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  1. By-Tor

    what you drive?

    That is one of the nicest E31's I've seen. Was it a CSI model or just standard? Can't remember. Mark these words... it's so obvious that these are going up in value very soon. Just like the old 3.0 CS-models. They used to be dirt cheap... now they're as expensive as Mercedes Pagodas. Merc R107 is next also. I prefer the SLC myself.
  2. Ray-Ban Wayfarers or nothing.
  3. Isn't it ridiculous that the rep factories make those vintage pieces that look like shit? After 20 years they haven't figured it out. They always install Submariner-like spiky little crown guards on a 1675 and 16750. And being innovative they release vintage Submariners that often have 1675-like thick and boxy cg's. They are fucking geniuses in China. Or blind... take your pick. I was browsing the Ebay and found this. Some nickel and dime "homage" brand can make a case that looks a bit like the real 1675. Look at the "boxy" crown guards. Maybe one day we get a 1675 rep that looks a bit like the actual 1675... but I'm not holding my breath for that. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Davosa-Vintage-Diver-GMT-Blue-and-Red-Pepsi-161-570-95-25011/272946481012?hash=item3f8ce0c774:g:GJMAAOSwUYNaEvx2
  4. By-Tor

    what you drive?

    These old Jags are so gorgeous.
  5. By-Tor

    what you drive?

    Euno has a beautiful example.
  6. By-Tor

    what you drive?

    That's amazing man. I love it. PS: What do you think about the new 8-series? The new S-coupe is absolutely SICK looking but now there's finally a competitor.
  7. By-Tor

    what you drive?

    Yeah. You should have bought a good one in the early 2000's. The prices have gone up lately, just like Merc Pagoda and water cooled 911's. The pristine ones are sick expensive.
  8. By-Tor

    what you drive?

    Well who really ISN'T a 911 guy? How can you NOT love it? It's like saying that you hate the classic 1680/16610 steel Submariner. You just can't. So many nice cars, so little money (and space). But can't disagree with Jeremy here.
  9. By-Tor

    what you drive?

    Yeah. Mercedes AMG GT-S and Porsche 911 can probably beat in on the track with ease but I don't give a shit. Listen to these sounds.
  10. By-Tor

    what you drive?

    I've had BMWs, Mercs, Porsche 928 S4 (still have it). But the thing is... I want a JAG. And this JAG. The problem is... they're still too expensive. But cars like this depreciate heavily. I think this is the best looking car on the market right now.
  11. By-Tor

    My Rolex submariner 16610 ln modded

    I never had WM9 16613 but I had this Noob version. SELs were shite but other than that it was pretty good.
  12. By-Tor

    Best Daytona rep

    Yeah... one man's treasure can another man's poison. Different watches for different wrists.
  13. By-Tor

    Best Daytona rep

    Yeah... definitely. I'm a big 6'3 guy but sometimes I wish I wasn't. There are some very, very nice smaller watches like the DJ on a Oyster bracelet. I love the white ExpII 16570 too but it's too small for me. I had this excellent CHS franken back in the day (with gen dial).
  14. By-Tor

    Best Daytona rep

    Reps aside, never understood the catch with Daytona. It feels very underwhelming on the wrist. I understand the heritage, traditions and all that... and its position in the watch hierarchy but it's a fucking BORING chronograph. Breitling Superocean Chrono, Skyland, Chronomat, Blackbird, Ebel BTR, Planet Ocean Chronograph or even TAG Carrera make it look and feel like women's watch. It suffers from exactly same issue as the original 16570 Explorer II. It's too tiny and those long pushers make it feel even smaller. My friend has white gen and I had the white rep for a while. I just didn't get it. But hey, maybe it's just me.
  15. By-Tor

    My Rolex submariner 16610 ln modded

    Very nice. I have the gen and I probably couldn't tell from the pic. Only the bezel pearl looks a bit off in the enlarged photos. WM9 v2 was already very good. I still have it and occasionally wear it as well, haha.