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  1. Sorry mate. I missed your last post. Looks better with the gen bracelet though. Here’s the white franken.
  2. That’s looking good mate. I’m glad you’ve built another one. Sorry to steal your last one: it’s sitting nicely in my little collection. Your new one definitely needs the correct bracelet though. Post up some more photos once you’ve got it.
  3. Yes, sadly it seems true. I’ve heard that some factories may not reopen.
  4. If I sell any of my Seamasters you’ll be the first to know.
  5. Always buy the seller before the watch, especially if you can’t view it in person. I’ve bought plenty of watches online. I always ask for extra photos and if the seller isn’t forthcoming I just walk away.
  6. I agree with Mike. Get the vaccine as soon as you can. I have Covid last summer and whilst I was a lucky one with minimal symptoms I still had the AZ vaccine when offered.
  7. That is nice Mike, I just wish they did it in a smaller size.
  8. After over 70 years serving his country to both his wife the Queen and as a Royal Naval officer, Prince Philip had died at 99 years of age. He fought in WW2 and was an RN officer onboard my friends fathers ship. Whilst often misunderstood, he was one of a kind. R.I.P. Philip
  9. Welcome. Hope you enjoy your time here
  10. RIP Murray Walker. A great motorsport commentator has left the circuit. A real loss to mankind.
  11. I have most of what I want, so I’m similar to you. It takes a special watch to spend money these days. My only project at the moment is converting my gen Speedy to a Mitsukoshi. If I let any of my Omegas go, I’ll be in touch 😉 And today’s.....
  12. Thanks for stating it's period correct. Your old one is re-cased in the one above. It's a new gen case I picked up on one of the forums. Your old case from it is now housing a gen white dial. Both are lovely watches. Have you built another franken yet? Indeed. These are lovely.
  13. It's a gen strap that I've used on my Seamaster Chronograph for year's. Not sure what model it's for as it fits ‘okay’ but not perfect.
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