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  1. Thanks. any other high replica hands for 16610 with 2824 movement?
  2. Hi, is there any way to get TC SUB hands? mine are scratched. if not, possible to polish them? Thanks
  3. Thank you very much for the information
  4. Thanks for your reply. so if i buy a new eta 2824- should to make some changes with screws etc in order to fit it to the case?
  5. Thank you guys. Any recommendation on a good supplier?
  6. Hi How can i get hands for TC sub? Are they superlumed? Thanks
  7. Happy Birthday jack219!

  8. sorry you're right- watch head. thanks for the tip!
  9. i want to shine and bright my headwatch (sub 16610) , is there a good material i can use for that? i dont need a polish coz there arent a scratches. only shining necessary. Thanks
  10. 6 months. more ideas how to get the part?
  11. Hi. i have problem with the dwo in my watch. (TC sub v6) the dwo is not move well. probable there is a problem with the date advance gear. where can i get date advance gear for 2824? Thanks.
  12. im going to combine between TC v3 bracelet to v4 clasp. which diver extension is better? Thanks
  13. Denimhead or Big_Dazza cant help me. i'd love to hear about someone else. Thanks
  14. Hi. is there some modder/watchmaker who has engraving equipment? i want engrave my TC bracelet to fit it perfectly to the midcase. Thanks Jack
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