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  1. derik429

    pam000518 with Venus175 movement

    This is great! Where did you pick up the 518 from? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. derik429

    New Seawolf (especially for Fluffy)

    What is Toro's new site?
  3. I was so excited about this, but they are not the noob factory ones. Andrew said its from a 'smaller factory". Very curious about the quality vs the noob factory on these...
  4. derik429

    DHL shipping issue!!

    Yeah, I would contact him and see. If it is DHL I would request not go into CINCINATTI. I just opted for a refund and maybe place another order in a month or so just in case.
  5. derik429

    DHL shipping issue!!

    Cincinatti had tons of seizures this month. I had one as well after 3 years of ordering. I took a refund from Andrew though. How is Toro shipping your replacement?
  6. derik429

    DHL shipping issue!!

    Hate to break it to you but once customs has it you're doomed. There is no way they will hand it back to you once they open it. They will eventually send a letter and no point in calling back or responding to the letter. Just ignore everything and contact your TD
  7. derik429

    DHL issues

    Any chance to get a TD to re ship without waiting for the letter? I know mines gone but don't want to wait 30+ days. Any advice toro?
  8. derik429

    DHL issues

    Please contact DHL showed up yesterday. I don't thinks it's a good sign either. No point in contacting them in my opinion. Just wanted to get others take
  9. derik429

    DHL issues

    Any advice?
  10. derik429

    DHL issues

    I placed an order with Andrew and have been tracking it. Today I received the "please contact dhl" update. From what I read it basically means it's gone. Besides contacting Andrew, do I contact DHL? Or do I just ignore everything including the letter that I will probably receive? Any advice is appreciated
  11. derik429

    DHL issues

    I placed an order with Andrew and have been tracking. Today I received the "please contact DHL" I know this is not good, but I've never dealt with this before. Do I just ignore it? And the letter they will send? Any insight is helpful. No Idea how this ended up here lol mode please delete.
  12. Nice guy! Quick communication and fast payment. Would love to do business again!

  13. derik429

    I want this one!

    No way that's a rep?
  14. derik429

    PAM 243 date loupe issues

    Here's mine. I thought that I had scratches on my cycles at one point until I finally figured out its the glare and it changes with different lighting!
  15. derik429

    Pam 243 crystal

    Hey guys, in a bit of a bind here. My 243 from VAC just got s scuff mark on the cyclops. Does anyone know if someone can source out a new crystal? I'll even take gen...