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  1. altesporsche

    Pam288k stock

    Pretty sure he said hes looking for a 288K...
  2. altesporsche

    So who let the intern design a PAM

    Something about it I really like ! lol I shouldn't but I do, maybe the simplicity and that it is off the beaten path.
  3. altesporsche

    Rep 904L steel, is it legit? What do buyers think of it?

    This is what it is all about ! we are all here because of our love for watches and people sharing their experiences and knowledge. I'm hoping the days of people sharing more build experience comes back, when a wealth of information was passed around these forums. Ive met many great people in the many many years ive been on this and a few other forums, learned a shit ton of stuff and had a lot of good laughs ! which is pretty wild considering we are all from different walks of life ! I find that incredibly interesting ! I don't think I have seen any other club or online forum that i'm a member of behave in this way.. Cheers fellas ! Amen !
  4. altesporsche

    Rep 904L steel, is it legit? What do buyers think of it?

    Exactly ! I feel I have the perfect 116610 rep right now using the V6S case set.. it was the most accurate shape and finish etc.. and its 316 but seriously you cannot tell.. Ive had it in Rolex shops and no one questions it. (its a franked watch the full rep could probably get called out by very few) 904 is more expensive than 316 by only a small margin in the material they use for a watch.. Machining is more costly because its harder on cutting bits but the case is stamped to the basic shape anyways like rolex does for minimal machining is required to finish the product, so the process isn't that much more costly using it vs. 316 on a rep. Like you said I also don't see the point in paying that $100 extra because its 904L ... its not worth it unless you are hell bent on showing someone your metal analysis of your watch lol if they make another fantastic case like the V6S case etc.. ill probably buy it just for shits and giggles. also I think the noob Daytona is fine in 316 it looks exactly the same as my gens.. ill not be upgrading when a case is available in 904L, but am in search of better SELs lol
  5. altesporsche

    Rep 904L steel, is it legit? What do buyers think of it?

    I couldn't agree more, in the end of the day 904 and 316 look exactly alike to the naked eye and for anyone who thinks they can see a difference it is 100% psychological. I have compared 316 reps to my 904 gens and they look exactly alike in all light conditions when I used the same Bergeon brushing blocks. SO the extra money just because its 904 is really silly because on the wrist no one can tell, it should be more about the markings and details as you suggested. Most of us will not have these reps long enough to see severe degradation of the material so it really doesn't matter.
  6. altesporsche

    Game Over

    Yea that's the stuff I like reading about, the build and the process. It seems these days a lot of that is limited to the builders themselves. I dabble with building watches myself and would love to hear the history of these fine pieces you have. Cheers and thanks for sharing them !
  7. altesporsche

    Rep 904L steel, is it legit? What do buyers think of it?

    If that is 904L im quite surprised given that its not that old. However you are correct 904L isn't anything special, its special for a purpose just like any alloy, Ive not in all my years of using the material seen this kind of pitting on it. Thanks for posting that because i wouldn't have believed it otherwise lol it must have been the absolute perfect storm of chemical reactions on that persons skin lol pretty wild ! In the end Rolex only used this because it was considered and exotic Stainless steel at the time they started using it no matter how much they wanted to say it was for corrosion reasons and like any good marketing strategy they sold it well. Personally I do not see the benefit of using 904L in a watch over 316L, especially as it is a bastard on cutting bits. its a great material for what I use it for lol but so is C1045 for some things lol
  8. altesporsche

    Noob Daytona - ceramic vs steel bezel?

    I was pondering this for a while and went with the SS bezel in the end and put a gen white dial in it and its freaking beautiful on the wrist ! just need a gen bezel and im good. I find the dial in the ceramic versions just don't look right, once you see the font of the "ROLEX" and realize the spacing is wrong you cannot unsee it and its painfully expensive to buy a gen dial lol .. however the 116520 dials in luminova can be had for $600-900.
  9. altesporsche

    Rep 904L steel, is it legit? What do buyers think of it?

