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  1. Hi. Thanks. I did draw over a military dial tracing and vectorizing all the details and transferred it with resin to a 27.7mm dial plate. lacqered and lumed with resin, ink and old lume pigment i bought from an old watchmaker. Done with the same technique but with foiled gold.
  2. David, so, so sorry about yours and our loss. sorry as well since words are failing but on behalf of our friendship I wish him to rest in piece.
  3. but for the radium burn I would suggest you to use transparent color and dye pigments. (citadel shades are perfect for that plus AK patina pencils). radium burn on a dial is a very slow process and quite homogeneous if the watch hands were in motion for long so replicating it will require a radial approach and less of staining. Staining usually happens in the lacquered layer. In this example most probably the watch was kept for years in the position it has stopped, at 8.05
  4. Nice. I also got one of those from Raffles but the hour ticks are too thick. I am making my own gilt dial now.
  5. Hey R. Not to worry… nothing a good ‘ole set of cutting broaches cannot correct… ahah i am lucky since raffles is distanced some blocks away from my place so hands galore. I also bought an horotec set of broaches plus a swiss hand tool and fear no evil… best, M.
  6. Hi R. precisely my case… Adrian sent me two of those beauties and some months later I got stem adapters and then found out that I had all except drills and taps. Followed your suggestion with practice but metal (or holes) are not my element… will persist though:) that will be the cherry on top. for now I am finishing some gilt dials all my best Marco thank you! here is my latest, built from scratch
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