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  1. I have some from the early 60s but I find them rough (and smelly) for daily use... I usually go for nato, more suitable for tropical weather
  2. Beautiful! and how about the strap? is it a rubber tropic diver? Are they comfortable to wear?
  3. I had not the courage to replace the insert for the one you sent me since i will have to break this one first to be removed... and the hands... I am yet to find an accurate replacement. The AS movement is doing very decently and I am yet to test it for water tightness, guessing the crown will be an issue.
  4. FF Aqua lung (vietnamese) disassembled and ready for the crystal replacement. originally equipped with a regular high domed plexi, found out to be far from tight and “glued”. During a trip to Indonesia humidity levels were so high that condensations formed inside of the crystal to my big surprise. Got a GS-DT crystal from a Canadian seller on Ebay; diameter 30.1. Operation was successful and new crystal is a tight fit for these cases. Thank you again Alan for all the info, recommendations and support. M. The result: a tightly fit crystal, thick, sturdy and ss accurate as possible. Alan, bezel was not so cooperative but was finally removed and the metal spring was replaced for the one you kindly sent me last year, for a tight rotation; not loose anymore. cheers, M.
  5. Hey guys! hope to see most of you still around and, of course aprehensive with the absences, especially knowing of Rolli’s passing almost a year ago. Life has changed a lot since early times and i hop in from time to time; always a pleasure and a joy. Not posting much tough but I am always contactable please take care, especially during this awkward period. best, M.
  6. R. Thank you for your constant enlightenment and knowledge sharing. Here is some additional info on the NH35A, a sturdy fifty buck mvmt on ali*xpr*ss best, M.
  7. Glad to know you are ok B.! best, M.
  8. Hey B. Touché... thank you for the compliments. I try to visit from time to time, always with the same enthusiasm; always finding something new to learn or something old to share but most of all stepping into the pleasure of common grounds. thank you for keeping the flame. best, M.
  9. Thanks again manodeoro. at the time resources were scarce as well as information, especially regarding old watch models. lots of joint efforts, knowledge sharing, trial and error processes and sometimes pure luck. most of the thrill came from sharing and joint efforts on sourcing movements and or parts, producing or assisting production of components, comparing, improving but most of all learning within a community. today one just pays for the right parts, for the right servive and can have one wonderful piece in less than a month without travelling, without anxiety or excitement (I guess). more than the result itself is the process and the people involved, some still around others unfortunately gone. And at some point, building was a complex challenge. Best results take some time to achieve. thank you for your compliment and we will be around M. Hey D. Loooooong time... thank you! How r you doing? best, M.
  10. @StoneP, thank you for sharing. interesting considerations on the case, and on its versatility - useful as well. if these are the cases from which the v2 explorers come from, my hat is off! Your work is remarkable as well, but the picture above doesn’t do you justice... on a first glance left and right cases both look gen... best, M.
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