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  3. bumping this up to see if this ever got finished...
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  5. I also would be interested in a complete case set. look fwd to seeing progress...
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  7. I do not and you could not pay me to go there! And I take a ACE inhibitor for high blood pressure!
  8. Last week
  9. Yeah that one took a couple years off my life. But the result... wow. All the little details are there, from the ever so slightly rounded tops of the bezel teeth to the subtle inset of the insert, tapered seconds hand, understated droop to the crown guards ... it all adds up. Now I'm biting my lip until I get the silver flat-three overlay put on, it will be exactly centered in the date aperture and exactly centered beneath the cyclops. It's all planned out. I also have a gen 702 crown sitting here smiling at me. I'm holding onto it for the 1665 SD if that one ever fails, but it's sure t
  10. I know that build was a bit of a bumpy ride, but what a result
  11. Thanks for the effort but that post is in regard to the 4130 movement. I'm questioning the reliability of the modded 7750 in the linked piece.
  12. Some info... https://forum.replica-watch.info/forum/rolex-tudor-replicas/7521751-reliability-of-noob-4130
  13. Hi mate... I agree with what you say ... and then Neckyzips is really a master on the subject. 😉
  14. Hey guys! So basically I’ve having someone fix a screw up another watchsmith made, they swapped my 2824 movement because they did not know how to reattach the stem that came out. The movement used was crap quality based on the loud ball bearing sound. He also swapped the original hands with the Mercedes hands for some reason and left a gap in the date wheel window. I sent the current watchsmith who had good reviews on here the watch, 2824 movement from ebay and hand replacements. The issue is that there's no way to get the date wheel or a date wheel overlay which they have to center over
  15. You are right. We see a lot more gens these days than two three years ago. As you say, keep them coming.
  16. A long-time-no-see to all! A bit of a newb question here: what's the scoop on the following piece? Is this a reliable movement like my 4130 or is it just another 7750 time bomb? https://trustytime.asia/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1_6&products_id=18975 Thanks.
  17. Very pretty. Congrats sir! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  18. I’ve been after this project since forever. I always missed having a Red Sub in the lineup. I dabbled here and there and each time the results were horrible. Finally I found an old school MBW and the game was on. I watched from the sidelines until the “right” dial showed up, then I found the right bezel and started aging it. I went with a very early pointy-four insert and amber pip. Then an original Polex Pete silver flat-three overlay washed up on these blissful shores. I tried 1,000 different T127 crystal and ring and bezel combinations until settling on the Sternkreuz. Then I f
  19. Thanks mate. We were talking last week about vintage builds that have that certain intangible “something” that puts them over the top. I think this one is right there. Big props to Neckyzips for his artistic eye.
  20. Perfect ... enjoy it to the fullest. Cheers.
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