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  1. That's a piece of junk.
  2. You can immediately see it's a rep from the crown guards. Do they make them that ugly and wrong on purpose? Those are laugable. Real 1675 crown guards are "blocky". Ah well... it was the same blues 10 years ago and same blue now.
  3. Today this one. Amazingly accurate franken from 2005 I think. Asian 7750 still running like a champ.
  4. You know... I just realized that it's been almost EIGHT YEARS since I posted this review. That's f***cking scary. How the time fies... it's amazing.
  5. It's the dial. 16613 has one of the nicest blue dials ever. The new one is just generic blue. I've seen it in the flesh and it didn't give me any "Buy me"-feeling at all. The old 16613 is always just as amazing.
  6. Merry Christmas to all old friends. I'm back but my watches are still the same old. This is the ancient WM9 with a gift gen insert from my pal bklm. Like me, the 16610 never gets old. [/
  7. What a beauty! It's amazing how much nicer the old 16613 is than the new one, which is kinda "blah".
  8. Thanks Nanuq. Good to be back. What's that Navi? New superrep? PS: Are there any European-based dealers that have websites that I can browse? Help the noob.
  9. Hey, long time no see. This is the only rep I ever regretted selling. I've been completely out of loop for YEARS. Is any dealer (located in Europe) selling this watch? Or do I have to buy the gen? Cheers
  10. Hi,

    I'm new on this site

    I would like to know about this site  Intime.com here's : http://www.intime.co/omega/1409-planet-ocean-45mm-orange-bezel-ss-1-1-best-edition-on-rubber-strap-a9300.html


  11. My Aquaracer Chrono. One of the best watch photos I took (imho). Too bad I lost the larger wallpaper version.
  12. Luke confronting Vader in ROTJ is probably the best moment in movie history. The suspense and emotion are unbelievable. Prequels didn't have even one moment of magic like this..
  13. Yeah... me too. But it's not possible because of work in the next two weeks or so.
  14. The movie launched today in some countries. Does anyone know if it's already torrented? The original trilogy was a big part of my youth. The prequels... ummh... less said about them, the better. I'd love to see if the new movie is any good. Let me know if it's already available. Cheers.
  15. This is still ticking and kicking.