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  1. Here goes with a black one. It's my daily wearer.
  2. My new favourite, Noob 2824 Daytona with gem dial, bezel and crown!
  3. Cg's tell me gen is on the right but as many have said they are both lovely watches!!
  4. Changed for the evening
  5. I have a full v6 kit coming from Tc and really hope it doesn't look like that.
  6. It does have very bold single digits for a v4.
  7. Yes he is around. Just dealt with him this week and he answered quickly.
  8. 603 is a 6mm bud A compliment from the DJ master!! Look forward to seeing the dial and bezel on a build I've just sent to you from repgeek[emoji41]
  9. Thanks buddy! I agree, you hardly know you're wearing one! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  10. I'm making this post partly as a thank you to JMB for his nice case and work and also great friendly service he gives and I've not done much for a long time either!!! I had a few bits lying around so I bought a 2824 DJ case with lug holes a couple of weeks ago from him and built this one with the following specs. JMB 2824 case(perfect dimensions) Rafflestime oyster bracelet WSO bezel Unknown/possibly Noob crystal Rep dial and hands Gen 603 crown Tc V4 overlay New Seagull 2824 clone It turned out nice I think! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk