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  1. shw24

    Black 1016

    Drolling.... this is super cool to make pro hunter version of 1016
  2. shw24

    A recipe for a decent 5517

    Thank you for encouragement @Sogeha, yes, I have plenty to read and learn. I started my watch hobby with vintage gen omega world. In that world, I should not and dare to touch anything and give it to expert. So my hand is totally untrained to do delicate stuff. I recall building a toy car model which made from metal back then in high school and I at that time have no patient on shaving it slow. Now I want Rolex sport world but I know that my financials will not support and there where I start thinking on building. This forum I find very wonderful for a noob like me because I find very helpful people... Well, the truth is 1 of this established forum member is now helping me to build a dream watch for me and when the watch click.... I might deep dive into this world... (but need to invest on tool first)
  3. shw24

    A recipe for a decent 5517

    Man, as a noob in rep world.... this recipe thread is a starter thread for me... learning, ... maybe someday I will have my own
  4. shw24

    World’s first ARF Gentona?

    Amazing build.... i’m drolling
  5. Welcome to the forums shw24 :)