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  1. Apparently there is a “v2” due out in March some time, but I was told by Toro that this is it.. but we will see
  2. just received this today from Toro ! Who I may add is awesome ! Always top notch service with him ! Ordered my watch the weekend and have it today 😎 secondly just in quick observations I have to say these watches have come a lone freaking way! Only one of my end links has any gap whatsoever and it’s small. The other side is perfect ! Everyone gets on about the dial etc.. it’s actaully pretty damn good quality wise, yes the sub dials may be slightly fat but u less you are looking for it you won’t see it and the font it off but really on the wrist no way to actually see this in reality. I will change out for the ARF dial when I locate one but in all honesty there are next to no one in the general public even experienced Rolex fellas that would call this out on the wrist. Maybe a few of us here knowing what to look for would quite quickly but the likelihood anywhere else is slim. I think its a great step forward for the market and hobby. I’ll be messing with this a bit so I’ll be posting as I progress with the quest to perfection.
  3. Yea I’m going to only make some subtle aging to the whole watch, nothing serious. I think it’s good enough to not be masked by excessive wear that you will rarely see in the genuine watches.
  4. Yea I’m actually pleased to see she is selling them again. As I mentioned before, she told me she didn’t have them anymore. I was wanting to get a project started for a custom one. But this is damn good! Maybe a serifs are minutely less than the gen but overall this is the best I’ve seen. And yea my watch needs a lot of aging overall lol it’s the only thing I’ve not done yet. Can’t decide how far to take it.
  5. Yea it didn’t take long lol I’m anal about waiting so I got her to express it to me lol It’s quite a lot better than the Phong, the numbers are the correct size and the 5 min markers aren’t as fat and a bit longer reaching to the edges as it’s supoosed to. Here are some photos, in my watch is a ruby insert but it’s not been massaged yet so a little too crisp for the watch. The photo of the insert alone is a phong with my own pip and aged to take away some of the black above and below the numbers to make it look better vs. The stock ruby insert.
  6. Received my Ruby inserts today ! They look amazing compared to the phong version. When I get it sorted I’ll post a photo.
  7. Here is mine using a Vietnam case, custom dial/hands, gen 1520 movement, gen crown and stem and a phong insert. What seconds hand are you using ? Seems more correct than mine.
  8. Just ordered two and waiting for her to get back to me. One to sacrifice to test the aging of it and one to be a working one. If it shows up and it’s the same as the photos, these are currently the best 5517 on the market.
  9. She has them again ??????? She told me she didnt have them anymore. Phongs are not so great and the numbers are too small... good enough but not so good.
  10. Ugh the damn 5517 lol been a while building mine. Down to a good insert quest now. Good luck this build can be a heart breaker.
  11. Phong/MQ/custom and gen. The 726 is quite costly now, I actually bought this as a base with a 726 in it. I would say they are in the $4k range for the most part, may luck into one for less. But they are a stunning movement ! Just look at this sexyness below 🤤
  12. I have a gen 702 crown for it as well, just not had time to install it.
  13. The prices on the movements are gone insane lol inhave a 726 powered 6263 and I love it ! It is a really nice looking movement and runs at the same rate as the 727, however they have gone stratosphereic in price recently ! Automatico is right on the lunacy lol I paid 3k two months ago for a 1575GMT and now they are nearly $2grand more lol it’s getting out of control lol kinda like the genuine Rolex market. if you have a good V72 use it ! I wouldn’t dump the $4-5k for a 726 and surely not the $6500 for a conversion (although I likely will at some point lol) already looking for a lined bridge.
  14. Oh my I’m lost for words.. I know he wasn’t well but I wasn’t aware that he had passed. RIP to a great man ! Rolf was a good fella in the years I’ve been in contact with him. I’m really sorry to hear of this.
  15. I know exactly what you are taking about automatico, that’s exactly the situation here. The case screws don’t screw in enough to clear and allow the movement to clock into place then unscrew to hold the case. Ill give it another go when I get gone in a few days and take some photos, but it looks like the grove needs to be machined a bit to use clamps correctly. Yea I’m not shaving the movement at all lol the 1575s are In the $3k range now and sparse, I’d rather hack a case up than a movement that’s hard to replace.
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