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  1. Have you looked at the trusted dealers on the forum? They can source any rep available.
  2. Dutch/Belgium GTG January 21th (2018)

    Looks like you all had fun. Some nice watches there.
  3. Moved to general as we’ll name legend, but no need to shame him!
  4. You could post a want to buy. There are some members who may have spare parts.
  5. Are sales slow or am I asking too much?

    ....... I’ll give you a shekel for it.
  6. Which 7750 is more reliable?

    I’d stick with the standard layout 6,9,12 secs st 9 if possible.
  7. New Customer TB question

    Don’t forget that some people maybe in another time zone and now it’s the weekend. Even TDs need to sleep sometimes. @torobravo
  8. As above. If if they are not in the trusted dealers section we won’t recommend them, as we have no control or influence if things go wrong. There are a few good dealers who are not in the TD list here but are on other forums, but again we can’t recommend them.
  9. New Customer TB question

    +1. What email are you using for him. Also check the website address is the same as here on the forums
  10. New Customer TB question

    Placed an order - as in sent payment or are you waiting for payment instructions?
  11. You did indeed. As has been said stick to the TDs. If they can’t get the watch then it is not available.
  12. State of affairs in REP Hobby

    I think that reps, both low and high end are becoming more accessible. Cheap = DHGATE and the likes and our TDs for the higher end stuff. One thing that niggles me is that the factories build in issues, be it the wrong font or the colour of the second hand but I’m (almost) sure it’s deliberate. And yes the prices are too high for the movement quality.
  13. Thank you ChazingTime

    Thanks for the feedback. Feel free to post some photos.
  14. Tc Rolex 16610 case set

    Member @SSTEEL here built a few using TC cases IIRC. Maybe ask him?
  15. The RWG official watch has lanched!

    Wow, that’s certainly a well travelled watch. Looking good DP, and yes, where to next?