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  1. Rolex Wristies thread

  2. 1970 Rolex Daytona 6263... PN or Standard dial?

    stunning !!! i really want to step my 6263 up a bit now lol
  3. Raffle time!

    Sweet jesus ! nice ones !
  4. Bad adventures with straps.

    you live in Italy and you are buying a strap from Spain ?
  5. Wristies - thread consolidation?

    That is beautiful !
  6. London attacks

    That's actually a very good read ! Some very interesting history.
  7. London attacks

    This topic I try to refrain from posting on because I fought these bastards face to face and they have zero worth for human life if it means proving something for their glorious Mohammad. There are a lot of good points here fellas, but the biggest problem that holds the civilized world from snuffing this fire before it gets worst is political correctlness. My country is one of the worst for it and it makes me sick that every time This sort of horrible and unthinkable thing happens we get the safe speech like my weak prime minister gave today "I strongly condemn these acts" .. then do zero about it. I hate to say it but we need a world leader not to just start killing them or deporting them, but making them fear the consequences of these actions and by whatever means necessary make them feel this. Im not that old, but I grew up in a world where people in my civilized part of the world respected one another, people were free to believe what they believe but they didn't push it in your face. In my country now almost weekly you hear of another way the Muslim community wants to be accommodated. I don't feel we should ignore them but they need to understand it's give and take, a two way street. They want tolerance then they should tollerate and stop trying to change every country they move into. Many world leaders and and men of power in the past have warned about this... years, hundreds of years and thousands of years... but we are now blinded by our PC nature of not offending someone. somenone has to start pushing back. Not with the same violent force they demonstrate, but still one that inflicts great fear. Meh just my two cents.. I've watched people die in front of me because of these bastards.. I don't like to talk about that time in my life, but it's given me a great hatred for everything that religion stands for. Muslims are not all and people, but the religion they follow is one one hatred towards anything that is not in their good book. No matter what way you slice that cake it's still the same..
  8. WSO bezel 5513

    He paid $100usd for it. Or so he told me lol
  9. WSO bezel 5513

    I'm looking for a good 5513 and 1680 case @hologramet ?
  10. WSO bezel 5513

    When I establish a good contact with the guy I'll pass along the info. This case was brought to me at work, one of my colleagues lives in Vietnam and picked this up for me. It's gone now to have the bars removed to be properly engraved. Once I get it back from engraving etc I'll post photos. Apparently my new dial and hands are waiting for me at home also from Vietnam, but a different fella. I'm hoping the quality is as good as the photos he sent lol Cheers ! C.
  11. Rolex Wristies thread

  12. Need work done on a 6497 in my fiddy

    Sounds good to me ! Houston is a great city by the way ! Spent two months there at GE Hydrill a few summers ago. Had an awesome time ! When can I send it ? Lol and do you want the movement out of the case ? Shoot me a pm
  13. Hey fellas I have one of my Marlin 127 that was hit pretty hard when I shipped it back from my home in fla. It was hit hit so hard that one of the bridge screws snapped, the minute hand and second hand came off and the swan neck regulator came off. I can handle everything but the swanneck reassembly and regulation. Anyone know of anybody in North America that can turn this around fairly quickly ? Cheers clet
  14. Wristies - thread consolidation?

    Love this ! Think I may put my yachmaster on a strap ! This is freaking beautiful !
  15. Complete IWC 79350 on the bay

    It is based on a 7750. IWC get them and finish them and rework some of the components. But basically it's a 7750. $2k is a lot ! They are usually around a grand currently.