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  1. Just WOW, amazing build. This really is the place for vintage Rolex.
  2. I love the watch but I’d wait until a titanium bracelet becomes available.
  3. Looks quite nice. Between a sub and a SOA
  4. To add feedback. Click on the members name. Then near the top there should be a large cross. Click on that and add feedback.
  5. Any of the trusted dealers can help. Search the forum for their sections and perhaps email them.
  6. Appeal to o-boy. If it’s a gen they cannot just ignore you! Is there a link to the website?
  7. I have never dealt with that platform, but it’s highly unlikely that he can keep the watch as well. I’m guessing he’s not local to you?
  8. I do love a nice Speedy but only have 1 compared to many Seamasters. I think that the incorrect subdial spacing on the Speedy reps puts me off.
  9. AP. What can I say about them. I craved an AP or 8. So eventually bought 4 divers: black, white, carbon and a titanium, closely followed by a Safari and a Tour Auto. Then I needed (!) a 15400 and a 15202 (or is it a 15300?)...... I still love the look of them all but they don’t get worn. Most have been sold on. I still have 3 left but that’ll change to 1 or 2 soon. Oddly, I was never bitten by the Rolex bug, instead it’s Omega for me. The fever is still strong with me after around 10 years and I must have 20 or so Omega in a mixture of rep and gen.
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