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  1. Hey there BT, nice to see you post again Well Ebel has always been one of the best reped brands out there, i am the lucky owner of a Disco panda sold to me by Stu a few years back along with a gen crown, absolutely stunning piece Cheers
  2. Something from the past, i am sure quite a few of the crew in here will recognize this version!
  3. This 47mm monster 300m chrono for the whole week
  4. http://www.ebay.ca/itm/BK-TW-Rolex-Submariner-Homage-/121662841439?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_2&hash=item1c53aba25f "If you are looking at this you know about BK. He is one of the best at reproducing replicas. This one has a Clark crystal, genuine Rolex insert, and the crown and tube are Rolex as well. I have 1200.00 USD into it....I know right? Verified ETA movement, no marks on the crystal, faint markings on bracelet. The only drawback is I lost my spare links for it, so it'll only fit about 6.5" wrist message me with questions Thanks" Idiot....
  5. Good job RM!!! Sent from my iPhone 6 using Tapatalk 10.0
  6. Yeap, Holland it is and does a superb job, currently waiting for my Ebel Panda to arrive from a full service from him and will post a review of his work Sent from my iPhone 6 using Tapatalk 10.0
  7. Rolexman is your best choice in EU, Zig also charges way much less than this master watchmaker,359$ is too much i think<br /><br /><br />Sent from my iPhone 6 using Tapatalk 10.0
  8. Hi guys, I wanted to share with the community something that i came across while searching for some cool watchmaking tutorials It is a series of old school (50's-70's)watchmaking tutorials converted to pdf files, and covers most of the issues we really need to know as bases to our hobby.This iso cd contains all 35 original scanned tutorials for the "Chicago School of Watchmaking". This school has not existed for a number of years and you can no longer obtain the hard-copies. Lesson Index – Chicago School of Watchmaking Lesson 1 Fundamental Principles, Equipment, Casing Lesson 2 Crowns, Stems, Sleeves, and Bows Lesson 3 Fitting Watch Crystals and Watch Attachments for Practice and Profit Lesson 4 Nomenclature and Sizes of Watches Lesson 5 Mainspring in Watches Lesson 6 Motor & Jeweled Barrels Lesson 7 Selecting the Mainspring Lesson 8 Assembling Watches Lesson 9 Winding and Setting Mechanisms Lesson 10 Cleaning Watches Lesson 11 Timing, Rating and regulation Lesson 12 Factory Set Train Jewels Lesson 13 Factory Balance Hole Jewels and Roller Jewels Lesson 14 Friction Jeweling Lesson 15 Replacing factory Balance Staffs Lesson 16 Truing Balance Wheels Lesson 17 Poising Balance Wheels Lesson 18 Truing Hairsprings Lesson 19 Colleting Hairsprings Lesson 20 The Overcoil Hairspring Lesson 21 Principles of the Lever Escapement Lesson 22 Principles of the Lever Escapement (con’t) Lesson 23 Types of Escapements Lesson 24 Drawing the Lever Escapement Lesson 25 Drawing the Lever Escapement (con’t) Lesson 26 Matching the Escapement Lesson 27 Tools – Hardening & Tempering Lesson 28 The Lathe Lesson 29 Lathe Work Lesson 30 Lathe Work (con’t) Lesson 31 Lathe Work (con’t) Lesson 32 - Part 1 Fitting Hairsprings to Watches Lesson 32 - Part 2 Modern Shop Methods Lesson 33 Electronic Timing Machines – Watch Master Lesson 34 Electronic Timing Machines – Time-O-Graph Lesson 35 Problems and Solutions Tools and Materials of the Trade Hope you find this interesting enough, you can download it here http://www.mediafire.com/?c868g98kneaq4b8
  9. Niiiiiceeee!!! hope you like it L
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