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  1. Yes it it. He’s now gone. Thank you.
  2. We all have issues. It’s a badge of honour in the Knitting circle.
  3. As with all these watches, it’s a case of “because I can”.
  4. Isn’t it great when the great unwashed belittle our hobby without knowing anything about it. This proves that fakes can be ‘better’ than gen. Hope it runs for another 20 years without issue.
  5. A great servant to the UK, the Commonwealth and the World. There will never be another like her. She worked up until the day she died and was respected globally.
  6. Some TD’s take PayPal
  7. Looks much better now. Well done.
  8. Okay this thread is going to be locked. If, for any reason someone has something to add then PM me and I’ll open it up.
  9. I’ll ask again, have you contacted a moderator on a forum to assist you. If not you are just trashing someone’s reputation. PM me the details and I’ll look into it.
  10. Firstly, welcome to the forums. You’re in contact with Andrew - what does he say? Have you contacted a moderator on any forum to assist you? I’m happy to help if you haven’t. PM me with the details and I’ll have a look and take it up with Andrew.
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