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  1. Interesting. I’m a fan of the Bond movies but the only Bond Watch I have is the 50th Anniversary Seamaster. Let’s wait and see if his predictions are correct.
  2. Strange. I’m using safari and it can be almost unusable.
  3. Well if Prof Steve says no then is it is a certain NO!
  4. I’m mostly using an iPhone and the adds are all over the place. Here are some examples. And another one And another And more. Even more Its very frustrating! Thats all folks.
  5. I’ve never seen it done on acrylic.
  6. I’m getting the same. Perhaps @Nanuq or @Mike on a bike can advise?
  7. As to the rabbit hole: we can still see your tail. Dig deeper and in a week or two when you feel comfortable order from a TD. Patience is always the key to this hobby.
  8. There will always be a new version around the corner with ‘improvements’. It’s marketing to keep people buying. The best thing is to know what you want, what any failings are with the rep that you are buying and, if need be, mod it to improve it to your satisfaction.
  9. Thanks, looks good so I’ll give it s go, but if I miss my train I’m blaming you!
  10. Hmmmm, these are illegal products. Personally I’m grateful that I can access them from TD’s whom I’ve built a relationship with over the years. One of the reasons they just say “yes, in stock” before you pay is that they get so many time wasters. They can’t check for everyone or else they’d never get any work done. Ultimately, if you’re unhappy you need to assess if this is the hobby for you.
  11. Trusted Dealers are here because they are vetted and have proven over time to be reliable. You are dealing with illegal products and as such should be prepared for an occasional delay when working with the TD’s. They will do this best to provide you with what you have ordered - they are buying from the factories once you have paid them. Their reputation is at stake not yours so it’s in their interest to be fast and efficient. If you are unhappy with their command of the English language you could always learn their language to communicate better with them.
  12. There are plenty of Trusted Dealers on here. Take your pick. Most should answer within a day or two.
  13. kernow

    Hilla scammer

    If everyone follows the sales rules, ie no PayPal gift to new members/low feedback etc it does greatly reduce the risk of being scammed.
  14. @hilla, also known as Magnus Sigurdsson, from Iceland is a massive fan of receiving bum sex. Well he must be because scamming is not good and leads to him getting ass f**ked when we catch up with him. Obviously do not buy from or sell to him.
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