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  1. A stunner albeit an expensive one. That dial is magic and the crystal case back is great
  2. https://www.pf-838.com/0-pn229h01-pam-229h-firenze.html Josh used to sell a nice version I got mine from Davidsen , I am not sure if he is still in business , might be worth sending DSN a message
  3. thanks guys , but the moment has passed
  4. Have you ever had a Nautilus? Theyre fantastic watched I’ve had 3 on bracelets an leather. But they just don’t work for me. I want to like them but as much as I admire their design I can’t like them as much as I thought I should. Ive got a 116519 on order let’s hope that’s a keeper
  5. Are there any forum members who own a gen Pam who are based in Sydney Australia? Could you drop me a PM please? Thanks ST4
  6. The PC version is the better one . The trusty being 10+ years ago. It’s the PC one is available either. Depends on the version you have but if it’s a 7750 you could either service/repair or replace the current movement. You might want to consider an alternative model like. 312 if you want an auto.
  7. Blimey, have you had a bit too much NY cheer ? Anyways I guess its position Zero 0 when its pushed all the way in , but a gentle shake should get it going. Take care in changing the date do not have the time set around the 11 - 1 times best to have it at 6
  8. http://www.trustytime.biz/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=35_81&products_id=13595
  9. Goodness they're certainly remarkable crown wise
  10. Well its certainly an impressively eclectic collection. What's that freaky tourb at the top ?
  11. Apparently he went legit https: that's a no-no
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