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  1. Think it's a Patek day today...
  2. From the outside, it appears complete... And it nearly is. It's a usable piece that can be worn, keeps good time, looks the business... But I still need to replace the JLC movement currently inside with the proper caliber V454... Not a detail that anyone would really see since it's behind a closed caseback, but... I know. And that's why it has to be Thanks for looking!
  3. It's a Big Crown day for me today...
  4. The dials in my watches are 100% genuine/original/authentic 1940's Patek Philippe; champlevé enamel dials.
  5. Old Vacheron today...
  6. Cases are custom made to my specs...
  7. Almost bought this one over the weekend! But the more I looked at it, the more I realized that there were details that I just couldn't see myself being able to live with. Things like the position and placement of the balance cock and the sort. It's damn good and very close... But things like that... Once I notice them, that's all I'd be able to see. And that drives me crazy.
  8. Gents, Hope all are doing well! Always great to see old friends on the forum! Missed you guys! rolo- I currently have a Plain Jane V23 fitted; at some point, I still need to get it converted to 13-130 specs. Always something to do, and that project just keeps getting put off The diameter of my case is a little over 35mm... I think these old 1940s watches just fit so nicely on the wrist... Elegant, charming, perhaps a bit understated and yet... When someone knows what you have on your wrist, they know what you have on your wrist! Haha... I will admit, the 911 is a lot of fun! But... You can't wear a car on the wrist. I think that's what I love about watches... They're with you wherever you wear them; just one of those little joys in life where you can glance down at your wrist and have a reason to smile
  10. Did somebody say 'Crazy Sale'?
  11. Nicely done! Think 1940's PPs are my weakness... The chronographs of this era especially! Mine says hi!