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  1. altesporsche

    Rolli Pam 082

    Oh my I’m lost for words.. I know he wasn’t well but I wasn’t aware that he had passed. RIP to a great man ! Rolf was a good fella in the years I’ve been in contact with him. I’m really sorry to hear of this.
  2. altesporsche

    Phong case not fitting gen movement !!?

    I know exactly what you are taking about automatico, that’s exactly the situation here. The case screws don’t screw in enough to clear and allow the movement to clock into place then unscrew to hold the case. Ill give it another go when I get gone in a few days and take some photos, but it looks like the grove needs to be machined a bit to use clamps correctly. Yea I’m not shaving the movement at all lol the 1575s are In the $3k range now and sparse, I’d rather hack a case up than a movement that’s hard to replace.
  3. altesporsche

    Phong case not fitting gen movement !!?

    Yea that’s the problem, I bought it from someone else. If i machine it, it will only likely be .25mm or less to make it work. Its just odd for a “gen spec” case set lol arrr !! My luck.
  4. Hey fellas, anyone try to fit a gen 1570 into a Phong 1655 case ? Just breifly did did a few days ago when I was home for a brief few hours lol but it didn’t seem to fit, the movement seemed to reach too far back (by a slight amount) to not allow the case screws to keep the movement in there. Using a gen dial plate etc.. so I figured it would fit. Anyone have this happen in the past ?
  5. altesporsche

    Where have all the franken 6538’s gone?

    That thing is freaking beautiful !!! I think that’s the next one I want to build.
  6. altesporsche

    1570/5 GMT parts...

    Jesus I just paid $3k for my 1570 GMT movement in mint condition.
  7. Nice review ! Thanks for taking the time to write it ! The watch looks great ! Been thinking about the white and black dial person (the Newmanish looking dial)
  8. altesporsche

    Franken 1655 build

    Lol I hear you ! Parts were a lot cheaper 5+ years ago, if I was where I am now but back then lol I’d have a lot of crazy builds 😂 the biggest cost these days now is the 1570 movement or even converting to gmt. The 1570 gmt (this is what I’m using) is $3-3500 these days and a set of genuine hands are $2k (I paid a lot less for my hands) its still a shit ton of fun to build, chasing parts etc.
  9. altesporsche

    Franken 1655 build

    Hey fellas, been a while since, I posted any build stuff. Been letting the bank cool off and collecting more parts for more builds. This one I’m particularly excited about. Been wanting a 1655 for a long time and well where the prices have gone I doubt I’ll be paying $20g for gen watches anymore with children and a warden in the picture lol however it was an excuse to build a kick ass franken ! When I’m done it will be a North worth buying gen type of deal lol I’m nearly into $6000 for this build now with buying a phone build to scrap for a better life. Case set is a phong 1655 2.9mil serial. The dial is a custom Vietnam frog foot rail dial that I’m still waiting on, it’s not correct to the serial date of 72’ ish as the rail dial appeared in 74’. The heart beat will be a crispy fresh serviced genuine 1570 Rolex movement. Genuine unused mint tritium hand set Genuine unused 25 - 116 plexi Genuine crown and tube (used) Genuine open 6 & 9 closed 26 silver date wheel minty fresh Really excited to get this out together, only missing the dial right now. Canada post is on strike so it’s taking forever to get here. Any criticism is greatly appreciated as these watches do have variance over the production years so minute details may be missed.
  10. WOW! What a piece ! Is this for your own collection or a customer ?
  11. altesporsche

    Repgeek members question ?

    Really odd. I’ve emailed the Admin. Ive never done anything on any forum that would warrant banning lol
  12. altesporsche

    Repgeek members question ?

    Hey fellas, just checking to see if any of you are on repgeek, I rarely use the site but apparently an admin banned my IP lol no idea why ? I logged in to check a tracking number for something I bought off another member and it says that I’m banned lol zero idea as you why.. I arely post there etc.. is is anyone else having this problem ? cheers ! C.
  13. altesporsche

    A source for Vietnamese Dials and Rolex movements

    I have a lot of Gen watches like a lot of guys here and could essentially buy any Gen I wanted, but it’s not about that. It’s the hobby and the fun of the chase. If you don’t get that then you are in the wrong forum.
  14. altesporsche

    MD2020 resurfaced

    Holy Fack he’s back at it ? I didn’t get burned but I know people who have.. what a maggot !