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  1. By-Tor

    A genuine 2003 TW Best 16610 (eddielee) at 15yrs old

    I had that rep too.
  2. By-Tor

    Some old rep pics of mine

    @alligoat: That watch in the picture was WM9 v1 (I think). At least that's how it was labeled. TAG Aquaracer day-date rep 45mm. Very nice. And one more 16570
  3. By-Tor

    Some old rep pics of mine

    This was Sub 16610 WM1. The first Sub that really, really was the SHIT. In the second picture it's next to my gen GMT again and you see why this was a remarkable rep. It mimicked the genuine looking crystal / rehaut look very well. I loved the V1.
  4. By-Tor

    Some old rep pics of mine

    I'm in various gen communities so I don't feel like posting my gen pics here. But let's share more of these rep ones. I also had a correct hand stack version of this. Then I bought the gen and sold all these reps. Who remembers buying these from me and are they still running? I sold this to someone.
  5. By-Tor

    Some old rep pics of mine

    Oh I remember you. Cheers man. I was away for years. Now I try to pop up every now and then. Let's put more pictures. This was the freakiest rep I've ever had. Not very accurate as the subdial spacing can't mimic the Breguet movement they use in BTR's but the build quality was amazing. I loved the rep so much that I bought a gen of this too.
  6. By-Tor

    Some old rep pics of mine

    Thanks. Here are my franken Explorer II 16750's. Now I have the gen but these were DAMN good.
  7. By-Tor

    How to LOWER your SELs!!!!

    Nice work. But once again it's pathetic that the factories screw up things like this (if it was already done well in the previous versions).
  8. Hey I found a folder in my hard drive that has some classic replica pictures that I've taken back in the day. First there was this "ceramic" GMT that came out. It was pretty damn good rep. As a watch it's boring as hell though. Third picture it's next to my gen 16710. Fourth picture has a NOKIA phone. The phones were a bit different back in those days too. Cheers. I'll post more later.
  9. By-Tor

    Project 1675 All Red Hand Complete!

    Yes the cgs are always the biggest tell. This can be spotted as a rep instantly and I'm not even an expert on 1675. But only because of the cgs. Other than that it's a beautiful build.
  10. Hey Robertk, you're still around. Amazing.
  11. Yeah and the fun was that the reps were dirt cheap. Paul sold EVERYTHING for $100 in his CARZY SALE. Yes some of the reps were shit but some were really good... like the Bond Seamaster that even had gen-like bracelet with authentic construction (that tricky tube & pin system). Bought this Noob TT Sub for $150 from a dealer. Amazing quality. Here's my gen 16710 and Noob GMT Master. These were about $200. Wrong hand stack but who gives a shit. They were cheap and FUN. Here's gen 16613 and the old Noob 16613 (these were going for $170 back in the day). I paid $150.
  12. Haha Palpatine. I had forgotten about him. He lived in Germany and modded our shitty reps. He did good job but the Subs were fundamentally wrong and no amount of mods would change that. I bought a few watches from him too... one MBW 1680. When WM9 came it was HUGE. That was amazing and changed the standards of reps... and it still is. I have my gen 16610 and WM9 v2 with gen bezel and crown and I can't tell them apart unless I look REALLY close.
  13. Yeah I always loved Neil. Amazing photographer, great character. But we had our little fights, too. He once flamed me in private message and told me that I'm a shitty admin. I replied that I know some of his "super intelligent" patent insults were actually copy-pastes from a site that provided flames and included that site link with a question "Do these look familiar Neil"? That shut him down. But RIP. I miss Neil too. It's not the same without the grumpy old man.
  14. Paul screwed up the CARZY SALE (sic) badly. I think he just wasn't prepared to that kind of flood of orders. Then someone flamed him because he never got his watch (or received a bad watch) and Paul replied that "I don't care about the negativity. I just drive my Porche (sic)." And what about the BigRedJoe scandal? Now that was something. He had like 100 watches in his possession, stopped responding to emails and got mysteriously "sick". Ziggy called him out. Now that was drama. Haha.
  15. Who remembers Paul's "CARZY SALE" (sic)? They were all $100. Then there was Kingwatch, Eddie Lee and River (who got the "better" TW stuff). And of course Neil (RIP).