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  1. From eBay. Only about £20 delivered from China!
  2. RIP Sir Sean. A true legend.
  3. Subscribed. There’s going to be a lot of excited people around here
  4. I sold my Seamaster Pro in Titanium with a sunburst dial a few years ago but I still have a Chrono in Titanium. Steel and Titanium Chrono’s. Gen of course.
  5. Ummmm a few. About 6 SMP Chronos (mixture of reps and gens). 3 GMTs (1 gen, 2 reps). Then, at last count 7 SMPs, again some hens and some reps.
  6. New in from @SSTEEL a nice franken. Gen dial, bezel and bracelet.
  7. Music from my youth wouldn’t have been the same without Van Halen. RIP Eddie, gone to jam in the sky.
  8. It’s a new model camera so no reviews but apart from no flash it looks very well spec’d and knowing Sony, should preform well.
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