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  3. "Lots of guys wear a "toy watch" in chambers between active shifts so they can retain a little sanity, keeping a connection with the outside world." I can believe it. I would go the rest of the way nuts in an underwater pressure cooker. The deep water kid lasted 10 or 12 years before he quit for good. He said the stress and danger was not worth the $$ to him after he got married and I can't blame him. He was a cool kid, one of my wife's favorite students in the fourth grade and I got to know him when he came by, still in High School, every week or two wanting to ride or buy my 'nos' Cagiva Alazurra aka 'Fake Ducati'. I couldn't let him ride it because it would no longer be 'nos' (it had never been titled or prepped) and he did not have any $$ to buy it. He took off to California for dive training after HS and I sold the (still nos) fake Duck to a museum. Have not seen him in a few years. Rest of the Cagiva story: A few years back a guy called and asked if I owned a Cagiva 650. I told him I had one in 1987 but sold it to a museum. He said he bought it from the museum and the bill of sale was in my name and it had never been registered. He mailed the MSO etc to me and I registered it and 'sold' it to him for $1, thirty years after I bought it new. I sold a 'nos' yellow/black 'Kenny Roberts' Yamaha RZ 350 to the museum at the same time but do not know what happened to it. Had a black 1977 Suzuki 750 Le Mans aka 'Water Buffalo' at the same time with 3000 miles on it but the museum buyer did not have room in his trailer for it. The Suz had a Walter Strader 3 into 1 expansion chamber, Koni rear shocks, flat bars etc. I could post a list of the MC I have owned but no one would believe it. I have zero now. A friend offered me his low mileage HD 'Garbage Wagon' (free!) but I declined...too big and heavy, could not hold it up. Had a Yamaha Royal Star with the 'full kit' and that was bad enough. All my so-called friends called it 'The Good Humor Ice Cream Truck' when I rode it because it was Big and white. Garbage Wagon = full touring kit...shinweild, battlesags etc. Here is a Cagiva exactly like the one I had: Here is a 1985 'KR' RZ: Royal Star...Ha!
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  5. Lots of guys wear a "toy watch" in chambers between active shifts so they can retain a little sanity, keeping a connection with the outside world. It's a dry environment and the dive master can't crawl up your butt for bypassing the computer. But that's also when the HE leaks in causing blown crystals when you start blowing down. Yeah "every watch has a helium valve... the crown". That's how most high end dive watches that flood, get flooded. The owners forget.
  6. Hi guys, I’m trying to find a dealer who can sell a PP Nautilus Tiffany’s dial, any guess ? Thanks
  7. "...you don’t need a 300 metre depth rating on your watch because you will be using a proper dive computer and not an obsolete piece of man jewelry." True. A friend was a certified sat/deep water diver/welder and the company he worked for said if they caught anyone wearing a 'toy dive watch' on the job they would be suspended for X number of days. He wore a company supplied dive computer when needed. He was told 'toy dive watches' were for off duty when hitting 'dive bars' looking for _____. Fill in the blank. Had another friend that did a lot of recreational diving and he wore a Jules Borel Mallard 'Dura Diver' quartz watch.
  8. I have a similar problem, the clock was not working well and I took it for repair. The watchmaker told me the balance wheel was broken but can't find spare parts. Can you help me to find spare parts or a replace movement ? many thanks for the help
  9. The only one that’s mine is the blue SMP 300. The others belong to the AD. I am selling a few more rep watches if interested. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Thanks guys ! i just send a message to @torobravo to see if he got something. 🤞🏻🙏🏻
  11. ^^^^what Sogeha said Why the fascination with 300m? By 150 - 200 feet it's dark, monotone, there's nothing to see, no fun to be had, it's just work. Deeper is darker and harder work. Increasing depth requires a lot more than a thicker crystal. The whole structure must be beefed up because pressure comes from everywhere. Why do you think a Sea Dweller caseback is more domed than a Submariner, which is more domed than a GMT Master? Last time I had my 1665 in the Rolex AD we took it apart, checked it out, then he assembled it for a pressure test. The tester has a finger that rests on the caseback and he ran it up to ungodly pressure... and the caseback didn't flinch. Nice and stiff.
  12. This is one of the biggest WIS myths. If you don’t saturation dive you don’t need a 300 metre depth rating, if you do saturation dive you don’t need a 300 metre depth rating on your watch because you will be using a proper dive computer and not an obsolete piece of man jewellery I have a PADI open water cert that covers me to an impressive 18 metres. 200 is cold and dark and unless you are very well qualified it will be small consolation to know your watch will still be ticking when they pull your cold lifeless body out. I did two seasons diving with a fake Casio bombmaker with a depth rating of zero. I still have it, it still works Also if you open the watch, the depth rating is down to you and your greasing the seals and pressure testing
  13. you're missing the point. If a rep watch says 300m, that's just what the dial says- it doesn't mean it, If a real watch says 300 m you still don't need to worry- you will never go that deep. 100m or 200m will work fine.
  14. I keep seeing 200m WR mods...but every once in a while I see one where the maker has used a dial that specifies 300m WR. Is this done with a different gasket? Where is a good source for cases/backs/crystals/gaskets that can be modded into a 300 meter watch?
  15. You can post up the QC photo if you have a specific question, ie is the dial crooked - but not to ask people general opinions of the watch. All reps will have flaws, can you live with them?
  16. Hi, can you post here in regards to puretime orders? For help with spotting problems etc by posting pictures before having the watch sent?
  17. I bought this 2 years back perhaps from Toro Bravo, it was one of his specials
  18. Have you tried contacting some of the TD’s?
  19. Hi guys, I know it's too late but we never know. I wanted to know if any of you know where I could find a PP Nautilus 3800? I am looking for a seller or a old stock. I’ve got a small wrist and the 5711 it’s quite big for me and too thick. thanks for your help, 🙏🏻
  20. amazing work right here, OP are you planning on mass producing the case or you already rested your laurels and sold a ton of these cases?
  21. Hello all. I have been away for a while, can any comment about these new Daytonas. which factory has the better at the moment cheers
  22. @davdhaked90 Arrived on the scene and kindly let four members know his brother has the parts they are looking for just lying around. After I issued a warning for backdoor selling and hide his posts, I thought I would reach out and see what else they had. i asked if they had a 6263 exotic dial. Very quickly he responded with pictures of exactly what I was looking for, lucky me. The pictures did all have different backgrounds, but whatever So hardly believing my luck I asked how much he wanted for this rare genuine dial $2000 LMAO be careful out there
  23. Hi guys, hi Manodeoro, is there any news about this awesome thread? I just discovered it and I am following it with interest Cheers
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