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  1. Ouch the US 2 AUS exchange rate sucks big time, certainly slowed my purchasing
  2. That is going to be very nice once it gets a case
  3. That is very nice , that dial is way cool
  4. I wish I still had this one why did I let it go !!!!
  5. Because of the background colour it was difficult to tell what you had done. It is a nice idea looks good
  6. https://www.cousinsuk.com/search?SearchTerm=omega+he+valve not sure why these are now a restricted part
  7. Diamonds in her Handbag!!! must of been from the heist LOL I actually think its a mineral glass hence its scratched up so bad. I tried to get the bezel of with thin knife without success . I dont want to take it apart if I need to get the bezel off as well . so wanted to see if anyone had taken a bezel off
  8. Yeah it’s pretty stealthy for sure. I was actually thinking of brightening it up with a blue strap at some stage. You’re right about the material it’s a unique feel indeed. How you finding the weird [censored] movement date?
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