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  1. My best guess is that it needs a new movement as the IHS is troublesome and spares are limited. SSTEEL could possibly do a movement replacement but I know he doesn’t like working on the movement itself due to parts availability.
  2. View is spectacular watch less so .....
  3. Seek out the trusted dealers on here. As @thegrail has said trusty time is a good dealer. Just make sure you use the dealers website as listed on the forum as there are, believe it or not, rouge/fake dealers who copy reputable rep dealers where you will get scammed.
  4. Merry Christmas to one and all
  5. I get you, but it’s supposed to be government property and as Bond is a Royal Navy Commander it’s not out of place that he’s wearing a watch belonging to the government.
  6. Now that looks like a lot of fun. Won’t be needing those here at the moment as it’s still around 10C/50F
  7. I’ve not had that myself. Maybe @Nanuq or @Mike on a bike can look into things.
  8. @KB, that’s because your reputation precedes you!
  9. Look over the forum and find the trusted dealers. They are all good.
  10. Look at the forum and find the trusted dealers section. They can supply good quality reps.
  11. Bit South of you my friend. Pz to be truthful.
  12. Yes. It’s a scam website. If you want to buy replica watches and actually get what you order then check out the trusted dealers on the forum.
  13. Mehhhh ‘tis okay I guess. If you get bored with it please feel free to toss it my way.
  14. Message the TDs and see what they have. Don’t bother with unknown websites
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