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  1. Faded insert and vintage pearl , crappy Perfect clones bracelet with the line
  2. DUH! thats embarressing not to have been able to work out . Thanks for the prompt response. TBH the screw is a bit rubbish, lets see if stays in
  3. Unfortauntly my 126710 GMT (from the GMF ) Rotor has fallen off and I cannot seem to get it to stay back on. Now and nice simple ETA 2386 has a small screw holding the rotor on , but this A3285 CHS has some weird ar5e mechanism which I cannot seem to work out . [img][/img] The center disc appears that it should remain static whilst the rotor spins on it . Does any one know if it actually screws in some how ? TBH it is almost what can only be described spongy when trying to push it back on . This is a stock photo
  4. Some pictures please of your PAMily
  5. Ouch the US 2 AUS exchange rate sucks big time, certainly slowed my purchasing
  6. That is going to be very nice once it gets a case
  7. That is very nice , that dial is way cool
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