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  1. How about this one? A closed factory case with a gen 2230 (non -AC dial) and a PO bezel and insert. Built by @SSTEEL
  2. Send a photo to the TD’s and see what they have to say about it’s availability.
  3. Beater GMT today. So much inaccurate with it: HEV placement, black not blue (Omega only made blue in this model) poor finishing between the lugs, milky domed crystal etc, but I love it for its faults l
  4. That one has a closed case back so if it’s an ETA clone it ‘should’ be good to go. If you buy it then you either just wear it until there’s a problem with the movement and then get it serviced (that’s what I do) Or send it to a watchsmith for a service when you buy it so it prolongs it’s life.
  5. All reps will have flaws. It’s best to research yourself as only you can decide which flaws you can live with and which you cannot.
  6. Look through the trusted dealer section of the forum and you’ll find several dealers who can source great reps. Welcome by the way.
  7. Glad to hear that Mike.
  8. I’ve a friend who built a space bike if that helps. I can pm you his phone no. If it helps.
  9. I agree with everything that @Sogeha says. You will have to get to know people with contacts over many years, building relationships and trust. It won’t happen overnight or even over months. I would, if I were you, move on to something else to make money or just engage with the community here and enjoy it as a hobby.
  10. Not the best news with Corona virus but here’s an opportunity for people to make the most of the situation with a great member and vendor. Keep safe Mike.
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