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  1. Love that chapter dial and the PCGs!
  2. Freshly serviced Vacheron 454 finally fitted, displacing the old JLC base movement that was installed prior.
  3. And 36kbph! Not bad for half a century!
  4. It might help in that I'm learning new things about my camera. Owned the dang thing for a little over 10 years now and still figuring out how to use it
  5. Gorgeous! Absolutely flawless finish, euno... Black paint is like a full time job all on it's own! If I'm not mistaken, your E31 is also black, isn't it?
  6. Just adjusted the altitude... Sitting nice and low now...
  7. Errrr... Maybe! Guess it all depends on how good this new movement is! I'm hoping it's a good one... But we all know that this sort of stuff usually has some teething issues to work through first...
  8. I am! Life has been busy... But have not forgotten about watches! Or cars!
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