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  1. eBay POS for when I’m decorating (like now!).
  2. Not really. It happens I’m afraid. Don’t mark the sale as sold, on hold etc until you have the money.
  3. I send mine to @SSTEEL who is a Brit living in Finland.
  4. Not into EU that I’ve seen.
  5. Good solid advice here. Of course mine would be to use the following tool and start again.
  6. The rep is a great watch at sensible money in its own right. If you want the extra finishing you need to pay what 10x the money for the gen? I’ll take the rep please.
  7. In the sense that I had it built by Micky, then yes it is. The basis for it was an older model Seamaster and I had Micky fit a reversed date wheel, a Prof 2xAR crystal and colour change the hands. I then installed a ceramic bezel insert from eBay. This was done before Omega released their new ceramic chronographs with the coloured hands - they must have approved of my idea!
  8. Hmmmmmmm https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.tapatalk.com/groups/vintagerolexforum/viewtopic.php%3ft=249979&amp=1
  9. Some penetrate the case so it would be a good idea to open her up and see. I’d not bother about the HeV being gen or functional (when are you going down in a diving bell?). Just remove the HeV and a blob of epoxy adhesive then replace the HeV. It should be enough to make it watertight. That’s been done on one of my reps and it a passed 100m test.
  10. I had one and couldn’t gel with it so passed it on. They do look lovely though - but I prefer it in white.
  11. We think that these photos are for you to decide if there is a problem. QC photos on most boards are not to be shared. If you can see a problem then ask if not the watch is good to go and you should accept it from the TD.
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