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  1. A new 5513 build

    Those are some stunning shots of a quality build. Good work allround
  2. 498 : Another Fu 1950 style

    That looks great. What dealer did you use. I think it was a Chinese boutique version only for 2012 http://www.vintagewatchco.com.au/ProductDetail/CategoryID/17/ProductID/681/PageIndex/179
  3. Scratch built full size egi

    Now that’s commitment. One of the mist insane sized watches but a huge achievement nether the less
  4. Pam 577 p

    Trusty has the correct version by the looks of things http://trustytime.store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=37_45&products_id=13693 Not sure why toro has a hybrid version , maybe just to cover up the different movement.
  5. Pam 577 p

    Do you mean a 532 http://trustytime.store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=37_45&products_id=13955
  6. Welcome tis a slippery slope you’ve embarked upon. Try not to seek perfection and have fun
  7. https://www.podomatic.com/podcasts/mister-aitch/episodes/2018-02-20T21_06_05-08_00
  8. Chronograph automatic with ivory dial

    That’s a standard 3714-45. IWC call the dial silver I think it changes in different light. Most dealers carry these
  9. Goodgrief Nic Cage WT!!!

    No excuse though for wearing that godforsaken watch.
  10. Goodgrief Nic Cage WT!!!

    Broke in terms of dignity. I wasn’t ever sure if the gaytona was real but now I know In a historical context, a rake (short for rakehell, analogous to "hellraiser") was a man who was habituated to immoral conduct, particularly womanising. Often, a rake was also prodigal, wasting his (usually inherited) fortune on gambling, wine, women and song, and incurring lavish debts in the process. Sounds good to me https://www.huffingtonpost.com/eileen-dreyer/what-is-a-rake-and-why-do_b_4214382.html
  11. Goodgrief Nic Cage WT!!!

    I never thought someone would !!!!!!
  12. Classic DW Daytona enhanced

    Very nice indeed
  13. wolf watch winders on massdrop

    Nice find. Are you getting one
  14. Watch Box upgrade

    thats not even all of them , there are few at the watchsmith and some in a secret stash
  15. Tudor Black Bay Chronograph rep spotted

    Shame because it looks like a solid watch. The Sub dials need to be deeper, the Red 200m660ft needs to be brighter. And why we have such sunken dates is bizarre . I've had 7750's were the dates been great but this and the last lot of Omega Chronos have been so low