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  1. Wristies - thread consolidation?

    Franken 127
  2. Gen wristies

    That is insanely beautiful !!
  3. Two W0lfs united

    Finally after a long wait and a lot of looking I have both the 201A and 202A I wanted ! Only regret is selling my Rollie 202A dial. Both are reshaped 111 cases by W0lf and a custom PVD on the 202. The 201A is a Rollie dial and the 202A is a rare Dial I was told that not many were made. It's quite good but not as good as the Rollie dial. Both with Mario Paci straps
  4. Rolex Wristies thread

  5. Best Explorer II CHS version I've seen yet !

    thanks fellas ! i got tired of trying to find the perfect 1655 build or a gen 1655 that i wouldn't have to sell a car to buy. So i went with this one. it was a spur of the moment thing lol I was feeling shitty because i found out they caught the prick that broke into my storage and took 8 vintage guitars, but didnt even recover one and told me its unlikely they will ever be recovered. so... went to my second happy place and seen this lol
  6. Rolex 1979 Explorer II ref 1655

    That is absolutely stunning !!!!! seriously amazing work ! Ive been hunting for a Gen that wasn't a gabillion dollars and its just not possible these are my favorite of all of the vintage rolexes. if you ever get bored of it you know where to find me
  7. Best Explorer II CHS version I've seen yet !

    R factory, maker of the best Explorer II
  8. This showed up today and I have to say they really stepped up their game !
  9. Genuine 3186 movement

    The v3 noob case fits the movement ? Inhve a V3 sitting around in my box somewhere I need to try this. 😬 I have a 3186 sitting in the noob chs case now and the crown stem is slightly off but I've had no issues.
  10. WTB Dial PAM002|009

    I have some 002 and 009 dials
  11. Rolex Wristies thread