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Found 25 results

  1. So why a Gen wrist check? Well a Gen's a Gen now isn't it..............let's keep this one going
  2. Hi all, I'm new here... My name is Lorenzo and I live in Italy... A friend of mine would like to sell a gen Rolex 1501 without movement (as far as I know it should be fitted with a 1570) I have a simple question for you : is there any chance I could fit any rep movement (or any gen ETA) in that case? The watch has everything but the movement (Case,Bracelet,Dial,Hands,Crown,Bezel...) Anybody could help? Many thanks!
  3. For all of the experts out there, can anyone confirm that this insert looks like a GEN service insert? I would rather not overspend for something from Cartel or other sources. I still am trying to figure out how all you figure out the small nuances between the different type of inserts. I believe the seller when he says that it is a GEN service insert, but given my level of skill in identifying differences, I would feel a lot better with some other confirmation. The seller just overlayed the bezel on his sub to show the look and it does not have a pearl for those wondering. Finally any ideas o
  4. Well guys just got this in , my lord this thing bleeds quality . You have seen many gens posted by me that I have bought, raffled, kept etc but this one takes the cake. Only stock pics for now going on 4 hours sleep working a lot and back in morn. Specs Chronograph Automatic Grey Dial Mens Watch 7745-TI-05659. Information Brand Raymond Weil Series Freelancer Model 7745-TI-05659 Gender Men's Watch La
  5. Just started working on a Submariner 16610 Franken and was curious what order others had done their upgrades in? So far I've done: Gen Crown Gen Ceramic Bezel Next I would like to do a gen band but am questioning if I should go for the crystal first. The dial looks so close I'd likely look at that last. Movement I'm not concerned with as I'd just buy gen if I was doing that as well. So what about you?
  6. Hi Guys, urgently need your help wit authentication of this 78360 bracelet with 558B end links, LT10 clasp code think (2009 year). Recently purchased this piece on Ebay, yes I know.. It's still sealed and looks 100% authentic to me.. Please help. Sorry for bad photos, this is all my phone can do Thank you!
  7. I am looking at this auction on ebay. Do you think it is a gen or fake? I know the bracelet is not original. Attached are the pics and the quote from the seller. What are your thoughts? NASA Moon watch. Found at estate sale. Slight scratches on wrist band, Crystal is not broken but has some very small scratches. Keeps time, but stop watch doesn't work. I'm selling this watch as is. I can't confirm it's authenticity. Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch 3577.50.000
  8. Hey Everyone I've an opportunity to buy a gen(?) Monaco Calibre 6. It's going for £600, has a few scratches to the SS, but the crystal looks clear. I'm buying it from a shop, so I can return it if I'm not happy. There isn't any box or paperwork, so I was wondering if there was any chance it was a rep. I know the chronographs are difficult to rep, but as this is a non-chrono, what are the chances it is legit? I havent seen any of these on ADs, but it is a 2005 model, so maybe they don't rep them any more. Advice please Pic below
  9. Hi guys! I've been doing a lot of thinking about this lately, and these are my top 5 watches of all time. What are yours? 1: Richard Mille RM055 2: Ulysse Nardin Royal Blue Tourbillon 3: Hublot LaFerrari Tourbillon 4: Romain Jerome Moon Orbital Tourbillon 5: Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore "Safari" (PS: If somebody out there has a rep of this they'd be willing to part with, let me know!)
  10. Hi guys! I was super bored today, so I decided to go to a local high end watch shop, and DUUUDE I was blown away. All the best watches all in one place. I was totally overwhelmed but I tried on a few things! I tried on a Richard Mille RM011, AP ROO Safari, and a full diamond Franck Muller Casablanca. I wanted to sneak some pictures but the staff was way too strict and didn't allow it It was a great trip though! Place is practically walking distance from my house. This post was kinda pointless but just figured I'd share! What was your first gen experience like?
  11. So this will probably end up being a controversial topic, but somebody's gotta ask... If you could only choose one rep, and one only, which rep is the be-all end-all of reps? The one that's either a dead match to the gen, or if not, SO close that nobody would ever be able to tell. (with or without mods) It doesn't matter if the gen is unobtainable either, in your opinion, which rep out of every single rep you've seen/owned could stand up to scrutiny from even the most skilled set of eyes?
