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  3. I picked up this Mark XVII Le Petit Prince MKF w/ V6F Date Wheel and IWC Gen Sapphire Crystal from @komorokim82 a few days ago. Looks great on the wrist and great next to my PORTUGUESE.
  4. Thanks guys, I figured that much. the guy wanted to have a go at my watch and some cash his way! He said trade value is 7-10k, no boxes/papers and it was given to him as a gift! I'm selling my U1000, as I'm going for lighter watches these days I also have a U1 and EZM9, but they're not for sale:
  5. Finally a 42mm sub and a carbotech to boot. Always liked the older 243 but it was tad heavy IMHO. Looking forward to getting my hands on one of these beauties.
  6. Yeah those are FAF. (Fake as feck) Furthermore, why would anyone trade what is (if real) nearly $20k in watches for a Sinn, no offense but they're typically under $3500 or under $5000 (that's part of their appeal, they're good watches) but why? unless they were asking you for cash in trade as well? Lots of red flags mate. Both of those are all wrong.
  7. Yup. When viewing on my phone I get a shitload of annoying pop up ads. Frustrating, but only in Firefox, Safari behaves relatively well...odd.
  8. Yesterday
  9. Hey all... I've just been offered a trade deal for a gen Sinn. Are my suspicions correct that these are reps?
  10. Probably would have been an as movement to, I think all the slim vietnam cases take that movement, over the last couple of years they have become hard to come by.
  11. Thanks everyone. Matt has the watch and hopefully if anyone can sort out the crystal deal it would be him. Alan your builds are really, really nice. Nice probably being and understatement !! Nanug, if you remember years back I had an aqualung BP. That was sold to me by a watch shop here in the USA as a genuine. It had the thinner case like Alan’s Vietnam cases. Stupid me, I sold it mainly because most of the replicas had thicker cases and I thought the thinner case was incorrect. Boy was I wrong. . I never opened the back, but I would bet it had an AS movement. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  12. Two questions for you guys, 1. Which click spring is the best? 2. Would 593 end link fit an 16610? Or only 16800?
  13. I'll pop in and let you have my thoughts when this actually effects me or any of my Horological acquaintances. Basically the same response I gave around 2 years ago when this was announced here in the UK. I think Cousins are the only one affected?
  14. So, turns out it must be my phone. Nothing on my computer. It started after I updated my phone.
  15. Well, I received mine yesterday. Cosmetically it looks terrific. I set the time/date per the instructions found on RWI and everything looked great until this morning. When I woke up the hour hand was stuck @ 10pm. 🤬 I re-set it and it's running fine for the moment. Let's see if I get a repeat problem tonight. I'm assuming it's something getting hung up when the date starts to change? Pretty damned disappointing for such an overpriced piece..........
  16. I'm clear guys use adblock and ublock on PC as far as phone fine but I do not use tappatalk.
  17. Thanks, i'd been reading mentions of movements where changing the day/date with the hands at certain locations will break it. I will search and read some more. Thxs.
  18. Thanks guys. I am making good progress. Case is there and will most likely go to France for some spa. As soon I paid off the movement with parts it will go to Domi. Still looking for a flat 4 insert with tritium pearl. Maybe some one will trade one for a nice pointy 4 insert with tritium pearl? I have a bunch of gen crowns and crystals to choose from. Gen bezel, retaining ring and tube are there. Tritium dial and hands are free availabe on that action site but for a premium price. Still looking for cheaper stuff.
  19. Oh [censored]. Couldn't handle that. My experience is strictly computer-based, I dont access via phone.
  20. Well if Prof Steve says no then is it is a certain NO!
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