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  2. "It's time to reboot the United States back to 21 November 1963. While not perfect, the United States was a safer, freer, cleaner and more productive place for law-abiding Americans to live and work. The "Great Society" has been a failure, resulting in increased violence, regulation, filth and loss of productivity. It's time." -- posted to the book of Zuckerberg 2018
  3. "There IS an alternative..." Yes, I watched Liz Claman's interview with Kevin O'Leary a few days ago, he has some super fine watches. Very Expensive! but he can afford them. "If I did not know better, based on their actions (for all but 4 of the past 15 years), I might think the US government is a domestic enemy." Agree. I keep a sharp lookout now when in parking lots, buying gasoline, entering banks, convenience stores etc. because of today's 'It's All Free! No Bail! No jail time!' policies in many states. This is not a 'progressive area' but new arrivals may not know that and want to try their luck at a nefarious deed or two...like stealing a watch or car from an individual. Besides that, there are all sorts of scruffy, shifty-eyed characters milling around, especially during the summer months. It never used to be like that. It makes me wonder why. Open borders maybe? Naaa. That couldn't be it. The border jumpers are all valedictorians just lookin' for a job. I told the story about the shake down in a parking lot years ago in a larger city close by, and I will say our local police force has some very good officers on it. Most are in their 30s/40s and are fair with the regular citizens and very strict with goofball offenders. The Judges do not care too much for goofballs either. Otoh, a lot of progressive types have moved here to get away from their he!! hole cities and most of them are not very friendly to locals and do not like our laid back attitudes. Many want Change! Now! Not the good kind either. That's my situational anger rant for a while with no mention of political parties. I am simply stating the way it is from my perspective. Luxury watch market booming with 35 and under age group as demand grows | Fox Business Video Luxury watch thefts on the rise - but £3m of them were recovered last year by a team of specialist hunters, including this £21k Rolex... | This is Money
  4. There IS an alternative -- Kevin O’Leary Wants to Be Buried With His Watches If I did not know better, based on their actions (for all but 4 of the past 15 years), I might think the US government is a domestic enemy. "I, _____, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God." -- US Army oath of enlistment (Title 10, US Code)
  5. In my defense, I've only gotten into watch's in the last 6 years and didn't know about the Milsubs till I was told about them. Just got to finish off the time machine in my shed and then pop back to that year and buy all thee of them. 😂 Nice looking watch Jackflash
  6. "Sometimes, it pays to be a hoarder." I wish I could convince my wife of that. Ha! When I go toes up there will probably be a yard sale a month later with everything $1 each...replicas and genuine, all in one pile. On a related subject: The Feds dropped the $600 limit for selling items using PayPal, Venmo etc. before having to file a 1099K again...after doing the exact same thing last year. A couple years ago it was $20K. Looks like they are keeping the law in limbo to kill the incentive to make a few $$ on the side, like selling stuff on eBay...watch parts for example. Another example of Feds In Your Face : FBI Seized $86 Million From People Not Suspected Crimes. A Federal Court Will Decide if That's Legal. (reason.com) Probably more than a few Feds sporting a stolen Rolex after the raid. Locals In Your Face: About 25 years ago, three City Cop Detectives (aka 'Defectives') grabbed my trading bag when I was walking across the parking lot to a knife and watch trading table at an outside trading post. I asked for it back and one of them told me they needed to look in it first. I told them it was watches and to give it back. The guy who snatched the bag said: "there was a report of gun trading going on" and I was now a 'suspect' so they were going to keep the bag unopened (yeah sure), and I could pick it up at the station after letting them look inside at the station. No warrant of course and since it was unopened, no list of the contents. I said again: "It is only watches." The smart azz Boss Detective asked: "What kind of watches?" I said: "The kind you can't afford." That really revved them up. I grabbed the bag and started walking toward the other traders, 6 or 8 of them about 20 feet away, all seeing this unfold. I told the Boss Defective (walking right behind me) that I had plenty of witnesses to what just happened so far, but if they wanted to stand by and see what was up for trade to come on over. They stood by the trading table while I opened the bag and took a few watches out. There were already 25 or 30 watches out on the table. One of the traders told them to Get The He!! Out if they did not want to trade or buy anything after a few minutes. They left. If they kept the bag, chances are I would never have seen it again, or it would have been returned empty.
  7. I think there are a lot of DJ & Explorer builders/collectors today & a dwindling pool of decent gen 7206/58s. Hence, the skyrocketing prices. As has been said, today's 'insane' vintage Rolex price is next year's missed opportunity. The last cherry gen 7206/80 I purchased a few years ago cost me $2,200. Today, similar condition steel Oysters are running closer to $3k+ -- & rising fast. Complete 7206/58 = $2,500 Sometimes, it pays to be a hoarder.
