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  1. Wristies - thread consolidation?

    With my 5513 finally in "wearable" status, I'll have a choice to make tomorrow...
  2. So it's been a while coming, but finally got this together. Found a Viet chapter ring dial I'm more fond of that's on the way, so it'll get swapped out once it comes and I'll re-do the lume on the hands as I don't quite like how it came out. I'll clean up this dial and see if I can use it for something else.
  3. My new Cartel 5512

    Please let me know if you ever have a 5512 or 5513 with a chapter ring.
  4. Yup. Can't get more reliable service.
  5. I love these threads, but it's torture waiting for mine!
  6. On deck tonight !

    I've just been doing Buffalo Trace. IMO, it's 80% quality bourbon at $25 a fifth.
  7. Tudor Oyster Prince Submariner 7016/0

    Pretty sure someone that's been around as long as DVNE knows that. I think he was just looking for the maker.
  8. I don't believe the 3135 appeared until the 16610. The 3035 still resides in the 168000, to my knowledge. All youd have have to do to check is change the date. If it goes clockwise, it's a 3135. Counterclockwise, it's a 3035.
  9. I don't know the reference number, but the date finger did not fit without modification to make the hole slightly larger.
  10. High grade 6538 build using Phong parts

    For fs sake. That's fantastic.
  11. Rolex Aficionados Please chime in...

    I think the 501b was the end links before the 93250. As such, I think the 501b was used as the "service" end link.
  12. I guess that's the option I'll go with if I can't figure out how to remove it. But being a day/date, it has a three position keyless. A 5513 is a no-date. I know some have made this mod so it is only a two position keyless, I'm just curious as to the best route for it.