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  1. Is asking for a good pearl too much?

    Depends on the rep; some are known to have bad (wrong type of) pearls. If it's that bad then reject it.
  2. Is asking for a good pearl too much?

    As long as it's in the right position I'd just go with it. Lots of reps have bad pearls. You can always get that replaced later.
  3. Asian 2813: the noob movement

    I've never heard of that manufacturer before. However it looks a nice watch so enjoy it as it is.
  4. The RWG official watch has lanched!

    Great pics Martijn, love the raspberry colour with the black and white.
  5. Anybody buy from www.iswws.net

    Never heard of them. The usual rule applies: if a TD can't get it then I'd say the site is likely to be a scam site.
  6. The RWG official watch has lanched!

    ..... and very nice they are too.
  7. What Omega are you wearing today?

    Gen Moonie today.
  8. Word Association Thread

  9. The RWG official watch has lanched!

    Have a great GTG and we're looking forward to some more great photos.
  10. The RWG official watch has lanched!

    In all it's glory and errr pinkness!
  11. Omega rep?

    Some reps will accept gen parts some not. It depends on their construction. It's best to email the TD to get an answer really.
  12. Wristies - thread consolidation?

    @freddy333 can't see them unfortunately.
  13. Hi Mate,


    I upgraded my account last month, which was VIP for 3 months, yet I have been charged again this month? Can you explain why this has happened?




    Graham (dwswatches0