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  1. kernow

    One of my favorite watches

    Glad to see you back posting again B-T. I have a DJ2 that’s in the EU and available if you want to try it out.
  2. I’ve been on the forums for a few years now and owned most of my desired watches (most but not all). Whilst I’ve fallen into the same trap as many here - chasing the perfection of the gen, I sometimes get the bug to do it differently. Hence, I like to change some of my watches away from the manufacturers specification to something that I desire. I’d say there is no right or wrong here, gen owners do it too, but it’s not something I often see on the forums. Why is that? Is it because the OEM spec gen is the grail? My rep modded Seamaster GMT - built by @SSTEEL using a PO bezel and a Parnis insert. I may go back to the lollipop second hand though. Another modded away from gen spec by @SSTEEL A Seamaster Chrono withblack date wheel, stainless clock hands and red chronograph hands. 2XAR and a ceramic insert fish it off for me. And yet another Micky build. A closed factory case with a gen relumed Omega dial, cut PO second hand 2XAR, PO bezel and insert. My favourite watch still. Franken not modded? Built to OEM spec by Micky using gen relumed dial and hands, gen bezel and insert too along with profsteve’s 2XAR on the crystal. Really pops. Anyone one else do anything similar?
  3. kernow

    My ever expanding collection

    Haha me too - being a sucker for a nice Onega. @capice do you have any more photos of the Seamaster - is it a closed factory rep?
  4. kernow

    Grape OP QC

    All looks good to me.
  5. kernow

    Scammer member RTL2

    @SSTEEL can you PM a mod any details you have please mate: email address etc.
  6. kernow

    My ever expanding collection

    I love a nice FM. My Crazy Hours has a gen dial.
  7. kernow

    What Omega are you wearing today?

    Haha, I agree. Thanks for the compliment (I think!). 😆 Nice, where did this one come from?
  8. I’ve a kidney for sale on eBay at the moment and will send funds once it has sold.
  9. All I can suggest it that you need a bigger hammer! I’m sure someone more qualified will be along shortly.
  10. I like that - the reps are (possibly) more reliable than the gen. What better reason to buy the rep eh?
  11. kernow

    What Omega are you wearing today?

    This one today. With its new bezel insert. I received it a while ago M2M with a faded insert. I always intended to fix it but it’s taken me until now to get around to it. An easy fix really - sourced the insert from a TD (Toro in this case). I removed the bezel with a case knife - or in this instance (with me not having a case knife) a carving knife lol. With the bezel removed a quick pry with a smaller kitchen knife removed the old insert. Leaving me with a collection of parts. Pushed the new insert in, pop the bezel back on with a satisfying click and jobs a good ‘un. The old insert seemed much darker and like it had been polished as well as the numbers and markings faded. Much better now.
  12. Apple Watch phhhhhhffffftt. Whilst I have an iPhone, their watches do nothing for me. They shout GEEK from the rooftop. If you’re trying to impress a girl then dress smart, wear nice aftershave, good shoes and a nice watch job done.