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  1. Not the best news with Corona virus but here’s an opportunity for people to make the most of the situation with a great member and vendor. Keep safe Mike.
  2. The reason for the toilet paper shortage is that one person coughs and everyone around them sh*ts themselves. In Brazil now for a few weeks. The locals have it right; Coronavirus is killed by alcohol so stay drunk.
  3. I strongly suggest that you both leave each other alone from this point. You’ve both made a statement about the trade. If you wish to continue then set up a pm, you can add me if you like. No further bickering on any threads please.
  4. Reps can be very reliable if serviced. Generally they can be waterproofed too if you use a good watchsmith. If you really want the Tudor then go for it, just be prepared to spend a bit more on servicing etc.
  5. Just swapped from this - To this -
  6. SSTEEL has already offers to help. He works on mine and currently has a selection of my reps and gens.
  7. That’s so sad to hear Ken, my sympathy goes out to her friends and family and to you of course. Hopefully you’re wrong but it sounds unlikely. Sorry to hear the business is closing, my wife will be sad too but my pocket not so much! Take care and thanks for the years of hard work
  8. On the whole, any of the trusted dealers can get any of the Omega from the factories. Have a look through the TD sections and find one you’re happy to deal with.
  9. Modified Omega Seamaster GMT. With a PO bezel, Coke ceramic insert, smaller GMT hand, thin arrow second hand and an AquaTerra bracelet.
  10. I’m not sure if Domi is still working on reps.
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