  8. I've seen prices for rolexjunk go up, up, up but this blew my hair back. Vintage Rolex 20 mm S/S Oyster Riveted Band Bracelet Parts 7206 End 58 | eBay I have a box full of this stuff and can't not believe how much buyers will pay for it. I never sold mine because I have watches for most of the bracelets. Some of it is pictured in this thread: "Are those holding 1030 movements? If so I get the first two..." - The Rolex Area - RWG
  9. Hi, how did you solve the problem. I’m also struggling with it! Thanks, G.
  10. Hello everyone, This is Steve and I am back.  Today we bring you a Comprehensive comparison of 126610LN, in the past we have taken high resolution detail shots. This time we take a different approach and instead of looking at the details, we will just look at comparison of the appearance in different light and environments, as well as comparison of the look and feel in all aspects . Gen used 23 years from the counter to buy, wear a period of time, Four factories are new and unused, in order to better compare all removed the protective film. So let us begin. Lighted side-by-side view Luminous view ----------------------------------------------- The following photos were all taken under the same light Front view and wearable drawing From the front and wearer's view alone, it can be said that all the factories have reached a level of authenticity, thanks of course to the model's own all-black color scheme. Bezel view Since Gen has been worn for a while, the fill stick will be a bit grayish. We mainly look at the Night Pearl,, VS and King are more cool-toned, Clean is more yellowish, and EW is closest to Gen. Crystal side view Leaving aside the subtle differences in shooting angles, we can see that the edge chamfers are more pronounced on Clean and King, and less so on the VS and EW. Teeth side view We can synthesize the crystal side view together, The teeth of king is slightly longer, resulting in the lower part appears not round enough, and Gen comparison can still see the difference, while the other three factories do not have obvious problems . Middle case view Backcase Edge View Rehaut view Even though the engraving process is different, there is actually no significant difference between replicas and Gen when looking at the Rehaut from this angle. Buckle view the corners of clasp are round polished at all the factories,but Clean is superior. Engraving view Although the engraving traces of replica under magnification will be different from Gen, in reality there is no difference in appearance and the clarity is similar. Cell Phone Flash View ———————————————————————— The following photos are all in natural light Front view and wearable drawing I was focused on this when I did the Hulk comparison in the first half of the year, in natural light there is no blue reflection from Gen window, we can see that VS、Clean and EW have a very distinct blue reflection, King does not. Crystal Backlight View In backlit situations, the replicas present the same visual appearance, which is commendable. Rehaut view Calendar window view Bracelet view The brushed texture makes no difference, and the overall quality and feel of VS and Clean is superior to King and EW. Wearable view in the car As long as the car costs more than Gen, it doesn't matter which factory replica you wear. What do you think? In addition we see the side of crystal, with the constant change of adjusting the angle, Gen at a certain angle reflected blue light is very obvious, VS is also not bad, the other three Factories can also reflect blue light, It is just not obvious enough and the blue isn't as bright as Gen, so it is very faint in the photos. (Both in sunlight and in natural light) _________________________________________ The following photos are all in sunlight. Wearable view Rehaut view Blu-ray effect on the side of crystal Data Comparison View Note: All measurements are taken in a snap-tight condition and may be subject to error due to slight deviations in the caliper position, in addition GEN and all factories intercept two sections of Bracelet. Well, today's post is here, thank you guys for watching. If there are any mistakes, please correct me. If there is anything else I overlooked, you can put it up, and I will try my best to complete it. Welcome to comment and exchange! I will continue to bring you more detailed comparisons between replica watches and GEN’s. And it is also for you to choose the favorite models conveniently. There is no perfect replica, only the one you prefer. Thanks. Steve Website: https://www.theonewatches.io/ Telegram: Theonewatches_steve WhatsApp: + 86-17081934955 Email: service@theonewatches.io
  11. £200 each! I feel your pain [emoji15] My rep 5517 top and a gen below.
  12. I've had some of those misses too, but none as bad as missing out on a Milsub!
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  14. Congrats! Nice work . Did jfk accept gen crystal? I suppose need glued.
  15. I started to scuba dive in late 1985 at a local club and loved it, at the time I only had 1 watch a Casio DW1000 which is the one before the G shock. So I used that for a while. Now the next year I was looking around for a good cheap dive watch. The dive club each year would go camping in Weymouth and do loads of shore and small boat dives. We traveled down on the Friday night for a long weekend, set up the tents and on Sat set off one the first dive of the day. Afterwards we popped into town to get the air tanks refilled and lunch. After lunch we had a walk around the old harbor and found a very large Army supplies store with loads of old stuff inside. While walking around I checked on a large glass case on the counter with smaller gear inside and there sat 3 Rolex submariner watch's . There were labeled as ex WD and working. They had no straps and solid bars fitted in the cases. So they would need a Nato strap. I had a good look at 2 of them but was put off by the solid bars. At the time I didn't know much about Rolex watch's just that they made good divers watch's. Now I was tempted but at the time money was very tight and I could not find the cash for one of them. I thought "next year I'll get one" So Next year I go the the shop with cash and it was gone 🤬 The place had shut down. Now the hard bit folks, them Rolex watch's from the ex WD markings were for sale at £200 each 😭 Yes I missed out on a rare Rolex Milsub because I didn't have the cash. I've since did checks on the Milsubs and found they only made around 1200 to 1600 watch's. There was one sold a few years ago at auction for around £130.000.
  16. This week I have mostly been wearing my Deep Blue Master 1000. I don't wear a watch at work as chainsaws and watch's don't mix well. This is a heavy divers work watch made in America with a Seiko movement. The case I believe is from China and I've seen the case used on other makes of watch online.
  17. Yes it is Watches, Clothing, Parts & Accessories - RWG Take your pick of dealer. I bet your next question is "which factory makes the best sub?'
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