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  1. Sounds good to me ! Houston is a great city by the way ! Spent two months there at GE Hydrill a few summers ago. Had an awesome time ! When can I send it ? Lol and do you want the movement out of the case ? Shoot me a pm
  2. Hey fellas I have one of my Marlin 127 that was hit pretty hard when I shipped it back from my home in fla. It was hit hit so hard that one of the bridge screws snapped, the minute hand and second hand came off and the swan neck regulator came off. I can handle everything but the swanneck reassembly and regulation. Anyone know of anybody in North America that can turn this around fairly quickly ? Cheers clet
  3. Love this ! Think I may put my yachmaster on a strap ! This is freaking beautiful !
  4. It is based on a 7750. IWC get them and finish them and rework some of the components. But basically it's a 7750. $2k is a lot ! They are usually around a grand currently.
  5. That's incredibly beautiful ! Alaska just got moved up on my places to see list. I do miss the mountains living here in southern Ontario.
  6. Wow ! Reminds me of when I was living in norway. 3am looked like sunset, it was beautiful !
  7. Looks great ! Glad you like the outcome Love that crystal !! Looks like it's not there. Did you have it AR'd or is it the angle ?
  8. If this is a WSO bezel then they changed the supplier because the new ones look nothing like this 😬 Nice watch !
  9. It came from Hanoi, from a fella I have not heard of before. Its better than the HR case, I'll snap photos of it when I get a chance.
  10. Yea I'll give them a shot. Not worried about the polishing as I'm going to age it a little, but This WSO bezel is horrendous ! None of the notches have he same depth and they are polished and very smooth. An worst of all, it doesn't fit at all lol See this looks great !! Much closer to gen than the crap I got lol. Beautiful watch by the way ! Yea that's most likely my next step. Also have to press out my strap bars to have the case engraved. The case is perfect but sterile.
  11. Hey guys, has anyone had quality issues with WSO bezel assemblys for 5513 rolies ? I used to buy from them a bit and the quality was decent, but this bezel I just recieved is utter garbage ! And doesn't fit a gen case at all, the friction disk doesn't fit or stay in lol it's just garbage. Anyone know of if any other aftermarket bezel makers that are of good quality ? This is for a 5517 build and I don't want some cheap looking bezel. Cheers! C.
  12. The gen bars were knurled and pressed then ground flat and polished. No brazing as far as I know.
  13. All gen minus bracelet and midcase 😎