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  1. altesporsche

    5517 Milsub Project

    where can you get good hands in HK ? seriously there are no good after market hands for these for a ETA or ROLEX movement.
  2. altesporsche

    Planing Steve McQueen 1655 Project

    ill be following your build. Im looking to build one soon. i want a 1655 sooo freaking bad ! would even trade my franken panerai 127 or franken AP blue themes for a good one lol
  3. altesporsche

    TC V7 Extreme value these days ?

    Id still take the JF over the TC because of the price. I bought a JF put a gen dial, hands, insert and date wheel and side by side with the model it mimics (mid 2000's) put it in your hand and aside from the bracelet the watch is indistinguishable to look at. we are talking at minimum a 9 year old watch for the 16610 with the rehaut engraving. sure the TC bezel feels much more precise, but not worth the extra cheddar for that watch in my opinion. the extra can go into a date wheel on the JF and have a nearly perfect watch in the LN. However ill take it off your hands if you are selling it I want one just because lol
  4. altesporsche

    In need of some help with a MilSub 5517

    Just use duct tape, ball it up and stick it to the back and remove it. if it doesn't come off that way then a ball will not work either and you will need a rolex 29.50mm key (generic)
  5. altesporsche

    new source for vintage rolex dials???

    Ruby is great to deal with and the stuff is great quality !
  6. altesporsche

    Wristies - thread consolidation?

    Finally back from the R factory after a $600 service on a brand new watch lol
  7. altesporsche

    Rolli Pam 082

    id be up for one ! tried last time but didnt get it in time
  8. altesporsche

    I need help ! Question about Rolex movement

    Awesome ! Thanks a million !
  9. Hey fellas, while cutting a new winding stem today for a watch I just assembled I tried to lock the stem in and well after a couple of times trying to get the stem length right the screw for locking the stem just kept turning (so it cracked off it didn’t unscrew from the lever live I’ve seen before) anyways I’m needing to find this screw for a 1520 movement but I do not know what it is called. I need to call around to try and locate one tomorrow but I don’t know what to ask for ? I know it’s a part of the keyless but the screw itself or the actual lever it locks in to hold the stem I have no idea what it is called. Help from the gurus would be greatly appreciated ! Below is a photo of the 1520 and the lever and screw I’m talking about is on the far right. The screw screws into this and locks the stem in place.
  10. altesporsche

    5517 franken finally assembled

    Beautiful watch ! Cheers ! I agree, honestly the HR and now the New Phong is very close, but it seems they need to magnify the font and indices a little to get it right. The rest is great, the serifs , the boldness etc.. just a little small on the insert. However the Phong when aged a little is quite good as it breaks up the black between the indices and the edge of the insert and makes it look amazing ! I’m in the process of doing that now and adding the HR pip to the phone and aging my case a little. I’ll post more when it’s complete. I posted these first assembly because I got a little excited that it was coming together finally lol A few years ago there was a small run of inserts made that were spot on! One was for sale here a few years ago and it was unreal ! But also 1200 euros lol ive tried to track it down but no chance, I think most of the 10-12 hat were made were bought by Gen owners. If if I had the knowledge and someone to make them I’d fund a project to get something made, but it seems the milsub in this hobby is somewhat obscure still. Some amazing builds around, but not in large numbers.
  11. altesporsche

    Wristies - thread consolidation?

    Zee new franken
  12. altesporsche

    5517 franken finally assembled

    Finally after having this movement sit for a while it’s finally together ! its a custom Vietnam case Gen 1520 serviced and fresh movement reprinted Dial on a singer plate combo of two different sets of hands that in not 100% happy with yet. The second hand is a little short phong 5517 insert and maybe a HR 5517 insert, I’m still deciding. Both are in the photos below. (The HR has the pip missing, I took it out) Gen 702 tube and atheya 702 crown (new old stock Gen 702 on the way) Gen T19 DOD olive NATO strap just need to to do some softening and aging now, I got too excited and wanted to assemble it ?
  13. altesporsche

    Rolli Pam 082

    I’ve been looking for nearly a year for one.
  14. Hi, there. WE never gave each other feedback for this one: 

    I'm posting it now and would most appreciate the same in return. Thank you!


  15. altesporsche

    5517 build need advice !

    Yea the hand sets are rare as hens teeth so worth a fortune. The seconds hand however I’ve seen several for sale in the last while for between 1-2K euros. Still a lot for a hand lol