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  1. Love the Mitsukoshi. I have one in build.
  2. You keep fighting the fight Mike, we’ll hold the fort here.
  3. Ah, yes. I think I remember seeing them on Ali. They look a cross between an Aquaterra and a Bond era GMT. Good catch as it looks good.
  4. Post some photos when it arrives please.
  5. That was fast. Thanks for supporting the community. Now, what’s your poison, AP, Rolex, Omega.....
  6. Welcome. It’s more relaxed here. Pull up a chair and join in the conversation.
  7. Just had a look at RWG.bz and the user agentsmith350 is banned. I’m not a mod there so couldn’t tell you anymore.
  8. Welcome. I’d be nice to know more. Where are you based for a start?
  9. There are some on eBay. Check eBay item no. 184207866709
  10. Pop over to a gen forum, such as OmegaForums.net, there’s probably someone who can help.
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