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  1. So, what you're saying is that your 1030 based watches now only see light when you're on chainsaw duty and wrestling grizzly bears then?
  2. General rule of thumb for me is: If the case is fitted with a 2824, a 1520 will fit. If it's a 2836, a 1570 will fit. I don't recall there ever being an MBW with 2824, but I could be mistaken?
  3. If that's a 2836 inside, a 1520/1530 will not fit, unfortunately. You'd need a 1570 with date to fit that case. As for the dial; a 5512/5513 dial will fit; a 1680 dial will not.
  4. Beautiful watches to start the weekend, gents! Keep 'em coming!
  5. This one for me today...
  6. Killer Hour angle, A! That is very nice!
  7. Interesting, and maybe a bit ironic, considering that Dowling was the one that coined the phrase 'Buy the seller'... Quite honestly, it's not too surprising; there have been a number of 'above board' sellers and dealers that have dipped their toes into the questionable and shady at some point or another. If there's money to be made, the risk will always be there. Ultimately, the onus is on the buyer to know exactly what to look for, to do the research and to know what's good and bad before parting ways with their money. It's not any excuse for unscrupulous activities, but the best way to protect yourself is to be informed. There is plenty of information out there on the Internet, and oddly enough, some of the best informational resources are rep forums. Go figure...
  8. I didn't even realize the date on this wristcheck! Doh!
  9. Just gonna leave this right here for the time being...
  10. Pretty close! Actually, it's a V23, which is what the caliber 13'''130 is based on The Lemania 2310 was used in ref 5070...