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  2. 5500 AK/Explorer project tips...

    Nanuq is right on the method. This is how they show it to be done in their older 'official' manuals. Now they probably send them all to Geneva on a rolex green and gold private jet where a technician in a white silk lab coat (with a 24k rolex coronet on the pocket) talks to the case for an hour in a soothing voice with soft music in the background (at 22 degrees C and 51% humidity), begging the case to 'give it up' while offering counseling if it the first time. If the bezel is too tight, it is probably stuck with dirt...either that or the crystal was a hair oversize and the bezel is a very tight fit. Sometimes you have to force the a single edge razor blade between the bezel and case by pecking it with a small jeweler's hammer to get it started. As soon as you get the blade under the bezel, move it a little bit from this spot and do it again...take small bites. Be careful not to drive the blade hard enough to go against the case neck and scratch or dent the case neck because the blade will cut through the crystal easily. Some cases have a ledge around the bottom of the case neck and it will prevent damage to the case neck where the crystal mounts, but most do not. When prying on the bezel after the bade is under it...raise the blade up from the case as this applies more leverage against the outer edge of the bezel and helps prevent damage to the case neck wall. It's also a very good idea to use a shorter piece of blade than the whole blade. Why? So the blade does not reach far enough to damage the top of the case while prying on the bezel...or cut a chunk out of a finger. How to shorten a blade...on the blades we have in the USA there is a folded guard on the top side of the blade. Remove this guard and break the blade using two pliers. Just a little bending and the blade will snap in two. Cut the guard to fit or leave it full size and put it back on the blade. Wear safety glasses or break the blade under a rag. The piece of blade I use is 10 or 12mm wide. You can also polish the sharp edges of the blade on 1500 or 2000 sandpaper to help prevent scratches on the case top. Do I know what I am talking about? Of course not but I sure broke a lot of stuff getting this far.
  3. Never buy at http://warchive.net

    No update from him till date, now its starting to worry me. He hasnt been replying my wechat for too long... Anyone else received their watch recently?
  4. 5500 AK/Explorer project tips...

    Thanks Nanuq, I actually tried to but the razor blade can't get the bezel to open even a slight bit, I even put tape to prevent scratching. I'm afraid to cause deep scratches on the case.
  5. 5500 AK/Explorer project tips...

    Use a single-edge razor blade like people put in box cutters. Tap it in there, remove, go around the case 1/3 of the way, do it again. Keep working your way around until it lifts a little.
  6. Oh, um, *cough* those were, um, *cough* User Convenience tokens of appreciation. And boy did I appreciate them!
  7. Wristies - thread consolidation?

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  8. Replacing a 6263 dial on V23 movement, DW Case

    Useful thread.
  9. 5500 AK/Explorer project tips...

    Hi all, Would like to ask if anyone has any idea how I should remove the bezel on this 1002 case? I have tried use a penknife and watch tool to pry the bezel open but the space to fit the tool in is very small and I am unable to pry it open. I want to replace the acrylic crystal under the bezel and almost give the bezel a light polish. Please see photos of my case
  10. Rolex 5513 Let's see some 5513s

    NICE. Mine should be OTW now. Gen dial, Gen crystal, Gen crown, Gen insert, Gen jubilee... B
  11. What, you mean they are free? Ok the gold bars I sent at your demand when I joined! [emoji14] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Wristies - thread consolidation?

    16610LV today
  13. Re-setting keyless works on A2836

    Thanks also for that video. Very clear and helpful indeed. Once again, thanks for the comments. You never fail to come up with good advice. Much appreciated.
  14. Hey guys, I bought a DW franken with V23 from another member a while ago but it doesn't have a step dial. Ive always wanted to upgrade to a step dial and now have the opportunity. Just wondering anyone here has worked with V23 in the past? I search up a couple of topics, and found the main difference is the height of the stem which is a fraction closer to the bezel, and didnt quite understand the rehaut difference. If I were to replace a new 6263 viet step dial that is made for V72 V727, do I need to cut off the dial's feet to fit my V23? Will the 9 and 3 o clock sub counters be a fraction offset compared to v72x movement, or are they the same? In terms of the frozen 6 o clock chrono, how do I fix the hands frozen at 12? I feel i'm obligated to do more thorough research before committing to the new spare part purchase. Any thoughts and experience would be highly appreciated!
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  16. Rolex Wristies thread

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  17. Word Association Thread

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