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  1. For grins... One of the only actual reps left in my collection; an old school MBW Nautilus...
  2. Tricky trickster! I should probably wear them less... Just in the interest of preservation. Maybe I'll have them encased in a Perspex block or something
  3. Why do you think I don't wear them?
  4. Maybe try rodico? Or maybe gentle strokes of an eraser going in the direction of the grain?
  5. Thank you! Been thinking of a 911 for a while... The timing just seemed right. The decision came down to a 997.2 and an early 991.1; ultimately went with the 997.2, keeping with a more analog experience but with the reliability of the 9A1 and I also wanted PDK. Plus, I can fit the kids in the back seat
  6. Spent a few months looking for a 997.2 and finally picked one up this past December. Pardon the bad cell phone pic...
  7. The movement is a nice touch!