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  1. As luck would have it, I broke a springbar swapping bracelets today. I have an inventory of the old TC 20mm springbars. What’s the best source for the best 19mm springbars? thank you
  2. I recently put up this case-set for sale after having purchased it from CC33. I have not had worked on many projects in the last few years. Who currently is the best dial-maker? I’ve seen a couple on Phong’s site. Any one else? Thanks
  3. Very unique dial. Enjoy this classic!
  4. Have not looked at Franken Daytona’s in a long while. Given the increase in the 62XX in general, what does a gen dial go for these days?
  5. This is why the knowledge of vintage rolex on RWG is second to none.
  6. Any 3-6-9 dials with red depth? I seem to be weak at the knees for that one...
  7. THanks for the heads-up. Having seen and held CC33’s beauty in-hand, I am entering the dark side as a willing participant!
  8. Happy new year all. It’s been a little while since I’ve posted. One of my to do’s for 2019 is securing a beautiful 6538. A few years back it was all the craze here led by our knowledgeable CC33 and dbane. Let’s see them beauties. This is likely a long-term project for me.
  9. Is it a Z series? That's a trip down memory lane! If memory serves me, it is one of the famous z series!
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