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  3. Some very nice metal, gentlemen. Working at home today with my Aryan 'Master
  4. Welcome back,! The beauty of this forum goes beyond the interest of replicas, but more so to the uniqueness of the members that are part of it You have mentioned a few, but there are more that I refrain from doing in case I miss someone! Over the years (now close to decades) ihave communicated with different members here from all walks of life where they have all donated a priceless contribution to making this unique and esoteric interest what it is! You wont find anything like it! It hasn’t just been about timepieces either! I think the noun “replica” does not do true justice to the true value behind what we collect ,build or are just purely interested without even owning one! These “replicas” can range from mass produced economy pieces no different from what you find in a legit watch store, to hand made finished ( aka modded) elaborate works of art! There is an education and skill wealth here that no university nor college can teach ! I doubt whether the best watchmaking schools in the world would elaborate on encouraging to go outside the square as most of the highly skilled artisans do here! Schools in general just parrot the usual dogma and stick to the script without improvising! As for who is still with us has always pondered my mind too, especially with every internet communication , unless a family member would inform us like Nanuq’s son did! These replicas like genuine branded timepieces measure life’s most important currency: “TIME” !, You can buy more gold, more land , more palaces, more diamonds, more oil wells and perhaps even more love! BUT you cannot buy more time! No 100 year old king can buy any young pauper’s years from him to live longer! What measures this precious asset? A timepiece whether genuine or a replica, so we treasure both! Thanks for keeping in touch and updating us with the latest!
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  7. Yes, that's the one, J. The outlook for selling that one is not so good. Great to see you here! This place is not the hive of activity that it once was.
  8. Welcome back M! Was that Panerai your 082? I guess I won’t send you that yearly PM asking you to sell that dial to me. Great to have you back.
  9. NOS 14K Bulova from early 1980s... Original strap with 'homemade' 14K buckle... A jewelry repair friend and I made 5 or 6 of these buckles 20+ years ago. The buckle body was an unsigned stainless steel accessory buckle, the A-tron symbol was from an old buckle and attached to the steel buckle, then a mold was made from it. It took all day to make them. 4-17-24 Misc. gold buckles... The six bags at the top are from past watches. There is another box of gold buckles, .925 silver buckles, buckle tongues etc. somewhere but can't find them. Buckles in bag on bottom right are 16mm. Used to buy 14K buckles at watch shows, eBay etc. for $30 or $40 each...now they are $100 and up. Examples: eBay 115922672197 196346821333
  10. Thanks, Freddy. I just read the "To whom it may concern" post from 2022. Never met Nanuq in person, but he was always such a cheery personality on this forum. I'll miss seeing that polar bear.
  11. Welcome back. Sadly, we lost Bob (Nanuq) recently. There may be others, but I only recently returned myself, so I am not really up on the social aspects of RWG.
  12. Hi everyone. I know it's been some years since my last posting, but I wanted to check in to let everyone know that LHOOQ is still alive, healthy, and still in possession of all of his beloved project watches. Maybe I'm being an egomaniac, or maybe I know that this is a pretty tight-knit community of good, helpful people. I was spurred to write this post due to certain recent events. Recently someone recognized the dial on one of my few Panerais, bolstering my belief that the rep crowd is so much keener-eyed than your average WIS. He pointed out that he was almost certain that my dial was one of a small run produced by one legendary German Paneristi. It was nice to chat about this after we'd established our rep bona fides to each other, but then I learned that the German in question, Rolli, had died five years ago. And I felt terrible. Rolf wasn't a close friend, but we had exchanged many messages in the past and I always appreciated his rigorous, crabby pursuit of the perfect finish, the perfect lume mix. Who else have we lost, and who else will we lose, and never find out about? Two unfinished items pulled me back in: 1) To fix a jmb-cased 1016 project that has never quite worked right ever since I took it to my watchsmith in the Philippines for assembly, and 2) To finish a Daytona project that really started 12 years ago. (80% of the parts were just sitting in a drawer.) I couldn't have done either of these without good old alligoat, who took those parts to the right people, and even tossed in a few from his own collection. (BIG parts, at that!) And that's why I have this lovely black-dialed 6239 sitting in the pile. I can't promise a full-on return to the rep world, or that I'll be especially active on the forums again, but I will do my best to respond to PMs. Especially now that my access to the original LHOOQ account is borked, making my stuffed inbox irrelevant! Quick thank-yous and hellos to the following: alligoat: I owe him at least a couple of steak dinners by now! jmb: He smoked me a brisket! Unfortunately my current job doesn't take me to Texas as often as my last one. Chiman12: Met him once all too briefly in Calgary so many years ago. The MBW 5512 that prepared for me still gets a lot of praise, and unsolicited offers. Akira: Spent an afternoon with him in Arnhem last summer. I would have gone to see him in Germany, but that was a bridge too far. (No, really, we were in Arnhem.) Donerix: I'd love to catch up with this strapping man of mystery again! ubiquitous: My original inspiration for all this extravagant foolishness. And a top guy. There are so many others. Please don't be upset if I forgot to mention you here.
  13. Collector's item, T.C. new condition, only worn a few times around the house
  14. Horo is right. Vintage Omega Rules: Rule 1: Nothing Fits. The part might look right, but it usually won't fit. Rule 2: Many 'front loader' dress Seamasters have rusty movements. I call them 'Rustmasters'. Q...How do they get rusty? A...The two piece crown wobbles, the gasket wears out, and water gets inside. Rule 3: Stay away from them unless they are complete, running, and oem spec...or cheap as dirt. Something else...on many models the crystal helps hold the bezel on. The crystals are 'mushroomed' at the top. If that is not bad enough, most no longer have oem spec crystals (no 'shroom top) so the bezel falls off.
  15. Has anyone sourced a 43mm Aquaracer blue dial ever? Id be open to a 41MM but I would like a blue dial still, any ideas?
  16. "I want to share my latest project. Not ready yet but gives a clue how it comes out." Looks like it's off to a very good start! My abandoned '1675/16750' project from 10 or 15 years ago, in shady B&W... In living color... Still nos, came with new Swiss ETA 2836/Asian 24H conversion. Abandoned because...closed 6/9, crystal is too tall, crown is 6.0mm, not 5.3mm, dial is fair but not properly signed (guess where). Would make a better 16750 than 1675 with the 28,800 2836. Probably a vintage submariner 1680 case. Better off with a Raffles case. Otoh...bezel turns both ways, no clicks, bezel insert is Ok and mounts flat in bez body, good spacing on lug holes, Ok to drill them out. Did I ever get started on it? Not yet. Will I ever finish it? Probably not. Crown pulled out to stop it from running. Pics taken 4-12-24.
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  18. Some refinishing on the Case,install a gen Tube and 5,5 mm Crown and a good bracelet. Gesendet von meinem 23078PND5G mit Tapatalk
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