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  1. Hi R.! thank you for the compliment In fact is the result of several modifications and I could not avoid trying to do a California dial even if in my enthusiasm I was not predicting the hellish task of luming it ahah. This was my first self done dial and after spoiling three (wrong tools and lume mix) this one showed me the way of mixing UV resin and therefore control volume and shape with torch. Numbers in the case are exactly the same as yours: 5015 (as in thunderbird case) and serial 545383. I bought it from a fellow paying for the original configuration 130 uk pounds, 5 years ago but then the mods started to claim a higher toll… Anyway, the investment compensated and the result is I wear it quite often; as you say, a great everyday watch. According to an old watchsmith here who saw a couple, the cases are japanese. Don’t know the provenience but they are very well made, from the shape to the engraving on the inside of the caseback. Last but not the least, please check your mail box. I had sent you a Christmas gift If you don’t know it or don’t have it already I am sure you will be delighted. Best, Marco
  2. And here it is with final mods (Legran 666ft sub hands, shorter minute). Always thought size would turn it into a display watch but actually became a daily beater… wish I could source more of these 5015 cases! but 3mm difference in diameter can make a difference and wrist time is actually being divided with this one (sorry out of topic, but could not resist!):
  3. They are really nice R. Mine has also the same case as yours but with screw down crown. I tried a 2789 first but stem height is too much for a right alignment so I went for a 2824 with stem position 1mm lower. Dial was replaced for a self made california and military hands adjusted. I did replace them later for mercedes but had to find shorter minute hands not to go over the chapter ring. will post updated work later. best M.
  4. Thanks for sharing R. the lie is precisely the point. the rest is panerai’s history itself… ”Having such a movement in a US$ 10k or 27k watch could be compared to opening the engine hood of your Porsche 911 only to find out it has a Peugeot 3-cylinder engine.” Not diminishing the 3-cylinder engine, even the old dive models in the 30’s and 40’s had rolex calibers which in fact were cortebert made (nowadays you buy a 616 cortebert for 300usd and before the panerai fever they were three times less, so we can imagine production costs at 1/3 of the value). Later came unitas and after that transvestites… But if they sell, there is demand. point is, like you said, the “in-house” lie
  5. Now looks like a proper burn instead of a pizza stain but still too yellow for old radium
  6. Please don’t focus in the dirty nail. its a dirty job and had not yet started to lume IMG_3754.MOV
  7. Gilt, 26, 27 and 28.5mm finished and lumed available
  8. I am now working on the 7928 dial gilt version. will post pics once done Gilt mirror polished are coming out good
  9. madasboot


    Hand made true “gilt” dial, jmb case, eta 2783 slow beat mvmt
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