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  1. Swap dial on Planet Ocean? Or swao bezel insert su Seamaster? An old Closed Factory 40th Anniversary Bond Seamaster. Modified with a gen relumed 2230 dial and hands. Then fitted with a PO bezel
  2. Maybe worth sending a PM to @Legend to see if he can help.
  3. As you know there are a couple of us as active moderators. We all have lives outside of our hobby too. Admin has been informed and we'll see what happens.
  4. Guys, there have been an incident or two of ‘new’ members appearing and trying to sell via back door DM’s. Some of these are banned members or scammers. If you are contacted in this way please let a moderator know. We are here to help you and keep this place as safe as possible. There is no reason for trading this way at all! Everyone can sell or trade here so let’s keep it out in the open and safe for all.
  5. Good to have you back. There are still many old names here.
  6. I hadn’t thought of that, thank you. I’m happy with it on leather at the moment. I could recase it using another mid-case. I have a later ceramic version which, by all accounts, will fit.
  7. It started out as a Bond era Seamaster. It’s actually a Closed Factory 40th Anniversary Bond Seamaster: 2537.80 (still has the caseback). I had Micky @SSTEEL swap the dial and hands. The dial is a gen 2230.50 that I had lying around. It was relumed in a white super luminova (originally it has a green hue). The handset was also relumed to match the dial, spare sword hands from a 2254.50 with a 45m Planet Ocean second hand cut down. The crystal is a Prof Steve 2xAR and the bezel is an early 42mm Planet Ocean. Running an ETA movement. It’s my favourite watch bar none. Micky assembled it years ago and it’s been flawless ever since. The only issue I have is the lug holes in the case. They are not in the right place and none of my bracelets fit correctly.
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