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  1. Andrew was always my go-to TD. I’ve also had good experiences with Toro too.
  2. Hmmmmmm not working for me. I’m stuck on the light blue scheme.
  3. It’s not just the sales section. An update has been done and seems to have affected the forum. I’m sure the boss will be along to fix it shortly. In the meantime try changing the theme - it worked for myself also.
  4. @fabbe79 that’s kind of funky looking. 👍🏻
  5. A certain irony to that I afraid. It seems we have a no win situation.
  6. Well said Mike. And pay for tracked postage too, never leave your new rep to chance with and untraceable postal service.
  7. A rep Omega rubber strap. Which was an absolute barsteward to fit. I’m not normally into rubber 😜 but thought it would work well with the black ceramic bezel.
  8. If you want to pm me any details you have on him - email etc, we’ll keep an eye out for him. Nasty, nasty scammers.
  9. It started out as a standard Seamaster chrono. Soon after I bought it it (I!) striped the crown/tube. I sent it to @SSTEEL in Finland who repainted the chrono hands to red including the chrono second hand and removed the paint from the clock hands to make them ‘stainless’. A black date wheel was fitted and a 2xAR crystal. If I remember correctly he also serviced or replaced the movement. I then fitted a ceramic bezel insert sourced from ebay. A fine gentleman from next door supplied the rubber strap 😬
  10. Have you tried to claim it back via your bank or credit card?
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