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  3. 5517 built by dlf. Faded the insert and added an Athaya pearl. Skickat från min iPhone med Tapatalk
  4. Yeah, but that would probably severely limit the amount of sales I would make as I would probably run into an awful lot of people that see refusal to take G and S as some sort of admission of a grand scheme to rip them off. Anyways, I just dont feel like continuing with sales for that hobby anymore It isnt worth this kind of hassle and I just dont feel like my heart is in it anymore I feel like I would just be better off not using PayPal anymore
  5. Strap change Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. I’ve really enjoyed switching my business for the last year to Perfect Clones. They do a great job overall in all regards. My experiences have been great. Why not go for a Pam 177? Even for my gen Pam’s over the years and my gen other stuff I’ve never received compliments like I do on my 177. Not sure why, but I do. It’s a great Pam as a rep. A couple nice straps and you’ll be set. Try one Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Hello Gang! Its been awhile! I still got that PAM bug. I hear that PAM 111 v4 from N factory might be the best version to date (out of the box). Is that still true? Is it still being sold? Trusty time doesnt seem to have it . Puretime has a listing from 2016, not sure if they still carry it. Any recent buys anyone can recommend? i like 111 for its clean look, but im open for other clean "older" pams as well that are close to gen OTB. Thanks!
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  9. Thank you for the heads up on that movement. Thank you, sir!
  10. Yesterday
  11. When I first got the watch, it would stop every few days whilst wearing it. Looking at the Asian movement, it turns out it really was a “DATE” but with a window-less DATE dial. I noticed that the date jumper spring was dislodged and causing the movement to get stuck. I removed it, along with the datewheel and gears and it has been running fine since.
  12. Congrats buddy! Looks great and best of all it’s fit for purpose! Wear it in good health!
  13. It has 'The Look'. Many do not. What is 'The Look'? Hard to describe but it has it. "The movement (for now) is a SeaGull 2824-2 with datewheel removed and no spacer since that's all that will fit in a gen. spec 5513 case until I buy a 1520, 1530, or 1570 movement in the near future." Buyer Beware. Example...here is a 1520 being sold as a 1570 with 4 hours to go: eBay item number 223623776858 If it stays below $1200 it is still not too bad at today's prices.
  14. "Didn't MBW do that on a batch of GMT Master dials way back in the day?" Have a '1675' from around 2005 with a swisseta 2836 that has 'OYSTER PERPETUAL DATE' on the dial. The word 'DATE' should not be there. Since it has a 28800 bph movement maybe it can pose as a '16750' with 'DATE' on the dial by mistake. Printed marker dials did not have the word 'DATE' (afaik, never say never), but the 16750 with applied markers did have the word 'DATE' on the dial. It also has a 6.0mm crown, might be a submariner case of some sort. It looks pretty good from about 15 feet away. Also have a clasp from the same period with 'RBGFRKED' over 'SNSAWABE' on the left side and 'STEBLHOX' on the right. They must have been Shitinerand when they made them. Here is a similar clasp: https://www.rwg.bz/board/index.php?/topic/51294-rolex-datejust-rbgsfrked-snsawabe-steblhox/
  15. Same 6538 from different angles
  16. Thank you Automatico, JackFlash, and a lot of other people in addition to the whole forum who helped me over the years I've been learning. This 5513 is by no means perfect but I definitely could not have gotten this far with getting the look I want without this forum. Thank you! The dial and hands are HR and I used watercolor markers to make the indicators and hands slightly yellowed. The key is to use one that is ochre colored and to also use a clear one so you can blend or erase. The dial was given a light spray of matte lacquer. The pictures don't show it but it really gives it a nice matte finish and you have to do this if you use water colors on the indicators or they would change/disappear. The crystal is a PA 462-67 from Otto Frei. This was the only Tropic 19 from Otto Frei that seemed to fit. The MQ case definitely uses 28.2mm as the case neck and not the smaller 28.03mm diameter found on early submariners. So the other generic tropic 19's were too small and would crack. It would be interesting to try other tropic 19's though, I wonder if other famous crystals like the german Tropic 19 or genuine Rolex tropic 19's would work? The midcase is a 5513 replica from MQ Vietnam. The caseback is a HR 5513 caseback. (It not only fits perfectly, but even the genuine spec O-ring gaskets fit perfectly so I think HR really replicated the 5513 caseback. I wonder why he won't try to make gen. spec 5513 midcases? The bezel assembly minus the pearl is from Watchman408 on Ebay. (Great guy, highly recommend, he makes sure the insert fits snugly into the bezel and that the bezel snaps onto the retaining ring if you ask him to check before shipping) WSO parts from Ebay never fit and are utter crap in my experience. I bleached the insert before attaching the Athaya pearl. The 702 crown replica and the pearl are from Athaya The movement (for now) is a SeaGull 2824-2 with datewheel removed and no spacer since that's all that will fit in a gen. spec 5513 case until I buy a 1520, 1530, or 1570 movement in the near future. I used a Yuki ETA adapter movement holding ring which was a little too big in diameter so I had to gently remove material until it fit perfect. This was fine because it's Okay if it's too big, you can always remove material but not add any. I don't know if Yuki error's on the side of too big so you can remove or if maybe Seagull 2824-2's are .3 or .5 mm bigger in diameter than Gen. ETA 2824-2? Either way, not big deal. I took my time to lock the movement down really snug, because I wear my watches hard so I didn't want any slop. Just like you guys taught me, the stem will still not perfectly line up when you put a 2824-2 in a 5513 case. It will work but I notice the stem has weird problems when you try to install, remove, or set the times every now and then. I got it working and the watch is watertight to at least over 200 feet so I'll just leave it as it until I buy a rolex movement. I used a DIY waterproof tester and the watch easily passed 200 feet of water resistance. I think it can go higher but the DIY waterpoof tester might explode if I go beyond 200 feet of water pressure and unlike you lucky bastards across the pond, hospital visits are expensive for me. I paddleboard in the ocean fishing and lobster diving (only to 35 feet) and surf. I can't take a phone with me and I lose track of time out on the water so it's good to have a watch back on my wrist. I'm hoping to find a 1520 or 1570 no date movement which if I understand correctly, will drop right in to gen. 5513 spec cases so at that time I will probably just buy a Vietnam dial and hands.
  17. I got one of those for free from an eBay fraudster.
  18. At times it can be very frustrating. They are on the side of the buyer. But, as long as you know the rules you can play by them. The buyer has plenty of time to decide if he or she is satisfied with their purchase. If they complain, paypal will put a hold on your account for that amount. However, if it is gift or friends and family, they do nothing. If the buyer doesn't want to use gift, then don't make the sale. That's pretty simple. It's still a great way to get paid. Good luck to all of you.
  19. Thanks a bunch, something to consider 🙂 all the best. /NP
  20. VSF Planet Ocean 45.5m xl Inviato dal mio Redmi Note 7 utilizzando Tapatalk
  21. Didn't MBW do that on a batch of GMT Master dials way back in the day?
  22. Hello...


    I the set is still available...let me know please...I'm interested.



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