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  1. Gen or rep guys?

    I'm not very familiar with these new models but it looks gen to me. And it looks ugly too.
  2. Not very good article. This is BS. I own seven expensive genuines and still lust after some reps... and wearing them can be just as satisfying (if not even more). Watch is a watch. It's not "larger than life" if it's a genuine Rolex or Breitling. Quote from the post: "Remember, those in the market for replica watches are not the same people who buy the real thing. Both types of customers make their purchase decisions for entirely different reasons."
  3. 1940's Vacheron Build... A step closer...

    Ubi my man! Great to see you my old friend!!!! And what a stunning VC!!!! What do you have in your collection these days?
  4. Review of Rolex Submariner WM9 v2

    Hi Tribal. Cheers mate. I'm wearing my WM9 today. I have my K-serial gen on the same table and when I pick up a watch in the morning I can't always tell them apart without putting my reading glasses on. Haha. The bracelet and clasp feel a bit different though.
  5. My Rolex Day-Date 36mm rep

    Yeah that glitch has never really bothered me. It's a rep of a 20K watch and pretty damn good one at that. Obviously you can't replicate the weight of platinum. Gen is significantly heavier. But who really cares. I have enough gens and I can enjoy these just as well. PS: Day-Date looks much better on Oyster bracelet. Check these gens.
  6. My Rolex Day-Date 36mm rep

    My quick day set has been "wonky" since the day one though. It rolls over nicely when you run the hour hand 24h around the dial. I wouldn't mind trading this to something bigger inside the EU area. I've never worn it. But the problem is I don't know what's inside. Eurotimez sold it to me as Swiss ETA. But I have no idea.
  7. Now on a Oyster. This is pretty damn nice rep. Too bad I can't wear it because it's so small.... but I can always photograph it.
  8. What Is Your Dream Car?

    That's the new Mercedes Maybach cabrio, right?
  9. EBEL 1911 BTR197

    Among the nicest reps (and chronographs) ever made. I liked them so much that I bought a gen BTR. That is, of course, in another level. But the reps are magnificent. Read this.
  10. Story of a 12-year old replica watch

    Amazing. Cheers mate. Is Eurotimez still around? I wouldn't mind buying a few reps from him. Just for the old times' sake. PS: I got a gen 16610 myself. But I still wear the WM9 v2 too (with gen crown, insert and other nice stuff).
  11. Top-10 most embarrassing Rolexes ever

    I'm open for trades. Send me $5K to my Swiss bank account and that 1675 and you'll get the Yacht-tuna. Ah well... let's be generous among friends and let's make it $6K. Waddya say?
  12. Nanuq I found a watch for you

    Hey Euno, long time no see mate. Still sporting the E31? I have a Porsche 928 S4 now. And want to buy a Jaaaaaggggggg XK. My "civil car" is Mercedes C.
  13. Top-10 most embarrassing Rolexes ever

    Are these genuine? I inherited these from my Great Grandfather.
  14. Genuine 08' Superocean Steelfish

    I think Robbie didn't own any reps in the end. He sold them all and only owned gens. I don't own many reps anymore, either but these rep sites are more fascinating than gen sites anyway.
  15. Singer is awesome. But so are these. Merc and Jag.