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  2. Was there any modification need to put a gen 703 crown..? I'm looking at doing the same with my build, but have heard I need to change the tube and drill the hole and retap for the tube. So curious if it is a straight swap. Lovely build bro. Absolutely my favourite submariner also.
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  4. Few questions from a watch-reparations-beginner. I have a nice (I like it anyway) IWC Big Pilot that needs some fixing. The crown will not stay in screwed-in position, and 9-o'clock marker needs re-gluing. So what I need to do is to open the case, do some magic with the crown and glue back the marker that has come off. So, I would be extremely grateful if someone can a link to some kind of repairing guide showing these steps done on an IWC clone. Case opening, disassembling and removal of the movement and the dial. Thanks!!!
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  6. Hi there to every one, the contents existing at this web site are in fact amazing for people experience, well, keep up the good work fellows. mens gothic pant
  7. 968 today sporting Vintaged look Leather with combination Inlay and a matching Sub Buckle Sent from my SM-S901B using Tapatalk
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  9. 382 on Rubber with an almost matching Bronze Submarine Buckle and a touch of personal engraving Sent from my SM-S901B using Tapatalk
  10. https://watch-fake.com/ I plan to wholesale products. Has anyone purchased from this place before?
  11. Hello, Here is my 1665 MBW Modded by the Great The Zigmeister. 1665 MBW case with https://jewelryandwatch.com/ complete bezel assembly with functional He valve like Gen Clarks Plexi Genuine Rolex 1570 non Quick set date Movement, service at least three times since Genuine Crown and Tube Genuine Complete bracelet with 580 endlinks Ingoods Dial, I still have the original dial aged by The Zigmeister Xtra set of genuine hands purchased from the rolex vintage forum 1665 insert from a special run here in the forum, thick font I am thinking on selling my collection as I never really wear all of my watches. have not put a price to all of this, but perhaps someone may be interested. now on to the picture
  12. so elegente looks great too.
  13. HI mate... Nothing complicated to be honest. The inspiration to do this build came when a member on Repgeek wanted to sell the case following an abandoned project. So I purchased it and started looking for the dial for Seiko, without taking the ones now emblazoned on many sites. Luckily I found it on Raffles Dial (with three variants of which one is now sold out) and finally I purchased an NH38 movement built by TMI by Seiko. I wanted to make a "sword" choice for the hands, respecting the dial indices a bit. So yesterday I received the strap (from ALI) which I wanted to adapt to the gray shade of the dial.
  14. Summertime and the livin is Ploprof!
  15. Hello experts! Due to circumstances beyond my control, I have been out of the rep game for a while. I have a couple of watches that I bought quite a long time ago and I'm not sure of the movements. I do remember that the sellers said they 'might be Swiss', but there was no proof and I can't find the original sale threads. The first is from a Ploprof and the second is from a Superocean II. Any help would be much appreciated!
  16. 59 is high, but I do not know what lift angle is spec'd for these clone movements? You might ask the seller why his timegrapher is set to such a high lift angle (norm is between 48-52, with 52 being the most common). The other specs look fine.
  17. Hello everyone and thanks in advance for your input. I have ordered a GMT-Master II 126710 BLNR Black/Blue Ceramic 904L Steel Clean Factory Best Edition on Jubilee Bracelet DD3285 CHS and just received QC. Seems very good and I am ready to GL but I am somewhat troubled by the timegrapher results https://mega.nz/folder/2VQ1wDRZ#OzivV0SiPHMcDT9wTSLD9Q Is the angle acceptable and so important for the readings? Any advice on the QC in general is greatly appreciated.
  18. That is very true.. I might have to practice on some junk watch cases before I attempt to shape the crown guards. Thanks for the advice. It makes total sense.
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