rep modified to look more than your gen one (your gen one looks newer ! It's in great shape !).
  10. Thanks No light box - just caught a good light at my table and quickly took some shots @all: thank you for the nice comments gentleman !
  11. Yeah... It's the same "model line", but completely different watches... Forgot the specs: brand new swiss ETA 7750swiss ETA DWscustom A/Rclassic 3717 is relumed Enjoy the weekend too
  12. I never saw one before - but it was immediate love on first sight Thanks my friend Of course I would - if I get a good deal for a set... Saw this in the strapbox of my buddy - he bought it at a local watchfair cause he liked the look - but didn't liked it with his watches. When I first saw it, I immediately had the above picture in my mind he squeezed me out my last bucks out of my pocket but I finally could get it... WM9 datewheel ? Have they corrected the printing issues meanwhile ? See a few lines above for the story of that NATO Thank you !! But no, I don't have gen hands - the hands were just relumed to match the dial... Didn't get the noob case specifically to fit the gen dial - that was more kind of - umm - lucky circumstances in combination with my restless appetite for projects
  13. Noobfactory Explorer II ETA as a base watch, gen dial and relumed hands Here's your eyecandy:
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