    That's a lot of referencing and it may have took you a while to write and look that up and its appreciated for the information of the community here, but I wasn't arguing with you.. just pointing some things out.. I have zero desire to have a pissing match with someone on a forum especially not someone who has all the time in the world to dig up stuff online to make a point. My experience comes from actual use and familiarity with the materials, ive used it many times in my 12 years as an Engineer in several different industries. The concentrations of most chlorides, bromides etc.. you are so hell bent on being a threat are in concentration levels that would burn your skin long before attacking the stainless steel.. you would have to have the perfect scenario to attack the stainless without burning your skin.. at this point you are splitting hairs with facts you dug up online and essentially regurgitating them while not understanding what you are saying. Everything you said above is correct, however like I said the concentrations of each of these materials you say will pit 904L will burn you or cause severe skin irritation long before it pits the steel. Maybe over time it will have an effect but again its unlikely with how people use watches. You keep pointing out fancy names to make your point lol Thiosulfate is an oxyanion of sulfur and its solution is used for treating cyanide poisoning.. I don't know how many here handle cyanide all the time that will require a strong solution of thiosulfate, again something the majority of people will not have contact with this in normal circumstances.. Try hydrochloric acid ? i'm not even sure what you mean there... as in pour hydrochloric acid a substance that is highly corrosive to your skin on my watch case and see what happens ? lol no thanks.. anyways as I said im not getting into a pissing match with you.. my original point was that 904L does not have a big variation in quality.. every material has upper and lower composition limits to be considered within the ISO classification. It was also not specifically designed for the pulp and paper industry, it was developed for many industries that require reduction with heavy acids. I used it in pulp and paper (yes I worked with pulp and paper factories all over the east coast of Canada) and now use it a lot in Oil production and drilling when we are using acids to etch formations down hole. in conclusion 904L is highly unlikely to be pitted with how 99.9% of people wear their watch, daily diving etc.. 316L honestly does a fantastic job but in time will see pitting in areas of contact. Gold is a fantastic material for watch cases and plat is even better lol I just cant get into wearing a gold watch I feel really odd lol If I could get a white gold watch case that isn't $35grand id be all over it as a daily watch :P That's a pretty cool chart ! I love seeing things like this. works perfect as a quick reference for people trying to understand subjects.
  10. altesporsche

    Rep 904L steel, is it legit? What do buyers think of it?

    again another marketing ploy, however one which carries a lot of weight. Tegimentation of stainless steel while does not effect the corrosion properties does effect its resistance to damage of all forms. Tegimentation is a process of surface hardening alloys to become very very resistant to scratches and dents. In the case of SINN they take a 316L with a vickers hardness of about 250 and bring it up to 1200+ Vickers which is insanely hard! its a very impressive tech and for those who complain about scratches these are the watches for you lol
  11. altesporsche

    Rep 904L steel, is it legit? What do buyers think of it?

    hmm im sorry but 904L is a an ISO standard and the variation in quality is nearly non existent. it is the composition that makes this a 904 alloy. it is highly resistant to corrosion hence why it was made. I use it in highly acidic environments in oil production. it was designed to be used with very strong acids. The 904 on reps has been tested and does fall into the specs of being called a 904L alloy, but people seem to think that it is a super alloy and it doesn't scratch etc.. its not its actually nearly identical to 316L but has different corrosion properties. People get all bent saying "its brighter" etc and that's horseshit. its not. the whiteness or brightness in the metal has to do with how it is brushed and catches light. my recent noob Daytona is 316 and it looks exactly the same as all of my gen Rolexes. Id like to know where you got your information on 904L because its very incorrect. if what they are usisng is actually 904L then like I said it will have the same scratch and dent resistance as 316 but it will be highly corrosion resistant to acids from your skin and just about anything you will throw at it.. 904L on a watch is mearly a marketing thing as 316L is perfect for watch material and like will outlast you. The reason rolex changed was to solve the pitting issues they had in the caseback around the seal area you seen in a lot of old subs that were worn in salt water and not rinsed off, over time this will pit 316L but a very long time. most of Rolexes reason was because it was exotic, hard to work with and no one else was using it.
  12. altesporsche

    Wristies - thread consolidation?

    116610 V6S franken, I like this more than my genuine lol maybe
  13. altesporsche


    That’s a beaut! With a lot of potential ! I wish I could find stuff like that in my drawer lol
  14. altesporsche

    Game Over

    Lol I know what you are saying 😂 I hate thread crappers, and wouldn’t have said anything along the lines of what I said if it wasn’t 7 months dead lol
  15. altesporsche

    Game Over

    I Hear what you are saying, but this is a 7 month dormant post and no one had intentions of turning it into a sales thread. I simply said I’d take that “desk clock” off his hands for him... 😬 cheers !