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  1. It is not rocket science. geometry has no secrets. i redesigned and printed using an MBW dial window position and recentering numerals according to the partition of a circle in 31 axis. did the same vertically so every numeral is fitted within the regular window opening. Disk has an od of 23mm and id of 15 and print is done in silver vinyl film sticker to allow repositioning without glue and a minimal thickness for overhead.
  2. Hi. can one of your kind souls help to identify this mvmt? it came in a Pam087rep, bought in 2007 from a fellow member (finepics) and must be replaced. I need your help to identify if its an A7750 or a DG2813, knowing the rotor and plates are modified. thank you in advance. M.
  3. Probably Dark Lord makes them for Tempus Machina ahahah
  4. Thanks J.! i am looking for a cheap speedmaster moon watch A21 Jewels to make some experiments and he seems to be the only seller to have it but i cannot get a reply from him. i dealt with him back in 2006... You know where i can find one? best, M.
  5. Dear all, does anyone know if silix still in business? thanks best, marco
  6. Hey J. I can make a pair for you but you must give me some time. will PM my phone so we can whatsapp. Marco Hey R. long time no see! subtropical greetings and wishes of a happy new lunar year! M.
  7. Hej Lo’ https://ibb.co/rQ8LhkN Happy new lunar year! the end of my 1016 journey ended last week with some self made straight end links... yours would look great with them cordiale saluti marco
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