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  1. I know. I live in asia best Marco
  2. Thanks J.! i am looking for a cheap speedmaster moon watch A21 Jewels to make some experiments and he seems to be the only seller to have it but i cannot get a reply from him. i dealt with him back in 2006... You know where i can find one? best, M.
  3. Dear all, does anyone know if silix still in business? thanks best, marco
  4. Hey J. I can make a pair for you but you must give me some time. will PM my phone so we can whatsapp. Marco Hey R. long time no see! subtropical greetings and wishes of a happy new lunar year! M.
  5. Hej Lo’ https://ibb.co/rQ8LhkN Happy new lunar year! the end of my 1016 journey ended last week with some self made straight end links... yours would look great with them cordiale saluti marco
  6. Unfortunately for a vintage sm300 there is no rep option from the so common sources; case shape and dimensions, dial size, bezel shape and assembly, insert, etc... are all far away from the real mccoy. The only decent option is a vietnam rep, the most accurate I know. i found one in 2018 and share some pics of it (case has correct dimensions and made to fit a cal. 550 omega mvmt, 27.5mm dial, 60 click bidirectional bezel and a mil engraved caseback). It has gone through relume and dial ageing after a minor accident and is now waiting for a custom made plexi insert.
  7. Hi Alan, is the insert custom made? best, M.
  8. Not so active in the past few years but moving to this part of the world and travelling around often, had triggered the appetite; I bought some stuff in recent years during my stays in Saigon, finding some interesting places and some very interesting material. Started with a visit to Minh Quy, ending up finding a treasure trove a few blocks north... less refinement but some outstanding material was made available for what can be considered a residual cost... dials, cases, etc... here is my vn fully sourced 5513, to go with the 6538... Best, M.
  9. Hey Nanuq, hope all is well with you in the northern corner... I tried to blow some magic into this oldie, replacing the metal rimmed pearl with a decent “pip”, and scratching the insert during the reassembly process. nowadays cannot do much without glasses... Here goes... some close shots:
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