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  1. Someone in Europe (not in UK as they get stuck into customs) could sell me a decent 1675/16750 franken. I have the gen 16710 but to be honest I don't like it that much. 1675 is much nicer. I went to Trustytime site and checked out the vintage GMT reps and my God how bloody awful they still are. Why can't they make them even remotely right? The cases look like pieces of dog turd.
  2. Yeah I don't understand the pricing, either. I don't want to pay such crazy prices for knockoffs myself, either. I got the gens I always wanted. But of course when the quality got so much better I'm sure the production costs increased too. Something like the TC Submariner and the Noob Daytona (or whatever it was called) were light years better than the stuff that we had back in the day. Remember "TW Best Sub"? It was awful and full of flaws by today's standards but we still were happy with it and we considered it to be a "good rep". Or the MBW Red Sub. The dial and case were pure crap to be honest... but moddable, yes. But on the other hand the gen Rolex prices have skyrocketed too. 1675 was a 4000-5000$ watch 10 years ago. Now it's a $14000 watch. I don't want to pay such prices for the gens, either. I could pay maybe €700 for a great franken 1675/16750 but my limit is there. $600 for a bulk Omega rep makes no sense. You can buy vintage gen Omegas for less. Cheers.
  3. I was 20-something when I first came to TRC (I thing). Was it TRC? Oh man how time flies. Thomas was the admin. bklm was a good community friend. So was "watcher" (UK). Demsey, TwoTone (Mike), Ken, Lanikai... I remember some names, yeah. I'm not that old yet haha.
  4. I heard he passed away and it's been a while. Narikaa was his friend. I guess he's still around, huh?
  5. Hey andreww, long time no see. Still a Breitling fan? What are you having in your collection these days? Still buying reps?
  6. I'm still around sometimes. I miss the old days of RWG. People were satisfied with very shitty reps and they were cheap. We bought $100 stuff from Paul's "CARZY SALE" (sic) and were happy. It didn't have to be a $2000 franken build back then. Then there was TTK and the flame wars. I don't even remember all those regular names anymore, it's been so long. I still have two reps left. Just traded one to Mirkoray. That was a pleasant experience. I have all the gens I ever wanted. I could buy one or two new reps though... just for fun and the old times' sake. But I don't know if there are dealers in Europe. Eurotimez was my regular guy to supply them back in the day.
  7. I still have my WM9 Sub v2 16610 with gen bezel insert and crown. But I also have two gen Submariners (16610 and 14060) so that WM9 is basically useless for me. I could trade within the EU to a decent 1675/0 rep build if such thing exists. Just for the old times' sake. Haha. Or to the "best 6-digit Sub rep". Double haha. Who has the best?
  8. Yeah I was just thinking one day how is it going around here. Haven't bought any watches in years though. Seems like some old veterans are still around. So... is there a decent 1675 / 16750 rep yet or are they all still shite?
  9. They cancelled local hockey league too because of some stupid virus. Bastards!
  10. Yeah life without hockey is pretty depressing.
  11. I'm still alive. Markets are crashing everywhere. Scary shit though. What's up everyone?
  12. If you ordered 2007, TTK has probably shipped it last week. Good luck!
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