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  1. StormTooper4

    A theme with no name....

    Goodness they're certainly remarkable crown wise
  2. StormTooper4

    A theme with no name....

    Well its certainly an impressively eclectic collection. What's that freaky tourb at the top ?
  3. StormTooper4

    Does anyone know what happened to tc

    Apparently he went legit https: that's a no-no
  4. I did this https://bikesandhikesla.com/ it was great fun and a good way to see some of the city
  5. StormTooper4

    So who let the intern design a PAM

    Couldn’t agree more. This just looks lazy and that cream colour is so beige
  6. StormTooper4

    Heuer Autavia Limited Edition For UAE

    Thanks for the heads up, shame they ain't a bit better
  7. This is not nice IMHO
  8. StormTooper4

    Heuer Autavia Limited Edition For UAE

    Unfortunately AFAIK there are no Autavia reps yet good or bad. I'm aghast, it makes no sense should be pretty straight forward The movement might be an issue for some if not made right Given the cover plates they seem to make these days though I'm sure it can't be that hard
  9. StormTooper4

    Hunting for the old Arctic dinosaur.

    Nice and unique. Some great shots
  10. Saw this in a shop today , it was well nice Why is no one repping these yet? UAE limited edition 150
  11. StormTooper4

    HYT WTF!!

    Just saw this HYT on Chazing Now I think I know how you tell the time on the Gen, but who knows how to tell the time on the rep? Who is willing to take a punt and give us a review? The Gen at work https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6zn1fTtbp84
  12. StormTooper4

    Looking for a PAM250/236

    Try Toro. He had them at a great price to http://www.toro.fun/index.php?route=product/product&keyword=250&product_id=736
  13. StormTooper4

    Looking to get my 1st Pam

    I had the 512 was a lovely watch but was too dressy and wore really small, and I have the wrists of. 12 year old girl. i give the 1392 a whirl. Has Crown hairs and 1950 case but comes in 42mm. Has a blue seconds hand which is a nice touch https://www.pf-828.com/0-pn1392s01-pam-1392s-1950-3-days-auto-ss-le-white-p9010-30780.html