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  2. The tutone case and bracelet parts for sale on the Trading Zone recently made me wonder how much a 'first class' tutone replica 16613 type sub-ma-reenner would cost to put together using mostly new parts, not counting labor. 'First Class' = solid gold and swiss ETA. New ST case, bezel, bracelet etc: Case...$175. Tutone SS/14K oyster...$895 SS/18K...$1250. Bezel...$455 Insert...$40. Used genuine crown...$100/$150 Case tube...$25. Swiss ETA...$200 more or less. Dial...genuine...$400+/- aftmkt…$200+/-. Miscellaneous parts, spring bars, crystal, gaskets, hands replica clasp etc...$200+/-. Total.: About $2500...with SS/14K bracelet and $125 for crown. About $2800 for SS/18k bracelet. Too much imho, especially with SS/18K bracelet. What would it sell for in a year or two? Maybe $2000. Maybe not. A loss of around $1000. Parts I have on hand: New swiss ETA 2824 or 2836. Cost about $65 a few years ago. New aftmkt 295C crystal and gasket. About $40. Used gold 7mm crown and new ST case tube (if I can find the crown). Around $65 for both a while back. Complete, like new, full length oys tutone bracelet without hoods but do not remember if SS/14K or SS/18K...$700 iirc. Clasp, spring bars, gaskets etc...$50 +/-. Around $900 +/-. Parts I would need: ST case...$175. ST bezel/insert...$495 (!!). Dial/hands...$300 +/-. Bracelet hoods...around $100. Total of around $1100. Total cost probably around $2000. Still a lot of $$. What would it sell for in a year or two? About the same...$2000. No loss maybe. The ST bezel for $455 bothers me though. I could go with a stainless steel 16610 model but everyone in town has one. Including me. Most of them reep-lickas. Mine too.
  3. Yes that was i thinking.. Is there any atelrnativ for UK ? I heard some ppl talk about spain,holand and france ? anyone know something about that ?
  4. Better get your shopping done before Brexit
  5. Verstuurd vanaf mijn SM-G960F met Tapatalk
  6. Late to the party but Happy Birthday!!!
  7. Thanks Mike... Just needed a push, I've just tried your method!
  8. There are a ton of build threads about 6542s, what parts fit with which cases, etc. There is no one “right” answer. Have fun reading!
  9. Hi, I search replacement parts (copy)for my GMT: hands, bezel and bakelite insert, rivets bracelet. Thanks B.
  10. Last week
  11. Skickat från min iPhone med Tapatalk
  12. I'm thinking you want P46189- 4.0mm x 2.5mm. But you need to measure the top of the DW pushers to make sure that they're 4.0mm.
  13. Thank you alligoat, I would rather buy from Cousins cause Im in the EU, I checked their website they seem to have it but I am not sure which model I should get. maybe this: P46190 ? https://www.cousinsuk.com/product/classical-screw-in-ss
  14. Hi all, A good friend is about to pull the trigger on a Defy Chrono 21 from Zenith. Buying off an unknown dealer he met. Was just wondering if this watch has been replicated or, if it must be gen coz its not been copied.... yet! Advice appreciated. Merry Xmas
  15. Look at that date wheel horrific
  16. Looking to do some work on 6263 please help finding the guy with the tools, thank you.
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