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  1. StormTooper4

    Hunting for the old Arctic dinosaur.

    Nice and unique. Some great shots
  2. Saw this in a shop today , it was well nice Why is no one repping these yet? UAE limited edition 150
  3. StormTooper4

    HYT WTF!!

    Just saw this HYT on Chazing Now I think I know how you tell the time on the Gen, but who knows how to tell the time on the rep? Who is willing to take a punt and give us a review? The Gen at work https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6zn1fTtbp84
  4. StormTooper4

    Looking for a PAM250/236

    Try Toro. He had them at a great price to http://www.toro.fun/index.php?route=product/product&keyword=250&product_id=736
  5. StormTooper4

    Looking to get my 1st Pam

    I had the 512 was a lovely watch but was too dressy and wore really small, and I have the wrists of. 12 year old girl. i give the 1392 a whirl. Has Crown hairs and 1950 case but comes in 42mm. Has a blue seconds hand which is a nice touch https://www.pf-828.com/0-pn1392s01-pam-1392s-1950-3-days-auto-ss-le-white-p9010-30780.html
  6. StormTooper4

    Want to buy my first Pan 422

    I’m sure this would be good enough https://www.pf-828.com/0-0-pn422s01-pam-422-s-luminor-1950-3-days-ss-le-black-p-3001-superclone.html
  7. StormTooper4

    My favorite 7016

    Reply Reply With Quote 1 Chicken Dinner Very Impressive Shot AFAIK most Tudor subs came with Rolex bracelets, see this 7016 Snowflake I think it was only in the 80's Tudor clasps became more common place It is probably the wrong Rolex clasp mind you. albeit a more useful design This article is quite useful on Tudor subs and their respective bracelets
  8. StormTooper4

    My Grail 6263

    sweet mother of god. That’s incredible
  9. StormTooper4

    My return to the forums *PICTORIAL*

    Back with avengence
  10. StormTooper4

    My last build gmt 1675 Dial nipple ( rare )

  11. StormTooper4

    A new 5513 build

    Those are some stunning shots of a quality build. Good work allround
  12. StormTooper4

    498 : Another Fu 1950 style

    That looks great. What dealer did you use. I think it was a Chinese boutique version only for 2012 http://www.vintagewatchco.com.au/ProductDetail/CategoryID/17/ProductID/681/PageIndex/179
  13. StormTooper4

    Scratch built full size egi

    Now that’s commitment. One of the mist insane sized watches but a huge achievement nether the less
  14. StormTooper4

    Pam 577 p

    Trusty has the correct version by the looks of things http://trustytime.store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=37_45&products_id=13693 Not sure why toro has a hybrid version , maybe just to cover up the different movement.