  12. All is Lost - Robert Redford with blue Nato on SKX175 (SKX009) Finally got around to see this great movie from one of my all-time favourite actors Robert Redford (Three Days of the Condor/ Spygame/Sneakers/Havana/The last Castle and many others). Movie full of fast watch-action flashes: a Man, the Sea… and his watch. Thought it could be an IWC Aquatimer on a blue Nato – too expensive again, although it wasn´t… http://watchesinmovies.info/tag/seiko/ and one clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=MiQOQ-Vyabg It´s a Seiko SKX175 divers, the US version of t
  13. I have an interesting project in the works right now, and I was wondering if anyone has the dimensions of a Rolex 5512/13 w/ pointed crown guards... or a gen/phong case to measure? I need every dimension of the mid-case and crown. Also, the dimensions of a Helenarou 6538 bezel [notches] would be very useful. Thanks everyone!
  14. Following this person on instagram, and kind of iffy about the watches... Teenager with all these watches, i'm kind of doubting it but supposedly he has an Audi/Porsche too..
  15. Hi mates! Was offered this through a friend: Wondering if it really is gen.... Thanks for your help!!! E
  16. Hello everyone, greatly appreciate the help. I have just purchased a watch on eBay, for $1450 US for a carrera CV2010-1 and the auction said it comes with box and papers. once it arrived the papers were not attached and so i contacted the seller and asked him to send them to me. he has responded by saying he made a mistake and this watch has no papers. he has offered a full refund or alternatively 210 NZ dollars back and i keep the watch. but this has now made me think the watch is fake. can anyone have a look at the images and tell me if this is real or not. remember this is the cv
  17. Well, I am in the market for a new watch and was hoping that some local New Yorkers might point me in the right direction. I'm taking a trip with the girlfriend in a couple of weeks and would like to buy a watch while I am in the city. If I wanted to get a great deal on a Gen Tag Heuer, where might I look? I'm thinking Grey Market prices (35% discount), think JomaShop but with a store front. If any locals out there have some good advice and could help me out with my shopping endeavor I would really appreciate it. Specifically, I am looking for the Tag Heuer Aquaracer 500m Ceramic but t
  18. Hi mates, Well I'm searching the web for a while, and i've noticed that it's kind of tough to get gen parts for breitling navitimers on the open market. I could find a few gen dials here and there, maybe a crown, but I haven't seen anything like a gen sliderule, or date wheel, movement, hand set etc up for sale anywhere, on the other hand - there are a plenty of gen parts for many other breitling models available on the bay (sometimes i've seen gen cases, complete movement+dial+hands etc,, but never of a navitimer) are gen navi parts so hard to source ? any input will be ap
  19. Hello community, I search a good Hublot Big Bang, which is near to the GEN. I've seen that, the Hublot Rep's are still good in their quality, very close to to gen. I already looked at trustys shop, but i have few questions. - How good is the quality of Hublot BBs Reps ? (In their "best-editions") - What about the weight? Like gen? - What about GEN Parts? I already read that i can change the parts (like Rolex Sub's). But is this really possible? Are there some Stores to search the Parts? Because i want to buy a GEN Dial, but only then, if the rep is sooo bad. - Do I have to chan
  20. Hi Guys, First time poster. I am looking to get a Genuine ROO. Leaning towards the Rubberclad, but also considering this Themes (black dial, steel bezel) A few questions for you guys. Where do you think the best place to buy new or used online. I want to ensure that I am getting a genuine product. And I know its a matter of opinion, but what are your thoughts on the rubber bezel vs. the steel bezel. I love the rubber right now -- but worry its just trendy while the steel might be more timeless. Thanks for the advice!
  21. Dear watch addicted, I hope you can help me. I have a Franken TC Submariner 16610 with an Gen ETA 2824. I would like to buy a Gen dial and Gen hands. For what do I have to look? Any advices? Thanks a lot!!
  22. I'm looking for 3717 gen parts (dial, hands including case if possible). Does anybody know those who are able to get gen parts?
  23. Overall this watch is phenominal and has exceeded all my expectations that I have built up over the few months before actually purchasing it. I will let you read the specs at the links below, but a couple of items to note. The specs state it has an in-house Ebel 750 movement, but the AD told me that these actually have the Valjoux 7750 movement. I haven't opened the back to confirm either way. The 18k gold mid-links are not solid all the way through (as seen in the last pic), but were described by the AD as caps (hence the less than $10k retail price point). I will let the pics below do t
  24. Seen this one on the bay and I'm wondering if the list price is in the right ballpark for one of these pieces? Any advice greatly received and yes just looking for now! http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Tudor-Submariner-Snowflake-94110-Amazing-Condition-/180918647230?pt=AU_Watches&hash=item2a1f9779be
  25. I am looking for rep 3714 movement and dial (white or black-if black please include the tachy). May also consider genuine if available. please state offer. Fran
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