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  1. Hi spin have you sent my TC Sub LV?

  2. does anyone know what the lug size of the Mark XVII? is it 20mm or 22mm? regards,
  3. hi, do you guys know what's the lug size for this beautiful watch? 21mm or 22mm?
  4. it was you the one who made he pay me then, thank you very much Sir, i finally got paid
  5. I got the last payment from Concepta for EURO 250, thanks for this
  6. how about IWC Ingeniuer Vintage Blue Dial? I had just receive mine and it's amazing watch
  7. Hi guys, I'm also selling products here in Indonesia forum, sometimes I'm also receive an offer from somebody in UK to ship my products somewhere in Africa and they say they will wire me the money, I never respond to their email but I'm glad I had just found out that the wire transfer can be fake too. thanks for sharing the info
  8. these people make me so mad, they should be taught a lesson
  9. thank you guys, it was one of my first deal when I was joined RWG, I had trade more than 40 - 50 watches after that and no problem at all. I felt so dumb and foolish
  10. yes I need the money, I was too patient I guess and if now the money is gone, I hope there will be no other victim like myself thanks to brockelhorst for letting me know the thread about this scammer No it wasn't Concepta, I had two issues, Concepta had paid me but only needs time, I can wait Thanks, let me read all the messages on the thread about this scammer on other forum and update you guys here
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