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  1. I don't know the reference number, but the date finger did not fit without modification to make the hole slightly larger.
  2. For fs sake. That's fantastic.
  3. I think the 501b was the end links before the 93250. As such, I think the 501b was used as the "service" end link.
  4. I guess that's the option I'll go with if I can't figure out how to remove it. But being a day/date, it has a three position keyless. A 5513 is a no-date. I know some have made this mod so it is only a two position keyless, I'm just curious as to the best route for it.
  5. While @rolojack does his magic for me, I picked up a NOS ETA2846. What's the most common surgery performed on these movements to remove day/date? Just remove the disks and file down the middle position on the keyless? Or are there replacement parts that you guys are using?
  6. Very nice. I've admired these for a while. I owned an Ocean One Vintage, but never bonded with it.
  7. I've debated this before. In fact, I very nearly sold all my frankens to buy the new Speedmaster '57. I just think I'd get bored. As @ubiquitous said, it's part research, part "the hunt", part the build. I don't want to say we're more than "just collectors" because there's something to be said for that, too. But it boils down to what actually brought you to this hobby to begin with. Is it the appreciation of the watch on face-value, or is it appreciation of what went in to it to the point of wanting to know each piece and put that similar effort in to replicating it?
  8. That was the last piece I got to two years ago on mine trying to figure out what needed to be replaced. Replaced the jumper, spring, finger, then finally the yoke and jewel.
  9. I don't know why, but I've never liked the SEL. It really comes from personal preference.
  10. There were more pieces released this year at Basel that I was excited about than several of the past few years. Omega - absolutely crushed it. The '57 reissues are gorgeous. The Speedy is so great that I honestly debated selling off everything and ordering one. Heuer - released their Autavia that which had the design voted on. It's a great piece, but I wish it was more brushed and less polished. I also wish it wasn't so huge (for me). Tudor - meh. I like the thought of a heritage chrono with an in house movement. By it doesn't look quite right with the snowflake hands. Rolex - meh. Not really anything that excited me. Hell, even Hamilton had an interesting re-release of a big eyes chrono. What did did you guys think? Any interesting pieces you found or heard about?
  11. Rehauts are tricky. Yours does look steep at some angles and normal at others. As as far as reshaping. The question really is, is it important to you and is it worth it to you? I would personally address replacing the bezel insert first.
  12. The case is good. The lugs a bit tall and fat, but it's very nice. I would guess a Phong or MQ or other Vietnam-based case.
  13. From looking at the case I bought, it appears it's probably a cartel. I'll try to find a 26.5 dial or something so it doesn't go to waste, we'll see. In the mean time, I decided to go with a case by @rolojack. I'll have to find a 2846 while he works on it. My 2451 will have to go towards something else. I guess the issue with trying to find screws to fit the movement sorted itself out.