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  1. Hey fellas, looking for a friend of mine on Paneristi for a watchsmith in Singapore to service his 7750 based vintage Panerai. the Panerai service centre told him they would change his Tritium dial and hands if it went for service. He wants to keep them so this is the only option. Cheers and thanks !
  2. altesporsche


    Someone needs to crack this maggots head open. this kind of thing boils my blood. What a class act he is!
  3. altesporsche


    What a sack of shit. does anyone live close to this guy ? id like to see someone break his knee caps for being such an ass bandit.
  4. altesporsche


    Just read through this, what a maggot. anyone who takes anything from another person deserves to be beaten with a bag of their own shit. The shit this guy pulled is lower than low. Id spend $6k just to show up and knock on his door if he did this to me.
  5. altesporsche

    Why are rep coronets so bad??

    the cornet on the V6S was great, I compared mine to my gens and its pretty close if not spot on to the eye.. they can do it they are just lazy at times and it also keeps the diehards picking at things to give them an update to sell more watches lol well that's my 2cents. They have in the past and im sure they will in the future make a good one but on the wrong bracelet lol its actually clever when you think about it.
  6. altesporsche

    FS: Rolex Daytona SS White Dial Ref#116520

    lol i was just messing, id rather mess with people like that 😈
  7. altesporsche

    FS: Rolex Daytona SS White Dial Ref#116520

    Are people like this for real ? Do they not know that the rep clan are the worst to sell to lol they will pick every piece of meat from your bones lol offering a 116520 for about $5grand less than it is elsewhere and on top of that on a rep forum lol if I were a mod I ban him on just being seriously obvious lol or stupid .. whatever one of the two it is lol 😎
  8. altesporsche

    Important message from Bergies

    I’m sorry to hear Ken, it’s never and easy thing to deal with losing someone close you to. I won’t try to say things to try to make it easier as there is no easy way to deal with it. Just keep you head up brother ! Take care of you and your family first the rest of us can wait. My thoughts are with you.
  9. altesporsche

    PAM111 in 2018 Advice Please!

    Noob V4 is the best out there right now unless you can get a Marlin modded one.
  10. altesporsche

    Best Pam 127

    The noob or if you can get your hands on a Marlin 127. Or if you have lots of cheddar to spend on one I have a franken :P
  11. altesporsche

    A3186 keeps getting stuck at 56s

    Open it up, take out the stem and remove the movement/dial and just slightly press the second hand in or if it tips up slightly bend it down close to the minute hand tip. Reassemble it all and bob is your uncle :P
  12. altesporsche

    TaG Rep bracelets quality ?

    Awesome fellas ! thanks ! yea I know the rep tags are pretty damn good from the last time I had seen them, so that's why I was wondering on the quality of the newer bracelets. I checked with my Tag dealer and they want like $900 for the genuine one and that's a bit insane for that watch, it is a $6500 watch but its still a tag with the same bracelets as the $3k and $4K carreras, so I cant see 1/3 or 1/4 the cost being the bracelet lol Ill have to check with some of the dealers and get one ordered. Ive not ordered just a bracelet before, I wonder if toro is into that stuff lol Either way fellas thanks a million it is greatly appreciated !! ill post some photos of the fit and finish when I get it and put it on the watch.
  13. altesporsche

    TaG Rep bracelets quality ?

    Hey fellas, I have a Gen Carrera Caliber 36 flyback on a croc strap that it came with, I was wondering what the rep SS bracelets are like in quality ? this one is a 43mm with a 22mm wide lug, what are some of the models with a 22mm lug that would fit this one. They actually had a bracelet available for this but my colleague who I got it from didn't buy it when he picked up two of these a few years back. thanks in advance for your input !
  14. altesporsche

    5517 Milsub Project

    where can you get good hands in HK ? seriously there are no good after market hands for these for a ETA or ROLEX movement.
  15. altesporsche

    Planing Steve McQueen 1655 Project

    ill be following your build. Im looking to build one soon. i want a 1655 sooo freaking bad ! would even trade my franken panerai 127 or franken AP blue themes for a good one lol