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  2. Show the PAM combo you choose today

    Pam 312 on custom strap Sent from my HTC 10. Images hosted by www.PixelsBin.com Sent from my HTC 10. Images hosted by www.PixelsBin.com
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  4. Watch confiscated and lawyer letter

    It's happened to me. I wadded up the paper and threw it away.. had toro send me a new one Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Gen wristies

    Just in and on... Been 12 years since I had a gen U1 and really nice to have acquired this one!
  6. Show the PAM combo you choose today

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Muddy Waters - Catfish Blues
  8. I'm still alive but....

    stay strong buddy, sorry i just saw this, don't frequent around much anymore, but sending my prayers to you and yours.
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  10. What Is Your Dream Car?

    jackflash, that Zagato is an excellent choice. Here's my dream:
  11. The Shortest Thread Ever

    Now gimme the ball or I'll tear your arm off...
  12. Spacer ring not tight enough, please help!

    this is likely because your movement tabs aren't securing your movement tightly and properly. i assume this is for a franken datejust build? If so, then modifying the correct movement tab is the only way to go (i.e. take a longer tab and cut it to the right length and/or bend the tab so that the tab can secure the movement on both ends). I had this problem too when i built my first datejust franken using a 2836-2 case and 2836-2 movement
  13. Watch confiscated and lawyer letter

    It seems a bit heavy handed. Customs is a risk we all run, but my understanding is that it is not illegal to own or buy counterfeit goods in the USA, it is certainly perfectly legal here. I understand France and Italy take quite a hard line. The letter from Rolex is harder to understand. If they had ever really wanted to curb copies of their products they could be more proactive on dealers and manufacturers. My feeling is that having the most copied watches in the world quietly suits them very well. I doubt they have ever lost a single sale to a sub five hundred Dollar knock off. On the other hand it helps keep their name a household name and a good few people eventually upgrade to genuine. Why would they take an individual owning a watch for their own pleasure to court? They are unlikely to be able to extract $2 Million from an average rep buyer, court order or not. The publicity would make them look rather draconian and as already stated they would be better addressing the seller's. Sabre rattling? Someone at Customs idea of a joke?
  14. A friend of mines cousin had a watch repaired by trusty time. On its return it was confiscated by customs in miami and he recieved a letter from a lawyer claiming to represent Rolex threatening a $2 million lawsuit and years in jail. It said he should cease buying replica rolex copies. Has this been happening to anyone else?
  15. Wu-Tang Clan - Tearz https://youtu.be/kPXy-yHkULw How do you embed on this platform?
  16. Nwebie here from Manchester

    Welcome to you fellow Mancunian.
  17. Call it the Alaskan Backwoods Delicate Adjustment Tweak: Squeeze the movement ring to make it slightly oblong in the axis where the stem penetrates the case.
  18. Wristies - thread consolidation?

    Cali dial modded Seiko Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. Oris goes back in time well................

    Love the double crown placement on this one ... great color scheme too
  20. I've got a rep with 2836 movement but whenever I pull out the crown to adjust time the movement moves a bit inside the case. I have opened the case and tightened the clamp screws but it's no use, the movement ring is still not tight enough with the case. I am sure there's a workaround for this issue without having to try another ring (which would probably be the same)... Any suggestions?
  21. Any recommendations on a nice 9315 rep bracelet?

    Mary is in our list of Repairs / Modders down a ways on the main page. She's able to source nearly anything.
  22. How to build 1016 explorer

    I haven't built a 1016 yet but my suggestions would be: - Swiss ETA 2840 from Swatch - it's compatible with 2836 ($40) - 2836 case from Raffles Dials ($50) - Yuki yellow marks dial and matching hands for 2836 - maybe you'll have to cut off the dial feet ($110) - Zulu leather strap from eBay ($20) or Yuki 20mm bracelet ($72) or folded style from Yuki ($190) - Clark tropic 22 crystal from eBay ($10) - Gen 6mm crown on eBay ($30) - 20mm fat spring bars from eBay ($10) How about that?
  23. Is it a Rolex crown? If so, Freddy333 did a fine tutorial a few years ago about this exact procedure.
  24. Any recommendations on a nice 9315 rep bracelet?

    Sorry about the stupid question but who/what is Mary's ?
  25. How about a 2840 from an old Swatch watch?
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