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  3. Very nice! So pleased to see a decent 5517 insert at long last!! Thanks for the shots. Looks good now, it’ll looking great after you done the subtle ageing [emoji106]
  4. Yea it didn’t take long lol I’m anal about waiting so I got her to express it to me lol It’s quite a lot better than the Phong, the numbers are the correct size and the 5 min markers aren’t as fat and a bit longer reaching to the edges as it’s supoosed to. Here are some photos, in my watch is a ruby insert but it’s not been massaged yet so a little too crisp for the watch. The photo of the insert alone is a phong with my own pip and aged to take away some of the black above and below the numbers to make it look better vs. The stock ruby insert.
  5. JLC Navy Seals Diver A bit out of focus, so hears a better view
  6. Below another my project 1680 with phong insert..
  7. I do not know how to say it, but....... . I like it!!! somehow that touch of blue just highlights it? That is just my opinion and I may be in the minority here. If it were a little more faded being more Cielo celeste, then it is very attractive!! On two occasions I have seen two vintage submariners where one had a tropical dial which had turned blue and it was awesome!! another time I saw one with a faded insert almost bright celeste and it was real eye candy!
  8. Really! That was fast, still waiting for mine. Pictures please [emoji3]
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  10. Maybe a guy who used them both and saw that they had no safe or just some low life going around asking who does watches in town . Then you bring in a quartz for a battery case the place and well you know. If you have other peoples watches a safe is a must even n the home. On the Seamaster why would he leave that unless he knew it was a rep..................
  11. This morning, I went to see my watchmaker who is quite elderly and now works from home since he is in semi- retired,. I have known him for some years and has always been very gregarious with a nice welcoming smile and is one of the very few that had equipment that most others here do not have or use... He has been working on my 1967 Omega Speedmaster just over a year which suits me, as the compromise is that the longer I wait the better the deal which sounds fair to me!!!!. As I was driving close by in the area, I happened to knock on his door to ask what the status was regarding my watch, but I was in for a shock to see such an irate and disturbed man until he told me that he had been robbed last week of just about everything in his workshop. What was interesting was to learn that that my near completed Speedmaster had been left untouched in addition to a few cheap items that he had been working on. This blew me away!!!! Worse still is that his insurance will not cover. He also claimed that nearly all his tools and all of his personal collection of Omega Constellations were taken ! A bizarre coincidence is that some 18 months ago, when I went to collect my re-soled shoes from my cobbler who also changes watch batteries, happened to mention to me that his that his watchmaker who also works from home had also been robbed of everything and only a few cheap watches were left in his workshop. This was some 25 miles away from last weeks incident. I can only conclude that it had to be someone in the trade or ordered by someone in the trade. I am no detective criminologist, psychologist nor police officer, but I smell something very bizarre here. Can anyone make any sense out of this as it does not appear to be an ordinary burglary to me??
  12. Junghans Meister Chronoscope[emoji7] Verstuurd vanaf mijn SM-A520F met Tapatalk
  13. Hood Gesendet von meinem SM-N7505 mit Tapatalk
  14. Junghans Meister Telemeter Cal. J.880.3
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  16. Okay, yes everyone knows Alaska has bears. Lots of bears. But when they attack it's horrifying the amount of raw damage they can do, and how quickly it happens. It's unbelievable. Grown men are eviscerated with one swipe of the paw. I know this is a family-friendly site, so I hesitate to show these photos. But we need to lay to rest, once and for all, the fact that Alaskan bears are truly the most fearsome bears on the planet. These photos were "obtained" from law enforcement. They were used to document the attack. You've been warned. These are NOT for the faint of heart. These are gruesome, in-color, detailed photos of a live Polar Bear attack on a living man, as it happened. They're not blurred out to protect delicate sensibilities. PROCEED WITH CAUTION!!!!! Weaker men, click away to another thread. Please. The nightmares are not worth it. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! (scroll down)
  17. Are there any forum members who own a gen Pam who are based in Sydney Australia? Could you drop me a PM please? Thanks ST4
  18. Always good to see you here. I would love to see Bergies thriving again, it has been missed
  19. Received my Ruby inserts today ! They look amazing compared to the phong version. When I get it sorted I’ll post a photo.
  20. yeah yeah, we got our own bears buddy... Grrr grr grrrrrrr!
  21. KB

    Hi There

    Thanks buddy, had some issues but good to be back. Cheers Ken
  22. It looks quite "domed" and would be nice in a 6350!
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