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  2. Totally agree !!!!!! In my opinion the 2783 was the best module of the mechanical watch world outside the inhouse brand watches prior the the quartz invasion. They were robust well designed ( incabloc setting) and easy to work with unlike the later generation higher beat 2824-2 where they are a pain in the A$5 to work on during a service!!! Most newer 2824 are a pain with their novodiac cap jewel spring flying off if you are not super careful , near impossible to replace the balance wheel without high risk damage the hair spring and their flimsy keyless works developing easy st
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  4. Yours is definitely my favorite 5517 on the boards. Here is mine: It needs so much more work to be acceptable.
  5. The 2824/2836 will have stem alignment issues. I tried a similar build years ago when I bought the 1500 to steal its genuine movement for my 1016 project. I even planned on a OP (non-date) to simplify matters with an AirKing or 1002 dial. NO DICE. I also had the Yuki adapter. Stem alignment was simply too far off, and when I shimmed it I had rotor interference with the case back. I gave up on it. Still have all the parts sitting in a box. Maybe I will revisit with a 2783... Good luck...
  6. I guess it’s still early [emoji6] Initially I had a Ruby insert installed: On a recommendation from [mention=59902]hologramet[/mention] I swapped it out for one from [mention=47967]dlf[/mention] ... et Voilà
  7. ok, Ruby, my mistake. The 0 of 30 looked different from between 2 pics earlier and I thought they were different.
  8. Anybody knows if the Noob Screw lock crown works as the original? Any opinions about Noob's water resistance? Cheers
  9. Long before I discovered this forum or the replica world of watches, I made my own replica or Franken as they are known here using this very same model. I recall purchasing a case kit with a nice navy blue dial from Andy Tolley ( aka timeman) back in August 2002 and also a bracelet for just under $AUS365. He had lots of great deals in both watches and parts!!! Miss him so much!!!!!! I had both eta 2824-2 and the eta 2783, but opted for the 2783 as it was a 21000 beat as opposed to the 28000 beat in the 2824-2, which closely mimicked the 1575 genuine. The
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  11. Hi there! Beautiful build. Specifically whcih HR hands did you use? The ones I see over there are all a little chunkier looking than yours... any other source for that longer minute hand?
  12. Here's a few things- the plastic crystal for the 1500 is the T-117. They're pretty easy to find. I don't know if the sapphire crystal will work or not- might not allow the hands to work. I don't know about the Yuki spacer ring but if it works, great. The hold down tabs and screws should anchor the movement in the case. You might also check out the raffles spacer ring, I believe it's the #2 ring. You might need a new crown if the one you have doesn't screw down properly- the correct crown is the 24-530. Tube would be the 24-5300- these are 2.5mm case hole sized parts. You'll need a da
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