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  1. Rep 42mm Super Ocean Abyss with a gen Super Ocean orange dial. Trying to love it again after a couple of years of not getting much wear.
  2. If it looks great to you then accept it. QC photos are for you to ensure that’s it’s the correct rep with no obvious damage or defects. All reps will have something wrong with them if you look closely enough so if you can’t see anything wrong then it’s good enough. If someone else spots something small such as a slightly misplaced indice then you’ll reject the watch yet the next one could be worse!
  3. Well done. It’s amazing how such small items can provoke such strong emotions. Looks great btw
  4. Ask the questions to Joshua. He should be the best person to answer you.
  5. I think we need a wrist shot to fully appreciate it.
  6. Yes it’s being worked on.
  7. Probably a scam site. Stick to using the trusted dealers here
  8. Oh, and this ..... https://www.fratellowatches.com/beware-swiss-customs-targeting-baselworld-2019-attendees/
  9. I’ve heard that Swatch Group are running their own show at the same time as Baselworld. As for releases; I’m expecting something nice for the 50th Anniversary of the moon landing.
  10. And this is what we get here in the UK.
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