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  1. Wristies - thread consolidation?

    Just love these !
  2. Someone in US.. Buy these ASAP!!

    I think he’s holding out for a lot of money
  3. RWI moderators in da house

    That’s some tasty stuff !!! I just picked up a bottle of Glenlivet Master distillers reserve Solera. Mom not usually one for Glenlivet, but this one was recommended to me by a friend at work.
  4. RWI moderators in da house

    Lol Mr.modest .. nice gif! Yoga pants on a nice ass kills me lol
  5. RWI moderators in da house

    Ahh the big guns ! Hey fellas ! Welcome ! I️ spend a lot more time over at RWI as well, but was a member here long before I️ was over there.
  6. Gen wristies

    Not usually a fan of TAG, but this one always got me going, so I had to get one after a friend of mine had one. Beautiful big and comfy on the wrist and a really nice flyback cal 36 movement.
  7. Show the PAM combo you choose today

    All Gen except case
  8. Crypto Currencies

    lol I wish I could take a year off, I only work 6 months of the year anyways. Need to keep slugging along until I can give up this offshore drilling racket lol
  9. Crypto Currencies

    I don't use it as a main investment, but I do dabble with it and bought into litecoin and ripple in the last few months. its been doing well, but its for a quick grab only, this will not last. I bought $15k worth of bitcoin back when it was a little above $850 and sold it all off two days ago, simply because its scary at this point especially when its been from $16k to $19k and back a few times in the last few days. Ripple (xrp) will make you some money if you have not already bought it, but again its risky and you have to dump it quickly, don't hold on to it. I suspect it will go well above a dollar each and part of me sees it around $20 or if we are lucky to where litecoin has gone in the $300 range lol but who knows. tread lightly and only put in what you can afford to lose and not hurt other investments.
  10. Making a 1016 Case

    Used one of Justin's cases on my Space Dweller, amazing cases !
  11. PreV mahogany

    didn't get a PM
  12. PreV mahogany

    wow ! amazing work ! How much for two ? lol
  13. Gen wristies

    Got this POS back after a broken hour click spring a month after owning it.
  14. Wristies - thread consolidation?

    Some love for this old girl 😎 Could easily afford the gen version of this, but for some reason this one makes me smile lol it's got a gen crown and stem, new AR crystal and gen ETA 7750 with gen EBEL rotor, so into it for about $500 less than what you can get a gen for now 😂 Seen one go for $1450 last week on the bay.