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  2. The festive wrapping would be a delight but I'd be okay if you just use white or brown paper.
  3. Grate upgrade, Dw from legend, gen cyclope from domi! I had the opportunity to meet domi! He is a grate guy!
  4. I was thinking noon today, obviously. The time you pack it up and mail to me.
  5. When the time comes? What time? You mean I'm not going to live forever?! This brings up a good question. Many years ago Land Rover bought the rights to the Buick Fireball V8 engine. My 1963 Land Rover still has the original cast iron engine, but what if I transplanted the "Buick" V8 into the old Rover? Is it still a Rover, even though I've replaced its heart? What if I dropped a small block Ford V8 in there? In my mind, it's still a Rover. I could take the V8 back out and nobody would ever know I'd done it. I guess it all comes down to being honest about our creations?
  6. Good discussion! @Nanuq please don’t let your 6536 fall into the hands of someone like PS at RPR. Find it a good home when the time comes. My short education in the watch world has lead me to the conclusion the the dial, insert, midcase, and movement are the essence of any watch. But even in saying that I think there are exceptions and I don’t know that I fully agree with myself. I recently acquired a very badly damaged gen tudor 7016 dial - to the point of more than 50% of it had flaked off. It’s currently being refinished by a legit professional with some of the original artwork. So, sure it’s a gen dial, but is it? What is it to be authentic? If we can refinish a gen dial, why not any dial? And why stop with the dial, why not any part? This is lead me to the movement. This still seems like the element that isn’t clone-able. I found myself quickly moving from budget Asian builds, to gen Swiss movements, to gen branded movements. I’ve found the gen movements to be nothing but a pleasure to work on compared with clones. Things just fit/work. I stand by the movement being the essence of the watch. I think there is great value in using a gen movement in any watch project. I only wish wish I had gotten into this hobby 4-8 years ago. Gen Rolex movements have soared out of my price range. So I’ve turned to the next brand in line, Tudor. The movements are still affordable and very robust. I’ve also come to really like the aesthetic of the brand. So win-win I suppose.
  7. I spotted it just barely in time I don't think I will ever get used to the big, fat, applied numbers that Rolex and many other brands put on their modern watches. They look so overbearing and unnatural to me, like a bad fake, I just don't get the trend. I don't think the functional aspect of when these markers were originally fat lume plots translates to a luxury look at all.
  8. www.puretime02.com contact: sales@puretimesupport.com
  9. I realized it might only be in USA that old broken manual expresso machines like Pavoni's are 600 dollars. In Europe, they are probably easy to find much cheaper and then fix them. It's a unique problem we have with the hipsters driving up prices of old things.
  10. Thank you and great advice. Automatico pointed out that they often charge more for black colored datewheels as opposed to white.
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  12. Why have you got to put down everyone’s posts? What’s wrong with you?
  13. I know he’s full of pointless comments complete clown.
  14. It doesn’t look like you know a lot about reps nor do you know the rules here nor do you know how to behave normal... so say goodbye and crawl back under your stone
  15. Don’t reply to this asshat, time to send him off @Nanuq
  16. Of course you do, what a clown.
  17. Why is this joker still here??
  18. Keeper, you'll stay within the rules because they're the damn rules. Not because you happen to think the admin is a gentleman. He is, but that doesn't mean he's to be taken lightly.
  19. Time to go back in the safe.
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