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  1. Such an amazing shot . there are some beauties in there
  2. Welcome to the forum Unfortunately there is rarely a firm answer to this question as everyone has an opinion and its often a matter of preference There are numerous models of PAM and TBH you should at least provide some examples of what type of watch you are looking for. You should at least decide on a Size and Movement. As this is your first replica Panerai , I suggest something like this. https://trustytime.asia/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=37_49&products_id=22183
  3. https://issuu.com/antiquorumgenevesa/docs/auction_antiquorum_november_8/212 Some right tasty pieces here, the Comex 5514 @ $100k+ page 212 is bonkers
  4. Faded insert and vintage pearl , crappy Perfect clones bracelet with the line
  5. DUH! thats embarressing not to have been able to work out . Thanks for the prompt response. TBH the screw is a bit rubbish, lets see if stays in
  6. Unfortauntly my 126710 GMT (from the GMF ) Rotor has fallen off and I cannot seem to get it to stay back on. Now and nice simple ETA 2386 has a small screw holding the rotor on , but this A3285 CHS has some weird ar5e mechanism which I cannot seem to work out . [img][/img] The center disc appears that it should remain static whilst the rotor spins on it . Does any one know if it actually screws in some how ? TBH it is almost what can only be described spongy when trying to push it back on . This is a stock photo
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